Cheapest and Best 3D Printer Kits – Should you Build a 3D Printer?

Up for some excitement? Assembling a 3D printer kit from scratch is a completely different experience. You may feel a lot frustrated at times when not able to figure out the right settings.


And, it all may take long hours of effort. But everything seems worthwhile after you finish your job with success. Plus, you also get to learn how the machines work starting from the basics.

You literally learn to fix all the nuts and bolts of your 3D printer. So, if replacement you need in the future, it is easier to do it yourself.

DIY 3D printer kit comes in different variations. Some need a lot of assembling and others are just a few screws behind.


The best part is that there is no better way to find out how fused deposition modeling 3D printer works. Above all, the entire task is self-satisfactory. Before buying your own kit, you must find out the best options.

There are many DIY kits in the market today. Some are cheaper than you can imagine. However, they not are similar in terms of results. You may find most of these 3D printers struggling to work as promised.

Hence, to make the selection easier for you, we have curated the list of some of the best and cheap 3D printer kits. The list consists of popular choices and those with proven results. You can find out the one that suits your needs for 3D printing.

How to Choose the Best 3D Printer Kit?

You may think to skip to the list right away. But wait! You must know what to look for when searching for the best 3D printer, especially when it’s a DIY kit.


Unlike the plug and play machines that come with auto-leveling and various user-friendly features, DIY kits are more like the crude form. You need to work with it to make it ready for the first print.

Hence, you might take days, if you are doing it for the first time. In such a case, it is obvious to look for assistance, if needed.

When buying a 3D printer kit, these following things would help assess your selection better.

Proper Instructions: If you are buying a 3D printer kit, you should ensure that the kit comes together with complete instruction. With every machine, you receive a manual to work your ways through the settings. Sometimes, companies do not provide a proper guide. And, miss a few points which put makers in trouble. Beginners need every step as clear as crystal. So, you must look for the 3D Printer that offers proper guidelines to complete the setup with minor or no trouble at all.


How-To Videos: Some companies even create videos on their website or post step by step videos on YouTube to help users get through the tricky process of assembly. If there is enough video help online, you may get the 3D printer running in the minimum time possible. Or who knows, it may take weeks to let you print the first model.

FAQs: Once again, FAQs are handy when you want to know certain facts about the machine, before making the purchase.

Technical Support: Yes, it is very important in every use case. Either you are buying a plug and play machine or a DIY Kit, you will need time to time assistance. And, when you have a machine to put together in one part, you may have to consult the technical support at few instances.

Online Communities: Once again a proof that there are others who have been working with the 3D printer you wish to purchase. And, also an assurance that you can reach experts anytime with your queries.

If you find your choice of meeting these pre-requisites, you at least can find solutions for your problem whenever needed. And, as starters, you will need assistance.

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List of Best 3D Printer Kit

Breaking the suspense for good, let us dive into the list of some amazing 3D printer kits that are well recognized for their value for money.

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Anet A8 Plus

Anet A8 Plus

Starting with Anet A8 Plus, let us know what the 3D printer entails which makes it fit for this list. This machine is an upgraded version of Anet A8, a 3D printer we already love so much. This upgrade offers a larger build volume along with well-refined frame design.

Although immensely popular, the DIY kit Anet A8 did have few flaws. The machine provided users with the most affordable option for FDM printers at such great printing quality.

However, its lackluster design with the electrical issues made the Anet A8 a probable fire hazard.

To get pass through the challenges, the Anet team got the upgraded version in the market, terming it as Anet A8 Plus, a new and improved version of the manufacturer’s flagship 3D printer.

The other features of A8 Plus include a movable display screen, new and improved, and many other intriguing features. In terms of affordability, you cannot be any happier to bring it home.

It costs less than $300. With just a minor increase in the price, the company is offering huge upgrades to provide users with the most exciting 3D printing experience.

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Original DIY RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer Kit

RepRap Prusa I3

Mostly, everyone connected with the 3D printing community knows about this choice. The question is: what makes original DIY RepRap Prusa I3 such a popular 3D Printer Kit?

The machine is very amazing when it comes to the print quality of the parts. However, you may have to think twice before purchasing it, if you are a complete beginner.

It is not that you need to be an expert to put the parts of Prusa I3 kit together, but it is not as easy as many of the other kits happen to be.

You will require time and patience to assemble the kit. And, those loving challenges would actually find it exciting and fun.

It is not very easy to assemble. However, once assembled, you can find out what exactly an FDM 3D printer is about.

Being an open design, it is easier to use with huge online help available for users. And, you can depend on the toll-free US-based customer service number to contact the support in case you need help. Among the best features, you can print with PLA as well as ABS. Also, you get a heated bed to work with.

It does have few flaws too. The instructions provided with the 3D printer kit is too simple and may not be enough to help you through the assembling process.

Plus, the acrylic frame isn’t so stable as the metal one. Also, you do not have an LCD display or auto-Leveling feature in the machine. So, a lot of work is expected from the users themselves.

But you would love to keep in on your working desk with not much space requirement. It is great for home as well as a workspace.

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CoLiDo diy 3d printer

This one again is one of the most affordable choices. CoLiDo DIY Printer kit is designed for hobbyists who like to have some extra working space to experiment with their imaginations.

The assembly is easy when compared to most of the kits in the market. Plus, the printing quality is pretty decent at such an affordable rate.

To look at the plus side of the machine, you can include the large build size, easy assembly needs, decent printing capability alongside the amazing quality extruder which is also upgradable.

If you ignore the Slow printing speed and absence of a heated bed, you can find the 3D printer being a nice option for beginners who want to learn and grow.

Being an ideal choice for starters, it offers a huge learning tool helping newbies get involved with the world of additive technology. The build is also stable.

You can assemble the kit is not more than 45 minutes. And, that includes calibration as well.

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TRONXY X1 diy 3d printer

Looking for a minimalist design which is easier to set up rather than going haywire with all the difficult and complex setup process?

If that is so, this budget 3D printer kit is all you need. It offers a simple design and is designed to offer uses the aid for educational purposes.

You can depend on the simple assembly videos to get the machine started without much trouble. It is portable and occupies less space. Hence, a good choice for homes as well.

You may have to compromise with its average speed and the average print quality along with a little wobbly Z-axis.

However, these do not make much difference for the first-time user as the learning is the main focus. Which this machine delivers with par exception.

It has the simplest LCD panel to work with. Also, the printer is quiet in operation. Plus, it can print with multiple filaments.

It also features a high precision nozzle with an adjustable leveling option. Not to forget, the wear-resistant belt and pulley complete the offering, making it highly desirable for beginners.

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TEVO Tarantula I3

TEVO Tarantula I3 diy printer

This 3D Printer kit follows the lead of RepRapPRUSA I3 to get users another best version of what one may want to start with when getting into the 3D Printing world.

There are tens of thousands of makers using the machine worldwide to create amazing designs. Hence, you got a huge community to depend on.

Also, the 3D printer is customizable is a broader aspect. So, you can make changes to the hardware that is needed to make it even better than its basic version.

When working with the 3D Printer, you would find it easier to assemble. Looking at the bright side, you can print with multiple filaments, use the LCD screen for standalone use, and many others.

It has a stable build surface offering accurate models. And, all this within an affordable price. Some may find the instructions too simple.

So, you must have the patience to deal with the assembly. Apart from that, there is not much you can crib about this 3D printer.

Not very popular on e-commerce websites, but has a huge follower list through the 3D Printing community.

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Skills Needed to Assemble a 3D Printer Kit

Of all the things, the most important skill required when assembling a 3D Printer kit is patience. Yes, you heard it right.

There would be times when you will pat your back for fixing the bolts in the right spaces. However, it is inevitable to think that the process will be simple and effortless.

You will have challenges in leveling the bed or when processing other steps. The good news is that you do not need to drill or solder for fixing the parts together.

The company makes sure the kits are easy to assemble by everyone with the least requirement of tools. With basic tools such as screwdrivers and a few others, you can complete the assembly conveniently.

Most of the manufacturers even ship the tools needed to complete the build of the machine. So, you are in good hands. The hard part is already taken care of by the company. All you need to do is put them together and start working.

And yes, few DIY kits also offer auto-leveling and calibration. So, you can search for those features, if you are not sure about things.

But if you happen to like the one with manual settings, you just need to give it some time. Take time off and relax when feeling exhausted.

Refill the energy and start working on assembly. And, as you know, hard work pays to everyone, without any exception.

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The Conclusion

3D printing has been able to impress almost everyone. Either home users making creative items or the businesses who always try to find better manufacturing options, 3D printing is for everyone.

Although the budget has come down, who won’t like a little bit more relaxation with the price tag.

For those users, a 3D printer kit is the best option. It also helps in learning about the fundamental of the technology which stays with you forever.


Stay updated on the recent happenings in 3D Printing and be the first to know when an awesome product hits the market.

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