CNC Router Table: 10 Practical Solutions to Buy or DIY

A CNC router is a sort of computer-controlled machine made for drilling, milling, and cutting materials. CNC routers are like milling machines, with some of them fit for performing almost similar functions.

The main tasks are to cut, engrave and carve products out of a workpiece, basically a substitute for the typical hand-held routers. By acquainting computer control with the process, the quantity of blunders is radically reduced.

CNC routers fluctuate in their build volume and setup; they can have one or more axis to work with and the capacity to replace tools to perform various assignments.

The vital component of these machines is the computer control, which moves, spins, and rotates tools with the help of a CAM program, which can be made manually for simple tasks or automatically using the software. The software changes a digital CAD file into a set of directions for the machine to finish.

Why Use A CNC Router?

Routing is a popular technique utilized in woodwork, signage, moldings, thermoforming, and then some. It’s best when an exact cut is needed consistently.

CNC routers, contingent upon their parts, are viable with different hard materials including wood, metal, stone, plastics, foam, acrylics, and glass. A few machines come with dust collection systems, which absorb material chips and other waste during the process.

Buy or DIY CNC Router Tables

In this article, we have divided CNC router tables into two categories: BUY or DIY. We have listed a number of simple options so you can use your CNC router to create parts with minimum trouble.

Without further adieu, let’s dive in.

Category: To Buy

If you are looking for ready-made items, these suggestions are for you! Keep in mind though, that these items will require some assembly and some of them need a bit more effort than others in case they come with accessories like cabinets and drawers.


CNC Router Table Rockler

Rockler’s work tables have been crafted for the sole purpose of accommodating CNC routers, specifically CNC Shark machines, but they can support any commercial router regardless.

When considering the cost, it lies in the budget and mid-range and is also equipped with good storage space options: You can choose to add in your own cabinets and drawers and personalize it according to your preferences, or just use the space below the table for more storage.

Users of this table have observed that it is created from steel and melamine, is effortlessly sturdy, and the bracket below the table for easy controller containment is appreciable.

  • Workspace:  Mid-sized to large
  • Cost: $270
  • Notable Qualities: Height can be adjusted, woodworking vice or case can be possibly added, leveling feet

Seville Classics Wood Top

CNC Router Table Seville Classics Wood Top

If you are searching for a rock-solid build and plenty of storage space, then a workbench from wood-topped from Seville Classics might be a dream come true for setting up your CNC router.

It comes with two draws with movable dividers and a choice of mounting points, enabling you to fulfill your storage needs. The stainless steel drawers are created to be fingerprint-resistant so it always looks brand new.

If transportation is needed, it is wheel-mounted, but it needs a little more assembly than various other finished pieces, but still gets to be one of the customer’s favorites. It contains a wooden worktop surface with ample space for the router and other accessories, this workbench should last for years.

  • Workspace: Compact and mid-sized workspaces
  • Cost: $200
  • Notable qualities: Drawers are adjustable drawers, wheels for easy movements

Gladiator Adjustable Height

Gladiator Adjustable Height

This sturdy wood-topped workbench is an exceptional option for CNC router users who like a flexible workspace. It is available in 4′, 6′, and 8′ lengths, so that clearly is a smart choice regardless of how much room you might have.

It’s especially beneficial for router users who need a wheelchair or assisted seating as additional casters can be adjusted to make the workbench movable.

The workbench is visually aesthetic and is made to last. Since Gladiator workbenches around the world go through arduous testing which includes temperature testing, you will have the extra advantage of using it in countries with extreme heat or cold, as it can withstand any season.

  • Workspace: Compact, mid-sized, and large
  • Cost: $350
  • Notable Qualities: comes with a lifetime warranty on the bench legs, can be adjusted according to ADA height requirements

Festool MFT/3 & MFT/3-Mini

Festool MFT/3 & MFT/3-Mini

This is a successful German company having over 90 years of expertise in supreme quality power tools and accessories, Festool is an excellent choice for people with a flexible budget looking for a top worktable investment.

It is made for routers that are ideal for home or workplace use. Regardless of them being lightweight, the tables can withstand up to 120 kg in total. The tables are multifunctional and they are collapsible for floor use (or just to clear space) in addition to standing at their full height.

  • Workspace: Mid-sized to large
  • Cost: $500 (MFT/3-Mini), $750 (MFT/3)
  • Notable Qualities: is equipped with wide channels for clamp attachments, angle stop, angle units

Craftsman with Drawers

Craftsman with Drawers

Made to last by a well-known USA factory by a brand called Craftsman – this aesthetically pleasing high-quality workbench is equipped with large storage space, built-in tool cabinet drawers, and a butcher’s block worktop made to sport your router and its parts.

The workbench’s drawers come with an effortless weight-holding capacity, and it also shows off an outlet strip/USB port for hassle-free plug-in accessibility.

Users have said that it requires minimal assembly and you can personalize it, as you prefer. Bonus: the top can come off and has sealant to make clean-up simplified.

  • Workspace: Compact to mid-size
  • Cost: $400
  • Notable qualities: Wheel mount for smooth mobility, keyed lock system

Stainless Steel BenchPro

Stainless Steel BenchPro

This greatly sturdy workbench comes with a 25-year warranty, and is suitable for all of your basic CNC router requirements and more, as it is also easy to personalize with additional shelves, uprights, lights, and casters, allowing you to easily move around your workspace.

This workbench is beneficial for home usage and is made with superior-quality standards in California.

It can hold a lot of loads, which makes it the best choice for users who may be searching for a storage unit to keep adding parts. The stainless steel benchtop prevents any liquid damage and users deem it to be assembled easily at home.

  • Workspace: Mid-sized to large
  • Cost: $280
  • Notable qualities: the legs of the bench can be cut to preferred height, and the materials are water-resistant


Doing DIY projects is a great way to save money, resources, and energy, and is a beneficial way of passing your time. Here are some amazing DIY options:

Mobile MDF

Mobile MDF

The DIY super-compact workbench from this immensely experienced crafter is the best option for users on a budget or for those who do not want to spend long hours making something.

The designer of these build plans, Ben, first made this workbench for his Carbide 3D Shapeoko XXL, but it is also ideal for almost every router in the market.

  • Workspace: Compact
  • Cost: $100 for materials
  • Notable qualities: Mobile, short build time, needs a few tools to make


Created by a husband-and-wife maker team with plenty of years of experience in animation, engineering, and special effects, this easy and budget-friendly DIY worktable is another amazing choice, which is specially made for CNC routers.

It is also equipped with more space beneath the tabletop to allow more storage or for some drawers and cabinets if you would like to add them.

Upon purchasing the plans, you can move along with the instructions available on their YouTube channel. Once you have purchased the plans, you can also follow along with the instructions in their handy YouTube video guide.

  • Workspace: Compact
  • Cost: $5 for the plans, $100 for materials
  • Notable qualities: Needs minimal supplies, fairly simple to accessorize

Storage Cabinet

Made by one of the most experienced woodworkers, Johnny of Crafted Workshop’s amazing DIY table is specially created for CNC router users. The project comes with an excellent tool and accessory storage space with plenty of cabinet space beneath the tabletop.

His step-by-step instructions are super easy and the list of tools and hardware is available that you might need to use in your DIY project.  A YouTube video tutorial is included with the instructions.

This project is very budget-friendly and the sturdy table is made from plywood and is made to last through ample of your DIY projects. You can also choose the type of wood you prefer.

  • Workspace: Medium-sized
  • Cost: $100-$250 for materials
  • Notable Qualities: Sturdy drawers with quick assembly, adjustable feet
If you wish to learn the necessary steps needed to build a CNC router from scratch, check out How to Build a CNC Router Step by Step From Scratch.


Makerspace desk

This workbench is designed to last and has a simple design. It is great for those who have less space and time, and this is one of the most and budget-friendly. It is equipped with a back panel in case you are planning to add a shelf.

The measurements are easily modified and you will have plenty of storage space regardless of a compact environment. On the page of the project, a link to the PDF with step-by-step instructions is available.

You can simply personalize the workbench with storage bins, power strips, and various other accessories that you prefer.

  • Workspace: Compact
  • Cost: $100
  • Notable Qualities: Customizable measurements, can easily add a back panel shelf


To carry out your projects carefully and neatly, you need a CNC router that matches your needs perfectly. Its size should be perfect according to your workspace, as we want to ensure that your comfort comes first.

A workbench that does not bother you or your surroundings is essential for a trouble-free work process. A minimalist, aesthetically pleasing design will compliment your workspace.

It is also extremely important to consider your budget and for that, you need to carry out thorough research of their values in the market. You may want to ask for some help from a fellow CNC router user, or from an expert.

There are plenty of blogs and tutorials on the internet for you to seek help from where they will guide you to pick the best CNC router that is already made, or make yours from scratch step-by-step. You can also ask questions by commenting on blogs or videos, or via Email. There are plenty of resources and communities of CNC router users that can come in handy.

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