Open Technologies Scan in Box-FX 3D Scanner In-Depth Review 

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Open Technologies Scan in Box-FX

FX is able to provide scans that are capable of creating dimensionally accurate models. Also, it finds application in various industries.

User Expectations
  • Highly detailed scans.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Multiple upgrades from its predecessor.
  • Can deliver files in various software.
  • The scanner is a bit towards the higher end of the bar.

Scan in a Box-FX is a 3D scanner manufactured by Open Technologies – a company based in Italy. A more colloquial name of the scanner is SIAB FX.

The scanner utilizes structured light technology for scanning objects of various geometries. The manufacturer has designed it to offer a high price to performance ratio.

The machine provides a smooth scanning process, not only for rare geometries but also for the most demanding used cases.

It is capable of scanning objects ranging from 10 mm in size to 3000 mm. As it is an upgraded version of Scan in Box, the scanner offers upgraded features than its predecessor.

They are:

  • An HD 450 Lumens Projector for enhanced brightness and color definition.
  • A USB 3.0 connection with professional quality cables.
  • Curved cameras and video-projector support are specifically designed for toughness and reliability.

Let’s have an in-depth look at this intriguing scanner.


Below mentioned and explained are the features of FX-the improved Scan in a Box scanner.

Well-designed software

IDEA application comes with a lot of features that make scanning easy for the user. There are a lot of post-processing features like direct automatic alignment which is a rare one. Another feature named UV mapping lets you create an entire map of the object rapidly.

The application offers all the necessary tools required for creating a full 360 degrees model that can be used for creating various applications.

Its user interface is very intuitive and due to the latest updates, the data has higher speed and automatic functions which can be processed and adapted. Even the recording time is reduced to half.

Detailed geometry

All the scans come with a lot of details. Special attention is given to getting the geometry correct. The resulting scans of a face, old jar, toddler sneaker, Vtech toy, Yoda, surface mouse, and bust are seen to have an extraordinary level of precision.

Top-quality projector

In structured light scanners, a lot depends on the quality of the projector that you are using.

Scan in a Box FX uses the industry-trusted HD 450 Lumens Projector which is capable of providing extra bright light that transforms into high-quality dots which can be connected to form top-notch scans.

The projectors work very smoothly in coordination with the camera and other components of the scanner to produce a highly detailed scan.



Structured Light


5000 $


12 mm * 16 mm *480 mm

File Formats


Operating Range

19 – 135 cm

Scan Resolution

0.375 mm

Scan Size

10 – 3000 mm

Scan in a Box FX is 12 mm * 16 mm *480 mm in dimensions. It produces the end result in file formats such as OBJ, STL, PLY, and ASC.

The scanner uses structured light for 3D scanning various parts and functional prototypes. Its operating range is 19 to 135 cm. The machine is able to provide a scan resolution of 0.375 mm.

The range of scan size of objects that can be processed on the scanner is 10 to 3000 mm. Parts or functional prototypes of 10 kilograms in weight can be scanned on Scan in a Box FX. It can deliver a scan resolution of 2 megapixels.


Open Technologies SIAB FX is available for $5000.

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First Impression

Open Technologies Scan in Box-FX

The scanner comes with the following accessories:

  • Automatic turntable: This component makes it possible to automatically set up the 3D scanning process and obtain all the images that are already aligned in a single click by setting: a) a number of scans, and b) the speed and angle of rotation.
  • Calibration Master 400 mm * 400 mm: This part is made using a strong Aluminum Alveolar structure that ensures reliability. It sanctions more accurate and precise results during the acquisition process because of its high quality and enhanced flatness.
  • Transporter Hard Case: Constructed with high-quality materials, the case can carry the entire kit of scanner inside it. It is provided with wheels on its bottom for extra comfortability.


The scanner comes completely assembled. It is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. Experts advise you to read the user manual so that you get familiar with the scanner’s components. But, apart from that, there is nothing else to look out for. Scan in a box FX gets you to scan the first part within a few minutes.

Scan Type

The basic mechanism of structured light scanning is simple. Structured light is projected on an object when the filming of this incident is going on on at least one camera.

This phenomenon captures the ways in which an object deforms the light pattern. It is possible to calculate the dimensions of the object by triangulating multiple images of the scan.

By processing the collected data on software, users can create a digitized 3D image of the scanned object that can be utilized for designing real-life objects.

Often, this technology is used in place of 3D laser scanning. The benefit is that lasers can get easily disrupted by reflective surfaces whereas with light scanning there is no such possibility.

Previously, white light was used in this process. But currently, blue light LEDs have become a new standard.

Scan Quality

Scan in a box-fx scan qualityCredit: aniwaa

The test scans of various objects including a human face are of high quality. You get to see some of the most extraordinary detailing on the surfaces.


The scanner comes with an IDEA-FX software that offers different kinds of features to ease the entire workflow of the user. To start with, it provides direct alignment using which automatic assembling of all the 3D scans is possible.

Moving on, the resilient scan mode improves the sharpness of the acquisition and reduces the noise. A mesh defector not only rubs away the unwanted geometrical features but also fixes the mesh in an instant.

The plane’s intersection tool cuts the mesh in order to have two separate components completely closed with a plane. Users can make use of concatenating meshes and merges two or more meshes for obtaining a single and complete model.

A detect undercuts function selects all the undercuts in the mesh. Coming to the last four, the texture export tool extracts the colors in an atlas map or triangular map separately.

The data measurements function measures the distance between two points on the mesh and values of surface as well as volume dimensions of the model. A convert to range images helps to collect range images of the digitized model starting from the mesh.

Lastly, the export point cloud with normal and colors transfers the object as a point cloud with RGC color information to utilize it in the post-production process.

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Customer Support

Open Technologies produce decent support by making the literature related to the printer accessible to all. Users can also reach out to the company’s technical team via phone or email.

Parameters Influencing Buying Decision

Below mentioned are some of the key factors that are good to know before buying the scanner.

3D Scanner Cost: Considering the features offered by the scanner, FX is a bit on the higher end for those who are used to seeing affordable scanners in the range of thousand to two thousand dollars.

3D Scanner Speed: The multiple tools provided on FX’s software ensures quick scanning of parts and functional prototypes.

3D Scan Quality: Objects of varying geometries can be easily scanned to produce high-quality results that go into the making of dimensionally accurate parts.

3D Scanner Capability: The machine improvements from its predecessor makes it extremely capable of scanning in the toughest lighting conditions. Also, all the parts i.e. the camera, the light source, and the software work in perfect coordination streamlining the complete workflow for the user. All in all, a little contribution from each component leads to the formation of a good quality scan.

3D Scanner Practicality: The scanner finds its use in various fields such as art, archaeology, VR, healthcare, etc.

3D Scanner User Expectations: Scan in Box FX is a 3D scanner of intermediates, primarily. Their skill sets can be easily upgraded using the device. Most importantly, they no longer need to spend an extraordinarily high amount to get a professional quality scan. Even manufacturers can use the machine to create extremely detailed scans that lead to the making of highly accurate models.

The Verdict

FX is the upgraded version of Scan in a Box. It has considerable improvements from its predecessor which makes dealing with varying objects and scanning them a lot easier.

The optional turntable, upgraded software, not only expedites the complete scanning procedure but also gives a high-quality scan of an object with lots of detailing that wasn’t possible before.

Overall, the difference between the cost of these two scanners is justified given the number of improvements and their effect on the end result. FX is able to provide scans that are capable of creating dimensionally accurate models. Also, it finds application in various industries.

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Editorial Team

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