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Pick3DPrinter.com is an editorially independent online publication to enhance public understanding of 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing. As per our principle, the editorial content published on Pick3DPrinter.com cannot be bought or influenced.

The product reviews and recommendations present on our website are completely unbiased opinions of our editorial staff. We are a team of digital media professionals with extensive years of experience producing tech news, consumer reviews, and various other content.

We offer recommendations after going through countless hours of research. Moreover, we prefer to carry hands-on testing of the products, as much as possible.

Regarding the product reviews, our team specially conducts in-house testing in our 3D Printing Lab. However, in some cases, we do seek help from approved and trustworthy freelancers for carrying out reviews for us. Even if we do that, our professional team researches every fact included in the review to ensure we offer correct information to our readers.

Pick3DPrinter.com focuses on providing quality content, no matter what. However, generating such content takes time and is expensive too. Instead of putting a monetary barrier between readers and our content, we prefer financing ourselves through advertising and affiliate revenues. Hence, keeping our editorial independence intact while continuing to provide free content to our users. All advertising is marked to ensure transparency to our readers (Read Advertising Disclaimer)

We also offer Sponsored content and those are also clearly marked as SPONSORED CONTENT.

Pick3DPrinter.com lists the affiliates links on our site. These links are highly trustworthy and our dedicated team takes extra care to verify the same. Hence, offering a curated list of reliable shops to our readers. Any purchase made through these shopping links earns us an affiliate commission too. 

Pick3DPrinter.com is always more than eager to serve through its services. If you wish to utilize any of our services, please contact our team for advertising or sponsored content services.

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