10 Best Large 3D Printers Buying Guide of 2020

Businesses and professionals are always in hunt for the best large 3D printer for creating bigger models without a need to break the design into parts and fixing it together later.

These 3D printers help avoid the assembled parts, hence, enhancing the strength of the prototypes and other commercial parts. Apart from that, one can even use these 3D printers to manufacture in small batches.

However, it is not easy to accomplish the printing job with larger models. The larger the design, the bigger are the challenges. For example, warping, stringing, and various similar issues are likely to happen often when working with a bigger prototype.

So, finding a 3D printer that can handle those issues with ease must be the priority when choosing the machine. The best large format 3D printer isn’t just about the build volume, but much more than that.

Definitely, the perks of printing with a large printer are huge, however, the choice of the 3D printer makes the most difference. So, based on the feedback from the users and through our experiences as well, here is a curated list of a few of the best choices from the category.

List of Best Large 3D Printers

When one starts the journey of 3D printing, the smallest of the machine seems enough. However, as rising through the learning curve, the expectations start falling short.

One wants to move to the larger and complex models, and the build space stays intact. Hence, many users start fussing about the limitations of the small device and wish to get the best large 3D printer to explore better possibilities.

For them, here is a list of some of the most popular 3D printers that can help turn your imaginations into reality.

gCreate gMax 2

gCreate gMax 2

gMax 2 has been created with various upgrades providing even larger build space than the predecessor. gCreate, the manufacturer of the 3D printer is known for building larger 3D printers, however, this time, the user expectations have been better heard than before.

The 3D printer consists of many advanced features that help it print with ease when working with the larger models.

The gMax 2 uses E3D V6, the all-metal hot ends which attain a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, making room for various specialized filaments for printing. It also offers swappable nozzle tips ranging from 0.25 to 1.2 mm.

Apart from that, the 3D printer embodies a heated bed which together with hot ends lets users work with even the trickiest material. The printer has a build volume of 457 x 547 x 609 mm.

To add to the features, it also provides a five-inch full-color gTouch print management system. The print management system that is powered by Astroprint enables print queuing, cloud accessibility alongside remote control from smartphones as well as desktops.

With all the additional improvements, the machine still can accommodate easily inside an office or home. It comes with an optional rolling cart too. The large 3D printer for sale is out and one can purchase the same at $3,995.

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Tronxy X5S

Tronxy X5S

A lot of users focus on finding the best set of features at the most competitive budget. For them, the 3D printer kits are the best choices. The 3D printer kits are a lot cheaper than their assembled counterparts.

One such amazing option is the Tronxy X5S. It’s a complete DIY kit and one may have to work rigorously for hours to set the printer up. It may consume a lot of time depending on one’s expertise.

The job would have been a lot easier if the Chinese company would have thought of a bit more detailed instruction manual. However, once assembled, it would be worth the trouble. The 3D printer offers a huge build space of 330 x 330 x 400 mm and is cheap and is available for $360.

Those who believe that 3D printing isn’t about going through dozens of failed prints before finding the right settings must check somewhere else. It is for those who are looking for a battle to learn the finest of details related to technology.

The machine has an aluminum frame and is very sturdy. Helping users to print worry-free when designing large objects. Apart from many other features, the printer offers a heated print bed along with the LCD interface.

The best part is that ono can upgrade the 3D printer in many areas, for enhancing the performance. One can change the extruder with the one that can resist higher temperatures making the machine suitable to print with a wider range of materials.

If you are up for the challenge in order to make some savings, this printer would be the right choice. A decent performer, flexible for upgradations, and letting users create larger models.

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MakerFarm Pegasus 12”

Maker Farm Pegasus 12”

Not many users would have heard about this 3D printer. Unlike the machines that seek popularity, this one likes to be the underdog. This DIY kit is not among the top lists, with serving a smaller community, however, that does not make it any less in terms of performance.

The printer offers the largest print volume than the other two devices from the series. The 12-inch version is the largest of the 3D printer trio. One can even choose the configuration between the single and dual extrusion.

The 3D printer has an LCD interface for taking care of the onboard controls. Those who feel skeptical about working with a DIY kit must keep the confusion aside. The printer is one of the easiest to assemble.

The manual included with the kit further eases the job carrying easily to understand instructions. Moreover, the company boasts its unmatched technical support, making Maker Farm one of the best in the industry.

Also, users must expect to invest some more time tinkering the setting of the printer for optimizing it for the best results. The work needed in the beginning may sound terrifying, but it gets easier as one progresses forward.

It offers 50 microns layer height as well as can work as a standalone machine. And, the print volume of 11.5″x12″x13.5″ is pretty attractive. Moreover, E3D-v6 1.75mm Hot End adds to its versatility. Isn’t all that makes this device the best large 3D printer of all?

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Airwolf 3D EVO 22

Airwolf 3D EVO 22

The EVO 22 large volume 3D printer isn’t for all, considering its expensive price tag. The question is: Is the printer worth that budget? Let us start with the capabilities.

The 3D printer, manufactured by the US-based company is equipped with two build chamber heaters. This is apart from the 160°C print bed. That is fascinating for sure.

Hey, wait! The 3D printer also has the nozzle which can heat up to 315°C. The company even claims that the 3D printer can work with metal filaments as well.

The good news is that the 3D printer is quite old and is well tested by many users. It was founded in 2012 by Airwolf. The 3D printer is accurate as well as very fast.

The machine was designed to serve a wider population including hobbyists, engineers, and even students. The second from the series, the 3D printer boasts larger print space and optimized for manufacturing high quality, 3D printing using more than 40 different materials.

The machine showcases its Tri-Heat Build Environment, company’s proprietary mechanism. The technology helps provide users access for creating the ideal thermal environment when producing large parts.

The printer also has a HEPA and Carbon filtration system in place for letting user 3D print safely even inside less ventilated space.

It offers a print volume of 305 mm x 305 mm x 578mm and is available for around $11995.

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eMotion Tech Strateo3D

eMotion Tech Strateo3D

When talking about the best large 3D printer, there is no way one can ignore this from the list. Offering users, the huge possibilities by featuring 600 x 420 x 500 mm of build space, this 3D printer is one of the largest available desktop 3D printers.

The printer is from the French manufacturer and hosts a multitude of advanced features to make it worth the expensive price tag.

Users can enjoy the hassle-free 3D Printing when working with Strateo3D. It boasts a dual extruder, a heated and enclosed chamber with an intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen alongside the built-in slicer.

The printer features the nozzle that can reach a high temperature of 350 degrees C while the print bed can go up to 120 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the enclosed chamber can heat up to 60 degrees Celsius. Making the entire setup capable of a lot of things.

Moreover, the manufacturer has taken care of the safety by including HEPA and photocatalytic filters. The 3D printer is priced at $16,000 making it one of the most expensive desktop large 3D printer.

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Raise3D N2 Plus

Raise3D N2 Plus

Using the Raise3D N2 Plus, users can print models with height up to 24 inches. This is also one of the 3D printers providing users with massive build space alongside the desktop variant.

Moreover, the 3D printing giant is completely enclosed, making it even more irresistible. The N2 Plus is an upgraded version from the already released series. And, provides ample space for printing.

The 3D printer can be bought with either the single extruder setup or the dual one, the latter adding more successive zeros to the price. You can get the dual extruder for under $4000.

The printer is a completely assembled machine requiring just a few parts to be pooped inside the printer before operating the first print.

Not require more than an hour for settling in, one can go down to the real job after unboxing it in few simple steps. Also, there isn’t much tinkering required, either on the hardware or the software front. Making it easy for beginners to play around with.

Leaving everything aside, the massive space itself takes most of the credit. However, that does not mean that the printer isn’t good beyond that.

There are many professional features that make it a workhorse and dignified entry to the list. It offers a maximum resolution of 10 microns and comparatively quiet when compared to other best large 3D printers.

It has a build space of 12″ x 12″ x 24″. It is enclosed by the metal frame which makes it accurate and stable for printing large parts.

The 7 inches colorful touchscreen adds to the pleasure of working with this device. Moreover, the wider selection of filament choice possible for users makes it very alluring to the users.

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Creality CR-10S


The Creality CR-10S is yet again a budget 3D printer with large print space for users to create diverse models. The printer ranging under $1,000 is considered one of the best among its competitors.

The printer is an upgrade of CR-10 with additional features to make it a strong contender of the list. It has dual lead screws which adds stability to the prints along with the filament sensor, and various other professional features.

As per the manufacturer claims, the printer is suitable for both beginners and those with a basic understanding of the technology. Hence, gearing up to stage itself as the most reliable option too.

It is packaged in a semi-assembled form. One must get the calibration of the bed right before starting with the first print. One difference that makes this machine different from others is the separate control box for LCD interface, USB and the SD card ports.

The users from its community vouch for the machine for its high performance and creating gorgeous prints.

To further enhance its capabilities, one may need some tinkering with the default design. For example, an extruder with resistance to higher temperatures or an upgraded print bed would add more colors to the print task.

The best part is the large online community that the printer boasts. If you are seeking help to upgrade the printer’s design, you can seek help from the large community, an aid for beginners.

Apart from that, its metal frame made of rigid aluminum offers stable results. It offers a maximum resolution of 100 microns.

The printer can print a maximum volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm.

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Xinkebot Orca2 Cygnus

Xinkebot Orca2 Cygnus

The Xinkebot Orca2 Cygnus is more like an upgrade or a high-end face of the Creality CR-10S. Although there is not much assistance provided by the community of the printer, as it isn’t as popular as Creality. However, it does offer a manufacturer’s customer support and is really applaudable.

The Orca2 Cygnus comes needs assembled, however, it is one of the easiest to setup. Being a semi-assembled package, the work isn’t much and the initial setup can be done in a few simple steps when referring to the detailed instruction manual provided by the company. However, few claims suggest that the manual needs improvement though.

Orca2 Cygnus offers dual extruder plus an automatic bed leveling, making it easier for beginners to start printing with the machine. It also has a touchscreen interface with tidier looks boasting better cable management.

However, all these improvements aren’t for free. The device is almost three times expensive than Creality CR-10s. Moreover, the smaller online community can make it difficult for users to consult others when having trouble with 3D printing or when looking for suggestions.

The print quality of the machine is similar to that of Creality CR-10S. One can realize great designs with precision and smoother surface finish when using the optimum settings. The print volume available with this printer is slightly more than the Creality CR-10S with 400 x 400 x 500mm space.

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BCN3D Epsilon

BCN3D Epsilon

Epsilon, a 3D Printer released in 2020, has got various amazing features that make it such a desirable choice for those looking for the best large-format 3D printer. The device features the latest updates and is priced at $7799.

The machine boasts its signature independent dual extruder. Apart from that, there are robust E3D nozzles with powerful Bondtech extruders. Users can print using a mirror as well as duplicate mode.

The users can expect the chamber to reach up to 60°C. This helps in avoiding warping and ensure reliable interlayer adhesion, even when designing the larger prints.

The machine from the Spain manufacturer has some of the best features to turn the heads to it. The enclosed design with a powerful mechanism and capable of printing a maximum volume of 420 x 300 x 400 mm isn’t just a game.

The 3D printer is designed for some useful tasks and can be used by professionals, small businesses and many other users for realizing complex designs.

The 3D printer can design functional 3D printed parts, manufacturing models, prototypes, as well as tools with the highest efficiency.

The very much capable 3D printer can help resolve the needs of different niches with ease. It has the features that when coupled with the right settings can do wonders.

The 3D printer is very impressive in terms of print quality. Making itself popular among the huge professional user base. A complete device for many applications, this 3D printer is set for huge promises.

You just need to work around a little and the 3D printer would surprise you with its results every time.

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Ultimaker S5


The Netherland manufacturer, Ultimaker has always charmed the 3D printing community with its surprise elements bundled with the 3D printers it creates.

One of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers, the company has established its name with its diverse offering to its user base. It boasts a track record of showcasing award-winning and best-selling products.

From the last couple of years, the company has tried every effort to convince the professional market of its capabilities and has succeeded in it too. Being able to develop extremely reliable desktop 3D printers, this time it engages itself in making the best large 3D printer.

Starting from the dual extruder, one can check all the important features from the expected list when talking about Ultimaker S5. The 3D printer goes on adding dynamic bed heating, auto bed leveling along with NFC material reader to the feature list.

The manufacturer offers the Pro Bundle and is priced at around $9,100. This bundle also includes an air-filtering enclosure. It also has a material station. What makes this material station unique is its capabilities to use up to 6 materials at a time.

Moving on, it is a pre-assembled machine that is easy to install and setup. One can achieve a maximum layer resolution of 20 microns. The print bed can be heated to up to 280 degrees Celsius.

The dual extruder also supports soluble materials, helping users to get rid of the support structures by just immersing the models inside water. Does it get any easier than that?

It offers a print speed of around 24 mm³/s. And, a huge volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. Users can print complex designs with ease using this 3D printer. Also, it has swappable print cores with compatibility for different nozzle diameters.

The Conclusion

3D printing isn’t just limited to industries, however, it has evolved to occupy great importance in the commercial space as well. However, build volume has always been a challenge for manufacturers when creating desktop 3D printers for large model preparation.

Being said that, there is no doubt that finding the right machine is not a piece of cake. The one offering the right balance of print quality and ease of use is difficult to find. One cannot just depend on the manufacturer’s claim and must find a way to look out for some more information.

Hence, the list curates the best large 3D printers that are tested and being used by many from around the world. The 3D printers are developed for those who always need something more than the standard version.

Printing large models is fun but isn’t easy. And, 3D printers can help make that possible included that one does the job properly and optimize the best settings. Using any of the above-listed 3D printers, one can realize great designs with ease.

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