Top 10 Best 3D Printers Under $2000 ($1100-$2000 range)

There are many reasons to consider a 3D printer that is not for just a few hundred bucks. And, the topmost is the quality of the models one wish to print from the 3D printer.


The cost does make a difference in the quality and working of the 3D printer. Hence, there are users who seek a little more from their experiments and can afford a 3D printer under $2000.

These printers from many brands can help you realize some of the fantastic models that are not possible with budget printers. If you have worked with a cheap printer, you would make out the changes instantly.

The parts printed with expensive 3D printers could be used for more specific applications and can help many companies achieve accuracy and precision while creating prototypes.


The list of the 3D printer under $2000 is for those who can pay a bit more for their expensive goals. Mostly designed for small scale production to mid-sized companies, these can be used by enthusiasts and professionals as well, given that they have the desired budget to pay for such an expensive hobby.

List of Best 3D Printers Under $2000

If you are one among those who can afford a desktop printer which ranges way more than most of the cheap ones available for less than $1000, this list is for you. These 3D printers are very well designed to cater to the needs of specialized applications. One can use these devices for various purposes.

M200 by Zortrax

Zortrax M200 3d printer

The 3D printer manufactured by a Polish company called Zortrax has been able to convince users about its reliability because of its stunning performance.

Many even consider that the design that the company has come up with is very unique. Talking of which, the black powder-coated metal frame which includes a direct drive extruder makes this machine look awesome and sturdy. It also features a perforated heated bed with onboard LCD controls.


Although the heated bed is not a new feature, however, the printer does have something that makes it different from others. Because adhesion with ABS is a challenge, the 3D printer deposits the fat layer of molten plastic which is easier to stick to the bed. Later, the object is built on top of it.

This fat layer that works as a raft does take some effort to take off from the model, however, the work is paid off completely. One more feature that makes this printer unique is the sleep mode.

Once the job is done and the model is completed, the 3D printer puts itself to a low power mode. This is really helpful when the printer is left working overnight. If the print is completed in between, your 3D printer would get back to sleep mode, saving energy.

This is an FDM 3D printer and flaunts a comparatively decent print volume of 200 x 200 x 185 mm. It does allow third party materials. However, it recommends using the proprietary filaments such as Z-ABS, HIPS, ULTRAT, and GLASS.


The benefits are realized once you start using the slicing software that the company provides, Z-Suite. The minimal settings are already fed in the application for printing the best-optimized designs.

All you need to do is select the material and the software takes care of the desired quality of models.

When working with a third-party filament, you must edit the settings under the advanced options such as hotbed temperature and others.

The amazing design and high-quality prints are worth noting and available for a price tag of $1990. You can certainly create a lot of stunning models using this device.

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Creator Pro by FlashForge

FlashForge Creator Pro

Creator Pro 3D printer is a nice choice for those looking to buy a 3D printer closer to the range of $1000. The printer is available for $1200 and is very impressive.

It offers a closed structure for printing which is safer and is capable of maintaining the consistent temperature at all times. Because of the closed design, one may not worry about creating constant ventilation while working with the device.

Moreover, the 3D printer is fully assembled and is great for those who are not equipped with printer setup and like to own a 3D printer that comes all in one piece.

You also get to enjoy universal power supply. This means that you can work with this printer regardless of which country you reside in while getting the same quality output.

The design is well thought and is lucid by the way the front door has been positioned. As it opens to almost 180°, it makes it easier for removing the largest prints without any hassle.

The benefits do not end here. You get two extruders to work with when using the FlashForge Creator Pro. This makes it easy to print supporting structures alongside the print.

And, also compatible for printing with two colored materials at once. Hence, providing greater freedom to users with their designs and creativity.

Talking about the filaments, the machine supports PVA along with few other materials. This allows users to build support with PVA which is easily dissolvable in water. Hence, making the elimination of support sample after the models are printed completely. You can print using PLA and ABS.

The 3D printer allows a printing resolution between 100 microns to 500 microns. The device is easy to operate and can serve many users for different applications.

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Witbox 2 by BQ

Witbox 2 by BQ

BQ is a company from Spain which has been in business for a long time, however, their interest in manufacturing 3D printers has been recently noted. And, Witbox is their first 3D printer.

The company manufactures smartphones, tablets, and many such devices. With Witbox, the company entered into the market of 3D printing and it did it very well.

This 3D printer has been classified as one of the few reliable 3D printers among the competitors. With 210 x 297 x 200 mm build volume, one can create huge models with the help of this 3D printer.

It also exhibits a three-point leveling system that comes with vibration damping to ensure the stability of the device in which prints happen. The LCD screen and SD card reader are some more features that come along with this device.

One can print using PLA and ABS filament when working with this 3D printer. There are few other materials compatible with this device such as Filafex, wood, and others.

The enclosed device is safe for use around children and has a stunning design to suit your house and office interior. The device is suitable for multiple applications.

With great precision and a 0.4 mm nozzle, you can print amazing designs using this 3D printer. Regarding software, there are many slicing applications that are compatible with this device such as Pronterface, Repetier, Cura, Slic3r, and others.

The 3D printer is sold for $1700. It could be your first or next 3D printer if you are looking for advanced technology to take care of your printing needs.

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X-Max by QIDI Tech

X-Max by QIDI 3D

QIDI Tech has provided many great options for different ranges when it comes to 3D printers. You can find the cheaper ones and well as those falling within the medium range budget. This device costing $1500 at the time of writing is another amazing choice manufactured by the company.

An enclosed chamber design with a 5-inch full-color touchscreen coupled with intuitive icons provides this 3D printer a stylish look as well as very simple to use. It flaunts a build volume of 300mm x 250mm x 300mm. The printer provides metal support such as Aviation aluminum, Aluminium alloy, and others.

The company has designed this printer to fit into a different range of applications. Hence, the functionality is updated and honed to enhance the stability and performance of the machine.

Instead of a single Z axis, this 3D printer boasts a double Z-axis. This provides better precision and support when printing large parts. With this 3D printer, you receive two sets of third-generation extruder owning different printing capabilities.

One extruder is for printing with general materials such as PLA, ABS, TPU, and others. If you wish to print with advanced materials such as Carbon Fibre, Nylon, and others.

Not just that, the X-Max 3D printer also has two ways for feeding the filament to the printer. One way is to place the filament outside. This option is helpful when printing materials such as PLA, TPU, etc.

Another way is to place the filament inside the 3D printer. If you are printing with advanced material, which works best when placed inside an enclosed chamber, the later filament feeding method would come handy.

The 3D printer exhibits the removable build plate. This makes it easy to take out even the largest prints with ease. The curved plate eases the process of print removal from its surface. Also, the build plate can be used on both sides. One side is compatible with general materials and the other side fits for advanced ones.

Alongside all these advantages, the slicer software you get with this machine is worth noting. Not just that provides advanced features but is very much user-friendly. Even those using a slicer for the first time would be impressed for certain.

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H-480 by Afinia

H-480 by Afinia

This is one more option that would help users realize the capabilities of a 3D printer and what one can accomplish with it.

The Afinia H-480 has been able to receive a lot of fan following around the globe because of its astonishing appurtenance and unmatched performance for a machine of its range.

You can count this printer among those top 3D printers under $2000 which are user-friendly, reliable and consistent at the same time.

The printer, however, does need a computer for permanent tethering. There are few recent upgrades that allow to level bed automatically.

Among all the good things, there are users who may be disheartened to know that the machine features a comparatively small build volume of 140 x 140 x 135mm. However, knowing how to assemble small parts together to create a large one would help eliminate this challenge as well.

Being smaller in size, the 3D printer suits the need of home users. The printer has a direct drive extruder, coupled with an auto-leveling print bed. The printer works with 1.75 mm PLA as well as ABS filament. The heated bed provides enough adhesion for parts when being a printer using this device.

To connect the printer to the PC, one can do that via USB. Not to forget, the machine does not provide an SD card slot. Moreover, the onboard controls are also missing.

Those who feel these few missing features would bring a lot of challenges while 3D printing, may have to look for another option. However, untethered printing is still possible as the machine offers internal 2GB flash memory.

The cost of the device is $1299. So, what else you get for that price tag? The device is an open frame device and works with a moving-bed design to 3D position the entire system.

For those looking for a detailed working of the machine, the print head moves just along the X-axis. It is the print bed that moves along the Y and Z-axis.

To optimize your designs for the best results, the company offers the Afinia 3D Program. This application can be used to guide the printer as well as to optimize the design before feeding it to the 3D printer.

With easy to understand interface, the learning curve is lenient and simple. The absence of controls on the device is compensated with the help of an LED light. The light interchanges color to notify the status of the print.

Also, the printer beeps when certain activities are completed. For example, it beeps when the printer file is outputted to the printer or when the extruder reaches the desired temperature, or when the print starts and when the printer finishes the job. This makes it convenient to keep track of the printing process.

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Dremel Digilab 3D45

Dremel Digilab 3D45

This one would certainly awe you as soon as you get to know the device. Dremel Digilab 3D45 is a fantastic 3D printer providing great reliability and assurance for quality prints.

It has even been awarded PCMag 2018 Editors’ Choice stature. You can expect it to work wonders while printing your complex designs with high precision.

The 3D printer is latched with great features that make it highly outstanding while performing prints. The easy to remove build plate made of glass can be heated up to 100°C while the nozzle measuring 0. 4mm can be heated up to 280°C. The printer is compatible with windows as well as MAC systems.

With the amazing design, you get a 5-inch full-color touch screen. This includes intuitive icons that make the setting of the printer a breeze and its operation flawless.

The plug and play 3D printer does not require hours of hard work before starting the first print. The enclosed chamber provides safety to the user. To get rid of dangerous fumes, the printer comes with an inbuilt carbon filter.

For connecting the printer to the laptop, one can use the Wi-Fi connectivity. To access the print progress, a built-in HD camera is also included that can be used for monitoring using the remote printing software.

This is also helpful in controlling the print while you are away. Apart from WIFI connectivity, you can also use the USB or ethernet connection to connect the device with the computer.

The unique technology to avoid extruder clogging comes handy with this printer. Hence, you can keep printing without worrying about such problems.

This 3D printer works with general as well as advanced filaments such as Nylon and Eco-ABS. It has a semi-automatic calibration technology that is induced with the help of smart sensors.

This has been done to ensure that there is no problem while setting the printer and the accuracy is maintained to the optimum level.

The 3D printer comes with an RFID filament recognition technology. By far, this has not been included in any of the other devices available in the market.

With this technology, the 3D printer is able to optimize g-code for the best printing results. Either it’s the extruder temperature or builds plate temperature, the printer takes care of it.

One can even depend on the 3D printer for recognizing the best speed for the printing jobs. You get the cloud access for viewing all your previous designs and choosing what you wish to print remotely.

The 3D printer is also compatible with Cura, the slicing software. If you are looking for unmatched quality and build accuracy, this device deserves a shot.

It is available for $1800 and very well justifies its worth by adding many benefits to its side. Plus, the support from the company is exemplary. You would love to print when using this amazing 3D printer.

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3DWOX 1 3D Printer by Sindoh

Sindoh 3DWOX 1 3d printer

Looking for a 3D printer that gets you top-notch features for a few extra dollars? If yes, you must have a look at this amazing option. 3DWOX 1 by Sindoh has made many users happy with its overall astonishing offering.

By letting users print large models up to a maximum volume of 210 x 200 x 195mm, this 3D printer has gathered a huge recognition among the 3D printing community.

​While many 3D printers do not work smoothly with third party filaments, this one would help you experience the completely opposite side of it. Not just that it allows you to print with open-source filament mode, it lets you optimize the settings for best results as well.

If you would like to enjoy 3D printing, this could take your wishes to the next level. It is not only easy to set up this machine but taking out the print from the print bed is easier too.

Many 3D printers struggle to provide easy access to the models after it is completed. However, when using this device, you can simply bend the metal build plate that is flexible enough to take out your models and parts. No need for any scraping or putting the surface quality of the parts into danger.

The patented features are also available with this machine. Such as the Assisted Bed Leveling and Filament Auto-loading that makes the operation even simpler.

The printer very well tackles the challenges of safety by including HEPA filter for air purification. So, if you are working at home, even smaller windows would do the job of canceling the effect of dangerous fumes and tiny left out particles from the prints.

​The 3D printer is noiseless. This makes it compatible with small houses as well. One can keep the printer running all night long without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

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The LulzBot Mini

LulzBot Mini

It was difficult to find a reason for ignoring this listing from the top 3D printers under $2000. The LulzBot Mini 3D printer is a Cartesian frame with black powder-coated metal.

It has the 3D printed components and linear rails. The nozzle head movement is calibrated on the Z and X-axis while the print bed moves on the Y-axis. The product has a single extrusion head and can be used with one filament at a time.

You may be surprised to find just the USB slot and the power button on the device. There is no SD card or the control panel to set the device for operation.

However, the printer has made sure these missing features are well compensated with various advanced features that make the device flawless at the end of the day. What matters is the quality of the parts that come out of the build plate tray.

The printer offers a heated bed with all-metal hot end and a PEI coating for the plate to ensure easy removal of parts after the printing is complete.

The setting of the printer is also easy with all the support available from the company. It also provides auto-bed leveling which makes the entire task of calibration easy and smoother. Plus, the addition of automated nozzle cleaning makes the design even more praiseworthy.

Moreover, you can use any almost any filament except the carbon fiber filaments. These may degrade the hot end’s performance overtime being too abrasive. Apart from that, you should not feel shy while using any other filaments when working with this device.

Compact and easy to assemble, this device is perfect for many critical applications. This may not sound like a great companion for those looking for a user-friendly device, but it is amazing in terms of print quality and performance.

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Ultimaker 2

Ultimaker 2

How could we miss this brand when talking about the best 3D printers under $2000? Ultimaker, no doubt has generated huge fame among the lovers of 3D printing technology.

The company boasts its high precision machines and has something for every budget group. Ultimaker 2 makes for this list with a price tag of $1895.

The printer has a massive build area of 223 x 223 x 205mm. If that does not impress you, there are many other features that will. The user-friendly device with easy assembling and operation lets users define every bit of setting with ease.

If you are working with this amazing 3D printer, you must not worry about bed leveling or calibration as it takes no time to complete these setups.

The company has tried its best to make these processes as simple as possible. You receive complete help from the manufacturer. Either it’s the manual or online communities, you can access every kind of assistance when setting your 3D printer.

The heated bed allows you to have a grip on the first layer of the model, hence, increasing the accuracy and precision of the parts. Multiple filament support helps users work with different materials types. You can use PLA or ABS or CPE when printing with this amazing device.

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The MakerGear M2

The MakerGear M2

The MakerGear M2 is designed with a strong steel frame which is sturdy as well as looks cute. The design is compact and is highly reliable to the users.

The manufacturer claims that the device may seem small but is capable of providing industrial-grade precision with ease. To enhance the stability of the print and male the entire frame even more durable, metal casting and four-point print bed is used.

One can print with a layer height of 0.01mm. With a 0.35mm brass nozzle alongside the single extruder, one can achieve the desired accuracy. Moreover, users can also choose to upgrade these offerings from the company. The open frame lets you monitor the prints while it takes place.

It has a build volume of 203 x 254 x 203 mm. You can expect this 3D printer to include high-quality components for increasing the accuracy of the designs. One can achieve the precision of as low as 20 microns.

You may miss auto-calibration or the onboard controls. However, you do have a heated bed feature with its open-source perks. If you wish, you can add a few more to the list by discovering yourself.

It allows you to print with multiple materials such as ABS, PLA, Carbon fiber, HIPS, PET, wood, etc. If the filament falls in the category of 1.75mm spool, you can include that for printing using this device. You get enough freedom to choose the filament as desired.

The best part about the 3D printer is the quality of models that it produces. Even many of the giants manufacturing 3D printers fail to reach that precision.

If you are someone who likes to try different software to avail of the maximum precision and accuracy, this printer is the right choice for you. It is compatible with numerous CAD applications as well as slicing software.

If you wish to stick to the company’s offering, you can try the printer control software which works perfectly with Windows, Mac as well as Linux OS.

The device is available in the kit version as well as a complete machine. You can choose the one you wish to use. If you think assembling is your way, you can try the kit. Or else, you can go for the completely assembled machine that makes the setup process easy and hassle-free.

The Conclusion

3D printing is not an easy job. Whatever claims manufacturers of these devices make, you would require a few sets of skills to operate these machines for best results. However, you may try to find those options that are easier to handle as compared to the majority of the 3D printers available out there.

It is true that these devices can be used for plenty of applications, however, the ones for a higher price range may get you a better exposure in terms of a variety of usages. The more you increase your budget, the better the choices you get. With this price range, you can enjoy the quality as well as the ease of operation.

The 3D printers under $2000 offer better features than the ones available for a few hundred dollars. The freedom of printing also makes it easier to play around with your designs even further.

Making your designs into something real that you can touch is an altogether different feeling. And, these 3D printers could help you do that in the best way possible.

The limitless benefits and extended filament support let you explore the depth of 3D printing without any worry. You get to experience the technology that you paid for.

With 3D printers under $2000, you can certainly exploit the best results without getting into too much trouble.

For example, self-cleaning nozzles, automatic bed leveling, and many such features take away an extra load of setting the printer one by one. Making it easier for you to concentrate on the designs and your creativity.

Hence, if you have the budget to invest in something that can change the outlook of 3D printing, you must go for it.


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