10 Best Commercial 3D Printers in 2020 – Pros and Cons & Buying Guide

Have you been trying to get hold of the best 3D printer that is affordable too? It would have been a challenge a few years back, but now, it is not that difficult. The technology has already reached end customers and the commercial 3D printer isn’t a goal anymore.


You can find great 3D printers at prices that you cannot have problems paying. Even the industrial 3D printer price has come down. The better features are available for less cost.

There are plenty of options to choose from. This is where the confusion sparks. If you are looking for the best commercial 3D printer, you may have to screen hundreds of alternatives. Still, there isn’t much assurance that you would find one that suits your printing goals. Especially if you have never used a 3D printer before, this task could be more tiresome.

So, here is the solution. Why not shorten the list with the most popular choices? Instead of trying to find the needle lost in the heap of hay, try the easy way. With few options to select from, you get a better insight into each model and can finalize the one that’s best for you.


The list mentioned below has the crisp information and details of each commercial 3D printer that is already being used by many across the globe.

List of Best Commercial 3D Printers

No doubt, technology is driving everyone crazy. While there are many users already utilizing the various perks of 3D printing, there are those who are waiting for the right 3D printer to come along. Although the price has dropped immensely, there are many things that need to be considered before buying a commercial 3D printer.

Or else, it wouldn’t have been so difficult to sort the 3D printers with respect to price and buy the cheapest one. Is that so easy? No, it’s not. One must consider features, ease, interface, guides, support, and many other parameters before making the informed decision. Hence, the list below has all that you need to find out which 3D printer would suit you.

So, let’s get to know the 3D printers based on their performance and print quality output.


MakerBot Replicator Plus

makerbot replicator +

MakerBot has been around for a long time and knows what 3D printing must entail. Hence, the 3D printers manufactured by MakerBot always happen to entice users. The Replicator+ being the fifth generation 3D printer includes a lot of advanced features that many other 3D Printers fail to provide.

The 3D printer comes with a pre-leveled print bed. Hence, you can start using it after taking out of the box. Very simple and easy to use and provides a lot of healthy and excellent features. With able to connect over WiFi, the printer is very handy when connecting with the network. It even is compatible with cloud access. This means you can manage all the files online for 3D printing.

The printer claims to be 30 percent faster than many other printers in the market. Also, it exhibits a 25 percent larger print volume when compared with its counterparts. The device is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

The cloud access helps you connect the printer with your mobile device. You can access the control on the go as well. The guides and information present on the website and through their manual are exemplary. It is rare that you would need any assistance apart from what is already available. In case you do, the support team is very prompt.


The free software available with MakerBot can help you manage any workflow easily. The print quality has been taken care of very wisely. With advanced hardware setup, you get the finest print quality. Moreover, there are many downloadable 3D files for printing directly with MakerBot Replicator+. If you are a beginner, you can use these files to start printing right away.

This 3D printer is designed for professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts and comes for a price tag that is not easy to pay for users printing for fun.

The printer costs $2600.

  • The printing speed is fast
  • The printing process is streamlined and easy
  • Amazing print quality
  • Nice and free software which is easy to learn and highly effective at the same time.
  • Print using Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. Even a USB thumb drive is available

  • It is expensive
  • The filament is also a bit on the pricey side
  • Setting printer via mobile is a bit challenging for many users

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Ultimaker 2 Plus

Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer

Ultimaker 2+ is a great commercial 3D printer. Unlike many other variants that lag behind in terms of providing promising print quality instead of making huge claims, this printer takes the story to the next level. Not does it provide impressive print quality, it is a great mate for professionals who require to produce the same part with similar dimensions multiple times. As the printer is accurate and reliable, reproducing parts can be done without any worries.

However, it is not a printer for a beginner as its not much user-friendly. But you can use it if you are ready to ride the difficult bull when it comes to learning and employing the knowledge for best results. The machine contains an innovative filament feeder. Using this, you can easily swap filaments without any problem. You also get a warm print bed for increased adhesion. Moreover, a 20 microns resolution gets you the finest prints without accentuating the layer difference.

The device also has a trappable nozzle extruder. All these features add to the best quality prints. You can make complex geometries and difficult designs with utmost accuracy using Ultimaker 2+.

You would enjoy printing with this amazing 3D printer.

  • Easy to set up and can be used right away for printing designs.
  • High print quality and resolution
  • Lifetime customer support
  • The printer allows large filament selection
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and iOS devices
  • It creates less noise when printing. Hence, great for home use.

  • Calibration can be tedious for some
  • It is very expensive
  • Not secure in houses with children as it is an open frame design

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Formlabs Form 2

Formlabs Form 2 3d printer

A desktop-based SLA printer with high-quality prints. Formlabs Form 2 is a unique 3D printer with lots of great features up its sleeve. Being an SLA 3D printer and available for such a price range, it really is a great option for those looking for in-house production.

The printer is very reliable and can be used for prototyping as well. Think of it as a small version of many great printers that are used in industries. You get an amazing surface finish and can build the finer details with precision. It is accurate and can get you the most stunning designs without much hassle.

The company has tried to create more room for acceptability for 3D printing within the small scale industries by offering such a powerful SLA 3D printer for a much lesser price range as compared to the other SLA 3D printers.

The device is capable of creating all your innovative ideas into real objects. You can connect the printer with a USB drive or can connect the desktop with the help of Ethernet or Wifi connectivity. The printer supports STL as well as the OBJ file format. The device has a stunning interface that is user-friendly and can be used for accessing all your printing setup needs.

As we know that printing with a 3D printer is not an easy job. There are many hiccups and the printers based on SLA printing is even more difficult to operate for naïve users. But this is not the case with Formlabs Form 2. Although being an SLA printer, the operation is made super easy with the help of one-click printing. You do not have to worry about orientation, support or bed leveling. All this is taken care of by the software itself.

You just have to upload the design and see your creativity coming to life. The device includes wiper, peeling process and other advanced tools to help get you the best-finished parts. The online dashboard is also available for remotely handling your prints. The resin detection is also amazing. The printer can detect the type of resin being fed and can manage the settings automatically.

SLA 3D printer with lots of high ends features for best results.

  • Can be set up easily using the manual and guides provided by the company
  • Decent print quality
  • Very reliable in terms of results
  • Gives access to remote print operation
  • Nice software and user-friendly interface

  • Post-processing is must for every print
  • Slower than FFF printers

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FlashForge Creator Pro

FlashForge Creator Pro

A great option for those looking for a commercial 3D printer. FlashForge Creator Pro beats many expensive professional 3D Printers in terms of print quality and reliability. Moreover, it is not that expensive. If you are a beginner, you would be mesmerized by the plenty of features it offers although being a budget printer.

To start with, it has a dual extruder. This allows users to print in multiple colors as well as with two materials at the same time. One can use different materials for the support structure. The dual extrusion also makes the entire printing process faster.

Moving on, the software provided by the company is again a huge perk for its users. It is easy to learn and can be used for generating automatic supports that are highly reliable, unlike many bogus applications. The printer also offers huge customization when printing the models. You can manage almost everything when it comes to getting the desired quality print.

The 3D printer is made of metal frame which makes the printing stable and secure. The LED light inside the printer helps have a clear view of the prints undergoing inside the 3D printer. The plus part is the support for diverse materials. You can use this printer for rigid to flexible filaments such as ABA, ABS Pro, HIPS, Elastic, PVA, PTG, TPE, TPU and so on.

This amazing 3D printer can get you the most stunning results when used in the right manner. You can create complex designs as well as the simple ones with ease. The overall design and performance are much better than the asking price of the printer.

You pay too little for a printer that gets you so many benefits under one roof.

  • It comes pre-assembled
  • The print quality is standard
  • The price is competitive
  • Easy to Handle
  • Multiple color prints possible

  • Bed Leveling must be done manually
  • Needs up-gradation

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CubePro Trio

CubePro Trio

Most of the budget printers for home are limited to printing with one or two materials simultaneously. However, CubePro Trio 3D Printer takes it to the next level. One can print with three different materials at the same time. However, the question is: how is it useful? It certainly is. If you are printing for the connecting process, nylon will serve as the best material for gear, ABS would fill in for the density and PLA can be used for support material as it dissolves in a specific solution for easy removal of support.

Moreover, you can print with three colors. It is amazing to work with this printer given its diverse specifications. The printer can be connected with wifi for easy uploading of files from the desktops. You do not have to keep your desktop connection with the printer all the time.

The printer comes pre-assembled. So, you can just load the cartridge and start printing right away. The device is a great aid for printing functional prototypes. The printer also provides high-resolution prints, hence, it can be used for multiple applications.

You get to play around with the processes and materials to build a huge set of parts and models. The accuracy of the printer is stunning can be used to create complex structures as well. You would certainly be mesmerized by the results.

It is a great option for those willing to pay extra bucks for an over-performing 3D printer.

  • High-quality design and great build quality
  • It offers printing with Multi-material at the same time
  • Large build area
  • It provides a dual exclamation
  • It has a heated chamber which is an aid for ABS printing
  • Decent customer service

  • Highly expensive
  • The software can be challenging

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Beeverycreative Beethefirst

Beeverycreative Beethefirst

The sleek design with a handle says it all. This 3D printer is designed to be easy to handle and can be transported from one place to another without much hassle. Lightweight and providing great results, this 3D printer can make you go crazy right away.

Beeverycreative Beethefirst provides stunning print quality in both low as well as high-resolution settings. The low-resolution printing isn’t as great as the results from the high-resolution printing, but it is better than most of the other printers in the market.

The printer is easy to set up, even the beginners can do it with ease. The manual provided by the company is enough to start printing with this 3D printer. The design of the printer is also well thought. The compact structure and attractive outer frame make it elegant and much desirable. Many users have even voted it as one of the best 3D printers.

This model is the best version the company has introduced so far. With many features and upgraded designs added to its kitty, the 3D printer is highly powerful. Users can find it easy to operate and work with complex designs. This device assorted a list of filaments making it even more worth the money you pay for it.

You can print using nylon, wood, TPU, and many other filaments. It is fast and can be used by professionals as well as beginners. With the hassle-free construction and advanced features, this choice fits much application. The printer is noise-free and can be used inside home without any problem. The closed frame makes it even safer among children if there are any inside your house.

You can handle the entire operation with a few simple steps. It may not fit the cheapest of options. But, if you are ready to pay some extra bucks for better quality prints, this is your product.

Keeping everything in mind, overall, this printer is worth giving a try.

  • It is easy to set up and handle
  • It does support various types of filaments
  • It is compact and lightweight and can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • It provides high-resolution printing with best quality of prints
  • The operating noise is inaudible making it perfect for homes and small rooms
  • Serves beginners as well as professionals.

  • You can expect the high-performance ratio
  • If you cannot pay some extra bucks, this may be out of the option list
  • The software isn’t great when working with windows and crashes often

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LulzBot Mini

LulzBot Mini

If you are looking for a decent printer that can get you amazing print quality and keeping the spending as low as possible, this is the perfect choice for you. The makers of the LulzBot Mini have taken care of little details to ensure you find the best companion in terms of 3D printing. Also, from the community of open source, you get to enjoy various other perks simultaneously.

You are free to introduce upgrades to your 3D printer easily. Great online help is available. You will find forums and online communities happy to help. This small printer has a sufficient build volume of 15x15x16cm which isn’t huge, but great for those looking to start their 3D printing career.

The printer works with average speed and can help create awesome designs without much of a fight. You can use this device every day and can get all the help possible with a few simple steps. There is a lot you can learn when using this device.

However, you may feel stuck with many things that are not available with this device. There is no control panel. At first, it may seem unusual, which it is, but once you get used to it, it won’t be that disturbing. With just a power button and a USB slot, you must tether the machine to a dedicated PC for operating the device.

It has a heated borosilicate glass bed which helps in adhesion and layer thickness can be set from 0.05 mm to 0.50 mm. To add to its best features, it offers automatic bed leveling, automatic nozzle cleaning with an amazing PEI print surface.

Designed for beginners who seek quality and room for customization. This little device can get you on top of your game with 3D printing even if you are starting this late.

  • A fine option for those starting to learn the technology of 3D printing.
  • Provides accuracy and is very reliable for use
  • Complete manual
  • Provides auto-calibration
  • The automation of nozzle cleaning comes handy for precise prints

  • It requires to be tethered with a PC for operation
  • Can produce small volume at a time
  • Not very fast

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Tiertime UP mini 2

Tiertime UP mini 2

It would be no less than a complete pleasure to work with Tiertime UP mini 2 engaging some of the most promising features. It can accompany you to your office or can settle well in your house too. The compact design with the killer and outstanding features makes it the best commercial 3D printer beyond time.

The printer comes with a really stunning control panel in the front. This panel is user-friendly and can be used for changing the print settings for most of the parameters. You can configure settings, calibrate the print bed, and can print using the interface with ease.

The amazing feature list includes but is not limited to the interchangeable heated perforated build plate, print bed leveling and automatic nozzle height detection techniques, power recovery and many other features.

There is no SD slot in this device though. You can, on the other hand, can use the wifi connectivity or the USB slot to tether the machine to the PC. The company provides the UP studio software which is decent and is easy to operate.

The dedicated caddy for filament is an additional feature that this printer exhibits. This helps increase the life of the filament by blocking the exposure to the open air. In other words, this machine is very functional and highly effective in printing quality designs.

The design is worth mentioning. And, the print quality also reciprocates the price.

  • The printer is easy to operate
  • It has a HEPA filter
  • There is a swappable print bed for back to back printing
  • It can recover automatically after a power outage
  • It also provides separate filament caddy
  • Competitive price
  • Automatic bed leveling for easy operation
  • Noiseless Operation

  • Standard build quality
  • Lack of proper documentation. Most beginners would find it challenging to set up the machine using the guide provided by the company
  • The slicing software is very basic with not much-advanced features
  • Small build area
  • SD card slot is not available

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M3D Micro

M3D Micro

This is solely for beginners with low prices and amazing results. The astonishing compact body and great features make this choice really useful for those not much equipped with 3D printers. Easy to set up and provides quality precision for all the designs build using this device.

You can choose among the various colors this 3D printer is available with. You can choose between black, green, orange, white, clear and silver colors. The plastic body provides a lightweight structure.

The printer provides decent print quality. The free software is also available with this 3D printer. With such a competitive price tag of $350, this printer surely makes everyone turn their heads around. You would love to print with this cleverly designed commercial 3D printer. You get an automatic bed leveling feature which makes it even easier for beginners to work with this stylish 3D printer.

However, there are no controls on the printer’s body. You must connect it with the computer using the USB slot to operate the device. However, it wouldn’t be justified to expect everything that an expensive 3D printer provides and at the same time staying at the lower price end.

This 3D printer is worth the value it demands. You can create astonishing designs using this 3D printer. It won’t disappoint you. It allows for third party filaments which make this 3D printer even more acceptable in terms of affordability. Printing with PLA is anyway cheap. So, you can use this printer if you are looking for cheap recurring costs. This 3D printer is easy to maintain as well.

In short, if you have never used a 3D printer and want one for personal use, this is where you can stop your search.

  • The price is very competitive with great features
  • The printer is lightweight and really compact
  • Bed leveling is automatic, hence, easy for beginners

  • Small size, hence, smaller build volume
  • The only USB slot is available for connection with computer
  • No controls on the printer

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Roboze One Plus 400

Roboze One +400

If you are a fan of a carbon fiber 3D printer, this may serve you best. You would be overwhelmed with enormous features that make this printer different from many other choices in the market within the same price range. This 3D printer has an industrial-grade extruder that can withstand a temperature if even 500 degrees Celsius.

The printer is completely enclosed and can maintain a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius. To increase adhesion and enhance the print quality, the printer includes a vacuum plate system. To further work on the aspects like overall accuracy, wear resistance, durability, etc, Roboze One +400 gets onboard a C7 ball screw on the Z-axis.

One can use various carbon fiber reinforced filaments. However, this does not limit the capability of the printer. The filaments like PEEK, TPU, etc are also compatible with this device. Allowing a total of 12 industrial grade materials, this printer can serve to different applications easily. A very desirable choice for professionals as well as industries seeking high-quality results.

The 3D printer has a support cabinet. This provides dedicated storage space for filaments which can be temperature-controlled. This further helps in preventing the early expiry of filaments due to atmospheric agents.

Roboze 3D printers are equipped with gears, unlike others that come with belts. This enhances the repeatability along with the hardware durability.

  • Compatible with various industrial grade materials
  • Provides vacuum build plate system
  • It also has electronic control with advanced encoders. This provides quick feedback on movement tolerance. At the same time, it helps in correcting errors automatically.
  • Less risk to print failures
  • Very reliable
  • Comes with beltless racks
  • Can heat up to 500 degree Celsius

  • Highly expensive

The Conclusion

3D printers have been getting better exposure to the trends that are working in favor of additive manufacturing technology. Because of the enhancement in the previous work done within the niche, the 3D printers are now available for commercial use as well. However, determining the ones that best suits specific needs isn’t that easy.

With so many variants available, it becomes a real challenge to understand which one best fit the desired goals. This many times creates confusion and leads to a lot of overthinking. So many choices to consider before one can make the right decision. It may take ages to find your own 3D printer. And, sometimes, the entire life becomes short when looking for the right 3D printer.

All these can be avoided by seeking the right advice. The list above underlines some of the best commercial 3D printers, each with dedicated results and secure performance and coming from different price budgets. These 3D printers are chosen based on the performance and the print quality they provide. In addition, the ease each of these providers in terms of their setups.

So, take time and choose the commercial 3D printer that could help you expedite your manufacturing need in the best way possible.


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