Best Small Budget 3D Printers Under $100


If you are still caught up in times when 3D printers used to be huge room-sized equipment costing millions of dollars, you must have missed out on the most revolutionary developments.

It has quite been some time that the 3D printers have been introduced to consumers featuring small size and budget less than even $100. It is no more a challenge to find a cheap 3D printer under $100. You can easily compare the specifications of a few of the choices available and make an informed decision.

You may be thinking: What is the cheapest 3D printer like? Or, is it worth spending on a $100 3D printer? These questions are very obvious. While you may expect a lot of difference in the performance and print quality of the cheap 3D printer under $100 when compared to the expensive kin, it still could be a huge learning opportunity.

Knowing that the 3D printers are now available for such affordable prices would make many excited and impatient to get one. Hence, finding out the best mini 3D printer that is best suited for the home and learning process, it is important to compare a few of the variants that provide the best results among their similar counterparts.

The best thing about deciding to buy a 3D printer under $100 is that there are limited choices. Most of the 3D printers fall above that range, however, you still have few choices to decide from. You can get a DIY kit as well as fully assembled options when planning to buy a cheap 3D printer.

When to Buy a cheap 3D printer under $100?

There are several users who feel that the 3D printers are only for industrial applications and cannot be used at homes. However, this is a complete myth.

3D printers have gotten better and are being used by a number of users worldwide for many purposes. There are hobbyists who love to 3D print only to see their imagination growing. Then, there are professionals who 3D print for specific niches.

In the midst of every other user, there are those who love experimenting with things and trying new technologies. This is where 3D printers under $100 make it the best worth.

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Educational Purposes:

If you are a beginner and you feel that 3D printing could be an exciting technology to get hands-on experience, you can choose to pay less. There are times when users cannot buy devices even if wanting to when the prices are too high.

Thankfully, you have choices. These printers provide you many ways to learn and explore the additive manufacturing technologies. If you choose the DIY Kit, you get better opportunities to learn about 3D printing and setting up a complete 3D printer.

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Fun Purposes:

Are you a beginner and just want to pick something that can be used for fun and learning together? 3D printer under $100 is the best choice.

Without spending tons of money, this cheap option would take your fun to a completely different level. You can print already designed models and make improvements to the already existing designs.

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Kids Learning:

These days, kids are the ones who are most aware of the latest technology. The time is long gone when kids use to chase computers and laptops. These are available in almost every home. So, what is the next thing that kids crave for?

3D printers could be the one. If your kid wants to experiment with a 3D printer, why to disappoint him or her? By choosing to buy a 3D printer that comes for as less as $100, you can help give your kids a different angle of learning.

The applications do not end here. There could be plenty of other reasons why you must buy a 3D printer that does not ask for any costs. And, if you think you have found your reason, you can always look for the options mentioned below.

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Best Cheap 3D Printer Under $100

Let us break the ice and start with the list of a few best cheap 3D printers under $100. You may find fewer options when wanting to pay $100, however, you can always choose to pay some more for greater choices.

For those, not willing to pay more than $100, here is the list of some of the stunning choices.

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101Hero 3d printer

The printer highly justifies its name. It is a hero among the printers available for $100. The printer is available fully assembled. You may be expecting a lot of work with the setup process when buying a 3D printer under $100.

However, this is not the case with this version. Created to impress its users with its fine qualities, this choice has been really popular among naïve users since its release. You can imagine a perfect blend of cost and quality when printing with 101Hero.

Among every best quality that the printer owns, the simplicity of its operation remains undefeated. You do not have to figure out everything on your own as the company has ensured you get a simple workflow when using this printer.

To start printing with this device, you just have to turn on the printer and insert the memory card. The printer will take it from there, without giving you much of a trouble.

To set up the printer, you just need to tighten a few screws which are easy to install, and you can start printing with this device. Although being a cheap 3D printer under $100, it lets you print with a variety of materials such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, and many others.

The build space is also enough for most of the usual tasks. You can print a lot of great designs using this compact printer. The printer includes cheap components that decrease the overall cost of the printer. That does not mean that the printer isn’t competitive enough. These cheap components are actually very worthwhile.

For example, the stepper motor that can be bought for around $3 from China, is very decent and a great companion for the 3D printer under $100. This is the same component used for 3D printing pens and works just fine.

You can also enjoy different color options when buying 101Hero. Blue, yellow and other options are available for users to choose from.

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iMakr Startt

iMakr Startt

A cheap option but could be tiring for few to install. The DIY kit is packaged completely unassembled. Once you receive the package you may not feel daunted while trying to get the parts of the 3D printer together. Hence, it is for those looking to convert their spending into a deep learning experience.

Knowing how to assemble a 3D printer makes it easy for users to have an elaborate overview of the operation of these devices. This means, one can create a 3D printer on their own, if too enthusiastic. However, learning can never be worthless. Hence, choosing a DIY kit that requires a few hours of hard work won’t be a bad option overall.

The retail price for this printer is $99, even one dollar less than $100. There are many great reasons why iMakr Startt is popular for. And, price is one of them.

If you are misjudging the build quality of this 3D printer with its price tag, you are making a huge mistake. Unlike the cheap 3D printer under $100 that exhibits unstable build quality, this printer is pretty different in those aspects.

You can expect this 3D printer to showcase comparatively amazing build quality which is a result of the smart and decent electronics involved in its making. However, the printer does have a few limitations. It does lack a reliable frame rigidity. Moreover, the build volume isn’t very impressive.

The company, however, has tried its best to figure out ways to compensate for the challenges. You get the entire tool inside the box that you would need for assembling the printer together.

The setup instructions are also worth mentioning. Easy flow and understandable guide make the challenging setup process smooth and easy.

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Kodama Obsidian


If your kids love the sleek and amazing design, this could be the best choice for you. The printer is loved by users of all age groups. It is popular among kids as well as adults. It can be spaced at your home as well as on your workstation.

Because of its fantastic design, the 3D printer has been able to impress a lot of audiences. Appearance does matter, isn’t it?

It would be hard to believe, however, the 3D printer features comparatively large build volume when compared to the cheap 3D printers under $100. The amazing design is complimented with decent performance.

Available for only $99, the 3D printer is worth every penny you spend. You can create amazing designs using this 3D printer.

It is also available in upgraded versions for a higher price tag which includes even more features. But you can stick to this 3D printer if you are looking to start your 3D printing journey stepping on a decent option.

The 3D printer includes a quick release nozzle, a built-in spool holder, as well as a magnetic detachable print bed. You get to experience a great quality print when using this compact, yet a mighty option.

An amazing choice for your home, this 3D printer could take your lead and create amazing designs with awesome print quality. Being a budget printer, the features are highly appreciable.

The printer offers a build volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm. You can print with a 50-micron resolution that allows a maximum extruder temperature of 250°C.

The company has also offered color option for its users. You can choose between white and black color. To be candid, both these color options look amazing.

The popularity of the device can be measured by its crowdfunding campaign that has been one of the most successful so far. The campaign met its goal of $100,000 in just 3 minutes of its start. IN only 24 days, the campaign raised nearly $700,000. The numbers very well describe the strength of its support community.

What sets this 3D printer apart from its counterparts is the amazing print quality that is difficult to achieve with the cheapest options. Not just this 3D printer has raised the bar for many others to come, it has given a new definition for cheapest printers under $100.

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The Conclusion

Many of us think about getting a 3D printer and then change their minds looking at the price tag associated with it. For all those individuals, printers under $100 could be a great choice. These printers may not be exactly similar to the expensive kin, they are really worth a try.

By giving freedom of creating one’s design by simple steps, these 3D printers could help provide a kick start to your long-awaited goals of 3D printing.

You can use these printers for creating all kinds of design, expecting fewer sideways from the print quality printers of higher price range demonstrate.

However, isn’t that something one can compromise looking at the hundreds and thousands of dollars one is able to save. There are plenty of great things one can still accomplish with these printers. From printing complex designs to easy operation, one can feel and experience what 3D printing is.

You can spend only $99 or so and can get a 3D printer with varying features. From DIY to fully assembled, from allowing fewer materials to those letting you print with a variety of spools, you can choose from different options.

Based on your aim, you can select the one that gets you closer to your goals.

Cheap 3D printer under $100 is no more an illusion. Users are already taking advantage of the lower price tag and has been able to make great advanced with their 3D printing experience. You can be one of those users too.

Why stay down and let the world outcast you. Stay with the trend and use these smaller yet smart devices to create a better version of your imagination for real.

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