12 Hacks Worth 3D Printing to Fight Global Pandemic COVID 19

It isn’t a shock anymore but a bitter truth that people across the globe are already witnessing. In a span of few months, COVID-19 has spread almost in every part of the world.

Some countries are affected more and others trying to learn from the experiences of others to stop the condition at a bare minimum. In such a scenario, everyone is buckling up their shoelaces to support the cause. And, the 3D printing community is no different.

Since the wake of this pandemic, delay of every minute in reaching the causalities has costed more lives. And, the pattern is still on. In the midst of all this, the demand for basic weapons fighting against this stubborn virus such as masks and hand wash has surged exponentially.

In no time, these essential products have almost vanished. It is becoming difficult to meet the needs at such high pressure. Hence, 3D printing stepped in to stay strong at such a critical situation where every second count.

As we already know, 3D printing is capable of accomplishing manufacturing jobs faster than traditional methods, it is no surprise why its indulgence is so crucial.

3D printing has offered high flexibility in terms of design and edits. It is a great alternative for coming up with new designs and completing the entire manufacturing process in lesser time.

Also, a number of things can be 3D printed that is not possible with traditional manufacturing. All these benefits add to the various perks that the niche offers to protect us from COVID 19.

12 Hacks Made with 3D Printing to Fight COVID 19

There is no more need to stress how difficult it is going to be for the hospitals and care providers to support the demand for essential items required against Coronavirus.

Many health care have already gone empty of their stocks and waiting for arrival to stock up again. However, it is not that easy as it looks.

That is why 3D printing is needed to fill the gap that remains unsorted between the increasing demand and lack of supply. With the help of this technology, it is possible to curb this problem to a huge extent.

New innovations have already started surfacing with many experts putting their foot inside for help. Research units from different countries are investing time and patience to come up with possible hacks that could turn the whole situation into something manageable, that seems far out of reach currently.

The different things 3D printed to support those fighting against Coronavirus have already started minimizing the shortage of essential items.

If you own 3D printers and know a bit about designing 3D files, you can also take advantage of the same.

Not just that, there are many companies that are trying to help fight this pandemic using 3D printing. Look at the complete list to find out what all can be created using 3D printing.

N95 Mask

3d-printing-model-N95-Mask (1)Credit: Cults3D

What is the most basic item that we are looking for right now which is becoming difficult to find in the medical shops? Definitely, it is the mask for avoiding any direct contact with the Coronavirus.

In the wake of need, the Chilean manufacturer, Copper 3D has designed the popular N95 protective mask using their innovative antibacterial material.

The design has already been optimized for 3D printing with the help of FDM printers. This project is due for a patent confirming it to be an open-source design prohibiting from others from commercializing it for profit.

This way, the masks could reach millions of people worldwide, without an expensive price tag.

Also, the design could be utilized at home, if you own an FDM 3D printer. You can print it at home and stay away from the long queues at medical shops that needed to be avoided anyway.

Mask Adjuster

3d printed Mask AdjusterCredit: Thingiverse

Now that is something you need you to use when looking for a tight hold to the mask. It is often possible that the mask stays loose and keeps slipping off your nose.

In such cases, you would be touching the mask to put it in place, further aggravating the problem. The motive is not to touch your nose, eyes or mouth. What if you keep adjusting your mask when trying to keep it in place? Things won’t go the way it is supposed to.

Hence, the mask adjusted could help solve the problem. This is also helpful for those who wish to use their handkerchief for making a mask of their own.

The hack has given better security to the medical staff working around the clock against the pandemic, helping them keep their masks in the right place. The idea popped from Peak Sport Products Co. and HP.

Flexible Masks

Flexible Masks Credit: Thingiverse

Thingiverse is a huge community of 3D printing contributors. And, the members from the community have always astonished us with their creative thinking and 3D designs.

This time, when the need is high, one of the Hong-Kong based 3D printing contributors has posted a few of the flexible masks’ designs.

You would like the easy and simple design that could easily by 3D printed at home. Hence, if there is any better time to make use of your 3D printer, it is now.

Air Purifier

3D-printed-air-purifierCredit: Instructables

The same guy who created the flexible masks also designed Air purifies that can be 3D printed at home without any hassle.

He has also posted the complete YouTube video for making things simpler even further. In his summary, he has clearly mentioned that the hack is very beneficial for those who are commuting to offices at the time of such a global lockdown.

The air purifier can be used inside the cars as well as inside offices.

A brilliant way to say goodbye to the viruses that are causing such an epidemic causing cross border tensions.

Pocket Respirator

3d printed pocket respiratorCredit: Thingiverse

We are really not surprised looking so many 3D designs coming up from iczfirz. The design is brought for those needing to breath fresh air when traveling around people who may be infected by the COVID-19 virus. This is a handy respirator that has got filters inside it.

Lift Operator or Door Opener

Door opener 3D PrintedCredit: Thingiverse

Door handles cannot be avoided. When in public places or at work, this could make things worse. You do not know who all have touched the door carrying the COVID-19 virus.

And, you may not remember to wash hands too often when working in an office. So, what to do? You can carry with yourself the door opener with a simple and portable design.

The opener with a claw could help you unlock the door and can also be used for pressing lift buttons. Why not 3D print the design at home?

Hands-Free Door Opener

3d printed Hands Free Door OpenerCredit: Materialise

This may have sounded such an absurd design if not for fighting Coronavirus. Who would want to open a door with their wrist when there are hands to use? This is the time when it seems to be making so much sense.

We are being warned by the authorities to stay away from touching anything that comes along the way when crossing a shared space. It could be the staircase, the lifts as well as doors.

Some touches could be avoided but others cannot. And, one such problem arises when trying to open a door with handle.

With this innovation, public places can be equipped with hands-free door openers to minimize the touch of random people sharing the place. It could save a few people from getting caught by the COVID-19 virus. The design can be found on Materialise.

Pocket Case for Carrying Sanitizers

3d printed Pocket Case for Carrying SanitizersCredit: Thingiverse

Although sanitizers aren’t too expensive, they are out of stock which makes these priceless in such a danger¢ous situation. It is not easy to buy a sanitizer as it was a few months back. Medical stores have limited supplies and demands getting stronger.

In such situations, losing your sanitizer would be even more disheartening than losing your mobile phone. So, why not keep it close at all times. A pocket case with a locking ring to tie it with a belt or something similar can help.

Protective Masks’ HEPA Filter

3d printed hepa maskCredit: Thingiverse

You can design a hack with HEPA filter to go along with your protective masks for avoiding any chance of infection that might tag along. It may not look very attractive, but who cares.

All we care right now is to stay safe for keeping our loved ones safe too. The hack could serve as additional support for clearing the tracks while respirating. A small step but capable of bringing huge difference, isn’t it?

Valve for Reanimation Devices

Valve for Reanimation Devices 3d printedCredit: 3dprintingcenter

With an increase in the number of people needing immediate help to fight against Coronavirus, the supply chain has been paralyzed. A lot of patients are dependent on oxygenation for staying alive until their antibodies start taking the lead.

To keep as many working reanimation machines as possible, we need more valves. With 3D printing, FabLab has already made that possible. The founder of the company felt a need for immediate action and put the 3D printer machine at work.

With the fast creation of valves and eliminating the need for deliveries, the 3D printers at hospitals started 3D printing valves for saving patients. The hack soon reached to local as well as global demands. And, FabLab work is now helping patients from around the globe.

Create Mask Supporter

Mask Supporter 3d printingCredit: Thingiverse

What is a mask supporter? Masks aren’t easy to find in the stores that are needed most at this point in time. Can we not make one at home using 3D printers? It is completely possible.

If you think that 3D printing an N95 mask is not your cup of tea and would be very difficult to accomplish, try to figure out an easy way. Use the fabric that can help protect you from the virus and put it locked inside the mask supporter.

Once you install the fabric inside his holder, your mask would be set to go. The design is easy and it prints flat. So, you would have no problem coming up with this exciting design for you and for the entire family.

Protective Shield by Prusa

Protective Shield by PrusaCredit: prusa3d.com

Prusa is the name that always comes first when we talk about 3D printing. So, how it could have been silent when so much is happening around 3D printing?

The face shield designed by Prusa is already approved by the Minister of Health from Czech and is not being printed in abundance to provide it to the required institutions.

There are many who are working for us to keep us safe. The medical shops, the medical labs, the hospitals, and many other institutions are staying up for days to make things better.

There isn’t a rewind button. All we can do is fight and keep going. Hence, the face shield by Prusa is for those who are working hard, without caring about themselves to keep others safe. The innovation does have given hope to many.

The Conclusion

The reason why there has been so much rush to reach medical stores right after getting stocked up is that the demand has increased manifold and supplies still limited.

Either its masks, sanitizers, and other gears for staying protected against COVID-19 falling short. This has further doubled the problem of those who need to travel or commute during this pandemic. Also, for the caregivers who cannot sit back and lock themselves down.

That is why 3D printing has come into the picture. With its ability to innovate, create and manufacture in the shortest time possible, 3D printing has been able to stabilize the supply chain problem to a certain extent.

You can print masks, and various other hacks to protect yourself from getting caught in the mess. You can even come up with a design that could be helpful in this grave situation.

If sharing your design on 3D printing repositories could help, do not delay. Give people more options to hold on to their faith.

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Editorial Team

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