XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer

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Simple in design and straightforward in its setup, Da Vinci Jr 1.0 is able to attract your eyes from very far, when seen at a table with many others. Orange in color with white outlines, this printer can be lifted and transported to different workplaces with ease. The build area of the printer is huge enough to let you print parts and large functional prototypes.

SD card and USB cable are two ways of connecting with the 3D printer. An interesting feature that you may not find in other printers is filament fabrication cartridges. Da Vinci Jr 1.0 notifies you when your filament level in the printer is lower than what it should generally be.

As far as flexibility is concerned, there is no calibration that you need to do before using the printer. All you have to do is simply take the printer out of the box in which it is delivered to you and install the software and that’s it, you are good to go. Printing operations with this printer are silent and also the printer does not vibrate. Arguably the printer is not a suitable one for professional 3D printing, but it’s a great printer for any starter as well as a beginner in the field of 3D printing.

Specification: XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer

Model Da Vinci Jr. 1.0
Manufacturer XYZprinting
Price Range $ 349
Country Taiwan
Availability Available
Classification Desktop
Technology Extrusion (FFF- FDM...)
Material PLA
Filament diameter 1.75 mm 0.07 in
OS compatibility Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Max. build size 150 × 150 × 150 mm 5.91 × 5.91 × 5.91 in
Max. build volume 3.38 L
Max. print speed 100 mm 3.94 in /s
Min. layer thickness 0.1 mm 0.004 in
Dimensions 547 × 581 × 475 mm 21.54 × 22.87 × 18.7 in
Weight 15 kg 33.07 lb
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.4 mm 0.02 in
Power input 110-220 V 50-60 Hz AC
Heated print bed No
Heated build chamber No
Automatic calibration No
Closed frame Yes
Dual extruder No
Independent Dual Extruder No
Full color No
LCD screen Yes
Touchscreen No
On-board camera No
Mobile app No
3D scanners No
CNC mill No
Electronics 3D printing No
Laser engraving No
Conveyor belt No
Air filter No
Pellet extruder No
Wifi No
Bluetooth No
SD card Yes
Ethernet No

Videos: XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer

Expert Score 7.1
User Expectations
  • Easy to use
  • Enclosed frame
  • Auto calibration
  • Auto filament feeding
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Print quality isn’t exceptional
  • Non-heated build plate
  • Non-removable print bed
  • Proprietary software is slow
XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer
XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer

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