Top 5 3D Hubs Alternatives in 2024

The on-demand manufacturing model is of great value to the manufacturing industry as it reduces lots of downsides that come with the conventional manufacturing process. Also called cloud-based manufacturing, on-demand manufacturing is a new ideology in the manufacturing industry. It assists vendors in creating quality and seamless interaction between engineers and customers, especially with custom fabrications.

3d print on demandIn the on-demand manufacturing model, the production of materials results from specific orders. This is one of the major improvements the on-demand manufacturing model has over traditional manufacturing.

Instead of storing raw materials and products as seen in the traditional manufacturing model, the products are sent based on request. Raw materials are also obtained based on the need for manufacturing.

Are you looking for an on-demand manufacturing service and do not know where to start? This article will explore five alternatives to 3D Hubs that provide reputable on-demand manufacturing services.

What Exactly is 3D Hubs?

3D hubs

3D Hub/Hubs is a web-based manufacturing company located in Amsterdam. It initially started as a networking platform connecting people who had something to make to those willing to make it.

Although today they have been acquired by Protolabs to expand their manufacturing networks, they still execute 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and injection molding orders independently to a global market.

With a global network of manufacturers, customers can fabricate needed parts using various materials and manufacturing technologies. Customers can add additional customization options to their orders with access to extensive resources, professional production processes, and design-for-manufacturing aids for an extra cost.

Reach: All around the globe

Services: CNC Machining, Online 3D Printing Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Injection Molding.

Peradventure, you would still want to know what other alternatives exist out there on On-demand manufacturing. Below is our list of the best 3D Hubs alternatives!


protolabFounded in 1999, Protolabs, a UK-based brand, remains a household name and famous for industrial on-demand manufacturing. Initially, it started with the objective to reduce the time it took to get injection molding services. However, Protolabs has since diversified its operations to many rapid prototyping processes. These include CNC machining, 3D printing, insert molding, sheet metal fabrication, and urethane casting.

On 25th January 2021, Protolabs fully acquired 3D Hubs to expand its manufacturing partners available to customers.

Protolabs provides services that are easily accessible from their intuitive and user-friendly website. They have a detail-oriented and vast resources page with tips for your manufacturing design. Protolabs ensures that there are analysis tools to aid your success. If you need to make further inquiries, there is readily available customer support you can connect to quickly.

Reach: All around the globe

Services: Plastic and metal 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, urethane casting, injection molding, and insert molding.

Fast Radius

fast radius logoSecond on our list is Fast Radius, a Chicago-based company with US production centers, micro-factories, and manufacturing partners. Fast Radius ensures that your parts are quality and equally processed faster with the right expertise and technology.

Fast Radius also has an interesting feature called a “Virtual Warehouse” that enables you to store your parts digitally in a virtual warehouse. Consequently, you can have your products made whenever and wherever it is needed.

Fast Radius has a vast global network of partners. This means that the on-demand manufacturing service can fabricate thousands of end-use parts from your prototypes in a short lead time. It does matter your production quantity.

Reach: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Services: CNC machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Urethane casting, Additive manufacturing


rapiddirect logo

Established in 2009, RapidDirect is one of China’s top rapid prototyping brands leading the on-demand manufacturing revolution. The on-demand manufacturing service uses innovative technologies to advance innovation in prototyping. Thus, they make quality parts, either small-scale or large-scale use easily accessible to clients.

RapidDirect provides instant CNC quotes that use advanced algorithms and big data technology. Therefore, clients can freely configure the product in terms of materials, finish, tolerance, quantity, etc. They can then get automated quotations in less than a minute. The platform can also give DfM feedback to make sure the design part meets manufacturability.

With a support team made up of experienced individuals in each rapid prototyping process they covered. RapidDirect can swiftly bring your prototypes to life using processes such as injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, and more.

Manufacturing your products using their services ensures you are exposed to a quality and reliable turnaround rate. The company is based in Shenzhen China, home to many on-demand manufacturing services. Therefore, A competitive price you would expect to get from them.

Reach: All around the globe

Services: CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Prototyping, and 3D printing.


xometry logo

Next up is this US-based company offering rapid prototyping processes such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and injection molding.

Xometry remains a significant force in the United States on-demand manufacturing service industry. Currently, she serves high-end clients like BMW, General Electric, NASA, and Dell. Serving these clients resonates with their reputation and trustworthiness. Consequently, this means that you can trust them to deliver on your projects.

With a database of over 3,000 manufacturers spread out all through 50 states, Xometry bridges the gap between clients and suppliers. This leads to faster and quality turnarounds, no matter the quantity. Xometry’s finishing services network achieves this feat by linking clients directly to various top-notch suppliers to find the most competitive pricing.

Reach: All around the globe

Services: Plastic and Metal 3D printing, CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Urethane Casting, Injection Molding.


fractory logo

Established in late 2017, Fractory as a cloud manufacturing company aims to eliminate unnecessary steps in manufacturing products. Consequently, their production mechanism links engineers directly to a production capacity anywhere in the world via an automated platform.

This automated system handles all the administrative work like CAD file processing, instant pricing, job distribution, aggregation, invoicing, and even transportation. This automation is made possible by gathering data about production capabilities, manufacturing times, prices and feeding it to the system.

Reach: Automated quotes are available for select countries. However, arranging for delivery outside these countries is possible.

Services: Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Flame Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Tube Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Metal Bending, Surface Treatment Materials.

Final Thoughts

The impact of the on-demand manufacturing model in the manufacturing industry has reduced quotation delays, cost of management, and inventory storage. It also ensures smooth and efficient operation while eradicating mass production of parts seen in the traditional manufacturing model.

On-demand manufacturing models can help brands meet changing consumer demands, thereby completing the growing request for specific and small product items.

Choosing the right manufacturing service might be challenging. Therefore, this article introduced the 3D Hubs and top five alternatives to 3D Hubs leading the on-demand manufacturing services worldwide. We hope you gained valuable insights about on-demand manufacturing and other benefits useful in your production process.

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