2024 The Top 3D Printing Influencers You Should Be Following

In the midst of all the hypes created around 3D printing, the expert skill set is still a questionable matter. Although the technology is growing, the amount of talent needed to occupy important roles within industries still lacks.

The potential of the technology is by far restricted in terms of resources available. However, trends are changing.

With the introduction of desktop 3D printers and enhanced accessibility, the greater number of individuals are taking an interest in technology and its prospects.

Hence, it is projected that the future of 3D printing is very bright and the growth rate would take a sharp rising slope sooner. The fire is already ignited and we can find few great 3D printing influencers taking up the internet through their immense knowledge.

These people who are dedicatedly involved in creating awareness and knowledge about additive manufacturing come from different sectors and walks of life.

They carry with themselves a huge wealth of knowledge and are passionate about making every interested individual equally skilled.

They have useful information that can help you make more informed decisions when making important choices. Such as how to proceed with the learning or what skill set to acquire, latest and future trends and much more.

Aren’t you all excited to know who these influencers are and how you could make use of the knowledge that they share?

List of 3D Printing Influencers You Should Connect With

You may find many people talking about 3D printing. But how many of these individuals are actually spending time researching and exploring the different dimensions of 3D printing?

That remains a big question. Many of those who usually talk about technology are often confused themselves. It is important to choose whom to believe and whom not to when you decide to learn about something new.

Here is a list of top 3D printing influencers who have been able to contribute a lot to the 3D printing space with their wisdom.

These people are aggressively working to bring more enhancements to the technology and further developments that may seem farfetched dreams to many.

Maarten Verkoren

Maarten Verkoren

Maarten Verkoren is one such influencer who is himself engaged in making 3D printing more intriguing. He is the managing partner for 3D Makers Zone.

3D Makers Zone is based out of Netherlands and is involved in helping firms who are on the hook to identify smart production technologies as their core workflow.

And, to those who have already planned to utilize the technology for coping with the shifting market trends. With so much hands-on experience working within the ecosystem, Maarten has acquired huge knowledge about 3D printing.

You can find him posting in two different languages. He posts in English and Dutch. Hence, it is likely that he wants to share his knowledge with Dutch as well as English speaking audiences, reaching to a wider population.

His interesting stories about 3D-prints and related companies and trends are always making followers feel satisfied and content.

Josef Prusa

Josef Prusa

It is very uncommon to miss the name or not being familiar with the name if you have been researching 3D printing.

Josef Prusa, popularly known as Joe, the man behind the most popular DIY kits line from Prusa is known for excellence. He is a maker of 3D printers that are sleek and have won many awards so far.

There is a huge work involved behind the knowledge that he owns. He has worked aggressively within the industry to have known its nuances of possibilities closely enough.

His experience is worth a lot. His understanding of 3D printing is well reflected through his machines that have been able to stay at top order since its inception.

The invaluable knowledge and experience that he had gained are rare to find. He consistently updates his pages with updates on Prusa’s business, various industry trends, upcoming advanced, projected developments and much other useful information.

The materials shared by him are exemplary and can help anyone to augment the skill level.

Thomas Sanladerer

Thomas Sanladerer - toms 3d review

Thomas Sanladerer is well known for his advice and is one of the most popular 3D printing influencers.

The guy has got some amazing tips and tricks up his sleeve. And, he is super ready to share that knowledge with others who follow him.

Thomas Sanladerer enjoys a huge fan following on social media platforms and is very popular. He does not provide the same type of information that most of the influencers provide through their social media page.

Instead, he talks more about guides and tutorials for operating 3D printers. You can find a lot of tips for the best-optimized designs defined in a very simple fashion.

He offers tangible information that would help those looking to establish themselves within the industry.

Bill Decker

Bill Decker

Although Bill Decker is termed by most as the sales-centric guy, he does is passionate about sharing his knowledge on 3D printing with others for free.

His social media accounts are filled with great advice and the latest trends that can help those from inside the field. His interest in 3D printing is obvious with the way he is involved in making his social media presence a hub for interaction on related topics.

Bill also is connected to the technology being the Chairman of the Association of 3D Printing. If you are thinking of starting your own business or sell your products with better growth, he is the guy you should follow.

He knows every inch of the technology and is aware of the market trends influencing business growth. He likes to talk about 3D printing and is very active on twitter. You can follow him to stay connected with the latest trends and technological advancements.

John Biehler

John Biehler

Not many people enjoy the tag of consultants for a given technology. John Biehler is one of those few names that has made huge popularity when it comes to sharing advice.

The guy knows a lot about 3D printing and is very active on his twitter timeline. You can find him talking about different topics and sharing his advice and suggestions on various issues related to 3D printing.

He has a huge fan following that likes to listen to what he has to say. This is all because of the extreme experience and expertise he has gained in these many years.

He is truly worthy of being called as the consultant of 3D printing. He has provided many tips for bettering skills like 3D printing experts. He is one of the most liked 3D printing influencers who deserves to be on the list at all costs.

His twitter account is filled with knowledge and his posts are very much liked and shared. He is a genius and it is apparent that he wants to share as much knowledge as he can.

He has been considered among a few of the most knowledgeable persons who own ample of information about 3D printing.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is a popular personality among 3D printing experts and goes by his various achievements that he has accomplished so far. He owns The Digital Lab, as well as 3D Print RVA.

Among both the companies, 3D Print PVA claims to have brought 3D Printing processes to the Richmond, Virginia, four years back.

Jeff Johnson is highly knowledgeable and is an insider. Who would know better than someone who is running the business himself about what it takes to offer top services and products to the customers?

The man has been named for completing many projects with flying colors. His thoughts and posts on Twitter and other social media accounts are very much shared. He is followed by a large number of fans and his past experiences that still continue to grow, is worthy of every attention and even more.

Jeff Johnson shared information that could benefit almost everyone who wished to start their own 3D printing company. The guy has got some great ideas that, if followed can bring a huge difference to the success story for your business.

Drew Brookins

Drew Brookins

Drew Brookins, a young influencer who has proved that age is not a constraint if one wants to become an expert on something.

This guy is very consistent and has varied knowledge about the field. He knows how to explain things in an easier way or in an interesting way. He is very efficient in formulating the posts to provide the best of the knowledge possible.

He can easily impress followers with his unmatched people skills and is very much popular among the online community.

The best part is that the guy has immense knowledge about a different segment of 3D printing.

Not just restricting himself to a few particular topics, his posts range includes different facets of 3D printing. He is passionate about the technology which is pretty evident through the way he talks about it on social media forums.

He has a huge fan following and he is very active when it comes to leaving replies to user’s queries.

A diligent influencer who knows that his posts aren’t just about sharing information but could help many gain handfuls of tricks to join the community without any confusion.

Brian Federal

Brian Federal

As we go on listing the influencers, we would find ourselves lucky to have so many people with varying perspectives sharing a lot of useful information.

One more addition that deserves to be on the list is Brian Federal. He is the Managing Director for Prana Communications. Apart from having ample experience working within the niche, the guy is focused on making his every knowledge count through sharing.

There are many ways the guy can help you get a closer look at what the technology is all about. Brian Federal shares highly informative posts and is very popular among his fans.

The reason he keeps posting about his experiences of 3D printing is that he loves to talk about it. It is very much clear with the way he keeps himself involved in talks related to additive manufacturing through his social media account.

TJ McCue

TJ McCue

TJ McCue is one more 3D printing influencer to add to your list of followings. You would be bestowed with the best and latest information related to 3D printing.

He is a popular writer for Forbes Tech and consistently writes about additive manufacturing on a regular basis. Though his experience is not restricted to just 3D Printing, his passion leads him to talk about it more than often.

He is great at researching emerging technologies and bringing it to the knowledge of his followers.

McCue has earned his own share of popularity through his reliable posts that are very well-researched and provide huge benefits to those who follow him.

Shane Wall

Shane Wall

A lot of people will recognize Shane Wall right after listening to the name. He is the most famous personality. Who does not know the Chief Technology Officer of HP and the Global Head of HP Labs?

Shane Wall is the one who owns these positions and justifies these completely. His interest in 3D printing is not at all a surprise.

Being among a few of the high-profile names who are known for their contribution to social media platforms, Shane Wall caters to huge fan followings.

Most of all, being such a busy personality, it takes huge dedication to take some time for Tweeting and sharing knowledge on social media platforms. He is really into 3D printing and is a highly talented individual. Well, his works are anyway obvious and self-explanatory.

The Conclusion

Following those with experience in 3D printing is a great option to become acquainted with the field of additive manufacturing.

Especially when there are such talented people open to share what they know about 3D printing. It is evident that knowledge is spread in every corner, you just have to find a way to reach it.

3D printing influencers are passionate individuals who care more about sharing their profound knowledge rather than wanting attention and popularity. However, that comes handy, isn’t it?

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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