2024 CNC Router Bits – An Ultimate Guide

What Are CNC Router Bits?

CNC router bits are the most important tools for cutting, engraving, pocketing, and other procedures on CNC routers. They dictate the type of processing you can perform and the quality of your final designs. CNC routers cannot function without them. There are many distinct types of CNC router tools, and each procedure necessitates the use of a different tool.

Choosing the best router parts is not difficult, but there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. If you are a beginner, you will probably need a lot of help before purchasing router bits. The general shape, sizes, and purpose of the bits are the most important factors to consider before purchasing a router bit.

Router bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which is employed for a certain function or based on the nature of your woodworking project. Not all bits will provide the same results or be cut the same way. There is also the weight and size of the bits to consider. Although a router is a versatile instrument, it does not provide versatility in and of itself.

When choosing a CNC router bit, the material to be cut is important, but other factors to consider include the router bit’s spindle type and horsepower, the type of work-holding system, and the machine’s base and gantry construction quality. In this article, we will primarily discuss tool selection and the many sorts of CNC Router bits.

CNC Router Bit Types

CNC router cutters are divided into two categories based on their processing method. CNC drill bits are commonly used to pre-drill screw holes. These CNC bits are designed to pierce through materials. They cannot grind horizontally since they do not have side edges.

CNC milling bits can cut or move across the surface of workpieces. They are made to carve or engrave materials in order to create 2D or 3D patterns.

Comparison Chart

Freud 8 Piece Best for making signs9
HQMasterEasy to use9.2
Yonico 17702Best for hard metals9
Bosch RBS010Strong and sharp9
Whiteside Starter SetBest for wood material9.3
FivePears Tungsten CarbideBest material8.8
Hiltex 10108 Tungsten Carbidehigh precision9.1
Kowood Best for wooden work

List Of Best CNC Router Bits

Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit

Freud 8 Piece

The quality of the tools is often more important than the quantity. As a result, the Freud General Purpose Set is a wonderful asset for anyone wishing to undertake some accurate cutting work in their various workplaces, rookies and pros alike. This package is known as one of the greatest CNC router bits since it includes eight extremely helpful parts.


  • These tools are not only versatile and high quality, but they are also long-lasting. The entire set is made of improved TiCo carbide that has been chromium dipped.
  • For precise carving and engraving, the shank size is 14 inches.
  • The set ensures a high-quality finish.
  • They are designed specifically for people who want to construct picture frames. The rabbet parts step-rabbet the rear of your picture frame, leaving plenty of room for glass, artwork, and backing.
  • TiCo super density carbide is used to ensure strength and efficiency.
  • Can be used with any type of wood or wood composite, as well as plastic and aluminum.
  • Two V groove bits, two up and down spiral bits, and four-ball nose bits are among the model’s eight pieces. Sharp grooves, crisp cuts, and deep grooves are all done using these parts.
  • The set includes a lovely solid wood storage case. Carbide cutters with two flutes and 1/2″ shanks.
  • Includes a variety of tools for tackling a wide range of projects.
  • This bit set comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The easy width adjustment procedure.
  • Softwood and hardwood are both cuts with this tool.
  • The edge retains its sharpness for a long time.

  • Compatible with portable and table-top routers.
  • These bits are more expensive than comparable models.

HQMaster CNC Router Bits

HQMaster CNC Router Bit

You can make precise, intricate cuts using this router bit, as it has a thin shank. You can opt for this model if your requirements match these specs.


  • With a shank diameter of 18 inches, these bits are the smallest on the list and, due to their low price, the best option in that size. This is one of the more affordable seats available, so do not pass it up if you need an 18-inch shank.
  • It can also sculpt materials such as nylon, resin, plywood, density board, PVC, ABS, MDF, and hardwood.
  • The entire model is designed to emit no burrs or smoke during the process, making your job much more comfortable.
  • These bits are all separated into sections by plastic foam, which makes it much easier to extract them and keep them from breaking.
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials.
  • You can easily use this product for tasks such as carving, milling, slotting, engraving, cutting, and so on.
  • Because of its sharp edge, it can engrave quickly and efficiently.
  • Flutes are made to provide a precise cut.
  • Sharp-edged pattern.
  • Increased effectiveness.
  • Faster engraving on a variety of materials.

  • Tip grinding can be inconsistent at times.

We suggest taking a look at our Comprehensive Guide to CNC Milling Machine for more information.

Yonico 17702

Yonico 17702

When it comes to making picture frames, precision is always required because you must ensure that everything from the angle to the measurements is correct.

Purchasing a router bit kit designed specifically for picture frames is the best investment you can make. The Yonico 17702 3-bit picture frame is equipped with three bits that can be used to cut through each step.


  • The set includes eight different straight bits, six cove bits, and four chamfer bits, allowing you to perform even the most complex routing tasks.
  • The Yonico router bits kit includes ball bearing guides.
  •  A beautiful solid wood storage case and two flute carbide cutters are included in the set.
  • The set includes 70 pieces.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of routers.
  • All router bits are made of high-quality materials.
  • Each piece contributes to a professional result.

  • Pricier than comparable router bit sets.
  • Cleaning is required on a regular basis.

Bosch RBS010

Bosch RBS010

The RBS010 from Bosch is a set of ten router bits from a reputable and well-known brand. These router bits are available in the most commonly used profile shapes, so you should be able to find the right bit for any project.


  • The bits’ tips are made of durable carbide, so they should be resistant to wear and tear.
  • They are also precisely ground to ensure the sharpest and most accurate cut possible.
  • This set contains ten router bits that can be well-organized and stored in a wooden case that is included with your purchase.
  • The ten bits have 1/4 inch and 1/2-inch shanks, making them suitable for most routers and jobs.
  • All router bits are made of high-quality materials.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of routers.
  • Each piece contributes to a professional result.

  • More Expensive than comparable router bit sets.
  • Cleaning is required on a regular basis.

Whiteside Router Bit Starter Set

Whiteside Router Bit Starter Set

The router bits you need depend on the type of project you are working on. The Whiteside router bit set is an excellent choice. If you are looking for the best router bits for the money when it comes to making straight cuts in plywood, invest in a high-quality spiral cutting end mill.

Consider purchasing the Whiteside Router Bit 705 CNC Starter Set if you are just getting started with your project and need a low-cost set of bits that includes excellent ball noses and end mills. It is a set of five Whiteside router bits, including two contouring bits and three end mills.


  • These 14-inch router bits are designed to make very precise cuts and will fit most routers.
  • The carbide is strong and sharp, allowing you to make precise grooves or engravings. The durability of this high-quality carbide is particularly impressive, and it can be maintained even at high router speeds.
  • They clearly do not include any sort of storage system or extra parts, making them less expensive.
  • These carbide router bits are ideal for professionals who need to replace or improve on a less durable model.
  • Because of the small quantity, these are affordable for professional carpenters looking for replacements while coming from a reputable and well-known manufacturer.
  • An excellent choice for inexperienced CNC router users.
  • Appropriate for 2D and 3D carving jobs.
  • Made of strong material.
  • Less expensive than comparable router sets.

  • This set only includes five router bits.
  • When bits are used frequently, they quickly become dull.

FivePears Tungsten Carbide

FivePears Tungsten Carbide

These tungsten carbide router bits were designed by FivePears to provide a precise and accurate cut in a variety of wood types.


  • These 1/2-inch router bits come in a set of 12, giving you a wide range of options for your woodworking project. The various bit profiles provide a variety of cutting options that are ideal for carpenters of all skill levels.
  • Furthermore, the sturdy wooden case provides a lot of protection for the router bits, so there is no need to worry about them being damaged while traveling.
  • In addition to the case’s protection, the router bits are powdered for extra durability, so they should last a long time whether you are carving into hardwood, softwood, or MDF.
  • A wooden case that is strong and durable.
  • Suitable for a variety of wood species.
  • Shanks is compatible with any 1/2 inch router.
  • Powder-coated for added durability.
  • 12 different types of cutters.

  • The bits can turn dull.

Hiltex 10108 Tungsten Carbide

Hiltex 10108 Tungsten Carbide

This well-organized and efficient router bit set comes in a stylish and functional wooden box. This machine is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike, especially if you like to stay organized when working on projects.


  • The bits in this set are made of tungsten carbide, which allows them to retain their edge for an extended period.
  • You can easily sharpen each of the 24 bits in this set because the material used to make them allows them to remain fully functional after sharpening.
  • The accuracy with which the carbide tips are formed will aid in providing an accurate and consistent cut in any wood. We made a list of The Best CNC Wood Carving Routers that you’re welcome to check.
  • The attractive wooden storage box and universal 1/4-inch shanks make this a very useful set for all carpenters, whether amateur or professional.
  • Furthermore, the set comes in a wooden storage box with illustrations and cutting widths of each bit so you can easily find the one that best fits the project requirements.
  • All bits make precise cuts.
  • The Hiltex 10108 set provides router users with versatility.
  • The bits in the set retain their sharpness for an extended period.
  • It is less expensive than comparable router bit sets.

  • Suitable only for woodworking tasks.
  • Designed for amateurs.

Kowood Router Bit Set

Kowood Router Bit Set

Inexperienced woodworkers who are just learning the trade should try using the KOWOOD router bit set, which contains all of the bit types they may require. This set includes 24 anti-kickback pieces that glide across surfaces smoothly.


  • These bits have a 14-inch shank diameter, which means they may struggle if you try to hollow out hardwood with them.
  • The set includes a variety of V-grooving, straight, and dovetail router bits, allowing you to easily perform trimming and grooving tasks.
  • The KOWOOD router bit set, like all of the other sets we have discussed in this article, comes with a storage box that includes information about each piece in the set.
  • The anti-kickback design ensures even moved across the surface and provides more bits than beginners require.
  • Allows users to quickly cut wood.
  • It is less expensive than most router bit sets.

  • This set’s bits quickly lose their sharpness.
  • It is not possible to cut metals with these router bits.

Buying Guide

Although selecting a router bit set is not necessarily a difficult process, there are several factors to consider before purchasing the set and the following are some of them.


When considering the purchase of any item, the budget is an important factor to consider. If you are a beginner, you should avoid spending too much money on a single bit and instead look for some sets.

Because this skill takes a lot of practice, you will most likely end up breaking some pieces. As a result, a low-cost set is a way to go. If you are a professional, it is best to aim for individual pieces of excellent quality, which you have most likely already learned about. In that case, spending a little more is encouraged in order to achieve the best results.

Router Bit Material

When purchasing a set of router bits, consider the material from which they are made. Router bits, by definition, must be sharp enough to cut through wood, which often means they are brittle and easily worn down.

The best router bits must be able to withstand damage caused by the wood. Router bits are made from a variety of materials, and it is critical to strike the right balance of efficiency and durability.


Good router bit packaging will ensure that you can transport them safely and without fear of breaking them. It is also a great way to keep the bits in good shape for years. Look for bits that are packaged in wooden boxes. If it is a set, the pieces should be separated into sections so that they do not damage each other.

Router Bit Type

Router bits are designed for specific tasks, and you cannot use a straight bit to make angled cuts; you must use a chamfer bit for that. As a result, you should check to see if the set you are interested in includes all of the bits that you will need to finish your projects.

The same bit can have different dimensions, so getting a 12-inch and a 14-inch straight bit, for example, will broaden the range of tasks you can perform with your router.


When it comes to router bits, you have two options: buy a single one or a set. A router bit set typically contains a large number of pieces and is ideal for beginners.

These sets include all of the common pieces you will need to get started and are typically less expensive than purchasing those pieces separately.

However, most low-cost sets are of poor quality, which is not much of a problem when you can break one and still have a few more to work with. However, for professionals, it is preferable to purchase single pieces of high quality separately. That way, you have only the pieces you need, and they are less likely to break.


Another factor that many people overlook when purchasing a router bit is the type of project and materials they will be working with. Because different materials work better with different router bits, you must ensure that they are compatible with one another.

A solid carbide router bit is a good choice for a heavy-duty project that necessitates a tough tool. However, if precision is required, a carbide-tipped bit is the way to go. When you are working with softwood or plastic, high-density steel will provide the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Materials For Router Bits?

The best routers are typically made of materials such as high-speed steel, solid carbide, and tungsten carbide. The most common of these is tungsten carbide.

Is It True That Router Bits Are Compatible With All Routers?

Router bits are typically available in two sizes: 12 inches and 14 inches. As a result, not all router bits are compatible with every router.

Do I Need To Replace Router Bits On A Regular Basis?

The answer depends on how frequently you use your router and the hardness of the materials you are working with. In most cases, you will be able to use the same bit for several months before sharpening or replacing it.

Do Carbide Router Bits Need To Be Resharpened?

Carbide router bits are typically extremely sharp and do not require resharpening. Even these, with heavy and prolonged use, can become blunt. In that case, you should consult a professional.

Is It Necessary To Buy An Expensive Router Bit?

A high-quality router bit is usually more expensive than a low-cost one. However, this does not preclude the use of less expensive routers. If you are a beginner, you do not need to start with expensive router bits.

Is It Possible For Me To Sharpen A Router Bit On My Own?

Yes, you can, but you will need a diamond hone to get the job done. As a result, it is preferable to take the bit you want to sharpen to a professional who understands how to restore the bit’s sharpness without changing its shape.

Is It Required To Clean Router Bits?

Cleaning a router bit after use is advised because debris that adheres to it can impair its functionality.


With the best CNC router bits, you will undoubtedly achieve the most accurate results in your project. It is just a matter of purchasing them now.

Router bits are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks. We discussed all of the best router bits available in every category in the recommendations above.

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