2023 CNC Wood Carving – Best Routers/Machines

What Is A CNC Wood Router?

A CNC wood router is a type of automatic machine that you can use for preparing materials for a range of woodworking projects.

Machine frame, CNC controller, spindles, T-slot table or vacuum table, gantry, CNC software, CNC operating system, motor, driver, vacuum pump, power supply, guide rail, ball screw, collet, limit switch, pinion, rack, and other CNC router parts & accessories make up a CNC wood router machine.

Finding the greatest CNC machine in the age of CNC machines is a difficult task. It is critical to understand this equipment in order to purchase them quickly. Let’s have a look at some CNC wood carving machines.

Comparison Chart

JFT CNC 3040High capability6
VEVOR 3020TEasy printing9
Next Wave Shark HD520Reliable10
CNC piranha XLEasy-to-use7
Mostics 3018 ProAssembled8
BobsCNC Evolution 3High quality8.5

Best CNC Wood Carving Routers/Machines 

JFT CNC 3040

JFT CNC 3040

This machine provides high-quality cutting at an affordable price. It looks a lot like the CNC 3018, but it’s a lot bigger and more powerful. The name of this model refers to the work area, which is 300 × 400 mm in this case, as with other routers with similar names.

The previous model could only work with hardwoods. However, you can use this model for tackling tough materials, provided you opt for the right upgrades. You can cut metal and steel conveniently. This machine is ideal for increasing your repertoire due to its tiny size and numerous cutting capabilities!


  • It’s a Chinese-made machine with features like all-metal construction that make it suitable for industrial use.
  • This CNC router machine comes with an XYZ travel option measuring 11.8 by 15.74 by 3.5 inches, with a work area spanning 22 by 14 inches
  • It has a 110-volt water-cooled machine that can run continuously or for long periods.
  • This router boasts of a two-phase stepper motor, with immense power, for production
  • The spinning speed of the spindle goes up to 24,000 RPM, while engraving at 2-137 ipm, which is an amazing piece of data
  • The machine’s control unit is housed in a separate housing, and it is compatible with a range of software, including ArtCAM, CopperCAM, and others.
  • Due to its industrial design and substantial construction, this printer sticks out from the crowd.
  • The structure is sturdy.
  • China bought goods from other countries.
  • Water is used to cool the procedure.
  • It’s compatible with a number of different operating systems.

  • Setup is required.



The VEVOR CNC 3020T is the best CNC router for sign-making in terms of power and sophistication. This industrial-grade router can help you do more than just engrave.

In fact, you want to work on projects that mostly involve engraving, this model is ideal for you, especially when working with solid, tough materials. You can use this machine for working on metal and stone. Amateurs may struggle, and the cost of everyday sign engraving would be too high.


  • It’s incredibly precise, with a return precision of 0.05mm, ensuring clean edges on any materials.
  • It contains a function that allows users to reproduce anything in 3D.
  • The CNC router may be used to create detailed signs as well as RC models and building prototypes.
  • This CNC router has a universal USB port that allows users to connect to PCs.
  • The router has a large operating area that can handle a wide range of shapes and sizes.
  • The laser on this CNC router is so powerful that it can cut through stone, metals, steel, solid wood, plywood, and MDF boards.
  • It is also compatible with all major operating systems.
  • It can also use designs from a previously installed USB flash drive.
  • The spindle speed on this CNC router varies from 300 to 800 RPM depending on the material.
  • It is possible to use a customized keyboard.
  • Support is provided for all major operating systems.
  • The use of spiral components is encouraged.
  • Lasers are extremely powerful.
  • The use of breakpoint carvings is encouraged.

  • You’ll need a compatible PC to use it for anything.
  • It’s big and requires setup, so it’s not really portable.

If you wish to further your knowledge about the necessary steps needed to build a CNC router from scratch, check out How to Build a CNC Router Step by Step From Scratch.

Next Wave Shark HD520

Next Wave Shark HD520

This is a product worth trying. In the life of a woodworker, it is a very helpful and valuable alternative. When you first start working with this machine, you’ll feel relieved. If you’re a fan of CNC machines, this is a must-have.

This upgraded next-generation model is a multi-purpose tool for all of your woodworking needs. You can use this machine for carving and designing a range of materials, from plastic to metal. Moreover, you can also cut materials using it.


  • It is compatible with the majority of Next Wave accessories, making it even more appealing to users.
  • The gantry legs in this CNC machine are steel-encased to improve the machine’s rigidity.
  • The router’s automation makes it more convenient to use. It is not necessary to turn it on and off on a regular basis.
  • The Next wave HD510 CNC machine will come without a spindle motor.
  • Furthermore, the machine comes with a steel shield that can be removed to gather dust and dirt, making your work easier and cleaner.
  • Color screen controller
  • Vector art 3D sampler pack also included
  • Constant cutting depth
  • Anti-backlash lead screws
  • Latest VCarve Pro design software

  • Difficult for beginners

CNC Piranha XL

CNC Piranha XL

This machine is cost-effective and the closest the Piranha series comes to a full-size model. This model comes with a massive table, measuring 12 by 24 inches. You can machine different items, ranging from ornamental boxes to precision pieces, using a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal.

With its 3D carving capacity, with a library of 3D models, you can carve pricey corbels and cut delicate inlays and engravings. The creative options are endless, and you can easily store this machine on your workbench, towards one side.


  • It contains a touchscreen controller with auto-edge and auto-sensing features.
  • Like the first CNC router on our list, it includes the Virtual Zero workpiece mapping program, as well as the VCarve Desktop V9.0 and Vector Art 3D software packages.
  • The XYZ travel measurements of the CNC Piranha are 12 x 24 x 4 inches, and it can run a number of well-known routers such as Bosch, Dewalt, Porter-Cable, and others.
  • Aside from being a CNC wood router, it can cut whatever a router can cut, with plastics and soft metals yielding the greatest results.
  •  It is not necessary to connect the machine to a computer in order to use it.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • There may be some instability if the structure is not bolted down.
  • Despite the modest price, the power capacity is excellent.

  • Macbooks aren’t supported.

Mostics 3018 Pro

Mostics 3018 Pro

This model from Mostics is a two-in-one machine. This is a Desktop Mini CNC Wood Router. It’s little and straightforward to use. This machine has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite useful.


  • It comes with three moving wheels that make engraving easier. The spindle can also be manually opened and closed.
  • A self-contained short-circuit protection system is included. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are all supported.
  • It includes an SD card reader with which you can write to the root directory.
  • The CNC 3018 Pro machine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • This is one of the most important factors to consider as a hobbyist because it can easily surpass 10,000 RPM. You can work with a variety of materials, including wood, soft aluminum wood, acrylic, PVC and PCBs, and soft rubber.
  • It was created with the help of DIYers and small business owners in mind. This CNC router is simple to set up and operate, with clear instructions included.

You may not even need a computer to get started because all you need is an SD card. You can connect it to a desktop computer if necessary.

  • It has an exterior fan as well as a built-in heat sink.
  • It has an integrated driver chip.
  • Professional assistance from the manufacturer.

  • It’s possible that it won’t be able to manage bigger assignments.

BobsCNC Evolution 3

BobsCNC Evolution 3

The BobsCNC E3 CNC Router is equipped with cutting-edge CNC router technologies and designs. It’s also Amazon’s best-selling router, based on positive reviews.

This CNC router is suitable for sign engravers who mostly work with wood. It’s ideal for sign engravers that need to move from one location to the next. It’s easy to use, therefore it’s appropriate for both beginners and experts.


  • It is simple to put together.
  • This router has a powerful laser that can penetrate through any sort of wood.
  • A DeWalt spindle with a variety of 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch ports is included. These ports can support a variety of shapes as long as the materials are compatible.
  • The Arduino-based CPU can be connected to an onboard USB port enabling flawless operation when enough computer power is not available.
  • The laser-cutting frame can easily hold a variety of objects for multitasking.
  • It comes with Java pre-installed, ensuring compatibility with all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X, and the Raspberry Pi.
  • This CNC Router weighs roughly 26 pounds and has a surface area of 25 square inches.
  • Cutting frame with a powerful cutting laser that can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • All platforms are compatible with each other.
  • The design is user-friendly in general.

  • Software for control systems can have issues.

Buying Guide

The following are some of the most crucial factors to think about before purchasing a router.


When looking for a good CNC machine, you have to consider a wide variety of parts, and so on. To determine if you are purchasing a compatible item or not, you must examine all of these factors and compare them to your requirements.

Machine Limits

A machine with a high limit will prove useless if you want to work on small projects. Getting a machine with a fair restriction, on the other hand, will make things easier for you.

Larger tasks necessitate higher working and handling restrictions. All of your essential apps will be handled with the appropriate limit by the device.

Easy to Use

What good is a machine that you can’t figure out how to operate? A machine’s ease of use is determined by its user interface, ease of maintenance, and ease of tool change.

Supportive and Active Community

Comprehensive customer assistance and community input are incredibly beneficial in learning how to use your woodcarver properly and successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

The machine’s weight has no direct impact on the project. The higher the performance level of your equipment, the more weight it carries. As a result, if you have large jobs to do, a bulky machine will suffice.

Is It Value For Money To Buy A Cheaper Router?

The price range isn’t usually the most important factor. To purchase the best CNC machine, you must consider quality, durability, and requirements. You can also buy a machine that meets your needs at a reduced price. So, acquire what you want while keeping your money in mind and your requirements in mind.

We made a list of Best CNC Routers – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide that you’re welcome to check.


Only a proper and acceptable CNC machine will provide the desired output; otherwise, mistakes may occur. So, choose your CNC machine carefully and intelligently because it is a significant investment.

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Editorial Team

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