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Formlabs Form 3 3D Printer

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Providing pinpoint precision, Form 3 has a custom-designed Light Processing Unit that uses the intricate structure of lenses and mirrors for its to-the-point quality seen in one after the other print. Form 3 by Formlabs has 25 micro-meter XY resolution and Laser power of 250 megawatts. Such a profound resolution and mega laser power enable Form 3 to deliver refreshing and polished features. When the ray crosses the spatial filter, a polished laser spot is assured. The mirror arrangement inside this printer is parabolic. This guarantees that the laser prints pass through the build plane by making a 90-degree angle. This in turn ensures that the print quality is uniform throughout. 

Form 3 works on the augmented layer registered and surface finish (LFS) technology. This technology was invented to provide an augmented polish in parts than the technology that was used previously. This 3D printer by Formlabs constantly monitors its print performance which takes away the effort from your end. This enables you to focus on bringing your most creative ideas into reality. Its integrated sensors help in maintaining ideal print conditions and send you alerts about the state of your machine. 

Form 3 offers extraordinary industrial capabilities at the price of traditional industrial machines. Like the previous Formlabs Form 2 that is ready to plug and print right out of the box, Form 3 too, requires no specialized training. This 3D printer provides faster turnaround time and flexibility that you need to scale to for bringing in house production.

Specification: Formlabs Form 3 3D Printer

Model Form 3
Manufacturer Formlabs
Price Range $ 3499
Release date 2019
Country United States
Availability Available
Classification Professional
Technology Resin (SLA- DLP...)
Material Liquid resin
OS compatibility Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
XY accuracy 0.025 mm0.001 in
Max. build size 145 × 145 × 185 mm5.71 × 5.71 × 7.28 in
Max. build volume 3.89 L
Min. layer thickness 0.025
Dimensions 405 × 375 × 530 mm15.94 × 14.76 × 20.87 in
Weight 17.5 kg38.58 lb
Heated print bed No
Heated build chamber Yes
Automatic calibration Yes
Closed frame Yes
Dual extruder No
Independent Dual Extruder No
Full color No
LCD screen No
Touchscreen Yes
On-board camera No
Mobile app Yes
3D scanners No
CNC mill No
Electronics 3D printing No
Laser engraving No
Conveyor belt No
Air filter No
Pellet extruder No
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth No
SD card No
Ethernet Yes

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Expert Score 8.6
User Expectations
  • The print speed is fast as compared to its predecessor
  • The surface quality is improved
  • Controlled monitoring is available
  • Price is decent when compared to the other SLA printers
  • Advanced SLA technology coined as Lower Force Stereolithography
  • Closed body, hence safe
  • Good quality prints
  • Need support structure for prints
  • Post Processing Requirement

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