Kodak Portrait 3D Printer

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The printer is not developed by the company itself, but it does make a sense to put it forward with that name tag. Indeed, an Argentinian start-up named Smart International actually has created this machine while convincing Kodak for the rights for their illustrious name.

The amazing feature of KODAK Portrait is that many professional printers lack and some offer too. With dual extrusion and the compatibility to print with PVA would help used print with multiple materials, including water dissolvable support at a time. One can even print in different colors when printing with this machine. The printer has 200 x 200 x 235mm of print volume. The printer can achieve layer heights between 20 to 250 microns. Hence, helping users build high-resolution prints with ease. With 295 degrees Celsius of maximum extruder temperature, the printer allows a variety of materials to work with.

The printer is created for those looking to print some serious work out of the machine. The printer does deserve a pat on the back with the way it has settled the features together for providing high-quality print. The dual extrusion system isn’t just for the showcase. However, it does work miracles. If you have worked with 3D printers with dual extrusion, you may know that not every printer is as good as it claims.

Specification: Kodak Portrait 3D Printer

Model Portrait
Manufacturer Kodak
Price Range $ 3499
Release date 2018
Country United States
Availability Available
Classification Professional
Technology Extrusion (FFF- FDM...)
Material ABS, Other plastics, PLA
Filament diameter 1.75 mm0.07 in
OS compatibility Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Generic material Yes
XY accuracy 0.025 mm0.001 in
Max. build size 200 × 200 × 235 mm7.87 × 7.87 × 9.25 in
Max. build volume 9.40 L
Min. layer thickness 0.02 mm0.001 in
Dimensions 455 × 435 × 565 mm17.91 × 17.13 × 22.24 in
Weight 24.4 kg53.79 lb
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.4 mm0.02 in
Power input 10/230V - Auto Switching | 50-60Hz 320W max
Heated print bed Yes
Heated build chamber No
Automatic calibration Yes
Closed frame Yes
Dual extruder Yes
Independent Dual Extruder No
Full color No
LCD screen No
Touchscreen Yes
On-board camera Yes
Mobile app No
3D scanners No
CNC mill No
Electronics 3D printing No
Laser engraving No
Conveyor belt No
Air filter Yes
Pellet extruder No
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth No
SD card No
Ethernet Yes

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Expert Score 8.4
User Expectations
  • Cloud platform
  • Plug and Play
  • Many Automated Features like bed leveling and nozzle retraction
  • Power Recovery
  • Dual Extrusion
  • Heated Glass Bed
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Firmware updated frequently
  • Manual Calibration
  • Aesthetic looks of touchscreen

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