2024 3D Pen Art – 10 Most Useful 3D Pen Creations

3D pens have been there for quite some length. And, that is why you can find a number of experiments done using these gadgets to find its worth in the real world.

Many of us still believe that 3D pens are for kids. And, it’s too expensive present that won’t make much of a difference when used.

However, the same belief has been proven wrong with the 3D pen art that does belong to today’s routine. Yes, these devices are gathering attention because of their applications that have caught pretty huge remarks from people around the world.

These devices are now a way to bring creativity to the next level. Not just toys, but for better end results that stick with real application. 3D pen creations are scattered over the internet.

You can search for the things you can draw using these pens and you would find plenty of examples. That is why the 3D pens are found in the hands of adults along with children.

Many professionals also feel a need to explore the better side of the technology to find what else could be achieved. After all, these 3D pens are cheap and are available to everyone. And, it’s pretty obvious that with better utilization, these devices can be very useful.

Hence, we have curated a few examples of useful 3D pen arts you may like to try at home. If you have time and patience, you just need to get a 3D pen. With proper learning and experience, you too can enter the world of 3D creation.

List of Useful 3D Pen Art

Many believe that 3D pens are just for the fun part. However, recent developments and efforts from the 3D printing community have provided a completely different outlook for the opinion.

Although not exactly as popular as 3D printing, 3D pens do have made huge progress in the last few years. With a focus on getting the most out of these devices, the experts and enthusiasts keep trying to explore various facets of the technology.

Here are a few examples that would help you understand the benefits of 3D pens and how you can use it for practical applications.

Makeup Accessories

3D printing Makeup Accessories

Do you like being creative with your makeup accessories? A lot of times, it becomes difficult to find jewelry that matches your dress or mood. We often keep looking and end up bare hands.

However, with 3D pens, you can design your own jewelry. From bracelet to neckpiece to earrings, you can do a lot of things with this little device.

Turn it on and let your imagination carry your hands to draw the accessory you have been looking from very long. Using 3D pen art, you can make makeup accessories of varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

Also, you have got a wide array of filaments to select from. Hence, giving you higher flexibility in choosing the type of jewelry you wish to wear.

Gears and Accessories for Bicycle

3D printing Gears and Accessories for Bicycle

The marketing director of 3Doodler, Kelley Toy himself tried to put his creative thoughts to work and designed the bottle holder that can fit any bicycle.

With the help of Samson Wong who works as the product development engineer at his firm, Kelley brought this unique design for others to learn from.

You know what’s the best part is, there is much more you can do beyond this innovation. The example does prove that 3D pens are not just toys but have huge potential in the lives of end customers.

There are times when we are too lazy to go out and buy stuff for us. For those times, why not just draw and entertain yourself while being highly creative and useful yourself.

Run through the 3D designs and create wonderful 3D pen creations to make your time and money worth every penny.

Mobile Stand

3D pen phone holder

In every work that you do, you must input efforts along with patience. The same goes when drawing a new 3D pen art. You cannot just expect the design to work right away.

It may if you are an expert at using 3D pens. But when using it for the first few times, you may have to experiment and test what suits best for your application.

When creating a mobile stand, you would need a material that is tough enough to hold your mobile without falling apart. And, at the same time, it must be flexible enough to provide a strong grip while holding your mobile as well as ease to take it out of the holder.

Also, if you are making a tripod, the legs need to be flexible and strong. In such a case, the selection of the right material is very important.

Otherwise, the stand may not work as intended. And, as you would guess, ABS is the best material for such applications. While it’s sturdy enough, it does have the flexibility to help justify the use of such designs.

Science Diagrams

3D print Science Diagrams

We have heard about 3D printers being worked out to provide students with a new way of learning. And, the same goes with 3D pens as well, however, it does not cost as much as 3D printers.

There are limitations to its utilization, however, it still could help hugely in making science practical, a fun experience.

It does work best for making lessons interesting and easy to grasp by affecting on many sensory levels. These devices are very helpful in supporting science projects.

Students can enjoy drawing human body parts that may look closer to the real form. With a variety of colors, every project can be given amazing touch.

Above all, it would help learn things faster. The more you get involved with a subject, the easier it becomes to recall and remember. And, 3D pens provide students with that interest to go deeper into the details of the classroom notes.

Use for Repairs

repairing using 3D pen

We do end up breaking our tools at home. Scissor handles or screwdriver handle, if something is broken, we often threw it away.

After all, what’s the use of keeping a broken item. But with the help of 3D pens, you do not need to waste your money on new tools and items. It helps you make repairs easily. Use the device to connect parts.

Especially for a plastic part, all you need to do is melt the plastic using the tip of the 3D pen and use the filament to connect the pieces by warping the material around the ends. You can use PLA to do these tasks. It’s cheaper and easy to use. Plus, it will provide firm fixes.


3D pen deco

Many individuals have the urge to decorate their houses on their own. And, it actually sounds very exciting. But you must also consider the pain it brings with itself when not able to find the right figurine or vase to match the furniture or walls or theme of your house.

Going through hundreds of stores in the sun or browsing through expensive online websites, one can easily get demotivated in the middle of the work. But with 3D pen art, you can create anything you like to see beside your sofa.

A figurine or a table lamp, or something else, that you saw somewhere and wanted an exact copy of the same. With limitations such as the huge time required for big items, you may find it a little bit overwhelming.

But the end results do make up for the pain you just invested to create something that you wanted in your house.

Unique Games

3D pen unique games

Do you have kids in your house who often get bored of playing with the same board games available in the market? Yes, kids are very creative and that is why they do not like monotonous routines. And, for that matter, the similar-looking games.

As adults, we do understand that spending too much on expensive games isn’t very economical, but can you make your kids understand the same fact?

That is why spend once and let your kids use their creativity to design their own board games. With superhero models and various other game pieces, children can make their imaginations come to life.

And, there could not be any more fun games than exploring the ideas of their own. This could also help your kids learn and grow.


3d printed dress

Yes, it’s possible. We can create dresses using 3D pens. Patrick Tai, a very well-known fashion designer used the 3D pens for drawing a dress and it does look amazing.

With many trials, he was able to find the material that suited best for the application. It was no other than the FLEXY. This is a flexible filament used with 3D pens for making wearables.

The designer took his work as a lesson and has been able to create many other fashion statements with these 3D pens. Tai has, since then, drawn pins, earrings, etc. And, the designer does believe that these fashion items are certainly one of a kind.

One can also learn from other experiences and, if interested, could try hands for making a variety of such wearables. Who knows, you may be able to start your own fashion brand inspired by 3D pens.


3d print furniture

Before you start creating a sofa or a chair for yourself using a 3D pen, do not forget that it would take a lot of time. 3D pens aren’t as fast as 3D printers and have limited perks in comparison to 3D printers.

However, if you have patience and a lot of filaments lying around, you can think of creating something very useful for yourself. How about a chair?

Shim Jeong-Sub from Hongik University created a chair that took him around two months and a total of 450 meters of filament to finish the design. And, the result was worth the efforts.

The functional chair is sturdy enough to carry human weight. And, the design was completed using just the 3D pen. Fascinating, isn’t it?

However, these kinds of work not only take effort but experience as well. For beginners, the journey could be too difficult. But again, everyone starts from somewhere and so can you.

Wall Paintings and Arts

This certainly isn’t completely 3D, but look again. Using 3D pen art, you can give life to the pictures on your walls. A very unique way to fill your walls that look closer to the real stuff.

Using the solid lines of 3D pens, you can make the arts look really interesting. Plus, you have got the power of a variety of colors.

You can also reimagine classical arts from famous painters and provide those pieces of work a new dimension of creativity. From start to the end, you would only need a 3D pen to complete the work.

Hector Lara Pino, one of the popular 3D pen artists did do a great job with the classical painting by realizing every depth of the art. And, only by using 3D pens.

The Conclusion

Individuals are making efforts to highlight the potential that 3D pen carries. However, we still need to explore a lot more when it comes to the sustainable application of the device.

From fun to useful designs, 3D pens have impressed everyone. And, by far, has convinced us that the device isn’t just for children. One can use the gadget for useful works as well.

Also, those using 3D printers can make use of the device for connecting different parts, printed separately for ensuring the same material is used for gluing the components.

Every technology struggle in the beginning to instill its importance among the users. And, this also seems to be making every move in the same direction. It is up to us now.

What we want to make using 3D pen art much depends on our depth of creativity. Who knows, you may be able to print an entire bed for yourself. So, keep trying because your limits are in your hands. Wherever you stop, your gadget would too.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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