12 Coolest 3D Printed Gifts Ideas for all Celebration in 2024

With the right models and materials, by using 3D printing you can create personalized 3D printed gifts that a person may have been looking to buy for ages.

In this article, we are going to take a look at various coolest gifts ideas perfect for different celebrations. Also note, if you do not possess the skills for designing a 3D model, you can still print one.

There are plenty of 3D designs scattered on the internet and online repositories. After all, that is what 3D printing’s basic idea is!

This technology of additive manufacturing has grown enough to give the layman an option to choose the material that he/she wishes to have in the final product, the finish that the product should possess and get going.

Whether your budget is high or low, whether you possess the skills to develop a model or not, you’ll get a 3D printed gifts for sure in every section i.e. fashion, retail, toys, home décor, accessories, luxury, electronics, personal care, beauty products, and whatnot. So let’s start with the list.

List of Coolest 3D Printed Gifts Ideas

As you would expect, we have curated a list of different gift items. You can choose anyone that you feel resonates with your ideas.

Superheroes as Toys

3d printed captain america

Fans of superheroes/heroines exist since the stories of superheroes came into existence. Because of 3D printers, one can have the benefit of getting a model of his/her favorite superhero/heroine on his table, for his kid.

One can extend or start his/her collection of favorite superhero/heroine. This is a cool gift to give because it can be customized using a 3D printer.

And the fact that one’s favorite superhero/heroine differs from the other, this gift will be special. Star Wars’ Jedi, Captain America with broken shield, Thor’s hammer, or the iron throne of Game of Thrones, you can get it all on GrabCad, and Cults 3D and Thingiverse respectively.

So, for all of you out there, who has a partner, kid, or relative who is a fan of superheroes/heroines as such as no other, this would be the coolest gift for any special occasion.


3d printed ishara jewelry

3D printed jewelry is one of the most fascinating gifts to give to your partner. Because of the advances in the technology, it is possible, if you have a 3D resin printer at your place, to self-manufactured the kind of jewelry that you wish to gift someone.

Of course, the material that you get at the end is different than what you have seen. And this is because of the finishing processes that every 3D printing process possesses.

But resin-based 3D printers have enabled one to get fine detailing, because of which they are also known as 3D printers specially made for jewelry items.

Here are the links that would let you finest 3D printed jewelry, four best places to buy 3D printed jewelry, and the best 3D printers for jewelry.

And who doesn’t love jewelry? The fact that this jewelry is made by a technology that is so rapidly advancing, makes jewelry the coolest thing to gift to your partner.



This device is a 3D printer speaker. But a special speaker because unlike other speakers that amplify the sound with electricity, this one does it naturally without any involvement of electricity.

Its design and name already suggest the name of the device from which it is inspired i.e. Gramophone. Sound can last longer and the volume of the phone can also be increased using this device.

You can get more information about this device from the Gramohorn’s website.

For all the music lovers out there, this gift is a gem. Thanks to 3D printing technology that one can taste the fun of enjoying vintage gramophone from the latest smartphone.

3D Bag Cover

3d printed bag cover

Like to flaunt the latest bag that you purchased? Get it noticed by using a 3D Bag Cover. Write what you want to say to anyone who looks at it, talk to people’s eyes and make them laugh, angry, sad, or just jealous.

This 3D cover can be printed in matt and gloss finish in any colors depending on the material you choose to make it with.

For a partner who loves being stylish and flaunts her accessories because she has a large collection of those, 3D printed Bag Cover is a perfect gift. This is available at the XYZ bag’s website.


3d printed mug

Crushed coffee mug, giant lego mug, standard coffee mug, second life mug, and devious Pythagorean mug are five of the most trending 3D Printed mugs.

If coffee is what you start your day with and you love legos… If you love to collect coffee mugs or are a geek who loves to read… 3D Print your coffee mug with these amazing designs that are available and make your coffee mug look exactly like your personality is.

Let your mug speak what you wish to. So check out the devious Pythagorean mugthe second life mug, the standard coffee mug, the giant lego cup, and lastly the crushed coffee mug to choose the best for yourself.

Personalized Key Ring

3d printed Personalized Key Ring

Name, emojis, photographs, this keyring can accommodate them all. Want to tell your partner to not forget their car keys everywhere and anywhere?

Give them the personalized 3D printed keys which contain their name, an emoji that suits them, or a photograph. And ensure that they do not forget the keys anymore. Get this gift for your partner from artpix 3D’s website.

A Canvas With Wedding Vows

3d printed wedding canvas

A wedding anniversary is about to come? How about getting yours and your partner’s photo up the bedroom wall? That’s normal, what’s an anomaly in it?

3D Printing technology enables you to have the vows that you took while getting wedded with each other, besides your photo.

So all you have got to do is choose the best photograph from the wedding album and then list down the vows. Here’s where you can get this amazing gift for your partner from Etsy’s website.

So what are you waiting for? Your wedding anniversary is near, go get this canvas done.

Romantic Emoji Chocolates

3d printed Romantic Emoji Chocolates 

French company Babines has created chocolates using a 3D printer from their unique molds. If you and your partner talk all day long on WhatsApp by sending each other emojis, romantic emoji chocolates are the best gift that you can gift to him/her for the coming Valentines.

This can be an amazing way to convey your love to your partner. Not only can you specialize this chocolate and making him/her feel special, but also boast about this eccentric gift of yours till eternity.

And because chocolates are something that is loved by everyone, there is a less negligible chance that your partner won’t like it. So if you are confused about what to gift your Valentine’s, here’s your solution. Buy this chocolate here.


3d printed purse

Taking into consideration design methods and additive manufacturing technologies, Italy based brand XYZBAG produces unique bags.

So, for all those husbands, boyfriends, guys, fathers, grandfathers, and if I am missing one, whose wives, girlfriends, girls, mothers, grandmothers, and if I am missing someone love to keep a collection of uniquely designed purses, here’s your go-to.

Annalisa Nicola, the co-founder of XYZBAG knows it correctly how to create custom made purses that women love. XYZBAG creates purses at low cost and delivers it to you quickly. This is a perfect gift for fashion-loving women. Want to buy one?


3d printed wallet

Smart Wallet, chainmail wallet, IOT wallet for cryptocurrency, slim wallet, money-box, flex wallet, wooden wallet, and whatnot. If one can accommodate coins, cards, paper, money, and receipt in a very small space, the other has a magnet enclosure.

If one comes with an inbuilt programmable electronics, the other is known for being slim. Box-shaped, rectangular, made up of flexible material, tiny in size and shape for anyone to notice.

One also has the option to select a wallet, just like any other, but customize the design that he wishes to see.

Gifting this wallet with the person’s favorite design can make him/her feel special. 3D printed wallets can be found at websites such as Youmagine, Thingiverse, Cults, and Instructables.

A 3D printed wallet can be the most suitable gift for anyone and everyone.


3d printed watch

Watch is another example of standard gifts like purse and wallets. Now while gifting a 3D watch, the benefit is, some people buy watches for stylish dials, intricate designs on these dials seem too lucrative for their eyes.

For all those people 3D printing has come out as a boon. This technology in additive manufacturing has got all that it takes to create intricate designs with accuracy.

Because of this some of the most high-quality watches with complex mechanisms are developed by this technology. ALB watches and Holthinrichs Watches are two examples of brands that sell 3D printed watches like no other.

Door Opener

If you are surprised to find this in our offering, well let me just remind you about the virus that’s spreading out there. i.materialise has made a unique door opener that can be opened with legs.

Imagine a door opener that does not need hands for its opening! Now that’s something that we call technology.

Apart from the custom-designed door openers that have amazing designs one wouldn’t have ever imagined on his/her door opener, this one gives you a real taste of technology.

Gifts Versus 3D Printed Gifts

The gift is something given to one without payment. One gets a lot of gifts during his/her journey of life. Acknowledging this fact, it is necessary to gift someone a gift that he/she remembers for his/her lifetime.

Now get a check on yourself and the gifts that you’ve got. Which one of those do you remember closing your eyes and which ones do not come to your mind even after trying hard to remember?

There might also be some gifts which you wish you wouldn’t have got because you don’t like them and the reason why you do not like them is that everyone possesses that sort of gift.

There is nothing special in it. 3D printed gifts can be customized. Meaning that you can have a shoe that no one else in the world has.

You can be the first one to possess the watch with such a unique dial. Get a handbag cover that exactly suits your personality.

Some materials that are not available in stores or on common e-marketplaces. This is exactly why 3D printed gifts are getting more and more popular.

Imagine gifting your kid a superman toy that no one else in the world possesses! How confident will he/she feel while boasting about that toy in front of his/her friends? It is because gifts are meant to be special, that 3D printing’s customization characteristic matches with it and they both are in perfect harmony with each other.

So avoid the normal shoe, dress, watch, wallet, toy purchasing from a normal shop, online marketplace and instead look out for customized, special gifts on stores, e-marketplaces that offer 3D printed gifts.

The Conclusion

If you cannot afford the product from websites that are mentioned above in the URLs, you also have options of going to websites which offer your 3D printing services.

Most of the 3D printed products are more affordable because of their cheaper rates than ordinary products. As this technology of additive manufacturing is still developing, this curve is going to stay like this for a while.

Till then you can take benefit of it and gift your loved ones some special gifts for lovely occasions in your life.

Be it for a younger one, middle-aged or an older person, 3D printed gifts are available for every age group and every sex. And not just that, there are 3D printed gifts for every occasion as well.

Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentines, Christmas Eve, Anniversary, Birthday, etc, whatever is the celebration, you still can customize the gift as desired. So, look out for the next occasion that’s coming nearby and check out a relevant 3D printed gifts for the same.

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