AvatarSDK: Create AI-powered Avatars for The Metaverse

Enabling the creation of personalized 3D avatars with the help of a single selfie, AvatarSDK brings the most innovative online tool for the users.

Offering ease of use and highly advanced AI algorithms to prepare realistic avatars, the application goes above and beyond to create perfect replicas of the individuals.

From simple head avatars to complete body visualizations, the software allows users to customize the output as desired, in a number of ways.

Simply click a photo and let the application do the rest of the job. It is easy to use and very thorough. From facial expressions to lighting normalization, the application is packed with numerous features.

To better understand how the software works and what it’s capable of, read the complete AvatarSDK review in detail.

Features of AvatarSDK

Features of AvatarSDK

Flaunting numerous perks, this software for realistic avatar creation comes along with many advanced features.

In order to offer an unmatched user experience, the application combines complex technologies and wraps them with the most friendly interface. This way, the application offers the best solution for even those who aren’t trained to code.

Here are some of the best features that AvatarSDK is equipped with:

Fast in Operation

Starting with the fastest turnaround time, the AvatarSDK software takes between 5 and 45 seconds depending on the type of avatar and assets that come with it.

Scalable for Unlimited User

Working on Cloud SDK, the program is lightweight and is highly scalable, irrespective of the varying users’ requirements. With a set of tools to manage the AvatarSDK application, hosted on Amazon’s AWS, the solution is compatible with different systems.

Offline SDK

Apart from online avatar creation, the software is available for client machines as well. Users can create avatars offline on their systems.

Once again, the application is compatible with different operating systems. Hence, whether you want to work on your PC, MAC, Android, or iOS, you can easily manage the software to create realistic avatars.

Automated Engine

The application flaunts a completely automatic avatar engine, offering users a collection of unique textures as well as 3D geometry for each selfie or photo. Therefore, it is possible to realize the closest 3D replicas of oneself, without worrying about the technicalities.

Vast Database of Facial Expressions

Using the Blendshape facial animations, the AvatarSDK provides over 51 different facial expressions for the users. Further, making the avatars more realistic and closer to the actual photo of the user.

Amazing Customization Options

Users can change their hairstyles to customize their avatars in many ways. There are a total of 45 options to choose from. Not just that, the application also has hairstyle recolouring choices for the users. Hence, offering an array of hairstyle choices for customization.

Not just hairstyles, users can also choose clothing options when creating full-body avatars. There are around 6 different clothing options for every occasion.

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Features Only Available for Online Users

Features Only Available for Online Users

Apart from all the other features listed above, there are certain others that are only available for online users. These might soon be released for offline users as well.

Smile and Eyewear Removal

Photos that are clicked even with a tiny smile, make the animation rig reconstruction a little less robust. This is why the AvatarSDK.

Is designed to detect smiles and remove them beforehand in order to reconstruct high-quality avatars. The same goes for eyewear too.

This feature strengthens the functionality of the application and provides users with very precise output in the fastest possible time.

Lighting correction

Another impressive feature is the lighting removal. AvatarSDK is designed to detect any uneven lighting issues along with strong shadows in the input images instantly. This allows the software to correct lighting and make it more even.

In addition, the application removes the shadows from the input images before using them for the creation of avatars.

Full Body Reconstruction from Single Head

Using a single head or shoulder, the users can create full-body avatars. The application allows users to choose from the various parameters such as gender, height, and weight to come up with the final output.

Not just that, one can set the three circumferences around the hip, waist, and chest to offer the solution with the apt measurement for full-body construction.

Using the SMPL model, the application further ensures that each body construction looks as realistic as possible.

AvatarSDK Use Cases

There are a number of ways these avatars generated using this application can become beneficial for different use cases. Here are some of the examples:


One can use avatars to try outfits, eyeglasses, and more. This way, users can make the purchase with virtual trials.

VR apps

What could be more exciting than to connect with other users socially with our 3D avatars, making the conversation more realistic. Using the AvatarSDK, one can make this possible right away.


If you love playing games, it would be fascinating to use 3D avatars that look exactly like you. Players capable of competing with each other in their own avatars, pretty exciting.

Online Messengers

Users can make online chats fun by using their 3D avatars to ping their friends and family on social media platforms. This is possible with AvatarSDK software, powered with advanced AI.

Virtual Meetings

After Covid, most of the companies have moved to online virtual meetings. However, it does lack a personal touch. Therefore, using 3D avatars to create virtual conference rooms can be the best solution to remove the boredom and make every meeting enthralling.

Pros and Cons

pros and cons of AvatarSDK

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages associated with this application.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast processing
  • Customization available
  • Smile removal and lighting correction features

  • Some advanced features aren’t available for offline users currently
  • Its paid software

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The Conclusion

With time, 3D virtual visualization is gaining importance across various domains. And, AvatarSDK is the perfect solution for the same. It comes with fascinating features and advanced functionality to offer a great user experience. At the same time, its simple interface makes this software accessible to almost everyone.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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