How to Quickly Make Money with a 3D Printer

Although 3D printing is old and has been around since long, there are still quite limited number of businesses offering 3D printing services.

It is because the technology has not knocked everyone’s door yet. This means that this is a good time to start your business using 3D Printing.

With less competition, you will have better opportunities to establish your brand in this niche. But the question is: how to make money with 3D printing?

There are many ways to do so. One can start an e-commerce firm or sell customized 3D printed products. There are a lot of means to utilize additive manufacturing when looking to start a business.

If you are ready to learn about the various nuances of 3D printing, there is no way you cannot succeed along with the technology.

There are certain skills you will require to operate a 3D printer. By accessing online courses and expert’s help, you can acquire those skills easily.

Once you do that, you can 3D print a variety of objects for starting an e-commerce business.

Already, the cost of setting up a website and finding e-commerce channels have become cheap and simple, getting your product onboard will solve the remaining puzzle.

There are many other options too for earning profit through 3D printing. Let us know what we can do with a 3D printer.

How to Make Money With 3D Printing

As mentioned, there are many ways to make money using a 3D printer. Whatever fits your budget and skills could help you build your own successful business.

Design the 3D Prints for Selling Them to the Customers

3D printed phone gadgets

The cheapest way to start a business is to sell 3D printing designs. This way, you will not even have to purchase a 3D printer.

3D designing is a bit complex task. Even the 3D printer owners sometimes have trouble designing their own 3D files. And, are always ready to pay for those who are good with designing.

You do not even have to set up your own website to start right away. There are many online channels that let you sell your 3D designs online to direct customers. This way you can start earning right away.

These channels for selling 3D designs such as Shapeways even offers tools to build your own online store. So, you can sell your designs under your brand name.

This will help in the long run. If you are wishing to extend your business and set up your own website for selling designs, your name would still be identifiable.

Trust me, there are many customers around the world who are looking for great designs. Even leading 3D printing companies that are selling products using 3D printers are always in hunt for new designs. Who knows, they can hire you for all their 3D printing designs.

Check out what Creative 3D Printed Items people designed to help you get inspired.

Isn’t that a cheap way to start your online business? You will not even need any hand when starting this business. You can do everything on your own until you decide to expand your business and introduce a 3D printer for starting 3D Printing.

Use Your Skills to Train Others and Teach 3D Printing

3D printing cost

There may not be many people who would be interested to learn about 3D printing. But you can always generate the curiosity by spreading awareness.

The biggest reason why the classes for 3D printing isn’t very popular in local markets is that not many people know about the benefits of 3D printing.

And, there are not many classes available as well. So, you will have an upper hand if you start the class in your city.

Advertising yourself on Facebook and various other social media site will grab you a lot of attention. You can also promote your classes offline through newspapers and other mediums.

Arrange seminars showcasing the wonderful things one can do with 3D printing.

These steps would help others in understanding the need for acquiring 3D printing skills. Who does not want to be one’s, own boss? Knowing that it’s possible by learning about 3D printing would do the trick.

Moreover, you will be helping many others to earn from technology. The business may take some time to establish but will be very productive if you have the skills to train others. Teach others how to make money with 3D printing and they would pay you for the assistance.

The truth is, it is easy to sell skills than selling end products. In addition, it is a respectable niche. So, go for it if the option interests you.

Start 3D Printing for Businesses

3D printing prototypes

Do you know that big firms and businesses have already started using 3D printing technology to build prototypes? However, small businesses and local engineering firms still are behind and could be the best target for making your business flourish.

If you are good at designing and 3D printing, you can approach local engineering firms to help them in manufacturing prototypes.

3D printers have been successful in creating complex designs faster as compared to the traditional methods. And, it is cheap too.

When you share the same knowledge with these companies, they won’t be able to resist your offer. Start building your client base locally and once the demand expands, you can go ahead and expand your business too.

It is easy to find B2B clients than to sell on e-commerce platforms. However, the expectation is also higher. Your 3D printing skills must be of an expert if you are seeking to start a business by 3D printing prototypes.

In case, the firms already have the 3D printers at their site, you can offer to help with 3D printing designs. This would even cost you nothing more than your time.

And, you would be paid well for that. Local businesses are often more profitable to work with. So, make your decision and get into 3D printing and designing prototypes.

We suggest reading our article: How to Launch a 3D Printing Business.

Start an E-Commerce Website

pick3Dp website

The best part is that you can start printing from a few designs and as the demand grows, you can expand simultaneously.

You do not need to design a website in the beginning. You can use the various online channels present which already have customers coming to their website.

This will help you create your own customer base. Although you can expect a bit of competition with a lot many sellers selling their 3D print, you can always have an edge with your unique design and product quality.

If you wish to start your website right away, you can do that too. Use social media platforms to advertise your products.

Either its Facebook or Instagram, with the number of users available on these platforms, you will not have much trouble finding few for yourself.

Now that you know it is possible to print products yourself using a 3D printer, what would you print?

Here are a few amazing things that you can 3D print using your 3D printer and make money from selling these.

Home Decorative:

3D printed head for home deco

Who does not like to fill their houses with designer items? For example, stylish vases, curtain rings, clocks, toothbrush holders and a lot more.

We all look for the best design that is affordable and unique. But most of us cannot afford such designer items.

With 3D printing, you can make these items available at a much cheaper rate, still making your profit cut out of it.

Sell these products online to increase your user base. And, you can offer high-quality 3D printing service using the right 3D printer and the best quality materials for manufacturing these products. You can even offer your customers to customize the design.

Do you know how much one pays to see the unborn babies on the screen while they are still in the mother’s womb? The charges are not cheap.

Still, almost every parent goes for it. So, why cannot they pay for the 3D print of their unborn babies?

Many would pay few more extra bucks to hold the fetus figurines in their laps. You can make that possible for many parents.

Customized Earphones:

3D printed earphones

Similar to smartphones, earphones are owned by almost everyone who owns a smartphone. But the earphones are made in standard sizes.

A lot of people have trouble using these earphones because of the size. Either these are too small or too big for their ears.

Also, they come in common designs as the company makes it. However, using 3D printers, one not only can 3D print the specific sizes but can design the earphones as requested.

Most importantly, you can sell these earphones for very less price because you would be using too less of material.

Build Kids Toys:

3D printing benchy

This is my personal favorite. You can do a lot of experiments with this one. Designing toys that are safe for children and at the same time fascinating is a big job.

However, with 3D printing, it can be done with much more perfection than using traditional methods. Moreover, you can print toys in different sizes and designs every time instead of manufacturing similar designs.

You can play around with colors, styles, sizes and much more using a 3D printer. Still, you are not sure how to make money with 3D printing? Let us check out some more options then.

Movies Props for Fans:

3D printing spiderman batman

This is really serious stuff. Fans pay huge money to get the props from their favorite movies. How about you selling the iron man suit to your customer for hundreds of dollars? This is definitely possible.

There is a lot of things you can create. From small models to big ones. The time for printing will depend on the number of parts, a prop will take to complete.

But, once completed, it will pay for all the hard work you have employed. Instead of printing beforehand, you can 3D print as the order comes.

3D Print Fashion Accessories:

3D printing clothes

These are easy to print and can be completed in a few hours. Most of the accessories are small and require less material as well.

You can print these with plastic, the cheapest material of all and can sell it for a very competitive price.

The customizable accessories will turn heads for sure. From bracelets to rings to earrings, you can use your creativity to design various fashion accessories.

Set Up Your Service Center

You can also print on demand by setting your service center for consumers. There are many individuals around the globe who want to get a few designs printed and shipped to them. You can accept the designs from these customers and print it exactly as they have requested.

You will not even require to design the prints yourself. Or else, you can charge extra if the design is also requested.

Both ways, you will be the one making profits. If you know how to make money with a 3D printer, use the skill and get to work.

Set up a website and start taking orders. Advertise about your 3D printing company online through social media networks. This would be the fastest way to reach people across the globe.

You should make sure you’re familiar with What You’ll Need to Start a 3D Printing Business.

The Conclusion

There are many individuals who keep thinking of starting their own business but cannot take the initiative.

This is because setting a business from scratch isn’t a cakewalk. However, it is not the case with 3D printing.

3D printing business can be started alone without a need for extra manpower. And, can be expanded when wished for.

The technology is still not available everywhere. That is why 3D printing is in so much demand. With all that the technology can provide, users are always eager to taste the shades of it.

You can be the mediator helping people utilize the benefits of 3D printing. Your business can help many and in turn, will profit you as well.

Now that you are aware of how to make money with 3D printing, it would be easy for you to take the first step.

Learn about technology and hone your skills before you decide to choose any of the alternatives above. You must know about the niche you are getting your hands into.

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