2024 The Best Resin 3D Printing Service – Buying Guide

One of the amazing gifts of the Internet is, it lets you not only buy products, but also services. So, say you do not own a 3D printer, you can buy service of 3D printing and get the part or functional prototype printed.

There are companies and platforms that, either have or know people who own 3D printers. The order that you place in front of them gets notified to whom the task is concerned and work gets started on it. Confused?

In this article, we are going to talk about companies that provide resin 3D printing service specifically.

Because it is a resin 3D printing service, the printer that they are going to use would be majorly based on Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology. Although there is another 3D printing technology which utilizes resin as a material to 3D print part or a functional prototype.

So, if you have a requirement to print part or functional prototype with SLA 3D printing technology, you can visit these websites and place your order on them.

No longer will you have to go on each and every website which provides 3D printing service and check whether they provide resin 3D printing services or not. Thank us later, but first, read the lists of these websites/companies and see what they’ve got to offer.


Treatstock - Smart Manufacturing Platform - www.treatstock.com

One of the things which are important for you as users to know while opting for resin 3D printing service quote. You want to know how much money you will have to pay for planning your 3D printing and even comparing it with the other websites.

Treatstock is very well known in the market of not only resin 3D printing service but also 3D printing service, as the company which provides instant quotes.

This is a service that is specially designed for newcomers wherein you are given an option to choose between 3D printing applications that your 3D printed part or prototype is going to be used.

Treatstock gives you the option to choose from prototyping, jewelry, and dental. Then you get the option in which you need to choose the color in which you want your favorite resin to be printed.

So, you get the quote instantly, you get to choose the application and the color of your resin. By offering these four options, Treatstock’s users get the convenience they are in search of.

After you make your choices the company guarantees you to deliver a high quality printed part at your delivery address. But that’s not all.

The company’s founders have not forgotten to look at the segment of people who wish to sell online and need a platform to do so. Fortunately, they have utilized their platform in more than one way.

Not only can you get your part 3D printed using Treatstock, but also sell on this website. You can upload your design and if someone likes it, he or she can buy the design from the website. Treatstock accepts payments from Credit Card and promises to ship their products worldwide.


Sculpteo - Online 3D Printing Service for your 3D designs - www.sculpteo.com

Are you one of those, who wish to know which 3D printer is being used by your resin 3D printing service provider to 3D print your part or functional prototype?

Sculpteo uses high-end machines that are engineered by 3D Systems, EOS, Stratasys, and ZCorp ensuring you that there is no compromise being made with the quality whatsoever.

All you have to do is upload your design, choose the resin from which you wish to print and Vola! Get it printed. Sculpteo also allows you to sell your designs in public.

Resins that you can 3D print with, on Sculpteo

There are eight resins that Sculpteo allows you to 3D print your design with. Namely, Prototyping resin, cyanate Ester, UMA 90, Rigid Polyurethane, Flexible Polyurethane, Elastomeric Polyurethane, VeroClear, and VeroWhite.

Prototyping resin uses SLA technology for 3D printing, while Cyanate Ester, UMA 90, Rigid Polyurethane, Flexible Polyurethane, and Elastomeric Polyurethane uses Carbon DLS Technology for 3D printing. Whereas VeroClear and Verowhite use Polyjet technology for 3D printing your part or functional prototypes.

Resin 3D printing with Sculpteo gives you highly detailed parts with a variety of materials for different applications. With the DLS technology by Carbon, you get the benefit of printing your par or prototype from resistant materials such as Rigid Polyurethane, or even flexible ones like Flexible Polyurethane.


Online 3D Printing Service - i.materialise - i.materialise.com

This is a classic example of how one company can serve all classes of audience. Materialize is the company that works strictly with industrial clients for producing prototypes and 3D printed products.

Whilst i.materialise takes into account the need of general public and individual designers, in short everyone else except for industrial clients.

Like both the resin 3D printing service provider, i.materialise too offers its users to upload their designs. But the company cares about its customers like no other.

So, whenever a designer or an artist uploads their designs on the website, it goes through a check by the company’s own design.

That’s right! i.materialise has a team of designers that will check the design and only if it’s valid and error-free, will the design be uploaded on their website. So, you as a user, get to see all the designs that are checked and do not need to employ your brains on whether they will work or not.

The other thing about i.materialise is that when the object is successfully uploaded on the website, you can offer it for sale. There are two options to do so, via the gallery on the online store or by embedding on the website.

They too, like other resin 3D printing service providers support all the major payment methods like Credit Card, Paypal and can ship to any corner of the world.

You can print using Grey resin on i.materialise which is a material with great surface quality and a high level of detail. This Grey resin is constructed from liquid resin which is then hardened by a laser.

It is the structure that it typically has that support is required while printing your model and thus, freedom of design is limited.

Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct_ Manufactured Parts On Demand - www.stratasysdirect.com

This platform is an example of how one work makes way for the other. Stratasys Direct is owned by Stratasys which is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers.

Stratasys Direct is also offering a high-quality resin 3D printing service. The website sports a dazzling assortment of materials, from which its user can choose from.

Resins that Stratasys Direct offers for resin 3D printing

Somos ProtoGen 18420 which is highly accurate and good for most quick delivery prototyping applications. It has applications in the field of automotive parts, consumer parts, electrical housings, and tooling masters.

The benefit of using this resin is that it has a great combination of accuracy and functional properties. It offers fast and easy finishing and is accurate.

Somos Water Clear Ultra 10122 is a highly clear and colorless material that is suited for lenses and see-through covers. It is used to make automotive lenses, bottles, lenses, and light pipes.

The benefits of using this material are: it has extraordinary clarity, it is colorless, and easy to finish.

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 produces highly detailed parts with great quality and water-resistance. Its applications are in consumer products, fluid flow analysis, and lenses.

The benefits of using these materials are that: it is easy to use and finish, it has superior moisture resistance and exceptional clarity.

Somos NeXt has higher impact resistance than standard SL resins and has moisture resistance also.

Because of this, it is used in tough, functional end-use prototypes and snap-fit designs. It is also used in jigs and fixtures as well as in packaging and sporting goods.

SC 1000P has custom formulation and is ideal for low-cost investment casting patterns. Because of these properties, it is used in making investment casting patterns, for large lightweight models by utilizing ID-light.

The benefits of using this material are it reduces cost, has low residual ash, and excellent accuracy.

Stratasys Direct is a 3D printing service that is aimed at professionals in engineering, medicine, and industrial design. It has an online quoting page that is able to create and edit styles that consists of the printing method, material, finishing, and surface treatment and that can be applied to your successive projects.

Stratasys Direct also shares its expertise with companies that are interested in switching to additive manufacturing.


shapeways.com 3d printing service

This is arguable, the world’s most popular online resin 3D printing service. Shapeways can be classified to offer two services. On the consumer side, you are given an option to choose from a broad array of professionally designed items and customize them, have them printed to your specifications.

Another is the website’s ability to offer other 3D printing services, wherein Shapeways hosts storefronts for designers to sell models and printing sales for them. The website is also suitable for rapid prototyping from which customers will profit from industrial-grade printers such as EOS, 3D Systems and be given dedicated technical support.

Shapeways gives three options in the materials under printing with the Stereolithography technique. Accura 60 which is clear when seen, Accura Xtreme which is Gray in color, and Accura Xtreme White 200.

With material jetting, you are given two options for materials on this website i.e. Fine Detail Plastic and Multi-Color plastic. With Shapeways, anyone can customized resin 3D products. He or she need not be having the knowledge of how the technology works on a whole.

As we mentioned earlier. Shapeways offered two services i.e. the making service and the shop service. By option for the Shop service, you can choose from a big collection of items that are designed by professionals.

You can customize them and then have them printed at your specifications. Practically this means that the professionals can also use the platform to upload their work and get paid for it.

The Make service is exactly what the name sounds like. You give the website an object or 3D design of the part that you want 3D printed. After that, you have to tell them your needs, material, color, etc, and they will take care of the rest for you.

This service also includes getting a quote of how much your print job will cost instantly.

The conclusion

There are plenty of resin 3D printing services available online. Most of 3D printing service offerers online offer resin 3D printing also. But the above mentioned are those five which do not have many complaints on their reviews and are very well known in the world of 3D printing for their reputation.

One of the most important benefits of choosing them is that you as an individual can have access to the most expensive 3D printers in the world. You can send a scan, photographs, and of course STL files on it.

You can also choose any material that you wish to 3D print with, any color any size that you wish. The fact that not everyone can afford to buy industrial-grade 3D printers, but everyone wishes to print with it, makes these types of service offering companies a great boon for all the individuals.

The quality offered by companies offering this service is also commendable, there are terms and policies which this company has, which you might go through before buying.

Resin 3D printing service is a small part of the huge 3D printing service. What differentiates one company from the other one are few factors. Such as, the 3D printer which they are using to 3D print your part or a functional prototype.

Or the 3D printing technology that they will use. The main one amongst these factors is the number of options they give in terms of the resin with which you can 3D print your part or a functional prototype.

So, while selecting a resin 3D printing service for your part or prototype, do take care of these factors and then you are all good to go.

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