HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D Printer

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This 3D printer has featured many lists of best 3D printers that one should buy for this year. Jet Fusion 3D 4210 such an option that users can utilize for industrial-scale manufacturing tasks. According to the claim by HP, the printer is capable of producing 700-1000 parts per week. Jet Fusion 4210 is a reliable and capable 3D printer that prints a variety of parts. Either you are looking to create functional prototypes or want to manufacture end products, Jet Fusion 4210 would get you high results and great output.

This 3D printer is designed to serve industries with high performance and great accuracy for fulfilling this task HP has introduced various improvements to this design and claims that the printer is capable of reducing production costs by 65% compared to competing technologies.

With its top-notch capabilities, Jet Fusion 4210 can create parts up to 10 times faster. Being a multi-jet printer, Jet Fusion 3D works on the printing technology works that deposits one layer at a time. A single layer is deposited using the base material on the print bed. The high cost of this machine is verified because of the strict mention by the manufacturer, that the machine is designed for reducing the operational cost by 65%.

Specification: HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D Printer

Model Jet Fusion 3D 4200
Manufacturer HP
Price Range $ 100000 - $ 250000
Release date 2016
Country United States
Availability Available
Classification Industrial
Technology Material Jetting
Material Ceramic, Other plastics
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows
Max. build size 380 × 284 × 380 mm 14.96 × 11.18 × 14.96 in
Max. build volume 41.01 L
Min. layer thickness 0.08 mm 0.003 in
Dimensions 2210 × 1200 × 1448 mm 87.01 × 47.24 × 57.01 in
Weight 750 kg 1653.47 lb
Power input 9 to 11 kW @ 110-220 V 50-60 Hz AC
Heated print bed No
Heated build chamber No
Automatic calibration No
Closed frame Yes
Dual extruder No
Independent Dual Extruder No
Full color No
LCD screen No
Touchscreen Yes
On-board camera No
Mobile app No
3D scanners No
CNC mill No
Electronics 3D printing No
Laser engraving No
Conveyor belt No
Air filter No
Pellet extruder No
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth No
SD card No
Ethernet Yes

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Expert Score 9
User Expectations
  • Automated mixing, sieving, and loading of material
  • Plug and Play
  • Fast cooling
  • External storage tank
  • Large build volume
  • Expensive
  • Occupies large space
HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D Printer
HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D Printer

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