2024 Learn 3D Printing: Top 3D Printing Courses Online

By learning 3D modeling software, you can grow in whichever sector you are currently working. Not only can you use this knowledge to 3D print and manufacture the products, but also for getting a better visualization of the projects in making simulations.

The 3D tools available in the software have obtained revolutionary results in the field of medicine, architecture, and even chemistry.

They have offered newer insights and in creating objects that reduce human effort in day to day lives. Although using 3D modeling software is not easy.

And the websites that are we going to talk about today, the 3D printing courses listed on them, help you in doing this difficult task with ease.

These are websites that let you learn 3D printing modeling software online and take your manufacturing skill set to the next level.

List of Top 3D Printing Courses Online 2024

A feature of 3D printing that stands out is accessibility. 3D Printing technology is ever-evolving so if you do not find a course that you like, there are more options available which might have a course that suits you.

3D Printing online courses are like recipes. They are easier to understand if you already have an overview of the complete process that you are about to go through.

The point to keep in mind here is that courses that cost money won’t let you access the content for free. But, you can check out the outlines and overviews and reviews of the courses on the mentioned websites.

online course

This would help you in deciding which one you wish to enroll for. There are a lot of complaints that users have about the course not delivering what they wish to learn. So, before choosing a course, this is the first point to keep in mind.

The second point to remember before buying is that some websites have an option of freely going through a course before buying it i.e. a trial version.

This will stop you from getting frustrated by assuming the possibilities of the course and let you explore. So let’s check out the websites which have these courses listed on them.


Whether it is designing with Fusion 360 or learn 3D printing from zero in Blender, Udemy offers it all. Not only there are plenty of options for beginners in the field of additive manufacturing, but also for experienced and the learned.

If you as a user aren’t sure about what to choose when and wish to fill the gaps, there are filters available on this website that will help you narrow down the choices.

Udemy also offers coaching in other areas than 3D printing. On one hand, Udemy offers to learn in the categories of Finance and Accounting, IT and Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Marketing, and Design.

On the other hand, one can even search for popular topics in the areas of lifestyle, photography, health and Fitness and Music and Teaching and Academics.

Reviews of Udemy term it as an extremely powerful website for 3D modeling and animation program. Apart from providing main instructors, they also have an assistant to take care of that user opting for courses complete in their targeted times.

Preferred Courses

Users or should I say, students of these websites can buy popular 3D printing courses like:

Reviews of Udemy term it as an extremely powerful website for 3D modeling and animation program. Apart from providing main instructors, they also have an assistant to take care of that user opting for courses complete in their targeted times.

Some specialties of Udemy are:

  • A) There is no prerequisite required for the novice lessons available on the website.
  • B) The course content is very useful for beginning a career in the field of additive manufacturing.
  • C) Training and assignments provided by Udemy help every student to understand the core of every concept.
  • D) Practical lessons are also provided on Udemy, which allows one to integrate and apply his/her newly learned knowledge to create.


This website offers training and tutorial via LinkedIn Learning. It will help you learn 3D Printing courses that you need in succeeding with 3D projects.

Software knowledge of Cad, 3DSMax, Solidworks, Maya, and Revit Architecture is also provided by this website. There are many ways in which one can filter out the course which he/she is looking for.

For example, you can filter out the software which you wish to learn, or if you wish to learn by selecting your favorite author, you can do that as well.

If you want to learn a specific skill set, the website has that option as well. This website lets you start the first month’s training for free.

Preferred Courses

Courses on this website are as short as 1 hour 42 minutes and as long as 19 hours 33 minutes. Of course the former is for a beginner to get a glimpse of the technology, while the latter ones are for intermediate as well as for experts for learning specific skillsets.


Collaborated with more than 200 leading universities and companies like Penn University, Stanford, Google, IBM, and so on, Coursera lets every kind of user achieve his/her goal with 3D modeling.

3D Printing Course on Coursera is divided based on standard difficulty levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

Coursera also has an option that enables its users to apply the work that you present after completing your course in technological as well as non-technological developments.

Preferred Courses

Specialties of this website include :

  • A) getting acquainted with lots of important exercises for understanding problems and implementing its solutions.
  • B) Enabling its user to submit works as per his/her convenience.
  • C) Complete all the exams only when you feel, you have gained complete confidence to earn the certification.

Other examples of 3D Printing courses offered by Coursera are Game Design: Arts and Concept, CAD and Digital Manufacturing, 3D printing Software, The 3D Printing Revolution, its application, and hardware.

On completion of every certificate, students get a sharable certificate. Timing for the completion of these 3D Printing courses on Coursera range anywhere from 15 to 20 hours.


Although more focused on 3D game development, 3D Motive provides its user’s training on various 3D Printing courses namely Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting, Rigging, UV Unwrapping, world-building, materials, and many more.

Like other websites mentioned above, you can search on 3D Motive too based on skill sets like Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Training on all the top-recommended authors’ courses is provided on 3D Motive.

Preferred Courses

You can train yourself on software such as 3DSMax, Maya, ZBrush, UDK, Unreal 4, Marmoset, Unity, motion builder, and many more. Unlike other websites mentioned on the list, 3D Motive offers you a feature to download the material by sampling registering on it.


Blender 3D: Your first 3D Character, Intro to 4D Cinema: Getting started with 3D Design, Maya for beginners are some of the names of 3D Printing courses offered on Skillshare.

Although the average time range that you need to complete the learning of these courses is 1 hour to 6 hours. And the fact that Skillshare has divided its database into two categories i.e.

Popular and trending, you can also put a filter on class length and view courses that are less than 15 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes, 30 to 60 minutes, and more.

Preferred Courses

This platform covers all the basic rudiment concepts that one needs for starting 3D printing from scratch. Concise lectures on this website are followed by class projects.

There are lectures on topics like Fusion 3D, Design fidget spinners, Solidworks: interface and navigation and designing a ship wheel, etc.

Some of the specialties of Skillshare are:

  • A) The content on Skillshare is well structured in the sense that the topics are covered at a pace that can be easily followed up.
  • B) prerequisites aren’t required for users to start.
  • C) There are plenty of worksheets and assignments to practice along with lectures.
  • D) Sessions are specially designed in a fun and interactive manner that makes it engaging.
  • E) On Skillshare the support from instructors is continuous.


How to create a model using Polygons? Application of UV Mapping and Textures. How to deal with high and low polygon modeling? What are some of the basic hard surface modeling techniques?

There are some of the key things that Yoobee’s 3D printing courses can help you learn and adapt to. Yoobee lets its user gain a better understanding of software named Maya which is the most popular 3D animation software.

Preferred Courses

What differentiates Yoobee from other websites listed on this list is that Yoobee’s courses aren’t just offered online.

On-campus courses of Yoobee are offered at Auckland Queen Street, Wellington, Christchurch, New Zealand. The average price for learning 3D printing courses on Yoobee is $225 for international as well as domestic students.

The offline requirement for learning a 3D printing course on Yoobee is 13 to 18 years old.

3D Training

Al the help that you need with 3DS Max, Maya, Inventor, AutoCAD or Revit is provided by the website. Online classes provided by 3D training offer improvement in professional modeling skills.

Preferred Courses

3D training is a company based in the USA that provides software training and consulting services since 1999. Its innovative productivity enhancement platform measures performance for helping software proficiency, workflow efficiency, and company scalability.

3D training is an important resource for individuals and corporations for keeping up to date with new software and remaining competitive in every day changing marketplace.


This course allows you to explore all that you need to know about designing 3D parts and prototypes. It also lets you 3D print your creations.

Preferred Courses

The above-mentioned course lets you design anything as per your imagination. Alongside, it also teaches you the ins and outs of desktop 3D printing.

After its completion and practice, you can become a professional in the field of additive manufacturing.

The key specialties of this website are:

  • A) It begins with a live demo of the stamp project.
  • B) Demonstration of a more complex modeling and mechanical parts is taught in the programs offered on Instructables.
  • C) The software Fusion 360 is available for free.

The Conclusion

Beware of any 3D printing course that seems too lucrative at first glance. Too good is not true, the cliché is applicable for the additive manufacturing industry as well.

Almost every 3D printing course will buy you some instructions and tutorials to figure out how designing of parts and prototypes happens. Good ones are those which will make you learn how to do that in multiple ways and not just one.

Before buying a 3D printing course you should decide whether you wish to use that for enjoyment, entertainment, or as a new hobby.

You should ask yourself, whether you wish to create your design and sell online or become a teacher yourself to teach others the same thing you have?

Based on the answer that you get, you should take the judgment of a specific budget range and then look at the course which suits your budget the most.

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Editorial Team

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