Fast and Affordable 3D Scanning Services: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

3D scanning has provided us with higher flexibility in capturing the most complex designs into 3D files in a matter of time.

The technology is vast and is still progressing to provide users with the most suitable and affordable solutions. While it may seem infeasible to buy a 3D scanner for random requirements that do not pop in often, there still is a way to get things done.

3D scanning services are what you must look for. These companies have advanced and latest tools to prepare the most usable 3D files. Hence, you do not have to go through the hassle of scanning multiple times for the best results.

With time, the need for 3D printing technology is surging among businesses of various sizes. Either a small company or a large one, many of the entrepreneurs have already purchased 3D printers and create models in-house.

Hence, the need for 3D scanning services is also increasing. Many individuals find it easy to scan the objects for including enhancements to the existing design. Others feel that 3D scanning can provide the closest match to the objects needed to be printed.

What further motivates the use of 3D scanners is its application versatility. 3D scanning is not limited to 3D printing but has various different applications.

That is why the development around 3D scanning is taking a high road. Every now and then, we come across a new technology or a new tool to provide better scanning results to the users.

And, the increase in competition to bring the best from the technology is only going to better the results even further. So, let us find out the nuances of the benefits of 3D scanning and a few affordable and reliable services.

When to Use 3D Scanning?

3d scanning

Depending on the requirements, there could be many reasons to opt for 3D scanning services. Here are a few usual examples for choosing to scan an object for creating a 3D model.

At times, there are certain objects that have very complex geometry and working manually to create a 3D file seems completely possible or time-consuming. In such cases, you can go for the 3D scanning services instead of feeling clueless about how to proceed.

Also, when trying to preserve something from the past, such as historical artifacts, one just has to scan the object and save the file for use when required. People can even make copies of such artifacts to demonstrate at universities and colleges.

When needing an enhancement for the existing parts, it is better to create the exact copy of the first one and then prepare the changes. This way, it provides users with the exact design needed as well as completes the task a lot faster.

Also, if you feel that the object is too large or tall to diagnose closely for preparing the 3D model, it is better to contact 3D scanning services. These companies have the latest tools and technology to get the work done in the minimum time possible.

When buying a 3D scanner seems too expensive and you have limited task requirements, it is always better to go with a 3D scanning service.

In House Scanning or 3D Scanning Services?

You must be wondering why not buy a 3D scanner instead of paying another company a hefty amount for each project. The question is very usual to appear. So, here are the reasons to choose a service rather than buying a scanner for yourself.

3D scanning is a process where the object is screened from different angles and all these data are combined together to prepare a 3D model. And, there are various technologies to accomplish this task. For instance, using laser scanning, the device captures various points on the object and stitch them together to get you the 3D file.

However, when using photogrammetry, the process of capturing angles changes. In this process, the device takes hundreds of pictures from a different angle and collect them together to produce the 3D model. And, there are various perks and limitation of these processes.

When using your own scanner, you would be limited to one or two such a 3D scanning process. However, 3D scanning services have larger tools to accomplish scanning using a variety of technologies.

Can you beat that? No, right. So, why not go for the 3D scanning services instead of buying a scanner that may not be capable enough to get you the desired results.

Not just that, you can stay clear of failed scanning and poor clicks. Moreover, using 3D scanning services would help you achieve the best results.

These companies use model refining tools to get rid of any gap that might have gotten during the scanning process. Hence, preparing the best final 3D model for your use.

And, contacting these companies is easy. In case you have to include any change in the file or are not satisfied with the results, you just need to contact the customer support.

Recommendation for 3D Scanning Services

Here we are, with the list of the best affordable 3D scanning services. The listed companies are very fast in processing your task (depending on the complexity of the parts).

Gentle Giant Studios

3D systems giant studio

If you cannot settle for anything less but the best, you must choose the Gentle Giant Studio. It is the most renowned company and has been trusted by many.

You may have heard the name of the company for its collectible busts and figures. The company is known for its high accuracy and precision in its design.

It’s not very long when they started their 3D scanning service. And, the start was a bang. They created a huge multiple camera photo studio.

And, as you would expect, the booth was based on the photogrammetry 3D scanning technology for compiling pictures together taken from every angle.

To perfect the models and for eliminating the possibilities of shadows, the booth is lit up with cross and parallel polarized lighting. And, for bringing their unmatched services to the customers, the company has also come up with a mobile version.

Apart from its usual scanning booth, the company also is equipped with the latest tools and technology to take the experience to the next level.

With a LIDAR scanning service that focuses on scanning larger objects such as the cityscape, Gentle Giant Studio certainly leads the competition.

Using LIDAR, multiple laser light beams come into play for creating millions of points. And, these lead to a highly precise 3D model. Because this technology requires a lot of effort and use of expensive equipment, it does not come cheap.

Arrival 3D

Arrival 3D

The company offers the most spread out services all around the USA. It has a service center at various locations within the country.

Either you can send them the parts at their scanning labs or call them to your place, in case, you require portable scanning.

The company boasts its versatility in 3D scanning through its 12 different scanning devices. Apart from that, it does own multiple software tools for enhancing the models for perfect output.

The company was incorporated in 2002. Later in 2007, it created a 3D VR Inventory software for the telecom industry. And, in 2011, the company finally launched its 3D scanning labs. Since then, there have been no looking back.

Arrival 3D has scanning engineers, CAD modelers, graphic professionals, software developers and people with various different expertise.

Hence, adding an overall strong team for processing the highest complex jobs without hassle. You can easily hire professionals for a variety of tasks.

For instance, 3D scanning services, reverse engineering, long-range scanning, Industrial 3D scan, 3D inspection services, and others.

Moreover, the company also excels at offering 3D printing services. With all the major services under its roof, Arrival 3D is one of the most progressive companies. And, you can take advantage of the 3D scanning services along with the many others that it offers.

ScanMan Express

ScanMan Express is one another name in the list that is known for its unique approach towards 3D scanning. The company has a great reputation to carry forward. Hence, you would find the team on heels for getting the best results to their customers.

Instead of using just one type of light source, the company uses a 3D scanning technology that takes into account the white light along with the blue light scanning.

These light pulses result in the point clouds. Later, converting the entire set of data in terms of the point cloud to high-resolution 3D models.

The service is cheaper than the rest on the list. Mostly, you would get a quote between $350 to $800.

The cost would depend on the complexity of the model as well as the size of it. A few more scanning needs would help clarify the exact price for the 3D scanning services.

On their website, ScanMan Express features a price calculator as well. There are certain questions that the company asks for. Once select the right answer based on your requirements, you get the exact quote.

For instance, it asks for the scanning need, if you need to scan the outside of the object or inside as well. It also asks for the complexity of the design that you need to scan and a few other questions.

Once you select the appropriate answer, the website provides users with an instant quote.

Later, you just have to prepare the shipping of the item to the company’s Michigan office. You will receive a confirmation after they accept the shipment.

The team would also brief you of the entire process and will send you the digital file as per your specification at the earliest.

To make customers feel at ease, the company also assigns every customer with a scanning engineer. For any question, customers can directly contact the engineer via the webchat. It further makes the task simpler and convenient.



The company started in Canada in the year 2002. Later in 2005, Creaform launched its first HandyScan 3D laser.

The other products from the company include high-res EXAscan, VIUscan, MAXscan 3D scanner, HandyPROBE, Go!SCAN 3D and many others.

The latest development from the company comes with the Go!SCAN SPARK. Creaform claims it to be the fastest 3D scanning solution. Also, it is one of the easiest and simplest 3D scanning solution that is designed for accelerating the overall product development phase.

Apart from offering amazing and highly efficient 3D scanners, the company also engages in providing 3D scanning services around the globe. It has offices in many countries.

And, it does take the task a bit too seriously. Hence, offering its customers with amazing output files.

With a number of software and tools available with the Creaform, it can make your project a real success with a highly precise and accurate digital file.

The team excels at short-range 3D scanning as well as long-range 3D scanning.

The Conclusion

Luckily, there are a number of 3D scanning services, if you wish to avail the benefits of the technology. And, apart from the global service centers, there are local stores too.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each store. And, you must weigh your options when choosing one.

However, in case, if you do not wish to compromise with the quality of the digital file and the desired results, you must not look any further.

It is always safe to choose the experienced team over the ones that lack the necessary exposure and the latest technologies. Because, at the end of the day, a lot depends on the quality of the 3D file.

The product development phase starts with the digital design and many other processes depend on the same.

So, choosing a company that could help you with the correct scanning methods and proper utilization of the latest tools must let you avail of the best results.

Choosing 3D scanning services from a renowned and experienced team is safe and reliable. You can get what you need without the hassle of going through the scanning process multiple times.

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Editorial Team

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