Fast and Affordable Laser Cutting: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide                                

There has been a lot of talks about laser cutting and why it is preferred over other manufacturing methods. So, today let’s talk about it. Laser cutting is a complete manufacturing process that can eliminate the need for machining in many parts.


What this essentially means that you do not have to spend money managing the manufacturing costs. Also, Laser cutting brings to certain advantages over plasma cutting because it is a process that is more precise and uses less energy while cutting steel and aluminum sheets.

More in this article we are going to talk about companies that provide laser cutting service.

Yes, there are companies that are able to provide the precision levels and edge quality that is achieved with laser cutting machines to their customers.


This quality is very very better than traditional cutting methods because here the laser beam will not wear during the laser cutting process.

Thanks to the Laser cutting technology that also enables us to cut complex shapes without the need for tooling. You can cut shape and manufacture them into a part or functional prototype at a faster speed than other cutting methods.

Another benefit of this technology is that it offers reduced contamination of the workpiece. Laser cutting technology also allows us one to cut small diameter holes that have complex detailing and good edge quality in either sheet, plate, tube, or box section.

So let’s talk about the companies that provide this service and a little bit about how their websites are and what they claim to offer. We bring to you some of the fast and the most affordable laser cutting services.


Laser 24

Laser 24

The company claims to deliver reliable, affordable metal laser cutting services which is press braking and is designed to meet even the tightest of turnaround times.

Be it a one-off project or an ongoing engineering/construction job, laser 24 promises to provide unrivaled solutions for large and small companies alike. For delivering, Laser 24 uses world-class equipment and highly efficient manufacturing processes.

They claim to dedicatedly provide all their customers with high-quality materials at competitive rates.

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What is it like being on the Services’ tab on their website?

There are eight tabs that you get to click on their website. Amongst them, the second one is something that you would obviously click on if you are there to know what services the company provides.


As soon as you do so, you land on the webpage to see three divisions of services titled:

  1. High-Speed Laser Cutting Solutions
  2. Premium Laser Cutting Solution
  3. Press Braking

Going a little down lands you to Success stories of the company. Further down, there are additional services in which there is an option to hand drawing, CAD/CAM Drawings, STP Drawings for bending, and drawing and cutting advice.

A little down and you get to read words from the company’s customers. And then for a quick quote, you get a form to fill. Finally, you reach the last part of the page where the company names its technologies and address.

So, you scroll up to see the first option on the page where you can actually click on. And you see Get a Quote at Premium Laser Cutting, on clicking which you are directed to the last part of the page, remember the form that you got to fill, the same place. Under press braking also you have the same option.

Under success stories, you have three case studies mentioned. The first one titled Laser Etching Project, the second one being the Laser Cutting Project and lastly Press Braking Project.

Clicking on any of these you get to read the story which is divided into the titles, Challenge, What we did, how we did, and the result.

Just beneath it, you an option to click on See all Case Studies, which when you click on, you get to see four stories, three of which you already get to see otherwise also.

By clicking on any of the options that you get under additional services, you land up on the same page that has a contact form in which you need to fill in many details for sending your file. That’s pretty much it.

If you are visiting their website especially for Laser Cutting you might want to also visit the Capabilities tab as well as the Materials tab, that’s going to tell you about the laser that this company uses and the materials with which the company makes parts or functional prototypes.

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Digital Craft


Let’s jump straight to what’s being on their website because they unlike most others they do not have an About Us section on their website.

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What is it like being on their website?

You land on their home page with six tabs to navigate and a huge title claiming it to be a Fast and affordable Laser Cutting for Creative business.

Scrolling a little down, you have four slides, the first one titled product and components with a picture of the blue skull, the second one has custom signage for any occasion with Covada coffee rosters, logo, and address.

The third one asks whether or not you are in need of samples? And the fourth and the last one says Creative business solutions through Digital Fabrication, pictures a Goby Walnut and Western Hardwood’s coin.

Scrolling a little more down tells you that the company has three main services namely: 1) Laser Cutting, 2) production and 3) Branding.

Just beneath it, there is a showcase of previous works that are done by the company. You have bottles, keychain, clock, boards, and a lot more to ponder over.

There are also four options beneath this allowing you to browse through some more galleries where you have custom projects, signs, retail displays, and awards.

Which basically are the company’s attempt to classify their work and tell you, yes they do all of that and if you wish to do the same, the company possesses experience for that.

The page ends with a Let’s Get in Touch section present at the right bottom, wherein you can enter your details if you wish the company to contact you or send a message to the company.

What happens when you click on the first option or any other tab on this website?

The first option that you get on this webpage, is actually to click on one of the photos, which, when you do, you land up to the Instagram page of the company.

We actually had an error while clicking on Custom projects of the company, the same goes with signs, retail displays, and awards.

So, when you click on another tab which is Laser Cutting, you get to know that the company does accept cut-ready files for their fast and affordable batch production.

You also get to know that $50 is the minimum job requirement and for which the typical turnaround time is two to four days.

A lot of the information that you might be searching for laser cutting service can be obtained from this webpage.

Beneath the costs and minimum job requirements, you have a section titled Machine Size and Costs. Seeing another title $70 per hour really confuses you at first and even after reading the How does it work? Section.

There is also one more rate titled $35 per hour Labor which after reading the explanation looks like the production rate that they charge.

The File Prep webpage has a lot of details which you can read and make one according to your need.

There is also a materials webpage that tells you about the materials that the company provides laser cutting service.

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They claim to have started OSH Cut for modernizing the laser-cutting industry. Their personal and business projects often require laser-cut metal, and they are continuously amazed by the fact that shops take so long for providing pricing.

Because of the limitations like inconsistent pricing, slow response time, and long leads the complete smooth process is made frustrating.

That was the time when the founders of this company decided it was time to start their own metal cutting service for solving this problem.

They wrote software for automating the quotes and order processes for expediting the procedure.

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How is it like being on their website?

Very appealing video plays in the background of the texts Prices in Second, parts tomorrow. Get Instant Quote.

There are four tabs on this website namely: 1) Capabilities, 2) Rapid Prototyping, 3) Online Laser Cutting, and 4) Get A quote.

The first option to click on is Get Instant Quote on clicking on which you land on a webpage where you can upload DXF and the number of parts that you wish to order.

There is also a Sign In option on the right top corner of the webpage. Scrolling down on the home page you have some reasons why to choose the company and how it works section wherein again you can get your instant quote if you have not managed to see this option above!

Beneath it, there is Cutting Materials, followed by how much will my project cost, with an option again of getting an instant quote. On the Customer list of the company, you will find electric giant GE, Seimens, and plenty of good names.

Then you have some interesting i.e. the FAQs section, followed by reviews, you also have an option to view all the Google Reviews.

After which you have an About Us page informing about OshCut with a photograph of four guys in front of a Trumpf TruLaser 1030 machine, which cannot be anyone else than the founders.

Again beneath it, you have an option to get started, get an instant quote! Seeing it, again and again, is a little tiresome.

Clicking on the Capabilities tab is something that we think will interest all of you looking out for Laser Cutting Service.

Herein the company has mentioned the equipment that they use and the maximum this, maximum that, in short, the technicalities which company allows to some extent and the materials.

There is also a section titled Cutting Tolerances. The other tab is Rapid Prototyping wherein you have to work in three steps i.e. Upload your drawing, select your material, and select the priority rush lead at checkout.

You also have Online Laser Cutting Tab which pretty much works in the same way. There are six choices of materials that this company offers in their Laser Cutting Service, i.e. Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Brass, and Copper.

You can give them a call, email them, or see their FAQs if you have any questions.

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The Conclusion

Laser Cutting is a manufacturing process wherein material is cut using a high-powered laser which is directed by mirrors.

The technique that is used in play over here is the same that we used to play when we were kids i.e. Focus the magnifying lens at an angle with sunlight on a paper and watch the paper burn.

Now the benefit that we have while playing with laser in these automated machines is speed as well as precision.

Also due to the advent of technology, there are online laser cutting services that are available wherein you do not necessarily have to depend on your local laser cutting service provider.

Companies have started to specialize in providing laser cutting services so much so that this manufacturing is equally popular in subtractive manufacturing as much as 3D printing in the additive manufacturing category.

What you read about in the articles are not some companies that were listed on the first page of Google, they were curated and personally went on websites.

And this is an attempt on our end to get bring front to you those companies which claim to provide fast and affordable laser cutting service and many other things on their websites.

You can get a feel of how is it being on those company’s websites by reading the article and then decide your choice. All the best for your experiments and projects of Laser Cutting.


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