Free Easiest Tools to Repair STL Files Online

There was a time when designing models weren’t very easy. The tools were limited and most of the work used to be manual. However, with advancements, newer technologies have surfaced that offer automatic as well as manual access to repair STL files online.

Those with minor defects can be fixed using automatic wizards. However, few errors do require some hands-on work through manual editing.

For these reasons, the applications are created keeping both aspects in mind. To fix STL files, one can easily access these applications and get the job done in the minimum time possible.

With so many options available in the form of dedicated tools specifically designed for working with STL files, it is no longer a troublesome experience. Without ensuring an error-free STL file, one may end up damaging the further process.

Either its 3D printing or any other applications that one wants to design these STL files for, one must check these files for errors and problems for assured success.

What is an STL File?

stl file

STL file is the format that almost every slicer accepts. These files elaborate on the final product that one wants to realize. Hence, these must be prepared with the utmost care.

For preparing these STL files, designers usually use surfacing methods for creating 3D models. These methods are well structured and defined to provide exact geometry as needed. If one wants to 3D print these models, one must convert these to a mesh format.

The mesh conversion is really tricky. In this process, the 3D design is broken into a smooth mirror and is attached back to replicate the original design.

If the process is not followed correctly, one can end up destroying the design with various errors such as holes, edges, and floating parts. There could be other major problems too that may occur such as intersecting parts. And, it can lead to failed prints.

This may give you an impression of how important it is to repair STL files online before jumping to the next step.

Methods to Repair STL Files Online

Repair STL Files Online

There are different methods and workflows that repairing tools offer. There are certain typical wizards that are found in every other tool. An auto repair option makes it easy for users to handle problems like holes, intersections, separate shells and others.

It does try to fix some of the major challenges as well. However, you may have to use a manual interface for a few major issues. Some programs may have different methods for closing holes or bridging gaps. To eliminate the obsolete parts, one can even employ the separating shells feature.

The repair wizard also focused on the removal of overlaps and intersections. During this process, the methods are equipped to recalculate every bit of the mesh again. The wizard further corrects issues like duplicate faces, vertices, inverted normal and many others.

By using the manual repair methods one can easily delete and create triangles. These applications also help in remeshing the count of the triangles for best-optimized results.

All these methods and many others included in these applications help realize the best STL files for precise output.

STL is also the most storage-friendly format, hence, highly popular among designers and accepted by almost every 3D printer. One can further reduce the file size by saving the STL file in binary format.

List of Applications to Repair STL Files Online

Do you know that you can choose from a huge list to find that one application that suits you best? There are many tools designed for helping artists and professionals who work with 3D designs and often come up with frustrating issues like the ones defined above.

Thankfully, there are free STL repair options for those looking for an affordable option. Not every designer or those starting to build 3D designs can afford to pay an extra penny to repair STL files online. However, free solutions are pretty handy and enriched with every necessary feature to provide great results.



Meshmixer is a truly reliable and versatile platform offering a variety of features to its users through a very simple interface and intuitive mesh editing program. The program not only enables the optimization of meshes but also allows the re-sculpting of the complete sections.

Users have frequently outlined the way this application helps in locating all the mesh errors by simply loading the file. The program comes with an X-ray mode that is available under Shaders. This mode further enhances the visibility of the interface.

While making the corrections, remember to choose the Hole Fill Mode that best fits the problem when choosing the rectify the individual holes at a time. If not sure, you can also go with the ‘Auto Repair All’ mode. This mode takes care of the problems efficiently most of the time.

There are other ways of using this software. You can also select the area that surrounds the hole and using the ‘Erase and Fill’ operation, you can repair the STL file online.

If you want to realize a continuous fill, you may also check ‘Setting Type to Smooth MVC’. There are other methods to produce closed mesh too. Once you start using the tool, you would better know the procedure to make changes to the design for corrections.

You will also find tools for managing separate shells as well. Again, you can go for ‘The Auto Repair All’ tool for the removal of floating sections and mending the boundary loops. For manually correcting the gaps, one can also utilize the ‘Bridge’ tool. You can find the Bridge option under the Edit tab or by pressing Ctrl and B together.

Being a powerful application and able to provide a variety of functionality under one roof, Meshmixer is a very popular option. It is often referred to as the swiss knife with many capabilities within a single application.

Also, it comes from a very renowned and trusted brand, Autodesk family. So, users can very much depend on this tool for accomplishing various tasks. Moreover, it is free to use.



Once again, an offering from Autodesk. Netfabb is an advanced tool and comes with many features providing the freedom to users to repair STL files online.

This can be termed as a tool designed for the preparation of 3D printable files, alongside the auto-repair functionality that makes it a very powerful choice.

Netfabb has three versions and users can choose among these three, depending on the usage. The three versions available are Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. Standard and Premium versions are free to avail and is specifically created for educational purposes.

Apart from the typical features, Netfabb also offers extra fascinating mesh editing methods. This includes custom support building, hollowing, and various others. One can also utilize their Lattice Assistant and Lattice Commander for creating lightweight designs.

When talking about the Ultimate version, that is the paid one, users get to enjoy the FEA analysis feature which in other terms an Optimization Utility. The work of this utility program is to structure the parts in the most optimized way possible.

The application offers functions like importing of mesh files and then further working on it for improved results. The number of file format supported are huge and is not limited to the CAD files only.

One can import native files too from different sources such as SolidWorks, Catia, Siemens NX, IGES, SAYUT, ketchup plus support for STEP, and Parasolid XT files.

The next step to repair STL files online using Netfabb is by analyzing the errors. With easy to locate Analysis icon, one can quickly evaluate the wall thickness. You can also measure the wall thickness at different points in the design.

The Part Repair section would trigger the automatic repair script. You can check the green ticks in the Status tab if the auto repair script does the job well. However, if the problem remains, one can use the manual optimization for further corrections.

This is a very useful application for those looking for a reliable solution for fixing bugs in the 3D meshes. It works very well and is very popular among users. One can find great help online when working with this software.

This means that you can troubleshoot problems by learning about its amazing functionalities online. The interface is friendly and very rich in terms of advanced features.

Previously, the application was compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. However, after Autodesk acquired it in 2015, the support for MAC and Linux was taken back. As of now, it is only supported by Windows operating system. Apart from a few limitations, the software is a great addition for those looking for a reliable solution.



Blender is from an open-source community and is completely free to use. The application offers modeling, twigging, and many other advantages for its users to play around with the 3D parts. The program is backed with various mesh repair functions. One can access these through the Edit menu.

You can easily analyze the models using the Mesh Analysis tool. Using this analysis tool, you can locate the inverted triangles. This can further be converted into triangles with Triangulate Faces option available under the Mesh tool.  There are functions available for removing doubles as well.

Not just that, users can fill holes, create individual triangles and much more. Either you wish to fill gaps or remove overlapping, the tool can be very handy and easy to process all those commands.

Being a user, you get to enjoy a plethora of benefits through this program. The software is one of its kind and is very progressive. You get to delete unwanted meshes, join separate shells together using the Boolean Modifier.

If you feel that nothing is working as expected, you can anytime implement a Remesh Modifier. If you have not tried any STL file repair tool by now, you must check this option out.

The software is in use from over the last two decades. And, has very well made itself the most popular and standard option for 3D modeling as well as for animation needs.

However, one thing to be noted, Blender could be difficult to handle for first time users. Because of its multiple features under one roof solution, it may seem confusing at first. But learning to use the application wouldn’t be tough if you put the effort in the right direction.

The application is very well structured, only, if you know how to handle it. So, get acquainted with it through trial and error and learn everything through the way to become an efficient designer.

The Conclusion

3D modeling is tricky and takes a lot of dedication to master the skill. Users often find it difficult to learn the methods and procedures for optimizing the designs for the best results. And, try out different applications before being able to find the one that offers suitable functionality in the simplest way.

Some are not able to find their favorite software even after trying many of the applications. So, it is important to look for the right choices. Although there are many STL repair programs available, not every option is user-friendly or free to use.

Especially, when being a beginner, one must go for a free application. This would help to eliminate the unnecessary costs on paid software that one would never be able to use going forward.

A free STL file repair program would help users learn the skills in an elaborative manner. Hence, the list above is cumulated for helping those looking for free and the best options. These applications are user-friendly and offer great freedom to the users for defining and outlining the design as needed.

With few failed attempts, one can learn to repair STL files online when working with these programs. As these are highly popular, one can depend on the online help and communities available for answering queries of users. These choices are worth trying. Create beautiful designs and error-free models for printing without failures.

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Editorial Team

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