101Hero 3D Printer

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101 Hero is a printer that comes with a Plastic frame and a non-heated glass print bed. Considering the price at which the printer is available in the market, it is commendable that it allows you to print not only with PLA but with ABS and other plastics too. The mechanism of this 3D printer is dependent on three small motors that are originally destined for 3D printing pens.

Hobbyists who are yet to decide whether they are going to practice 3D printing for the rest of the lives or not are going to love the way in which the 3D printer prints. Being an open printer, you are relieved from the difficulty in efforts that you have to undergo in closed 3D printers.

Seeing the price at which it is available in the market you will wonder about how much the 3D printing technology has progressed in general. If you aren’t someone who has an introduction to 3D printing technology, you almost would immediately take this as some sort of a con. But it isn’t a con! 3D Printers, with such great functionality and impressive build volume, are available at such a low price for real.

Specification: 101Hero 3D Printer

Model 101HERO
Manufacturer 101HERO
Price Range $99
Availability Available
Release date 2017
Country China
Classification Hobbyist
Technology Extrusion (FFF- FDM...)
Material ABS, Other plastics, PLA
Closed frame No
Heated print bed No
Max. build volume 1.50 L
Weight 1.86 Kg 4.10 Ib
Dimensions 327 × 219 × 253 mm 12.87 × 8.62 × 9.96 in
Filament diameter 1.75 mm 0.07 in
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.4 mm0.02 in
Dual extruder No
Ethernet No
Wifi No
SD card Yes
Bluetooth No
Max. print speed 14 mm 0.55 in/s
Touchscreen No
Full color Yes
LCD screen No

Videos: 101Hero 3D Printer

Expert Score 5
User Expectations
  • Affordable;Assembled
  • A great choice for those wanting to try 3D printing for fun
  • Supports multiple materials
  • Allows the use of open source slicing apps
  • Not very accurate and precise
  • Non-heated bed
  • Open frame design
  • Weak motors
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