2023 Best 4×8 CNC Routers – Buying Guide

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines have been in the market since computers have been there to manage them.

Actually, “CNC” is known as the process by which a computer deciphers a set of guidelines to send pulses to a stepper engine, power a shaft, heat an extruder, or pulse a laser. Whatever kind of CNC machine it is, it will have a computer driving it.

As far as the size is concerned, older and industrial-strength models of CNC routers are amazingly enormous and can take up a lot of room. Be that as it may, current CNC routers are a lot more modest and can sit right on a huge table.

While these desktop machines are surely not as incredible as their industrial-sized parts, they are great for home use and can be connected to a home computer.

How Do CNC Routers Work?

A good example of utilizing a CNC router is to manipulate wood. An increasing number of carpenters are using CNC routers for preparing wood for their projects. For making a rustic chair, you can use the router to prep the maple wood.

By choosing CAD and CAM software on a computer, you can command the CNC router precisely how to cut the wood at precise angles. You would then be able to take these trimmed pieces of wood and use screws or bolts to assemble them in a comfortable patio chair.

Best CNC Routers

Like other CNC machines, CNC routers are exceptional at making precise items. The most well-known functions where CNC routers are used include hobbies like woodworking, making prototypes for the engineering field, creating pieces of art, and certain types of production work.

For industrial or high-end commercial CNCs, this implies creating particular computers for each sort of machine. With respect to specially designed and hobbyist CNCs, they have devoted computers to control their machines, that is, until microcontrollers came into the scene.

Here, we have zeroed in on the absolute best 4×8 CNC routers available. As you could possibly figure from the name, 4×8 switches have a work area of 4′ wide and 8′ long.

4×8 is a standard board size, and a router that coordinates with your material size needs comparatively less readiness, so you will make your first cuts instantly.

Everything except one of the routers we have highlighted is 4×8, yet we additionally thought to add a couple of additional variables in our list: All of the choices beneath have spare parts that are accessible, and a large portion of them incorporates an easy-to-use work-holding system.

We additionally covered our value range around the $20,000 mark; however, there are a couple of good alternatives that are less expensive.

The routers we have chosen range from entry-level models, like the MakerMade M2, to very good quality machines like the Stinger Series III.

To assist you with exploring the costs, we have recorded everything from least to most costly. Now let us see all the options we have on this list!

Best 4×8 CNC Routers

MakerMade M2

MakerMade M2
MakerMade M2
Where you can find MakerMade M2

The MakerMade M2 is the least expensive router on this list; however, do not let its cost trick you. This unconventional CNC basically hangs from a wooden backboard and moves across it utilizing a system of pulleys and chains.

The upward movement implies that the footprint of the machine is a lot smaller than some other alternatives on our list, which could be a benefit in case you are working on enormous tasks in a little space!

One disadvantage is that you need to provide the spindle motor yourself, however, that should not be difficult as you can add a handheld router for that. For a much less expensive choice, MakerMade still offers the Original Maslow for about half the cost of the M2.

  • Cost: From $1,200.
  • Qualities: Built-in dust collection, all-metal Z-axis assembly, repeatability within 1 mm.
  • Affordable
  • Can engrave different materials

  • No spindle motor included

ZenbotCNC 4896

ZenbotCNC 4896
ZenbotCNC 4896
Where you can find ZenbotCNC 4896

The ZenbotCNC 4896 is the least expensive conventional router, and as you may figure by its value, this router caters predominantly to specialists. Yet, it’s not to be discouraged: The ZenbotCNC 4896 is an exceptionally able machine.

Among the materials, it can cut are wood, non-ferrous metals, and PCBs. One thing to remember is that, as with the MakerMade M2, you’ll need to give the spindle yourself.

  • Cost: From $3,500
  • Qualities: Bolted-together assembly, hardened steel linear rails, home switches on all axes
  • Accessibility at a reasonable price.
  • It comes with all of the required hardware and provides excellent relief for your aching muscles.
  • Customers commonly talk about how greater durability and performance excellence have improved their lives.

  • It is not a CNC that is appropriate for beginners. Because this is not a straightforward process, you must have prior experience.

StyleCNC 1325

StyleCNC 1325
StyleCNC 1325
Where you can find StyleCNC 1325

The StyleCNC 1325 is a reasonable 4-axis CNC router. There are various choices accessible, including a vacuum work-holding function or rotating table.

The standard package incorporates HIWIN guide rails and ball screws, and also a water-cooled spindle.

StyleCNC also offers free support and servicing, so this could be a decent decision for those hoping to get a great deal of utilization out of their new router.

  • Cost: From $5,400
  • Qualities: Automatic oil lubricator, HIWIN guide rails, and ball screws, ER20 collets
  • 4-axis capable
  • Heavyweight
  • Maximum capability and quality
  • The training and after-sale service are both outstanding.

  • Heavy
  • expensive

AvidCNC Pro4896

AvidCNC Pro4896
AvidCNC Pro4896
Where you can find AvidCNC Pro4896

The AvidCNC Pro4896 is a CNC router kit with a generally low starting value, which makes it easily available to specialists and experts the same. The basic kit includes a ball screw Z-axis, rack, and pinion drivers, as well as linear guide rails and bearings.

The Pro4896 enjoys the extraordinary benefit that it’s made to be extended at a later point. This should easily be possible through adding more structure if need be (and space allow)!

  • Cost: From $5,600
  • Qualities: Expandability, 250-ipm cutting speed, ball screw Z-axis
  • Durable
  • Strong in the presence of hard materials
  • Very precise
  • Simple to assemble

  • heavy

Stinger Series III

Stinger Series III
Stinger Series III
Where you can find Stinger Series III

Now we’re at the part of the list that mainly aims at professional makers: The Stinger III is without a doubt 1 an industrial-grade router.

Its frame is made out of welded steel, and it shows off high precision bearings and hardened steel rails. The open-table design gives provides you uninhibited access from all sides of the router.

One more feature the Stinger III has gone for is the fact that every version integrates a control PC with a 19” LED monitor and WinCNC preinstalled.

  • Cost: From $18,000
  • Qualities: Welded frame, WinCNC controller, 3.5-hp variable-speed Milwaukee router
  • Cutting on a large scale for signage and furniture is possible.
  • The machine’s kit includes parts for mounting the router, as well as mechanics and electronics.

  • heavy

Grizzly G0895

Grizzly G0895
Grizzly G0895
Where you can find Grizzly G0895

The Grizzly G0895 is another mechanical grade router. In contrast to practically the entirety of our different choices, it includes a strong metal vacuum bed as a norm. Another incredible thing is the 6-hp, 18,000-rpm axle joined with a transit speed of 1,600 ipm. This implies the Grizzly G0895 can cut a wide scope of materials with incredible accuracy.

  • Cost: $19,000
  • Qualities: HIWIN linear rails, 10-hp vacuum table, 6-hp spindle
  • It’s simple to understand and put into practice.
  • This is a top-of-the-line machine.
  • Customer service is outstanding.

  • The machine is challenging to operate for beginners.

Laguna Swift

Laguna Swift
Laguna Swift
Where you can find Laguna Swift

The Laguna Swift 4×8 is a top-of-the-line CNC router, best for production purposes. It can handle materials going from wood to aluminum and composites. This is a flexible router that additionally has the alternative for a vacuum table for work holding and a fourth-axis turner.

  • Cost: From $20,000
  • Qualities: 3-hp liquid-cooled spindle, T-slot table, optional vacuum table
  • Construction is robust.
  • The operation is liquid-cooled.
  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems

  • Requires setup.

Shopbot PRSAlpha

Shopbot PRSAlpha
Shopbot PRSAlpha
Where you can find Shopbot PRSAlpha

The Shopbot PRSAlpha is an industrial CNC Router, and the most costly on this list. It offers transit speeds of 1,800 ipm and cutting speeds of 600 ipm.

Unlike some of the other options, this router does not have a welded steel outline, yet rather one that is bolted together, which implies there’s more scope for adjusting and redesigning.

  • Cost: From $20,000
  • Qualities: Cutting speed of 600 ipm, linear bearings on the gantry, upgradeable 2.2 hp spindle
  • Good cutting speed
  • Can be redesigned

  • Some people may find it challenging to work
  • expensive

Bonus: Shaper Origin

Shaper Origin
Shaper Origin
Where you can find Shaper Origin

The Shaper Origin is a handheld CNC router that permits you to do projects for all intents and purposes on any scale.

The manner in which it works is a little tricky, however, the general idea is that the onboard camera examines the workspace (as characterized by some special tape). After this, you just move the Shaper Origin over the area and it automatically makes changes as you go.

To make it somewhat close to most of these routers, you can also buy the corresponding workstation. It probably won’t be an ordinary CNC router, however, an affordable choice can absolutely cut a 4×8 board, and it so it acquires its space on this list!

  • Cost: $2,500
  • Qualities: Wi-Fi for file transfers and updates, automatic cut correction, works on almost every surface
  • Low-cost
  • Because this router is small, it’s easy to move around and finish little projects.

  • Working on a smaller surface may be difficult for some people.

Maslow CNC – Cheapest 4×8 CNC Router

Maslow CNC
Maslow CNC
Where you can find Maslow CNC

In case you’re searching for a top-notch 4×8 CNC router machine on a careful budget, you can’t be wrong with Maslow’s. This machine is a whole lot less expensive than most 4×8 routers.

The explanation for this machine’s low cost is that it’s created by Maslow, a community-driven, open-source project. Maslow aims to “make large format CNC technology available to everyone”.

While it may well be reasonable, the Maslow 4×8 CNC router is an excellent machine that is not difficult to operate, even for amateurs.

The Maslow site shows an assortment of ventures that have been made utilizing the machine, going from chairs and tables to intricate objects, sheds, and surprisingly a boat! The machine is reasonable for use with wood and a scope of other flat materials, like compressed wood, hard plastics, and MDF cover.

  • Cost: $549
  • Build volume: 4×8 foot
  • Cutting on a large scale for signage and furniture is possible.
  • The machine’s kit includes parts for mounting the router, as well as mechanics and electronics.

  • Heavy

BobsCNC Evolution 4 – Cheap & Great for Complex Projects

BobsCNC Evolution 4
BobsCNC Evolution 4
Where you can find BobsCNC Evolution 4

The BobsCNC Evo 4 isn’t actually a 4×8 router, however, you can without much of a stretch produce similar outcomes and we’ve included it as a desktop option in contrast to bigger machines that offer superior standards at a low cost.

To deliver 4×8 foot CNC-machined parts, you simply need to cut the primary 24″ and afterward move the workpiece and cut the next 24″.

The BobsCNC Evolution 4 — a redesign on the organization’s more seasoned E4 CNC router — has a rigid plywood edge, and offers 0.002″- 0.004″ repeatability. The Evo 4 has a 610x610x85 mm cutting area, utilizes a Nema 17 stepper motor, an SG20U rail system, and utilizations the GRBL1.1 firmware on the Arduino Uno.

This router has some truly helpful qualities, for example, adjustable eccentric spacers to keep the bearings tough against the rails. One more advantage of this 4×8 foot router is that it has a TR8 Acme Rod mounted with an ACME Nut on the Z-axis to accelerate Z-travel jobs.

You don’t have to grease up the Z-drive either, because of the presence of a Derlin Acme nut. Router mounts and an incorporated belt-tensioner make for low wobble and smooth spatial maneuvering.

The Evo 4 is a DIY CNC router kit, yet it’s not difficult to set up and is a decent choice for beginners. One more helpful feature of buying a BobsCNC machine that you can take advantage of is the “how-to” videos and product includes on the company’s YouTube channel.

  • Cost: $1,230
  • Build volume: 24″ x 24″
  • User-friendly.
  • It includes a laser-cut frame.
  • The cutting surface is quite large.

  • The control system software has caused problems for some users.

Multicam 7000 Series

Multicam 7000 Series
Multicam 7000 Series
Where you can find Multicam 7000 Series

This industrial-level router is sturdily made to withstand long hours of continuous use. The 7000 series router is available in various diverse size choices going from 60″ by 60″ up to 120″ by 600″!

The CNC’s weighty, all-steel frames and upgrades make this machine a remarkable workhorse for production


  • Footprint: 113″ x 162″
  • Weight: 6,000 – 30,000 pounds
  • Spindle: Air Cooled 13hp Spindle
  • Power Requirements: Varies
  • Cutting Speed: 2,200 IPM
  • Controller: Built-in controller
  • Vacuum Table: Built-in
  • Cost: $24,943
  • This is a really powerful device.
  • It’s suitable for both mild and heavy-duty work.
  • It’s long-lasting and has a broad work surface.
  • The stepper motor is really quiet.

  • Expensive

Buying guide

Our CNC router buying guide offers a checklist of things to consider when purchasing a new router.

Vaccuum Function

Vacuum systems work in a similar way in general. Two factors to consider are the amount of vacuum pressure available and how well the table will hold down your material. The more hold-down force you have, the heavier cut you can make, depending on your material and router application.


Spindles are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Depending on your application and cycle duration, you may want to make deeper incisions.

In the same way, as regular hand-held routers work. You’ll need to figure out what size bits, tools, and chucking system you’ll need. Lubricated bearings are used in the majority of CNC router spindles.


Under normal circumstances, a CNC router is a powerful workhorse. Despite the fact that wear and tear is an inherent side consequence of operating a machine, its durability is frequently a topic of anxiety. It is, first and foremost, a sign of exceptional quality.

Working with blunt machine tools or a collet chuck that allows the workpiece to slip is not a good idea. The maintenance operations that must be undertaken in order for the machine to work at its best also contribute to its durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which CNC machine is most suited to my requirements?

What determines which machine to purchase is what you intend to perform with it. You can choose the right machine based on the size, shape, and number of objects you plan to manufacture.

Keep in mind that the work area on a CNC router is determined by the size of the table, minus any clamping, dust collecting, or other space requirements.

What Is a CNC Router’s Life Expectancy?

A CNC router’s longevity is affected by factors such as routine maintenance and use, as well as the machine’s construction grade.

It’s crucial to take care of the machine; if used correctly, a CNC router can last for at least 10-15 years for smaller models and up to decades for industrial-grade routers.

Is it necessary for a person to know a programming language in order to utilize a CNC router?

Although you will use software to create your design, you will not need to know any programming languages to operate a CNC router.

The design application will automatically generate the code required to operate the machine, allowing you to completely customize your design and make any necessary adjustments along the way. The user-friendly machine control software requires no prior knowledge or skill to navigate.

If you wish to learn the necessary steps needed to build a CNC router from scratch, check out How to Build a CNC Router Step by Step From Scratch.


CNC routers keep developing in the woodworking spectrum. As that popularity develops, the quantity of companies creating remarkable routers develops too. 2023
is ready to be one more excellent year in the 4×8 CNC router industry.

Costs should keep on dropping as the innovation behind these wood CNC routers turns out to be more accessible. What woodworkers once needed to pay for a small-sized router will presently get them a full-sized, 4×8 CNC router.

The ventures that abruptly become conceivable with a router of this size are noteworthy. Regardless of whether you are a specialist woodworker or run an expert woodworking shop, there are numerous potential outcomes with these CNC routers.

A full-sized CNC router is a major venture yet it can enhance your woodworking hobby or business. There are tons of models accessible both new and on the pre-owned market so make sure you explore and track down the model that best complements your needs.

Essential points to consider include the machine’s functioning, controller, spindle, compatible software, security measures, and toughness. Obviously, you’ll also need to address the importance of the cost referring to your budget.

Industrial-standard machines can cost upwards of $40,000, so you need to look cautiously to track down a decent cost. Fortunately, there are currently different reasonable 4×8 CNC routers reasonable for home use.

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