Selfcad (CAD): All You Need Know to Get Started

New 3D printers and CAD programs are daily introduced in the market of additive manufacturing as it is still a growing industry.

If you cycle a few years back, not more than a few people were aware of this industry and currently even hobbyists alongside the industrialist know about this technology.

This generates an overall effect on the industry, in the sense that the printer prices go down, more and more technology is made available to middle and small business owners concerning this field.

Amongst the very many new CAD programs that are getting and will be designed in this field, is SelfCad which we are going to be talking about in this article.

SelfCad is an essential online 3D modeling and slicing software which has an intuitive and simple interface. Designed by Aaron Breuer, this CAD software was launched in the year 2016.

And since its release, it has gone through a series of different changes that have made it better and better.

For a fact. SelfCad is the only 3D modeling software that has combined technical 3D printing with artistic features, all under one platform or program.

Users of this service can be able to model, sculpt, animate and of course, even slice parts and objects, not requiring another software or extension.

It is a service that is meant to cater to a beginner, an intermediate, and even a professional in the world of 3D modeling.

There is a whole lot to cover while we talk about SelfCad. But in this article, we will bring to use some of the basics that you should not miss upon.

Included with that will some of the things that you must know before buying 3D modeling software.

On the whole, when you will read this article you will get an idea of what does a sufficient 3D modeling software should have and when exactly is it termed a good 3D modeling software? So let’s get started

Important Features that SelfCad Has


SelfCad is CAD software that has an easy, eccentric but user-friendly interface that makes it comfortable for anyone to master this software and its features easily.

The average number of tools that this software possesses are very many so here you would get tools that are useful more often and are reusable.

Drawing and Sketching Tools

SelfCad offers not only 2D drawing but also sketching tools that you can use while starting your design from scratch.

Keeping in mind that not everyone who wants to make a model has some of the other work is already done, or is just coming to edit an already model.

Some designers want to work on an idea from scratch. These tools are very useful to those designers. What makes SelfCad eccentric from the other available CAD software is that you can have real-time Boolean if you are making your model using SelfCad.

Having real-time Boolean is very helpful because then you can get a complete idea of how your drawing or sketch is going to look like in whatever dimension you want to know.

Not every software that offers computer-aided design facility, offers this feature. So, the fact that SelfCad offers it, itself makes SelfCad a little more eccentric from the software available in the market.


3D Animation is some area where SelfCad steals the show. Often before implementing your idea for real, you want to know how they would look in animation.

And looking at animation can give you a full idea of how they are going to work in real. So, you can know using SelfCad, by animating your complete project, how it is going to look and work when implemented.

With SelfCad’s animation features it will be easier for you to animate ideas and see how they work for real.

This animation can be done using various tools that have their function and going into a little depth would tell you how they work when you want to imagine something animatedly.

And the fact that this feature of SelfCad is not very technical for anyone to understand. SelfCad’s team has paid special attention to the user-friendliness of the software so nothing on SelfCad is such that you would find it difficult to adapt.

You do not need to be a mathematician or an engineer to work on this software.

Sculpting Tools

While making the design of any pat or functional prototype if you have a sculpt of it ready, it does not take much time for you to then manufacture it.

That part or functional prototype can also be better understood and the loopholes that are present in the idea can be visible when you sculpt it. SelfCad offers this service wherein you can bring your ideas into reality using this feature.

The creative team of SelfCad is very creative and forward-thinking, so complete SelfCad is designed in such a way that numerous projects have been kept in mind and the tools need to complete those projects have been given special importance and then the language has been kept in mind seeing the layman.

Simplification of the complete user interface and overall 3D design and hence the printing process is somewhere, where SelfCad steals the show than other applications.

The Stitch And Scoop Tool

As the name suggests, it is an important tool for designing wherein you can stitch and scoop your objects. See the design of your part or functional prototype from inside and then edit it, if you wish to do so.

This tool has four options which are: Difference, union, extrusion, and intersection. Every object is made up of joints wherein two materials coincide, combine, and are separate from each other.

Using this tool you can see various aspects of your part or functional prototype’s design.

You can know what is the difference between the design of those two parts, how are they different from each other. It also enables you to find a union between them, extrusion, and intersecting parts.

For those who do not know about the complete idea of 3D designing, it might be really easy to term these things as silly. But, professional designers would understand the importance of this tool.

Not only can you view these different points, but also these options allow you to modify your model based on your requirements. You can create holes, gaps or eve join models in a much easier, very simpler term.

These tool lets you work as a cloth designer, stitch parts where necessary, differentiate between them where the stitching is not needed, unite them, extrude them, etc, etc.


SelfCad comes with an in-built Cura slicer that will allow every designer to get a G-code which can be sent to any 3D printer.

This would mean that all the orders that your 3D printer needs for making the part or functional prototype can be generated using SelfCad.

Isn’t it great that what others are buying or maybe using on rent, you get to use for free?

If you check out the services offered by modeling software companies, you would not get this on the list.

Because SelfCad offers this service, it is truly a software that has everything under one platform.

Another tool that SelfCad has over here is the Magic Fix Tool that allows one for fixing the models before actual designing or printing takes place, which allows you to eliminate all the possible chances of getting a flawed end product.

Other Important Tools

Another multi-purpose tool of SelfCad is to follow the path tool. What this tool does it, it lets you create a model by extruding along with profiles or even when you are designing from the sketch.

That means designers can use this when they are drawing or sketching. This can be used in combination with other tools especially while creating a part or functional prototype.

SelfCad offers you the ability to work on specific detailing. You can select the part that you wish to focus on, maybe for seeing whether that parts have or not any flaws, or maybe if you wish to change that part from the previously determined one.

The fact that SelfCad allows you to zoom into this part and work on it like a separate one increases the chances of making the whole part even more efficient than what it was meant to be.

Because no matter what you do, the whole is always greater than the sum of all the parts.

If you have any image that you think is necessary for you to imagine in 3D before designing your part, SelfCad would let you do so.

It will convert for you, this image into three-dimension and bring your perspective about the complete object to a whole different level.

This is extremely helpful because then you have to spend a little more time and effort in imagining.

SelfCad also lets you play with your drawing or sketch. All you have to do is take a picture of what you have drawn for the 3D model of your object on paper and then upload it to SelfCad.

SelfCad would help you convert it into a 3D shape at a simple click of a button. So, this is another way in which the software would help you scale your imaginations.

What are SelfCad Benefits?

Benefits Of SelfCadCredit: novedge.com

Although if you have gone through the complete article till now you might be able to know how SelfCad is a platform wherein multiple features are found at a single place. Which is very easy to follow for beginners and is also very accessible.

Creative Potential Comes to a Completely Different Level

SelfCad is one of that rare CAD software that doesn’t particularly ask its users to gain CAD skills before using it.

Anyone can start using it after purchasing it, even the beginners, and they are bound to increase their creative ability to think and imagine parts and functional prototypes. All the users can master their 3D designing skills by using SelfCad.

Many Features in a Single System

By offering multiple features under a single platform, what SelfCad does is, it simplifies the complete world of 3D modeling and printing which is scattered, and because it is so, people have misconceptions about it.

So, in a way, SelfCad also helps to create a true and unique impression of 3D printing in the minds of people. SelfCad helps to take your drawing and sketching ability to the next level.

You can convert your drawing into 3D images, convert 2D images into 3D to letting your imagination flow with a simple click.

And this complete interface is easy to work with because it is user-friendly and designed in a simple language, avoiding using very technical words.

Overall, using SelfCad saves time, help create accurate designs of 3D parts or functional prototypes and hence products, and move images easily.

Design Centric Software

SelfCad is one of that rare software that can work with all the designs, including 3D, innovative concepts, peculiar and unique shapes. All of these at a simple mouse click can be achieved using SelfCad.

There is an innovative drawing feature that lets you upload your drawing and convert it into 3D. You can easily perceive, interpret, modify, and edit your work using SelfCad.

The overall accuracy of your design and hence the part or functional prototype that you are willing to print increases hugely while using SelfCad.

The Conclusion

SelfCad has been given a platform that is known for generating a great user experience because of its user-friendliness compared to other 3D modeling software.

Apart from that, it also has been awarded the Rising Star of 2018. All web-based devices are supported by SelfCad, every business type i.e. small, medium, and large can use and benefit from the software.

You can download it or even use it online depending on your comfortability and choice. The customer support team of this software is available both, via phone or online.

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Editorial Team

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