Simplify3d Free Download: How To Test It Before Buying?

Wish to try Simplify3D before paying for the software? There are many individuals who keep asking questions about the availability of the simplify3d free version. And, why not?

The application is one of the simplest to learn and can tune-up with an array of 3D printers to offer smart solutions. Hence, there are enough reasons to start searching for a test drive before actually buying the app.

The good news is that Simplify3D is a very intuitive software and it does let users taste its magic before spending on its purchase. However, it is a bit tricky and not everyone considers it a free version.

Some believe that the app does not offer trials and others have a different perception altogether. So, we would let you decide if the offer seems like a free version or not.

How to Test Simplify3D Free Version?


To try the application for free, one must be ready to pay for the full version. Yes, this is the only way to become eligible for their two weeks trial, later which you can request a full refund.

Starting with a payment of $149 may turn off a lot of users. But here is the catch. The company allows you to create 3D models and play around with the full settings of the software because you have already paid for it. However, the team also offers you a chance to get your money back.

After two weeks of usage, if the application isn’t able to woo you, you can ask for a complete refund. And, the company pays back your $149 without any issues. So yes, you pay for the trial but you can get your money back after 14 days.

The setup is also easy. Once you make the purchase on the website, you will receive an email instructing you with the further steps. Reading the instruction, it is just a matter of time and you can start building your first 3D model.

You can check how the downloading and installation can be done. Alongside, the guide also helps you connect the Simplify3D software to your 3D printer.

In case, you do not feel the software to your liking, just make sure to cancel the purchase within those first two weeks of trial.

If you fail to do that, you won’t get your refund. That is why a lot of individuals consider the Simplify3D free version does not exist.

But if you can spare aside $149 for two weeks, you surely can test the app before actually paying for it. At the end of the day, you do get your money back.

Why Simplify3D?

Before you pay $149, you must like to find out the various features that make Simplify3D the favorite apps for many designers. So, here is what you must expect the software to do for you:

Supports Hundreds of Different 3D Printer Brands

simplify support

Unlike many other applications available that work with a handful of 3D Printers, Simplify3D can tune-up with hundreds of machines. And, the number keeps surging as we speak. It is compatible with most 3D Printers and users can easily switch between multiple machines.

The software is designed to suit the settings of different hardware and configure itself accordingly. Letting users control an array of printers using just one application.

Accurate and Realistic Simulation

simplify accurate

Did you know that with the Simplify3D free version you can even test the pre-printing simulation? Yes, because you pay for the software before trial, you get complete control of it.

Using the feature, it is easy to check in advance how the printer will create different layers to complete the model.

From speed to sequences, you get to verify every detail before the printing starts. Hence, allowing you to make changes to the settings, if needed.

Automatic Support Suggestion with Customization

simplify automatic

This one is clearly the favorite feature of most of the users working with Simplify3D. The software suggests the support needed to complete the printing of the models. However, the best part is the ability to customize the suggested support.

Yes, you can actually make changes to the suggestions, in case you have something better in mind. Moreover, with easy-to-break support, the removal is simpler and helps retain the surface finish to as smooth as it could be. Therefore, offering great print quality for the 3D models.

Print Settings Could Vary for the Same Model

simplify print setting

Again, one of the most advanced features not available with a lot of other applications. You can actually have different slicing settings for varying regions of the 3D model.

Hence, letting users gain the most suitable settings of the 3D designs. With just a few clicks, and you can make amazing setting changes to the models.

Mesh Analysis

Working with difficult and inappropriate STL files is a huge disappointment and very irritating. And, if you have ever come across such a file, you would know the problems it entails.

However, with the Simplify3D free version, you can just allow the software to check for the mesh issues and repair them automatically.

You must believe the settings of the software as it’s very accurate with the changes. So, you get to enjoy the printing process, without worrying about the difficulty settings. Use the software and you can get through any trouble.

The Conclusion

3D printing is a very fun task. However, it can get really daunting if you do not have the right tools handy. And, this includes hardware as well as software tools.

Therefore, it is very important to test your 3D printing software before you pay for the same.

Even if the app is popular and recommended by a lot of users, there could always be a possibility that the software may not fulfill your specific needs.

Hence, if you wish to buy Simplify3D, one of the best apps known, why not test the Simplify3D free version, if you can.

Just pay for the app and try it for 14 days. If you do not like it, just connect with the team for a full refund within two weeks’ time.

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Editorial Team

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