Best Easiest 3D Printers for First Timers and Beginners

Those who are starting their 3D printing journey may want to look for the easiest 3d printer. And, why not, after all, 3D printers are available in various avatars.


There won’t be an any better time to delve into the technology with so many options to choose from. Manufacturers have made it possible for every user to find their own kind of machine that suits their needs.

The 3D printer developed for beginners is simple to use and provides an easy learning graph. These devices try to incorporate most of the best features and many automated functionalities to keep the operation simple. Hence, letting even the novices take the complete advantage of the 3D printers.

Many enthusiasts who aren’t very equipped with the technology seek hobby 3D printer than is easy to use. And, many professionals as well like to work on the 3D printers that offer reliability coupled with fast setup.


Hence, there is always competition between manufacturers to come up with the easiest solution. This has made it possible for users to buy easy to use 3D printers at a lower price.

What Qualities The Easiest 3D Printers Should Possess?

Before we proceed to list the easy to use 3D Printers, let us understand what features make 3D printers simple. This would help you to look for the right 3D printer when making the selection. It is very important for beginners to understand those differences that make 3D printing easy for first-timers.

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Plug and Play

Almost every popular 3D printer that is designed for beginners is a plug and play machine. What does that mean? This means that one does not have to bother about how the machine is assembled.

By popping a few parts inside and loading the filament, plug and play 3D printers start working. There are times when beginners opt for machines that come in kit form.


In such cases, users may find it highly difficult to assemble the parts together. Some get through it and some give up. Hence, you must decide which family you belong to. However, to be on a safer side, you must get the one that comes completely assembled.

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Automatic Calibration

The biggest hurdle when 3D printing is calibrating the printer for optimum results. Sometimes, it takes months for users to understand the correct way of calibrating the machine.

However, there are those users who prefer to do everything themselves to learn about technology in a better way. So, one can opt for a printer that offers automatic as well as manual tinkering of the settings.

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Enclosed Chamber

Although this is not a much-needed feature for beginners, it keeps those users safe who are not aware of the accidents that may happen because of the heated component of the 3D printer. However, if you are cautious, you can neglect this feature if you are getting an amazing deal without it.


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You must choose the 3D printer that is reliable. How to judge the reliability of the machine without using it? In such a case, you can access help from online users and communities and seek the most reliable option.

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Once again, this would depend on the budget and purpose of use. If you are not planning to start some serious obsession with a 3D printer, you can get the budget printer.

If you won’t be working too often with your device, it won’t be any value for money when buying a super expensive machine. So, decide wisely.

Based on your requirement, you can add or subtract the features and choose the one most suitable for your application.

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List of Easiest 3D Printer

As mentioned above, the 3D printers for beginners must be easy to use and very reliable. If you are investing some considerate amount of money, you must not be willing to test and try another one.

Hence, to make the choice correct in the first attempt itself, you can choose between these listed 3D printers, designed for beginners.

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FlashForge Finder

FlashForge finder printer 1

FlashForge Finder is created for beginners and for those looking for an easy machine to work with. The 3D printer features some of the most amazing qualities that make it one of the best printers for beginners.

Designed for home use, the 3D printer makes it easy for the users to set up the printer as fast as possible. Although it does not have an automated calibration feature, it does make use of assisted leveling.

One only has to tighten or loosen the screw until the beep is heard. It is as easy as it sounds. Also, the printer itself detects the distance between the nozzle and the build plate to verify if the setting is optimum. Hence, doing most of the hard work itself.

For further making it user-friendly, the machine includes real-time monitoring of printing progress.  One can connect using Wi-Fi, USB and flash drive connectivity.

The other features include full-color touchscreen which has intuitive icons which makes it simple for users to work with the settings. It manages to be one of the easiest and powerful 3D printers for beginners.

It does provide impressive print quality and embodies a sturdy structure for stable prints. It does not have a heated build plate, however, that makes it safe.

There are some major downfalls though. The 3D Printer is easy and may not be able to keep beginners interested as their experience outgrows the capabilities of the machine. But definitely a great companion for home users. You can get this printer for around $400.

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QIDI TECH X Pro Desktop 3D Printer


QIDI Tech X Pro, an FDM 3D printer comes with a dual extruder and is very impressive. One can fall in love with the looks of the printer itself.

Being designed with a complete metal frame using the spray paint technology, the 3D printer is very sturdy. Hence, is capable of providing highly precise print quality.

Also, the fully enclosed chamber helps in maintaining a consistent temperature, helping users in realizing consistent results. One can print with different materials. However, one may have to keep the door open when printing with PLA for the best results.

The manufacturer has given special attention to customer service. The company is known for its best support and user’s queries are heard within 24 hours of time.

Hence, making it a very competitive choice among entry-level 3D printers. It is easy to use and highly stable. Moreover, the machine is cost-effective and does not make noise when working. It also features turbofan with a cooling function.

However, bed adhesion isn’t very great. One may have to apply glue or different alternatives to enhance the first layer adhesion. Apart from that, the 3D Printer is definitely a great choice for beginners. The 3D printer is available for around $549.

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Monoprice Select Mini

Monoprice Select Mini V2

Those who aren’t patient enough to set up the 3D printer before starting the first print, this is what you must choose to buy.

Monoprice Select Mini is one of the finest choices for beginners, ticking almost every right box. This is a plug and plays a machine that comes completely assembled and also is calibrated at the factory itself.

Along with the printer, the package contains a sample of PLA filament as well as few preinstalled models in a MicroSD card. What else do you need to start printing? This makes it very easy for users to start printing right out of the box.

The best part is that the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer is compatible with a wider range of filament types. Starting from ABS and PLA, one can print using specialized and advanced materials such as metal composites, wood, and dissolvable PVA.

This is a compact 3D printer with an open frame design. Being created for beginners, the company has tried to make it as simple as possible.

However, there are few users who have experienced trouble with the manual calibration of the machine. Apart from that, the printer is capable of great applications.

The machine also has a heated bed that provides nice adhesion of first later. The printer is available for $220. Isn’t that a fraction of your savings that you need to spend when buying this 3D printer?

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XYZprinting da Vinci Nano

Da Vinci Nano by XYZprinting

XYZprinting is known for its amazing 3D printers. The company has been able to produce some of the finest desktop 3D printers for the different user bases.

The XYZprinting da Vinci Nano built for beginners is no different. The small machine is cheap and affordable. It is available for around $180 and can print noiselessly. Hence, making itself a great companion for home users.

The printer features advanced design and has an enclosed chamber for keeping it safer around children and kids.

However, the operation does not stop when the door is opened. It does provide a close look at the print progress, however, a little unsafe for new users. Something that can be handled with caution.

The company also has put restrictions on using third party filament. However, the company does offer a lot of options when it comes to buying the material. You also receive sufficient filament with your order to help you start your first few prints.

The machine is perfect for home use and it boasts great print quality. The glass bed is nice and it can be removed after the prints have been completed. Giving users ease of working with the end model, hence, enhancing the simplicity even further.

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Tiertime Up Mini 2

Up Mini 2 by Tiertime

A 3D printer available for around $569 is worth every penny. If you are looking forward to putting your money in the machine that is highly reliable and offers a bit more than the usual beginner’s printer, you can go for this one, Tiertime Up Mini 2.

You may feel the price a bit expensive for the first time users, however, weighing the features it boasts, the cost is nothing.

You would be delighted to use the printer for realizing some of the most amazing designs. Tiertime Up Mini 2 without a doubt, is packed with enough high-tech features inside a sleek and polished frame.

The looks are worth nothing. The printer looks professional and highly futuristic. It has been recognized by many as the best choice among beginner’s 3D printer. And, it sure is with also being the easiest 3d printer. You can find it very simple to operate.

The Tiertime Up Mini 2 comes framed in an all-metal body embodying the touchscreen controls, alongside it’s in-built in HEPA filter.

This helps in combating the dangerous fumes that are generated when working with materials like ABS. The printer comes fully assembled, and is very easy to setup. It is a plug-and-play machine and users can start printing right after few minutes of unboxing the printer.

An amazing choice for those looking to invest in a reliable and future machine that keeps one engaged for longer. The 3D printer provides high-quality prints and is noiseless. Hence, a perfect option for working inside the closed room.

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The Conclusion

3D printers have been around for quite a few years now. However, the craze for owning a desktop 3D Printer isn’t too old.

With an increase in the number of options, the users are also feeling a need to introduce themselves to one of the most revolutionary technologies available to mankind.

Thinking of printing an entire 3D model in just one go is itself enthralling. Watching that happen does provide us more reasons to start 3D printing at home.

Either one is equipped with the latest technological know-how or not, owning a 3D Printer is almost everyone’s dream. Hence, the manufacturers are coming up with the easiest 3D printers to help everyone taste 3D printing closely.

These 3D Printers are affordable and at the same time, including advanced features. These are meant for beginners. Hence, offer the necessary features to make these the simplest ones. If you are looking to buy a 3D printer, this list would surely help you get to the decision fast.


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