9 3D Printing Business Ideas to Get Inspired From

The 3D printing industry has become mainstream and there is no denying from the fact that a number of business opportunities are surging exponentially.

With so many 3D printing business ideas, one can definitely establish a successful company with the help of the technology. There are many who are already involved in such businesses.

Hence, you too can make money with 3d printer. However, it is important to note that like every other niche, the first year of the business is more about exploring the goals of the company. There are many, who take months to realize what they actually want to do with 3D printing.

Starting a 3d printing business isn’t easy. However, with the right strategies up your sleeve, you can make it simpler. And, the first step must be figuring out what you actually want to create with the 3D printers. Or, what kind of business setup pertaining to 3D printing technology would help make a profit?

In a nutshell, the idea is to find out what you would be printing with your machine. This will also help to select the right 3D printer for your task. Hence, find the direction in which you wish to proceed before making any decision related to your business.

Best 3D Printing Business Ideas to Choose From

Now that you have decided to look for 3D printing business opportunities, it is time you start finding the one that suits your requirements and expertise.

Create Home Furnishing Items

3D printed vase

People are more inclined towards customized items than falling for standard designs. Customers look for style and something that can replicate their sense of taste.

Those wanting to decorate their homes, usually go for items that define their space in the best possible way. And, most of the times, the decorative and furnishing items aren’t able to suffice customer’s liking.

However, with a 3D printer, one can create impossible designs and can even create customized designs when requested with few easy edits to the existing 3D design file.

The process is so simple that it can benefit sellers hugely. But that does not anyone can do it. Those with a touch of creativity can excel with these business ideas fast.

Once you have come up with customized designs of the items to sell, you can use already popular e-commerce websites to sell those products. Platforms like Etsy and many similar ones can help you progress right away. Individuals can even start alone and then plan to expand their business.

3D Print Game Characters

3D printing portrait

Game characters are as popular as superhero movie characters. While it is easy to find movie characters, game characters aren’t. And, there could by hundred and thousands of choices of customers based on which game they like.

Hence, creating 3D models for game characters would be a profitable business. You can create miniatures or models on-demand as well. You can do creative things when printing these models. You can design these models in different avatars and help your customers find what they are looking for.

The idea is not very enthralling and can help your business take a steep upward graph in no time. You can sell online or you can create your own website and showcase these models.

You can even reach out to the local stores and make a profit by sharing the percentage of the sale. The option is endless, you just have to think hard. If 3D modeling isn’t your cup of tea, you can count on professional designers like CG Pyro to do it for you.

Promotional Goods for Other Brands

3D printed phone gadgets

Almost every company utilize promotional goods for advertising and highlighting their brands. Some like their company’s name on the mugs and others just like to offer new employees, few personalized items during the induction process. The reason could be many.

The point is, there is a huge potential when thinking of a business setup based on this idea. You can help companies get customized items created in no time. Most of all, you can create any kind of design in the simplest ways.

You can even reach out to companies and help them find out what all you can do for them. And, impressing your customers won’t be that difficult either.

As you know that advertisers are always eager to find interactive and newer ways to reach their target audiences. 3D printing has given the freedom to the advertisers to choose anything out of the box, and it would be achievable.

The idea works miraculously for brands as well as their customers. If you can come up with a clever 3D printing idea, you can earn millions of dollars.

Design Prosthetics

3D printed prosthetics

If you have the expertise to create precise and accurate models, you can make huge profits by designing prosthetics as well as assistive devices. Prosthetics are expensive and a lot of people aren’t able to afford it.

With 3D printing, you can cut down the cost of these devices and help many live a better life. These prosthetics can also be created with customized designs. Also, the prosthetics created by 3D printers are lightweight and strong.

The opportunities are huge when choosing this option. Not only you can design prosthetics, but 3D printed wheelchairs, prosthetic covers and lot more.

Also, you can add your creativity and design superhero-inspired limbs or arms. The demand for 3D prosthetics is increasing and it is not going to end ever.

Given the benefits of the technology and the way it has helped make a huge difference in the medical applications, the demand is only going to rise with time.

Hence, you can make that count by grabbing the opportunity before the competition becomes intense.

Create Prototypes

3D printing prototypes

For choosing this option, you must be highly equipped with the design software and the 3D printer operation. A lot of businesses from different niches are shifting to 3D printing technology from traditional manufacturing methods.

Industries know how fast and accurate the parts are when printed with a 3D printer. Also, they are aware of the savings in terms of cost and time they would be making by choosing a 3D printer over traditional methods. Hence, you do not have to do much to convince your target clients.

However, you must know that prototyping is one of the most sensitive tasks known. It must be highly precise. For this, you may have to buy an expensive 3D printer. Also, you may need to invest extra in learning the technology thoroughly.

There are two ways you can provide the service. Either you can create what your client needs. Discuss with them and come up with a design.

Test and retest the design, if needed, before your client is satisfied with the final part. Or else, you can just accept orders for already designed parts and just print the same in exchange for a few bucks.

While the latter is an easy option, you may not be able to make much profit. But you can work regardless of emphasizing on the niche of application.

However, when you are involved in the design process, you must select the niche you are experienced working with. For example, if you are an automotive expert, you can choose to create prototypes for the automobile industry. And, you can make a huge profit through consultation and offering better design plans.

Design 3D Printed Food

3D printed food

It has been some time and the news isn’t surprising anymore. However, not many people have started using 3D printers for preparing food. The competition is low and you can take advantage of that.

It could be a pioneering option and you can set examples for many if you choose to start a food business based on 3D Printers.

There are many things you can create with 3D printers. Mostly 3D printed chocolates and candies are a few of the popular options. You can even start a 3D printed bakery and can earn handsome profits by making your user taste the technology in the most literal way.

Help Architecture Industry

3D printing architecture

3D printing has gotten everywhere and so inside the architecture industry. The technology is helping construction companies to prepare demo floor plans and showcase their exquisite projects live to the clients.

3D printing is letting users create architectural plans without errors. In one go, one can prepare the correct plan without any involved mistake. You can help construction companies and architectures by printing these demo plans for them.

Moreover, you can even try 3D printing building materials. But it is wise to take small steps at the start. Do not rush into investing huge amount and starting on a large scale right away.

Start slow and grow with experience. Prepare small models and gradually plan for bigger goals. A lot of things are possible with 3D printing. Make the most of it by forming a strategy for proceeding further.

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3D Printed Jewelry


Guess what! You can design jewelry and print it with a 3D printer. However, that would require extra expertise in jewelry designing. If you have that skill, you can make that count and earn money from your skill.

It is not important to start designing expensive jewelry. You can also choose to design the usual ones printed with PLA and ABS. These are less costly and would sell easily. Customized jewelry is never going to fade from the market.

Moreover, you can create unlimited designs and prepare these in no time. Using the 3D printer, the designs would be very precise and acceptable.  These accessories are very popular among women. And, there is no way the market would ever fade. So, why not make some bucks while you can?

Create designs and woo customers. You will find a lot of customers ready to pay extra for customized accessories.

3D Printed Fashion Accessories

3D printed fashion

Are you a fashion lover and want to start a business offering fashion accessories to your customers? If that is so, you can utilize a 3D printer to make that job fun and easy.

You can add variety to your work. It could be anything, either printed shoes, 3D printed glasses and even the 3D printed garments, anything is possible when you have a 3D printer with required features. You can create a complete fashion brand going forward.

However, if you wish to play safe, start with one product and expand as you progress. Using a 3D printer, you can design the complex of accessories. Use your fashion skills to make money and do not let it go for anything.

There are a few examples of people who have used 3D printers to design the wear collection and other fashion stuff. However, the competition is still low. And, you can delve into the market to gain the early entry perks.

The best part is that you do not have to work on standard-sized when designing shoes or garments. A lot of users cannot fit in the standard sizes and often have to struggle a lot before they finally give up finding that one dress that they like in their size.

However, you can help that segment of the market. You can design clothes as per the size requirements and make everyone happy. Isn’t that great? Only by changing a few dimensions in your 3D design file, you can come up with the dress of the desired size. As easy as it sounds.

The Conclusion

It is no brainer to understand how crucial the time is for those looking to start a 3D printing business. With every passing second, the competition is rising. Do not be scared. You still have time. You can take up a course and look for a suitable business choice. However, delaying any further isn’t advisable.

If you are serious about your business, choose from the best 3D Printing business ideas and plan your goals. The sooner you start, the easier would be the journey to success.

And, you will have better prospects and untravelled paths to cover. Make plans and progress accordingly. 3D printing can help you achieve huge profits, all it requires is your dedication and openness to learn and grow.

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