2024 Top Service Providers of 3D Printing in Seattle

3D Printing is arguably the most flexible manufacturing technology that is currently available to function. In the times of Covid-19, people who are concerned with the manufacturing side have been able to know the real importance of 3D printing.

The reason behind the flexibility that this manufacturing technology has is because you can get the service of it offered online and without any limitations. So, say you wish to print one object or more, you can get affordable pricing for it using a 3D printing service provider.

And the important which has been realized in the times of Covid-19 is that during lockdown most of the manufacturing sites could function up to its ability like otherwise, in such times, having a 3D printer at your place would be a bliss.

It’s also important to keep a check of 3D printing service providers near you, you never know when it comes out to be useful. So, in this article, we are going to talk about top service providers of 3D printing Seattle.

In the Digital Age, people do not judge you by your first impression, because that is something that catches by going on your company’s website.

So, what we’ve done for this article is, we have gone to four websites that are of service providers of 3D printing Seattle and see what is their first impression.

The type of services they provide, the pricing information they have mentioned on their website, etc, etc. So, get ready with swimsuits because you are going to dive into the water of words like never before.



The background of the text “3D Printing, Casting, Thermoforming + More and Get Started,” has a close-up picture of the HP 3D printer and its touch screen that first strikes your mind.

Above it is the seven tabs, including getting A Quote which is the last one. Keeping the Covid-19 conditions in mind, the website owners have kept the first tab titled,” Buy Covid-19 PPE.”

Clicking on it takes you three options where in the first one is Fluid Barrier Face Masks with Replaceable Filters, followed by Polycarbonate Face Shields, ending with a four-pack of replacement filters with medical-grade material.

All of these are extended links of what is already available on Amazon. The first one already reports “Page Not Found,” when clicked on. And when you click on the option of Large Orders you have to fill up a form.

3D Printing by this service provider of 3D printing Seattle

You get eight options listed up as soon as you drag the cursor of your mouse to the 3D Printing tab.

There is the option of Multi Jet Fusion, Direct Metal Printing, Rubber 3D Printing, All 3D Printing, 3D Printing Materials, The Complete Guide to 3D Printing, Design for additive manufacturing, and 3D Printing in the Medical Industry.

As the 3D printer which was shown in the background of the center text that is seen you as soon as you land on the homepage was HP, Multijet Fusion wouldn’t be hard to guess as the company specializes in producing parts and prototypes using that technology.

But DMLS i.e. Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Rubber Printing are two very rare 3D printing technologies that you would see any 3D printing service providers offering their customers.

So, having such a service provider of this 3D printing Seattle is very fortunate. Apart from these rare to find 3D printing technologies the company has smartly listed other 3D printing technologies under the title All 3D printing technologies.

So, if you are searching for FDM, SLS, or Polyjet or SLA, you may find it over there. And clicking onto any of these would open a webpage that would serve some information about them as well as the materials that these technologies can 3D print your object with.

Want to print with the most popular 3D Printed Plastics? Rapid Made offers you Nylon PA-12, ABS, PMMA. Want to print with specialized 3D printed plastics? Rapid Made offers you Ultem 9085 and Ultem 1010, ABS M30i, and PC-ISO, even TPU.

In addition, you have Electrostatic Dissipative ABS, ASA, and ABSi. Want to print with SLS materials? You have unfilled Nylon 2201, Glass-filled Nylon, Flame-retardant Nylon, Aluminum filled Nylon, and Carbon-filled Nylon.

In metals, you have different types of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Inconel, and lots more.

Whether it is because the company offers rare to find 3D printing technologies to 3D print with is why it offers 3D printing with such a large variety of materials that includes also the rarest materials or it is the other way, we don’t know. But one thing for sure is, such an offering is very rare to get.

ABC Imaging

ABC Imaging

Landing onto the homepage of ABC Imaging would make you think whether you have really landed onto a website that is a service provider of 3D printing in Seattle.

The reason why we are saying this is because, most service providers of 3D printing have “upload a file”, “get a quote,” kind of text at least one on the homepage.

But clearly, ABC Imaging is not just about 3D printing. And the other thing that this company is about would require a whole new article altogether.

Instead, let’s talk about the third tab amongst the eight that you find on the homepage of this website.

Inside the 3D printing tab of this service provider of 3D printing Seattle

When you take the pains of dragging your mouse on the 3D printing tab of this website, it strikes your mind that providing 3D printing services is not just about uploading a design file and getting a quote.

Instead what 3D printing service is also about and comes into the journey a little before then providing quotes of the design file is the designing itself.

So the options under the 3D printing tab of this website are Architectural models, custom prototypes, specialty services, topographical features, and 3D printing equipment.

As soon as you click onto the first option that’s available, thinking that this website is really different by not providing any “Get a Quote” option, you should be ready to see plenty of them.

Vans Shoes, Star Wars Command Center interactive, Citi lenticular Display, MAC Cosmetics Snowflake Display, Dubai Duty-Free Retail Displays, Vans Custom Fabrication Display, Addidas Hypefest, Fashion District Philadelphia, and Coach NYFW Pop-Up Store are some samples of the project that have been completed by this company.

Although we did click on the Architectural models, the webpage that opened up did not just stick to that, it also had information about Custom prototypes and Models, Specialty services, topographical features, and 3D printing equipment for all these you had the option of “Get A Quote.”

For 3D equipment

ABC Imaging offers both on-demand 3D printing services, as well as 3D equipment sales and leasing programs.

The company claims to have relationships with a variety of industry leaders in the 3D printing space for providing discounted prices and premier access to the latest technology.

This includes the brand new Form 3 3D printer from Formlabs and the full line of Ultimaker 3D devices.

The company uses SLA, Color jet printing, and Fused Deposition Melting and Digital Fabrication Services to serve you with the desired 3D printed part or a functional prototype.

Price information of printing them is available only after you request to get a quote that is only available once you upload your 3D file on the company’s website.

So, if you are looking for a service provider of 3D printing in Seattle which not only lets you get a quote for the 3D design file that you have but also in the creation of it, ABC Imaging can be considered.

Pro 3D Composites

Pro 3D Composites

“Transforming Ideas into 3Dimensional Objects” is the text written to the left of a cube-like looking dice structure as soon as you land on the homepage of the company’s website.

In the options of “How can we assist you today?” The company has listed 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and clichéd “Get a Quote,” in the drop-down menu that you just see underneath the texts.

Above the text you have six tabs including “Get A Quote,” and “Contact Us.” Scrolling down on the homepage you see three photographs, the first one titled Aerospace, the second one titled 3D printing, and the third one production.

Services Tab of the service provider of 3D printing Seattle

Again doing the painstaking duty of dragging the mouse to Services i.e. the third tab after About and Applications, explores you to 3D printing, additive manufacturing, thermoforming, tooling, and rapid prototyping.

Clicking onto 3D printing, you see a man on the right holding statue of India Gate probably in his hand, and somewhere right to his head you see Fortus 450 mc 3D production system.

The text underneath this picture makes you realize that the company uses its professional line of Stratasys 3D printers including the Fortus 450, and strong production-grade thermoplastics, for not only printing complex parts quickly and accurately, but also creating functional parts from the design phase through to production.

For the finishing part, you have options of Sanding, Bonding, Deburring, Polishing, ABS Surface Polishing as well as Priming. There are Short, Long, and Assembly production runs which the company offers.

Under each option, you have a similar type of descriptive information regarding technology or the methods used for doing so.

For materials, you have a long list starting from various types of ABS, followed by Nylon, polycarbonate, three types of Ultem, and two types of PC.

For getting a quote from the company you need to fill a form and submit the file, what you also have to do is select from the list of materials that the company offers.

Assurances about Quality

As per the claims made on the Quality web page under the About tab, 3D Composites’ employees are responsible for on-time delivery of a product that meets or exceeds customer requirements and satisfaction.

With that, something that they are also responsible for is the quality and conformity of the product during all phases and processes of manufacturing as well as on-time delivery of the product.

For confirming the success of the quality, the on-time and error-free data are tracked.

3D Composites ensures that all personnel working at the company are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

The Conclusion

Website description through texts is a unique way of creating the first impression in your mind. Now if you go onto any of the websites that are mentioned in this article, you already have a little brief about them.

Often what happens is, by searching for some keyword on Google, we land up on websites that do not provide us the information that we really wish to.

Say, for example, you are looking to see the pricing options that are provided by service providers of 3D printing in Seattle.

So, Google or no other webpage is going to tell you whether you will get that information by clicking on the first option that Google has served you with unless you read the reviews about websites in brief.

This is where the website reviews that we provide you help you. It becomes a guiding light for the road that you have ahead. And helps you filter out where to stop and where not to.

Now after reading this article you would be easily able to judge which website to choose and which do not. Which website provides you with the information that you need and which one does not?

You would be also able to judge on the basis of the information that’s provided in the article whether or not the website has provided you with the information that is close to the information you are seeking.

What this provokes is a chance that the same website would be able to provide you with the information that you are seeking if you contact them.

Hope you are able to make one or the other call about a service provider of 3D printing Seattle related to the websites mentioned in this article after reading it.

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Editorial Team

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