2021 Best Chocolate 3D Printer – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Can we ever get bored of eating chocolates? Either it’s the shakes or the sweet treats, we crave for chocolates all the time. Popular from centuries, we have been consuming chocolates in various different forms.


While the delicacy has already at its peak, there is no doubt of more room for advancements. And, the chocolate 3D printer has proved the same. The 3D printing technology has provided us with better prospects for flexibility in design with added fun quotient.

However, there is still a lot that we need to achieve through consistent upgrades and development around chocolate 3D printing.

Hence, let us discuss the various nuances of additive manufacturing technology in bringing the chocolate industry to an altogether newer height of success.


Alongside this, let’s try to find out the limitations that we could improve on for making 3D printing a stronger fit for chocolate fabrication.

How Does a Chocolate 3D Printer Works?

Definitely, you must be wanting to find out the working of chocolate 3D Printers. And, why not, after all, the most revolutionary technology when connected with the most famous treat does entice everyone to look deeper.

The good news is that these 3D Printers aren’t very different from the usual FDM printers. Most of these machines even work with similar CAD files.

However, instead of the regular filament, these 3D printers work on a syringe filled with chocolate. This keeps the chocolate melted at the desired temperature.


The syringe is loaded with chocolate and when the print starts, the 3D printer chocolate extruder moves around the X and Y axis to create the desired shape. After each layer turns out fine, the build plate lowers down. As it happens with the standard FDM 3D printers.

This process keeps going until the 3D chocolate takes the complete shape. During the entire operation, the chocolate 3D printer takes care of almost every part of the job.

The manufacturers ensure that the syringe is food safe and capable enough to maintain the freshness of the chocolates.

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3D Printing with Chocolates

If you have already worked with an FDM printer and plastic filaments, you must know how the entire system operates. However, that does not mean that printing with chocolate would be a lot easier for experienced individuals.


You must know that Chocolates melt easily as well as taken time for hardening at room temperature.

Thus, when trying to cool the melted chocolate, one has to go through many challenges. Along with temperature, gravity and many other factors also contribute to deformation, making the entire experience even more terrifying for many.

There is more to the mess you may expect. We do know that there are different types of chocolate available, milk chocolate, dark ones, and even the white chocolates. When looking at the properties of these chocolates, you will find huge differences in their viscosities.

Hence, you must choose the best quality chocolate, Belgian chocolate is recommended by most of the experts. It is easier to tame when compared with the other types. Because of its higher cocoa levels, it provides better results than other counterparts.

Some people also experiment with tempered chocolate for printing with their existing chocolate 3D printer. For instance, adding a significant percentage of pectin does make the task easier.

Almost for all the 3D printers, the chocolates are available with cartridges itself. This is because these treats cannot be molded as a spool of filaments.

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Pros and Cons of Chocolate 3D Printer

You must have got an idea that 3D printing with chocolate isn’t easy. So, let’s find out what are the advantages as well as limitations when using a chocolate 3D printer.

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We are talking about chocolate 3D printing because it does bring some of the most exciting perks for the entire chocolate industry.

Although there are many developments yet to happen and the industry is still at its initial phase, there are many advantages of using a 3D printer over traditional methods.

  • Provides room for complex shape creation
  • Individuals can print their own delicacies for events and parties
  • One can customize the chocolate shapes as per one’s need
  • The easy to use 3D printers could help anyone learn the art of chocolate creation, definitely when one is ready to employ required efforts
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There are many reasons why we still cannot say that 3D printing has got the best of the chocolate industry. Among all the obvious reasons, the commercialization of the chocolate 3D printers is still far-fetched.

One must work on various constraints before bringing the machines to restaurants and other outlets for mass production.

  • The time these machines take to carve the chocolates isn’t very impressive yet.
  • Mass production is still a question
  • Working with chocolates to harden these on time and faster is not that easy, hence, difficult for many to work with these machines
  • The shape is prone to deformation because of the gravitational force.

Among all the ups and downs, the printers have made a huge mark among the consumers. This is because of the fact that the chocolate industry is not driven only through its sweetness.

However, the designs of the chocolates matter a lot too. That is why, even with all the limitations, users aren’t pushed back from using these machines for creating edible arts.

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Recommendations for Chocolate 3D Printers

So, here we are, exploring the various 3D printers that can print with chocolates.

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ZMorph VX


ZMorph is an already popular brand. Apart from being a 3D printer, it also works as a CNC mill, as well as a laser cutter. There are reasons why it is called the all in one 3D printer.

But there is more to the list of surprises. The ZMorph VX is equipped with five different extruders. It offers single, dual, laser cutting, CNC as well as printing with paste.

This means that you can not only print chocolates but different pastes with similar consistencies. Such as cookie dough, icing, and whatnot.

This chocolate 3D printer price including the complete set of extruders is $4,399. Although there are few things that still need some upgradation, especially with the paste printing, doesn’t that remain alike for all the printers available?

So, you can consider this option as a viable choice, given that the price is much justified for the perks the printer offers.

You get to work with a 3D printer along with other technologies such as CNC as well as laser cutting. Just remember, when printing chocolates, do not create a design that is too tall.

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byFlow Focus

byFlow Focus

This could get a little too expensive for some. However, the printer nails it all the time when printing with chocolates.

The 3D printer comes packed inside a portable and easy to carry case. You would be surprised to know that the printer not only prints chocolates, however, recipes with meat too.

You can put any food in its paste form inside the syringe. And, the printer will let you print with it. The manufacturer has already provided their word for the many different recipes that they have printed with this machine. For instance, chocolate ganache, meat, and much more.

Some may be disappointed to check the price though as it comes for $4,599. However, every penny is worth the value. If you are looking for some serious investment, this could be your deal.

When buying the printer, you would receive 10 extra cartridges along with four nozzles. The company also shares its tested and pre-loaded 3D designs. Hence, you can begin printing with the machine after unboxing.

Moreover, the good news is that the printer can print with considerably high speed when compared to the other counterparts. Some of the designs won’t take more than 15 minutes. And, there are those that can be printed in just 2 minutes.

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Procusini 3.0

Procusini 3.0

Procusini is a company based out of Germany. And, it has come up with a multipurpose 3D printer that could print a variety of dishes.

The best part is that the chocolate 3D printer is much affordable than the above choices. It costs just $2,250. It calls itself the universal plug and play printing solution. And, there are reasons for the same.

You can play around with recipes like pasta, fondant, and not to forget delicious chocolate.

Moreover, you can even create your own paste. Just remember to maintain the required consistency. Once you have the right mixture with needed consistency, you can print anything possible out of the 3D printer.

In addition, you receive a dual extrusion system with this machine. This means that the printer will work faster for the completion of the dishes. And, it can print in two different mixtures and colors.

Also, the company has created a lot of videos and tutorials for those who are beginners and still wish to use this 3D printer for creating amazing dishes.

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Print2Taste Mycusini

Print2Taste Mycusini

Launched in 2019, the 3D printer has already raised the bar for many others to come. An offering from the German-based start-up, Print2Taste, the 3D Printer is equipped with many great perks.

The 3D printer is very compact and can easily fit into your kitchen space. Either keep it on the countertop or stuff it inside the cupboard when not in use.

Being one of the cheapest of all, the 3D printer has already gained a lot of attention from the community. It has a cartridge made of stainless steel. This can be refilled with chocolate.

It has a print space of 105 x 105 x 70 mm. Plus, it embodies an internal battery. This is for supporting the print operation when off-grid.

You can print till two hours without any hassle. In addition, the already installed 200 models are great to help beginners. It costs $440.

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MMuse Touchscreen 3D Printer

MMuse Touchscreen 3D Printer

With a sturdy aluminum frame, this 3D printer is among the strongest variant on the list. The MMuse Touchscreen comes with a hopper system installed for its feedstock.

Hence, it works with chocolate chips ranging from 2 to 4 mm in diameter. It melts these chocolate chips before extruding for printing.

The most astonishing part of the machine is its considerably large touch screen. The interface eases the control of the users over the print process.

It offers users various connectivity options ranging from WiFi, SD cards to USB. It offers a print volume of 160 x 120 x 150 mm.

The cost of the 3D printer is $5700.

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This again has a metal frame which makes the entire design much studier and reliable. It is not just about printing chocolates, however, offers printing with multiple recipe and pastes.

You can print cookie batter, mashed potatoes, and yes, chocolate. It does carry other pastes really well.

The users can adjust the print head temperature according to the paste used for printing. Offering WIFI connectivity, one can operate with the 3D printer with various devices including tablets, computers, and even mobile phones.

You also get different color options when buying this 3D printer. Offering a print volume of 150 x 150 x 100 mm, the printer does make room for plenty of recipes. It costs $2115 which is again not that expensive looking at the other options available for the users.

As long as it can print with multiple materials, there will always be more space for creativity. And, it does provide that flexibility to the users.

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The Conclusion

If you are interested in trying out the food 3D printers, you must not shy away from trying the ones that also include the possibility of chocolate processing.

After all, the desert may be the last one on the menu, but it is much needed for completing the meal. And, it is too fun to work with chocolate 3D printing.

The above listed chocolate 3D printers have been very popular for the results they provide to the users. Hence, you can also pick the one that fits your budget.

Check the chocolate 3d printer price and decide what could you possibly purchase. Definitely, not forgetting to weigh your needs with your budget.


Stay updated on the recent happenings in 3D Printing and be the first to know when an awesome product hits the market.

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