3D Print Helmet Successfully – DIY Guide Step by Step

Helmet, really? Didn’t anyone tell you that you could 3D print helmet as well? If you are a biker and want to create your own helmet, the way you desire to wear it, what could be a better way than to use additive manufacturing.

What makes this technology so irresistible is the fact that it can realize even the most complex designs in a matter of time. And, that goes true for your choice of the helmet as well.

Now, don’t you rather ask for something that is not feasible to exist on this planet with the gravitational energy around. Because you do need to understand that 3D printers aren’t the wish maker from a supernatural parallel universe.

Avoiding the metaphor, let’s get to the business. You can 3D print helmet. The good news is that you can certainly bring some excitement to your projects by opting to print the designs from popular Hollywood movies. Yes, the ironman helmet. Or, even the Magneto’s helmet.

And, if you wish to stay simple and original, why not look for the safest and cool looking helmets available online for 3D printing. To add more fun to the job, you can even opt to design your own 3D file.

However, you must be good at doing it. Or else, you can just use the one available online and make some change and create your own unique design. There are many ways you can get to the design you have been planning to own for long. And, that is possible with 3D printers.

How to 3D Print Helmet?

As it starts with all the other 3D models, the 3D printed helmet took similar processes into account. If you are a beginner and do not want to waste time ruining filaments and the precious time of yours, you must take the short route (explained below).

And, if you have been working with 3D modeling applications and 3D printers for quite some time now, it would be worth to dig a little deeper and take the change of the entire project into your hands.

So, here are the steps you need to carry when wanting the 3D print helmet on your own. Do not worry, if you are scared of messing it all up, you can always take assistance from the 3D printing services.

But what’s the fun of owning a 3D printer when you cannot take chances. After all, without experimenting, how would you learn to get better with the right settings and perfect 3D models.

Design a 3D Model file

As it is with every project, you need to start with a 3D file. There are a few ways to do it. Use the 3D modeling app you are proficient with and start designing from scratch. And, if that does not seem like a cup of tea to you, why not take the shorter route, the one talked about earlier.

There are plenty of 3D models available for helmets. Let us point out a few. These are the most trending designs online and users have used these files to 3D print helmet. And, so can you.

Ironman Helmet

iron man

Believe it or not, the ironman helmet is popular than any other version out there. This is because of the popularity of the character owning this helmet. And, now can you easily 3D print a helmet looking just like the one iron man wears in the movies.

Apart from the iconic 3D model, the helmet is a bit complex to 3D Print. The best part is that you do not have to spend a dime when wanting to print this model. It is available for free on Instructables.

And, the link also contains the stepwise direction to 3D print this awesome design. You will get all the explanations to perfect your work, even if you think that the job is difficult. So, it is definitely a must-try for beginners and experts alike.

Magneto Helmet


You can never get bored of X-Men and those well though characters. Speaking of which, how about the Magneto Helmet. Pretty simple yet impressive in every way. If you resonate with that feeling too, you must look for the right 3D file to print this perfectly. The design is available on Do3D.

However, unlike the ironman helmet, it is not for free. Unfortunately, it is not available anywhere else, one that we know of with such clarity and accuracy.

But the price is worth it. With such great looks, this helmet could certainly change the game for bikers when riding long distances. Do not forget to couple it with your decent pair of glasses.

Usual Bike Helmet

bike helmet

Not at all from any iconic web series or movie series, this one is pure for bikers with not much taste in imaginary characters. Rather than making you look like a part of some movie; this design focuses more on safety features for those wearing it.

Best for bikers and those wish to wears style along with their safety. Available on Kupol, the design is a must to try.

Punk Guy Manuel 3D Printed Helmet

3D printed draft punk helmet

This one again is a wonderful design for those who need to feel a bit different from others, in a good way for sure. Available on Thingiverse, the 3D model is perfect for users to print.

The website also has a few printing tips for users and the file is available for free. Yes, that is where it gets even more exciting. You can download it for free.

However, if you like the design, there is an option to tip the designer. That is completely up to you though. The good news is that the design is very stunning and you would love to wear one of those when going for the high road.

Disco Helmet

disco helmet 3D printed

Nothing that you have ever thought of printing on your own, the disco helmet. However, 3D printers offer you the opportunity to do that. The design available on Instructables gives everyone a reason to make their own helmet.

The model is very attractive and latched with LED lights on the front. It does all that you can use to rock the night parties and bikers’ road trips.

The website also contains the settings for each component of the helmet you must separately 3D print. Later, what you need to do is also available with detailed tips.

Comic Welding Helmet

comic helmet

Helmets aren’t just for bikers, isn’t it? So, why all the limelight in one direction? If so, you know, helmets are used for plenty of other tasks. And, one of those is welding.

This new design is a very interesting one. Once again from Instructables, this one looks very astonishing and funky. As it is with the work, you do need a sense of humor to keep yourself busy when doing the hard work.

Wearing this interesting comic helmet would let you feel completely different. So, why not 3D print yourself and find that out?

Helicopter Helmet

welding helmet

The design inspired by the baseball helmet is pretty well captured to offer an authentic look. You can download the files from Instructables. Once more, the link contains all the important details for starting the 3D printing of this helmet.

The design is pretty attractive and in blue color, it looks nothing but delicious. You will certainly love preparing for this project with all the information already provided on the website.

From printing to assembly to other post-processing steps, you need to tackle everything precisely to get the best results.

These are the few examples that you can download from the 3D Printing online repositories. But this is not the end of the world. We are getting just started here.

There are plenty of other designs too. So, do not shy away from exploring a little bit and searching for the design you have been craving to wear for ages. However, just remember to use the files that are tested and verified.

Get the G-Code of the 3D Design

helmet modeling

Once you have the 3D file for the helmet you wish to print, you must slice the model to get the G-code. You can use the slicer you like. And, there are certain 3D printers that already have integrated slicers with them. In such cases, you can skip this step and let the 3D printer handle the job for you.

If not, you must be careful when slicing the model. There are many things you need to consider such as the orientation of the design, layer height, and whatnot. Make sure you follow the step carefully to ensure you perfect the 3D print helmet project successfully.

Prepare your 3D Printer

prepare 3D printer

Next comes the settings of the 3D printer. Once again, you must be very careful when carrying the calibration of the machine. It has an auto-calibration setting, things would be much easier for you. If not, you know there would be a bit more homework you are desired to complete.

It would be best if you print a sample cube with the material you wish to print your helmet of choice. This would help you gain an understanding of the percentage of shrinkage in that particular material.

Accordingly, you can set the layer heights and other settings of the slicer. This is a very important step, especially when you are printing something that is wearable.

Any misjudge with the size could lead to a completely useless end product that you may not be able to use ever. Unless you find someone with the size matching your 3D printed helmet.

From leveling of bed to calibration to material choice, you can take every bit of factor into consideration to avoid any probable errors later during the print process. And, simply give your best to come up with the right settings of the 3D printer.

3D Print Helmet

This is going to be the final step when you upload the G-code to the 3D Printer and hit the print button. For some, it is the start of the roller coaster ride and for others, it could be the end of the project, depending on how perfectly you get your final model out of the 3D printer.

Almost every helmet would require you to print a few different parts and stick those together. For instance, the ironman helmet is the trickiest one with so many different parts. And, the LED light cannot be missed either for the eyes to make it more realistic.

At the end of the day, what matters is how precisely you have 3D printed helmet.

The Conclusion

Ever found it difficult to decide something because you are scared if you can make it. Well! If you are worried if the 3D printer would help you get what you need, you first need to try.

Without putting in your efforts, you won’t be able to get anything either. And, when it comes to 3D printed helmets, you have more reasons than just experiencing the technology for the better good.

Unlike other figurines and designer models, helmets are actually useful attire. And, it could be life-saving in many circumstances.

While you know that, you must also know that creating safer designs that are easy to carry and comfortable at the same time is not that easy, taking the traditional methods into account.

However, with 3D printing, it is simpler. And, you can think of many such designs that could help individuals stay safe when driving, or working.

Plus, it is always fun to 3D print models that are useful in daily life. You can even sell your designs online if you are able to get something better than the ones already exist.

Playing around with styles would help you get the best version of the 3D print helmet design you would like to use yourself. So, design and print and see how close you reach your goals.

You may feel exhausted with failed attempts, but gradually you would be able to get the design you want to print. Isn’t that worth all the effort?

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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