10 Best ColorJet 3D Printers – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

We live in a world where technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives. It has replaced manual labor and made many people and businesses lives easier by saving time and energy and allowing us to be more efficient.

The market is brimming with complex and innovative structures, and in this buying guide, we will focus on ColorJet 3D Printers, which have skyrocketed in popularity since their introduction in the 1980s.

Modern 3D printers enable you to create high-quality designs, parts, and prototypes in less time and energy, while also reducing material waste. Companies nowadays prefer to invest in machines that are fast and easy to use while producing excellent results.

With ColorJet 3D printers, you can bring your ideas to life in a more realistic manner.

There are numerous modern ColorJet 3D printers available to meet your requirements and assist you in bringing your ideas to life with realism in it. Check them out in the gallery below.

ColorJet 3D Printing

sandstone 3D printing

ColorJet Printing (CJP) is an additive manufacturing technology that consists of two major components: the core and the binder. A roller is used to spread the core material in thin layers across the build platform.

Following the application of each layer, the color binder is selectively jetted from inkjet print heads, causing the core to solidify. With each subsequent layer that is spread and printed, the build platform lowers, resulting in a ColorJet three-dimensional model.

We picked some of the best ColorJet 3D printers for you!

Comparison Chart

XYZPrinting PartPro350 xBCFastest printing9.3
3D Systems ProJet CJP 660ProBest price8.5
3D Systems Projet CJP 860ProStrong and durable9.9
3D Systems ProJet CJP 260PlusBest desktop printer9.2
3D Systems Projet CJP 460PlusPrecise and easy9.5
XYZPrinting da vinci colorSleek and portable5
3D Systems ProJet CJP 360Simple and compact8
M3D Crane QuadPrecise and easy9.3
3D ChameleonCompact and portable9
Cometrue T10Precise and Fast9.5

XYZPrinting PartPro350 xBC

XYZPrinting PartPro350 xBC

The PartPro350 xBC colorJet 3D Printer employs Binder Jetting technology, which employs liquid binders to efficiently mix metal, ceramics, and sand.

This technology is used in the production of foundry cores and molds, which are used in the pouring of liquid metals. It will allow you to print cortical 3D models.

Binder Jetting technology is built into the colorJet PartPro350 xBC, allowing you to print superior quality 3D models in colorJet, no matter how complex the geometry.


  • The print volume of the XYZPrinting PartPro350 xBC is 222 x 350 x 200 mm.
  •  It comes with BCPware, which allows you to slice your drawing and print it in two modes. There are two options with these modes: slicing and printing, or slicing first and printing later.
  •  The XYZPrinting company supports a wide range of materials and allows you to select the appropriate material for external components and parts.
  • With full-capacity building, the vertical building speed is 18mm per hour.
  • Design that is both compact and appealing.
  • Strong and heavy.

  • It is not appropriate for beginners.

3D Systems ProJet CJP 660Pro

3D Systems ProJet CJP 660Pro

This colorJet 3D printer incorporates professional 4-channel CMYK full-color 3D printing to create stunning and photorealistic full spectrum prints to enhance your designs and provide the best results. It has multiple print heads that produce a wide range of beautiful colors and gradients.

The ProJet CJP 660Pro is up to 5 to 10 times faster than other colorJet 3D printers, allowing you to create large or multiple models at once in a matter of hours.


  • Comes with a separate black print head; unlike the smaller models, the black does not need to be mixed with the other colors. This means that the three print heads for the colors cyan, magenta, and yellow can concentrate on mixing brighter colors, while the black print head can darken and print the black color.
  • This printer’s fifth clear print head produces white surfaces and solidifies the component interior.
  • Its production time is 5 to 10 times faster, allowing it to produce multiple components in the same manufacturing period as a single component.
  • Fast, accurate, high resolution, and uses environmentally friendly, non-hazardous materials with zero liquid waste.
  • A large build volume of 236 185 127 mm is available.

  • It could be a little heavy.

3D Systems Projet CJP 860Pro

3D Systems Projet CJP 860Pro

3D Systems’ Projet CJP 860pro is a well-known name in the 3D printing industry, with the Project CJP 860pro being the largest in the colorJet printing system family.  Its large build volume and ability to print parts completely in color make it an appealing option, particularly for making prototypes, concepts, and figurines.

3D Systems, as a well-known name, has established itself as one of the best 3D printing companies, with a well-thought-out ecosystem that makes it difficult for its clients to choose something.


  • Allows for the creation of colorJet concept models and prototypes.
  • Its production time is 5 to 10 times faster, allowing it to produce multiple components in the same manufacturing period as a single component.
  • The printer has dimensions of 508 X 381 X 229 MM.
  • The resolution of the layer is 600 x 540 DPI.
  • ColorJet 3D printing adds realism to your designs by mimicking the appearance of finished products.
  • Advanced colorJet Printing (CJP) technology with 5 print heads and 1520 jets is used to deliver fast 3D prints.
  • Each build generates 96 prototypes. Build multiple models at the same time to increase your productivity.
  • Because of the low operating costs, 3D printing is affordable in all environments.
  • Connectivity to the network via a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone, as well as remote access via a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • 3D printing in a full CMYK color
  • Low operating expenses
  • Post-processing in the east

  • It is not possible to print functional prototypes with this method
  • Expensive

3D Systems ProJet CJP 360

3D Systems ProJet CJP 360

The 3D Systems ProJet CJP 360Pro is an industrial colorJet 3D printer manufactured by 3D Systems, a US-based company. colorJet Printing (CJP) 3D printing technology is used by the ProJet CJP 360Pro and the professional 3D printers in the ProJet X60 line.


  • First, the 3D printer uses a roller to spread core material in a thin layer over the build platform. Following this layer of core material, the system selectively jets color binder from inkjet print heads over the core layer to solidify it.
  • Its production time is 5 to 10 times faster, allowing it to produce multiple components in the same manufacturing period as a single component.
  • 3D printing in a full CMYK color
  • Low operating expenses
  • Post-processing is the easiest part

  • It is not possible to print functional prototypes with this method
  • Not affordable

3D Systems ProJet CJP 260Plus

3D Systems ProJet CJP 260Plus

This model is 3D Systems’ most cost-effective and office-friendly colorJet 3D printer. This machine is an industrial color 3D printer. Because it employs colorJet Printing (CJP) 3D printing technology, it is capable of CMY color 3D printing to professional standards.


  •  The ProJet CJP 260Plus produces photo-realistic parts in full CMY color with small feature details and the ability to use full texture/UV mapping to better evaluate product designs’ look, feel, and style.
  • This 3D printer uses colorJet Printing technology from 3D System and has a maximum build volume of 236 x 185 x 127 mm.
  • Its production time is 5 to 10 times faster, allowing it to manufacture multiple components in the same time frame as a single component.
  • Color 3D printing (basic CMY) produces realistic plastic parts that help product designers communicate the look and style of their designs.
  • You can build multiple models at the same time with 10 prototypes per build.
  • Quiet, safe, and odorless 3D printing using continuous negative pressure and airborne particles
  • Because of the low operating costs, 3D printing is affordable in all environments.
  • Good quality prints
  • A variety of colors can be printed

  • Expensive
  • Inks might dry out fast

3D Systems Projet CJP 460Plus

3D Systems Projet CJP 460Plus

The ProJet CJP 460Plus colorJet 3D printer is the most affordable color 3D printer on the market, with the highest ease-of-use in its class.

The ProJet CJP 460Plus incorporates advanced 3-channel CMY colorJet 3D printing, as well as safe build materials, active dust control, and zero liquid waste, making it an ideal office companion with a wide range of applications.


  • First, the 3D printer applies a thin layer of core material to the build platform with a roller. Following this layer of core material, the system jets color binder from inkjet print heads selectively over the core layer to solidify it.
  • The ProJet CJP 460Pro 3D printer prints in full CMYK color and is compatible with VisiJet PXL 3D printing materials.
  • It offers a build volume of size 203*254*203
  • The layer’s resolution is 300*450
  • In a single step, color 3D printing (basic CMY) produces realistic plastic parts.
  • Offers 18 prototypes per build for increased productivity by building multiple models concurrently
  • 3D printing with this colorJet is quiet, safe, and odorless, thanks to continuous negative pressure and the absence of airborne particles.
  • Because of the low operating costs, 3D printing is affordable in all environments.
  • Supports connectivity to the network via a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone, as well as remote access via a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Enhance the realism of your prints with eye-catching full-color graphics.
  • With this simple colorJet machine, you can add quality without complication.

  • Expensive.

XYZPrinting Da vinci Color

XYZprinting Da Vinci Color 3D printer XYZPrinting Da Vinci

The da Vinci Color uses 3D ColorJet technology, which combines inkjet printing with fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing to produce colorful prints.

This combines CMYK inkjet technology to release color onto each layer of PLA filament, allowing the da Vinci Color to encompass the entire color spectrum. The printer has a large printing volume (7.9′′ x 7.9′′ x 5.9′′).


  • The resolution of the Da Vinci Color is 100-400 microns, and the maximum print speed is 140mm/sec.
  • It has a hands-free, auto-calibration system, which means the motor will move itself to ensure that the gap between the extruder and the print bed is correct.
  • Comes with a magnetic detachable print bed that allows users to easily detach prints without much probing, allowing them to create incredible ColorJet prototypes and models, or even assist them in establishing their own ColorJet printing business.
  •  This printer allows you to wirelessly send 3D files from your computer to the 3D printer. You only need your local area network and no lines or cables.
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • 16 million shades of color

  • Inks might dry out quickly

M3D Crane Quad

3D printer M3D Crane Quad

One of the best features of the m3D Crane Quad is the ability to print with up to 50,000 different colors by combining the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (CMYK). Its technology differs from that of most ColorJet 3D printers in that the FDM filament is fused directly in the nozzle.

Furthermore, this printer eliminates the need for time-consuming bed calibration. It measures 214 x 214 x 230 mm and has a large build volume.


  • Because the printer can 3D print with a variety of materials, you can mix and match different filament types to create a completely new material.
  • You will be able to use and print your 3D models using the built-in micro-USB connection or microSD card.
  • The large print bed is more than enough for almost any project
  • Cost-effective

  • Weak and frail

3D Chameleon

3D printer SOMETHING 3D Chameleon

The 3D Chameleon is a professional color 3D printer manufactured by SOMETHING 3D, an Israeli company.

The 3D Chameleon is a DIY colorJet 3D printer that supports various open machines such as Creality, Prusa, and Alfawise and allows the use of all standard plastic materials such as PLA and ABS.


  • This printer features a heated build platform and a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 340 mm.
  • Parts are printed in CMYBW (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White).
  • USB 2.0-3.0 to Mac, PC, and SD card connectivity is supported.
  • It has a layer thickness of 50 microns and a wall thickness of 0.5 mm.
  • Because of its mechanical hardware, this colorJet 3D printer automatically detaches and reinserts filaments when a color change is detected.
  • Heated print bed: allows the user to print complex materials in 3D. (ABS, PLA, etc.).
  • It can print at speeds of up to 70-100 mm/s.
  • There is no need to temper your electronics or firmware.
  • Simple plug-and-play installation that takes less than an hour to complete.

  • Maintenance is required on a regular basis.

ComeTrue T10

ComeTrue T10

The ComeTrue T10 is a colorJet desktop 3D printer manufactured by ComeTrue, a Taiwanese company. This colorJet 3D printer is similar to the Addwii X1 and uses the same 3D printing principle.

The T10’s inkjet heads deposit a liquid binding agent. Users will then need to purchase a separate dry vacuum cleaner.


  • Offers 3D printing on a desktop.
  • Architectural, bio-medical, and artistic applications are all possible.
  • This printer builds parts layer by layer by applying a liquid binder to fine layers of composite powder. The finished print will then be infiltrated with various infiltrates to make your finished parts polished and long-lasting.
  • Is capable of producing complex and geometrical parts that would be impossible to produce by hand or without incurring additional time and material costs
  • There is no need for a support structure.
  • Quick printing speed.
  • Expensive.

  • In comparison to others, it has a lower build volume.
  • Parts that have been printed are brittle and must be infiltrated.

Buyer’s Guide

You must ask a few critical questions.

  • Which mechanical functions of colorJet 3D printers should I be aware of?
  •  How easy is it to use the printer I’m considering?
  •  Is the printer I’m considering compatible with current software and storage programs?
  •  What metals and composites are compatible with the printer I’ve chosen?
  •  Do I need to be concerned about the printer’s speed and volume?
  •  How would a small 3D printer help my company or workplace?

Before purchasing a colorJet 3D printer, you should be aware of its specifications so that you can select the best model for your needs. Here’s everything you need to know.

Printing Technology

The foundation of your printer. It may be difficult to choose the right printing technology, but it is critical to ensure that your print job meets your expectations. Consider the appearance of your design, as this will assist you in determining the technology required for 3D printing.


Your printer should have up-to-date software so that you can print without difficulty. A user-friendly printer will also assist you in dealing with errors and improving the quality of your print job. You must also ensure that the printer is safe to use in the presence of children.


If you choose to print a part, you will need technology that is compatible with all of its prerequisites, as each part may have a different application. This enables the printer to adapt to the application of the material you print and perform appropriately.

Speed and Volume

If you want a quick printing process that doesn’t require any post-processing, you should consider the speed of your metal printer. If you want to print multiple parts, you may need to invest in a larger printer.

Furthermore, some materials have the potential to emit toxins that are harmful if inhaled. Choose a printer with an enclosure or a ventilation device to allow the gases or flies to escape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ColorJet 3D printers are used for?

colorJet 3D printers enable you to add various shades and gradients of your desired colors to your designs. They bring your print jobs to life by beautifying and enhancing them.

They usually include a transparent or clear option as well, which can add dimension to your print job. colorJet printers enable you to create complex and customized, colorful 3D parts in a modern manner.

Because of their ease of use, the printers are capable of producing high-quality prototypes and metal parts. They are also ideal for those who are new to the world of 3D printing. colorJet 3D printers do not require any additional tools because they can print parts directly from their digital model.

Which Industries Use ColorJet 3D Printing?

To name a few:

Are ColorJet printers expensive?

A few colorJet 3D printers are expensive and may be purchased only by multinational corporations or high-end institutes. It depends on your preferences and budget; if you are a hobbyist or a beginner, it is recommended that you purchase a less expensive printer that will assist you in learning the basics of 3D metal printing.

If you own a small business and are familiar with all aspects of 3D printing, you can invest in a sophisticated colorJet 3D printer. You should definitely do your homework before purchasing a colorJet 3D printer. Other models may be less expensive because they use less expensive parts.

What Are the Advantages of Using a ColorJet 3D Printer?

The main advantage of using a colorJet 3D printer is that you can create stunning print jobs with a plethora of color options by using the CMYK, PANTONE, and WYSIWYG color options. This means that your projects will become thousand times more appealing and will attract more buyers as a result.

As the entertainment industry has grown in popularity, the demand for colorJet 3D printing has skyrocketed. You can print prosthetics or assist art directors in achieving their goals in movies and drama serials, for example, and thus be a part of the production.

Toy manufacturers benefit greatly from colorJet 3D printing because it allows them to create colorful objects. The system of colorJet 3D printers is designed to assist those who want to produce prototypes with little or no hassle, so they do not necessitate much brainstorming.

Furthermore, thanks to on-demand manufacturing and a digital inventory, you can print the parts in intervals, which will aid in product storage.


colorJet 3D printers have made an excellent impression in the current market. In today’s world, where technological advancement is unstoppable, 3D printing has maximized its development to introduce cutting-edge techniques for producers and artists.

Countless colorJet 3D printers have assisted people from all walks of life in realizing their dreams and desires.

To be able to practice colorJet 3D printing, you do not need to be an expert in the field. You could simply be a curious learner or an artist looking to explore their niche or spend your time doing something productive. Regardless of their costs, they add significant value to production and innovation that we would not be able to achieve with traditional methods.

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