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Some websites term Nylon as one of the most popular materials to 3D print amongst the group of professionals. Why? On what basis they say so? We do not know.

We can only guess from the properties of the material. How parts and functional prototypes made from Nylon differ from the parts and functional prototypes made by other materials?

And the usability of Nylon in different technologies such as Fused Deposition Melting, Selective Laser Sintering, and Multi Jet Fusion.

In this article, we are going to bring in front of your Nylon 3D printer filament manufactured by various companies that are used by people in 3D printing.

We are going to list the names of manufacturers of Nylon Filaments who have on their website listed at least one of the types of Nylon 3D printing filament.

We will give you a brief about the company’s how we felt being on the homepage of their website and finally the information published on the webpage/s dedicated to Nylon 3D printer filament.

List of Nylon 3D printer filament manufacturers

Best is a very subjective adjective, which can be used in many ways. Here we are using it for those brands of Nylon filament manufacturers which we found doing good.

However, while deciding what is best for you, you would have to give some effort into reading the article and figuring out. Best of luck with the journey.



The about us section on the website of this company writes some facts about itself.

Founded in Shenzhen in the year 2002, eSun is a dedicated company that does research and development of bio-degradable polymers.

To date, eSun has opened its R & D centers with several top universities and institutions that do syntheses, modification, and application of polymers. Its research on 3D printing material started in the year 2007.

The company has since then successfully developed PLA, ABS, PVA (water-soluble support filament), HIPS, PA, PCL, and PC filament. 2015 was a fruitful year in the company’s calendar when eSun developed photopolymers for SLS, LCD, DLP 3D printing applications.

Being on the homepage of the nylon 3D printer filament provider eSun

Lots of tabs come to your notice when you land on the homepage of eSun’s website. Apart from that tabs, there is a changing slider.

Facts about ePLA-ST, Standard resin, eResin-PLA, Hard-Tough Resin, and We are One World.

Continues to be shown to you with eResin-PLA, eTPU-95A, eSilk-PLA, re-filament eSun Spool, eSun Facebook giveaway, and reinforced nylon carbon fiber. Since we are concerned with Nylon filament in this article, we clicked on that slider to find more about the same.

Being on the webpage dedicated to eSun’s Nylon filament offering

The official name by which you can call this filament is ePAHT-CF. In the development of this filament, LUVOCOM plays an equal role as eSUN. The filament has two finishes:

  1. Matte.
  2. Delicate.

High rigidity of carbon fiber added to this filament with Nylon’s high mechanical strength, impact resistance, high rigidity, and heat resistance.

This information is given in a small paragraph placed right next to the product’s picture.

It is weird how the website makers have kept those pictures of the filament spool taken from various angles. Depicts how forceful a website them can ever be!

Strangely repetition of the same information strikes your eyes when you scroll down and notice the paragraph under the title Application.

Listing of the filament’s recommended printing parameters meets you below the comparison of ePA-CF and ePAHT-CF. ePA-CF is a filament comprised of carbon fiber, whereas this one, as already mentioned before, is a hybrid.

The recommended printing temperature range is from 260 to 300 degrees Celsius, printer’s bed temperature should be in the range 60 – 80 degrees Celsius, the bed material recommendation is either glass or carbon fiberboard having solid glue.

Last but not least is the printing speed recommendation that is in the range of 40-100 millimeters per second.

There is also a printing comparison table given below the recommendation table. Comparison is made of ePA-CF and ePAHT-CF under print test conditions wherein the nozzle is at 280 degrees Celsius, the bed is at 80 degrees Celsius, and the printing speed is 40 millimeters per second.



There is a durability-tensile comparison graph that opens up to your screen when clicking on the “More” tab and selects “How to Choose!” The basis of this graph is Taulman’s average measurements of actual 3D printed test parts for noted polymers.

Explaining how to study this graph is the paragraph present below that graph. You can keep scrolling below that paragraph to find names of materials, their properties, and potential uses.

Being on the homepage of the nylon 3D printer filament provider Taulman3D

The center screen has the name of the company in large fonts. The claim,” High Strength Materials,” in a little shorter fonts than the name of the company, and another claim,” High Strength Materials for 3D printing, Trusted Worldwide,” in shorter fonts compared to the first claim.

But after the claiming and naming of the company ends, it is replaced. The naming of the filaments starts with the company of different properties. Added with them is the pricing, diameter, and color of the filaments.

The description of eleven filaments in the way mentioned above happens when you keep on scrolling till the end of the homepage.

The seven tabs on the homepage are: Home, Buy direct, Buy locally, specifications, best print settings, government, and more. After clicking on the Government tab, you find out Some of Taulman’s Public Sector Clients.

Being on the webpage dedicated to Taulman’s Nylon filament offering

There is no one, but four webpages for the Nylon filament offering by Taulman. Unlike eSun, Taulman offers four different types of Nylon 3D printer filament.

Nylon 680

Nylon 680

Apart from the technical specifications of this filament and the pictures of 3D printed parts or functional prototype manufactured using this filament, there is a paragraph of instructions where this filament can and cannot be used.

Nylon 645

Nylon 645

Apart from technical specifications, there are features that you find on scrolling down the webpage. As well as some general FAQs which may answer some of your doubts you possess regarding the material.

Bridge Nylon

Bridge Nylon

Three different pictures views of this filament spool are ready to entertain your eyes as soon as you land on this webpage.

Would people interested in buying filaments be interested in checking out how the filament looks in its picture?

We don’t know! On this webpage too, you will find the technical specifications of this filament.

But before there, there are short paragraphs meant for informing you of the features of this high-strength printing material.

Nylon 230

Bridge Nylon

A lower temperature Nylon developed by Taulman 3D is for 3D printing on systems having cold print beds and low-temperature capabilities.

Potential uses of this filament, only to use it with Elmer’s Glue Stick or similar products, are the pieces of information mentioned on this webpage before you scroll down to find the technical specifications.

Prima Creator

Prima Creator

About Us tab on the website reads out Prima Creator‘s vision for making 3D printing affordable and available to as many as possible.

Seeing the market’s scenarios of the year 2014, wherein there were long diameter variances in the company’s filament offerings, Prima Creator got inspired to get into this industry.

The location of the warehouse of this company is in Malmo, the third-largest city in Sweden. At that same location, there are offices, service centers, research, and development as well as customer support.

Such an arrangement, the company claims, lets them have close communication with different departments.

Being on the homepage of the nylon 3D printer filament provider Taulman3D

The center text containing the name of the company is vaguely visible because of the dark background color of a printer’s printing bed’s picture.

Five tabs on the head of the homepage of the company’s website let you navigate to Products, where to buy, about us, news, and downloads sections of the website.

There is a picture of parts manufactured from Prima’s filaments on the bottom left of the homepage.

The bottom center of the homepage consists of a picture of the company manufactured 3D printer. Whereas, the right bottom of the homepage consists of a picture of different filaments arranged one over the other.

Being on the webpage dedicated to Prima Creator’s Nylon filament offering

Prima Creator offers two Nylon filaments:

Nylon Power Carbon Fiber

Nylon Power Carbon Fiber

The webpage contains a picture of the filament spool on the left, and there is text on its right. Reinforcing of the Nylon 12 base with 20 percent carbon fibers leads to Nylon Power Carbon Fiber.

This filament is available in two diameters: 1) 1.75 mm and 2) 2.85 mm and Dark Grey color. The spool weighs 500 grams. Full description of this filament, with Technical Data, Settings, Images, and Datasheet is available on scrolling down.

Nylon Power Glass Fiber

Nylon Power Glass Fiber

This webpage too; like the webpage of Nylon Power Carbon Fiber, has the picture of filament spool on the left, with the text on its right.

Reinforcing of the Nylon 12 base with 16 percent glass fibers leads to Nylon Power Carbon Fiber.

Available in Natural color, this filament is offered by the company in two diameters 1.75 mm, and 2.85 mm. The filament spool weighs 500 grams.



Many known names of 3D printer manufacturers are into the manufacturing of filaments. But the amount of that names into the manufacturing of 3D printers and Nylon filaments is lesser than that.

Ultimaker is one that falls into the “lesser” list. Also, Ultimaker is into offering 3D printing Software solutions.

Being on the homepage of the nylon 3D printer filament provider Ultimaker:

The center text of the homepage highlights Ultimaker’s software that is rare for a company that is into the manufacturing of 3D printers as well as providing software solutions.

There are six tabs present on the head of the website Ultimaker. You will have to click on Materials if you are visiting the website, especially for seeing what Ultimaker has to offer in Nylon filament/s.

Being on the webpage dedicated to Ultimaker’s Nylon filament offering

The typical type of circular gear’s photograph is on the right to the text of Ultimaker Nylon. We are suspecting that it must be a part manufactured from the Nylon filament.

In the paragraph, you are stated how the filament is a polyamide grade based on PA6/66. It has reduced humidity absorption and longer shelf life compared to other filaments.

Also, the filament can withstand significant mechanical stress. There is a download of Nylon datasheets available when you scroll down from the paragraph.

Scrolling further down, you get reasons to choose this material. With the Summary section, Properties section, Applications, and Compatibility of the material.

This filament is available in two colors, black and striped. You also have pictures of parts and functional prototypes that are printed using this material on the webpage.

The Conclusion

Before deciding on a Nylon 3D printer filament, do an important exercise of listing all the filaments mentioned in this article.

Their pricing, a few features, and then take the suggestion of an individual who is already in this field and has printed a part or functional prototype using Nylon filament.

A cumulative assessment of all these would easily let you come up with a single name that you can then look out for in the market. Not necessarily, online market, it could be the local shop near you providing you with this filament.

The more near to you, the better, because you can then physically visit that place.

While buying online, take care to note the name of the brand which you are buying because while doing research we found a lot of marketplaces not mentioning the name of the brand.

Be suspicious about such scenarios, but be wise enough to differentiate between suspicion and stupidity.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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