Convert STL to OBJ – The Best STL to OBJ Converter Tools

How close you are to print your file? If it’s just a matter of incompatible file format, why not convert your file right away from STL to OBJ? The task is pretty simple and easy to accomplish.

Understanding that surge in additive manufacturing applications, the support for different CAD file formats has increased too. However, often the 3D printers aren’t compatible with all those alternatives. And, in case your machine does not work with an STL file, why redo the complete design.

Yes, you have heard it right. Just by converting your file to the desired format such as OBJ, you can right away start your print in a matter of time.

So, how does that work in the first place? Well, it is as easy as a cakewalk. You only need the STL to OBJ converter tool. But hey! Not just any converter.

It is imperative to trust the one that does not attack the quality of your design. Because, at the end of the day, what matters is a nice-looking 3D part coming out of your own imagination.

And, that is possible if you know which converter to choose. But if you do not know, we are here to help. The list below points to some of the most intuitive and popular converters that would make your job hassle-free. So, without wasting our time, let’s jump to the best choices.

List of best STL to OBJ Converter Tools

Stereolithography, abbreviated as STL is a CAD file format. The file includes 3D models’ design and graphics for further action such as 3D printing.

But STL is not the only file format available. One another common alternative is OBJ (Object file) which works in a similar fashion. It too carries 3D designs.

Hence, if you are in need of an OBJ file, but have access to STL format, you just need to make use of the converter tool. Also remember, these tools will also help you convert STL files to other popular formats such as 3DS, GLB, DAE, AMF, 3MF, and more. So, let’s begin!



Wings3D is one of the most user-friendly applications. Mostly because the app allows you to not only convert the files but enable viewing and editing of STL files too. And, the process is simple and easy. Using its effective and clear workflow, you can convert STL to OBJ instantly.

What makes this app so fascinating is that it is a free open-source converter. And, you can use it on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, as well as Mac.

You can consider it a free 3D modeling software that lets users prepare their designs from scratch. It offers a variety of modeling functionalities and tools including sculpting, boundary box, tweak, ambient occlusion, etc.

In addition, the app will let you check and verify your designs or the STL 3D models with the help of wireframe, orthographic view, isometric view, and more.

Already excited to use the STL to OBJ converter? Here are the steps to do so:

  • As expected, the first step is to open the software for importing the STL you wish to convert.
  • In case you need any changes in the file, you can use the different modeling tools available with Wings3D.
  • Once done, just look for the export menu and choose the OBJ format. Please note, you can choose other formats if you wish to.
  • After you hit the OK button, the conversion will begin. You can find the saved file in the directory address you selected during exporting the file.

Autodesk Meshmixer


If you love working with free applications, here is one more alternative for you. Autodesk Meshmixer instantly converts STL to OBJ for Windows and macOS users.

Plus, it is a hassle-free tool that allows users to sculpt or edit 3D models in case they need any changes to the file before conversion.

The editing tools are many and you can do a lot of things with your designs. For instance, sculpting aligning, making hollow and solid, transforming, unwrapping, and whatnot. In addition, viewing tools such as zoom, orientation, and pan, are available with the software.

Autodesk Meshmixer also supports an array of file formats for 3D models such as WRL, 3MF, PLY, AMF, etc. So, you can easily convert STL to OBJ and other formats without any hassle.

Wish to know how? Let’s check the process:

  • Launch the Autodesk Meshmixer and look for the option ‘Import Mesh’. Click on the same to load the file in STL format that you wish to convert to OBJ format.
  • This will allow you to check the file and analyze the same for any changes needed. Use the various viewing as well as editing tools to make the changes you require.
  • Now, use the Render tab to render the model.
  • Next, check for the ‘Export Mesh As’ option and select the necessary file format. In this case, it will be ‘OBJ’. Then click on ‘Save’.



Another open-source application for 3D modeling – Blender. The tool is also one of the best converters for STL to OBJ file format. It keeps the design intact and allows users to make use of different file formats.

Being compatible with most of the popular operating systems that include Windows, macOS, and Linux, the software offers easy access to every user.

Like the other apps on the list, Blender also lets you edit the file for necessary changes before conversion. There are plenty of modeling tools available for users to design an STL file model.

In addition to the sculpting techniques, users can utilize other tools such as UV Editing, Layout, and Texture Point tools in order to change the file further.

Among all the perks the software offers, the best part is its support for different file formats. Including but not limited to FBX, DAE, PLY, GLB, STL, and more. Therefore, converting STL to OBJ is a piece of cake.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Open the Blender app to load the required STL file with the help of the import option.
  • Later, check the 3D model for analyzing the same, in case you need any changes to the design. Use a variety of tools available such as sculpting, viewing, and editing tools.
  • For a final touch, just render the model using the relevant menu option.
  • Then, use the Export menu option and choose the OBJ file format to convert with the hit of a button.



pCon.planner is very intuitive software with a lot of perks for its users, it isn’t just an STL to OBJ converter tool. But entails a huge selection of features for users to design their 3D file from scratch. However, the app is only compatible with Windows operating system.

Consider the app as a featured software that allows users to do a number of tasks including viewing, creating, and editing 3D models. When it comes to the conversion of STL to other file formats, OBJ is not the only option.

Using pCon.planner, users can convert STL files to other formats and vice versa. The supported files are OBJ, FBX, SKP, DWG, 3DS, and more.

Do not forget to change the design, if needed, before you export to a different file format. The app has tools for users for the same such as replace, subtract, merge, extrude, move, mirror, scale, rotate, intersect, and more.

Need to know how to convert STL to OBJ using pCon.planner?

  • Use the software by launching its interface and select the ‘Open’ option under the File menu. Load the STL file you need to convert.
  • There are many editing tools that you can use to make changes to the existing design if you need them. Otherwise, jump to the next step.
  • Now that you are ready to convert, select the Geometry option under the File > Export menu. Do not forget to choose the OBJ file format.
  • At last, hit the Save button and the conversion will start automatically.



The popularity of the FreeCAD tool is obvious with the demand it enjoys. Almost every user, working on different operating platforms likes to work with the application. Hence, the application is available for Windows, mac, Ubuntu as well as Debian.

Using the software, you can create awesome designs with ease. Either you are working to create designs for ships, buildings, or even robots, the app would help you accomplish the same with great precision and efficiency.

You can make use of a number of workbenches the app has to offer. For instance, you can choose between architecture, ship designing, and more.

Each of the workbenches available with the app includes various editing tools to make your models perfect.

When it comes to conversion from STL to OBJ and other file formats, the process is simpler too. And, not to forget, the app is free to use. Certainly, as the same suggests.

So, ready to begin the conversion. Here is a small help to get started:

To load the STL file you wish to convert, launch the app and choose the File > Import menu. This will allow you to instantly view the design of the selected file.

The next step is the selection of a workbench for editing or including some adjustments here and there.

Once that completes, choose the Export menu, followed by the selection of select OBJ as the output file format.

Now, to complete the STL to OBJ conversion hit the Save button. This will initiate the process of conversion while you sit back and relax.



Isn’t it nice to know that the STL to OBJ conversion is not only easy but can be carried without any cost? Well, yes. To turn your designs into successful models after printing, it is necessary that you take care of each step with precaution. And, compatible file format is just a part of the process.

If you are wondering about the efficiency of Bforartists, worry not. The application is free but very reliable. The converter works for both Windows and Linux users. Like every other choice on the list, this one too is a 3D designing software.

Hence, you can make changes to the existing file as well as create new designs such as 3D cartoon characters and 3D models from scratch.

And, to let you do so, the app has plenty of editing tools for the users. For instance, Rendering, Modeling, Post Processing, Sculpting, Rigging, and a lot more.

It is easier to closely analyze the 3D designs you wish to change, and make necessary changes with an array of functionalities available for the same.

Also, you can convert to other file formats apart from OBJ. Such as PLY, 3DX, WRL, X3D, etc., and more.

Now, here is what you will require to do for converting STL to OBJ

  • Open Bforartists for importing the STL file using the Open menu from the interface.
  • In case, you need any changes in the file, go for the various editing tools that the app offers.
  • After that, you can use the export option under the file menu and choose the OBJ format to make the conversion from STL to OBJ.
  • Last but not the least, check the destination location path to ensure you wish to save the file in the recommended location. And, press the Export OBJ button. That’s it. The conversion will initiate instantly.

The Conclusion

Still, worried about not able to use your STL file format with your 3D printer because of incompatibility issues? Don’t think so. With so many options above, you must have already sorted out which one you will be using for your file conversion.

Especially, when these are free to use and are very simple in their operation. Just choose the one you like to work with or have experience working with and do the needful. Import the file, make changes if needed, and export to the required file format.

And, it is as easy as it sounds to convert STL to OBJ file format. So, go ahead and enjoy 3D Printing.

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Editorial Team

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