Tractus3D T3500 3D Printer In-Depth Review

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Tractus3D T3500

The T3500 is a large delta 3D printer made by Tractus3D, a manufacturer based in the Netherlands. This 3D printer is suitable for industrial applications and prototyping.

User Expectations
  • Huge Build volume and high accuracy at an affordable price.
  • Closed chamber, high rise in temperature quickly.
  • Fast print times.
  • To know the exact price, you need to request its quote.
  • Software information is not specifically mentioned. You need to search for this information.
  • Apart from the claims, and layer resolution, you do not get to see a single photograph of part or functional prototype printed by this 3D printer to judge its quality.

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Largest in the lineup of 3D printers offered by Tractus, 3D T3500 allows you to print structures of height up to 2.1 meters and 1-meter diameter ...
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Price Range

$ 55000

Release date









Extrusion (FFF- FDM…)


ABS, Other plastics, PLA

Filament diameter

1.75 mm 0.07 in

OS compatibility

Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

Generic material


XY accuracy

0.02 mm 0.001 in

Max. build size

1000 × 1000 × 2100 mm 39.37 × 39.37 × 82.68 in

Max. build volume

2100.00 L

Min. layer thickness

0.05 mm 0.002 in


1350 × 1350 × 3550 mm 53.15 × 53.15 × 139.76 in


205 kg 451.95 lb

Nozzle diameter(s)

0.4 mm 0.02 in

Heated print bed


Heated build chamber


Automatic calibration


Closed frame


Dual extruder


Independent Dual Extruder


Full color


LCD screen




On-board camera


Mobile app


3D scanners


CNC mill


Electronics 3D printing


Laser engraving


Conveyor belt


Air filter


Pellet extruder








SD card




Before starting to write about things that you need to know about Tractus3D T3500, we will tell you a little bit about the website of Tractus3D.

After spending some seconds of your time on this website, the most attractive thing that you find is asking to be clicked, is the down arrow that is moving up-down and back forth.

But before clicking on that, you would notice a dark color in the background and blurry graphics design.

Before the background and the graphics is the 3D printer which looks like a box in which humans used to go for making STD/ISD calls, a typical phone booth from which the world has grown above, thanks to smartphones!

The 3D printer is named T2000, which is what the text beside the printer informs you.

A quick question that can strike your mind is after knowing that the company has, to date managed to manufacture eight 3D printers, so, why have they only highlighted T2000?

Anyways! The website has ten tabs including “Get A Quote”, Country’s Flag, and Search.

Coming back, to the down arrow beneath the mouse symbol that attracts you.

Scrolling down, the first message that you get is the one that you would normally want to wish to see on every website that you currently check out i.e.

How are they dealing with Covid-19? The answer to “How Tractus3D is dealing with Covid-19 is, by delaying the deadlines.

Something that makes Tractus3D stand apart is their About Us tab wherein, unlike other websites of 3D printer manufacturers they haven’t wasted time in telling out their story!

Tractus3D T3500 3D Printer

So, when you click on the About Us tab, you can either go to the News webpage or the Contact, Brandguide, Careers, and Warranty webpages. And now about the Features of Tractus T3500


The first tab on the website of the manufacturer is titled Our Products and the first name that you get to see from four columns that are opened when you click on Our Products is Large Volume Series. And the first name in this column is T3500.

With the title of the 3D printer, the company gives out the first information about this printer i.e. it can print up to 2.1 meters.

The other two printers are named T3000 and T2000. The second column is named Pro Series and Desk Series.

Probably the name of the series is given by Tractus3D for making it easier for their customers to differentiate and associate themselves with the class they belong to.

For example, if you are a professional working in the field of 3D printing, there are high chances that you will want to purchase a 3D printer from Pro Series and vice versa.

The fourth column is about Upgrades and Add-ons. When you click on T3500 – print up to 2.1 meters the information about this printer starts to pour out.

You get to know things which you could have guessed if you are familiar with 3D printing websites in general like, the number that suffixes the name of a 3D printer has to do something with the print volume of that 3D printer.

And, so, the higher the number, the higher the print volume offers.

And anyone who has studies maths would be able to say that 3500 is highest amongst, 3500, 3000 and 2000.

The other piece of information that reads out to you when you read the text is, how Tractus T3500 can print one meter in diameter round.

There is an option of getting the quote for this 3D printer, just beneath the information pouring out texts.

When you click “Request for a free quote,” a webpage that opens up ask for you and your company details, which you need to fill in to request for your quote. And now talking about the specific features of this printer.

Good Temperature Stability

The overall design of T2000 is the same as T3000 and T3500, all of them manage to convincingly relate to the STD phone booth that you have seen in your life.

The difference is, things get bigger when you go from 2000 to 3500 and vice versa. Just like an STD phone booth, this printer has a closed chamber.

Like STD phone booths’ closed chamber provided you with a noise-free environment, this 3D printer’s closed chamber tries to provide you with a warping-free environment and good temperature stability.

While heating the material that you are looking to 3D print parts and functional prototypes with, you need a constant rise in the temperature until the material’s melting temperature is reached.

That is something Tractus T3500 is able to give you very successfully. This is the first step of the complete printing procedure, which is pretty “fast in time” achieved using this printer.

High Speed and Accuracy at Affordable cost

Although, this is a feature that arguably, you would find every company and the text which they write for their 3D printer’s speaks out to your LOUDLY, there are no other practical means to say that out to you except for writing it.

So, Tractus too does the same claiming game. But, there is a reason why Tractus says so, i.e. the closed chamber design of its 3D printer.

Affordability is something we could not get a check on because you need to ask for a quote and presumably the quote may vary from one to the other.

So, this feature that you get to see on the website, might not convince you and is a very subjective feature, but we will have to do with it because we do not have other choices.


Tractus3D T3500 specCredit: tractus3d.com

The company has listed down the printer specifications with utmost detailing, just above the paragraph from where we constructed the printer’s features.

It starts with a building width of T3500 i.e. 1000 mm diameter, followed by the building height of the printer i.e. 2100 mm.

You can compare the claim that Tractus is making about T3500’s print speed with other printers to know the difference.

Tractus claims T3500 prints 300 mm in one second. The other factor which importantly you can also compare with other printers is the X, Y, and Z resolution i.e. 20, 20, and 50 microns.

These both factors, when compared with other printers would exactly let you determine, how fast and accurate the printer is compared to the competitors in the same budget.

Another interesting thing that the company has done, is they have mentioned the layer resolution separately with assuming, the test prints they’ve done with the printer nozzle range that they offer.

So, if you use a 0.6 mm nozzle, the company claims, your layer resolution is going to be in the range of 450 to 10 microns.

Whereas it’s going to change to 600 to 10 micron when you use a 0.8mm nozzle, 800 to 50 micron when you print with a 1 mm nozzle, 1000-50 micron with 1.2 mm nozzle, and 1200-50 micron with a 1.4 mm nozzle.

The dimensions of this printer are 1350 mm * 1350 mm * 3550 mm and its net weight is 205 kilograms.

The build plate of Tractus T3500 can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius. And the bedplate leveling is kept automatic.

The heat-up time of this printer for reaching 60 degrees Celsius is eight minutes.

The nozzle can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius and can heat up in less than 90 seconds.

The maximum extrusion volume of the print head is 110 cubic millimeters in one second.


As mentioned above in the article, the price of this 3D printer is something that you can only know by requesting a quote from the manufacturer.

Although if you try to search on Google by typing “Tractus3D T3500 price,” it shows $55,000 as seen from other manufacturers.

So, the best advice for the price is to request a quote on the manufacturer’s website.

First Impressions

Tractus3D T3500 impreCredit: 3dprintingmedia.network

Although it read funny that a 3D printer looks like an STD phone booth, it is actually so.

Those are the first impressions that we got of the printer seeing its picture on its website.

As you have a phone stand inside the booth there is a stand inside this 3D printer as well which is seen connected to the right end of the printer.

Our best guess about this connection is the nozzle connected with the motors.

There is a print bed at the base. And in the pictures that give a close look at the nozzle, you can see the screws and bolts and complete the construction of the nozzle stand.

There are also two pictures giving a zoomed look at the rails that connect this nozzle.

Because of which this nozzle can move up from down where it is while printing a layer.


The printer should, like every other industrial-grade printer come completely assembled.

All you have to do is read the manual and start your printing with it.

There is a separate tab on the website called Knowledge that has four columns.

The second column reads out Operating the 3D printer.

If you are a first time user, or wish to learn how to load the filament, or calibrate the print bed, or prepare the print bed, you can learn from this column.

Printing Type/Cost

The printer prints using FDM 3D printing technology in which a filament of 3D print material is used for generating parts and functional prototypes.

Although the overall printing cost of this printer would be lesser than an industrial-grade printer operating on any other technology.

But, one could exactly how much lower only after knowing the infill of the parts or functional prototype to be printed.

Print Quality

Tractus3D T3500 printCredit: tractus3d.com

Apart from the claim that you have with text stating that T3500 is made from passion with a single-minded goal and boasts of high accuracy, you do not actually have any photographs to see and tell how accurate the print qualities are.

You can only tell by comparing the layer resolution that this printer offers with other printers.


When we searched using the search tab on the website of this 3D printer, we got to know that the recommended slicing software is Simplify3D.

You can search for this software online and get it easily. It is an open-sourced software.

Customer Service

In the Support tab, you have Customer Support from which, if you have any problem, you can generate a Support Ticket. Apart from this option, you can contact the manufacturer with the phone number and the email that is provided on the website. You can also RMA request, or SLA, or click on “where to find the serial number,” on the website.

Parameters Influencing Buying Decision

Below is a quick recap of the main factors that we discussed in-depth, above.

3D Printer Cost: The company boasts about the printer being an affordable one.

3D Print Quality: Again, the company claims parts and functional prototypes printed by this printer to be high in quality.

3D Print Speed: Faster than industry-standard.

3D Printer Capability: Printer can print with various materials.

3D Printer Practicality: Automotive, Education, and Signage and retail are three areas where this 3D printer is used.

3D Printer User Expectations: As a user, you can expect good company support for everything.

The Verdict

The manufacturer’s website is really well organized and things are easy to navigate.

You have a “Used By” tab which is very rare to see on any other website.

Overall, it gives a sense of reliability and if you also feel the same, you can opt to buy it.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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