2023 Top List Of Fast And Precise 3D Human Scanners

So, 3d scanning, we are guessing that you are all familiar with this process now. Since the basic scanning is available in everyone’s smartphone if you haven’t checked it out yet, visit your play store or app store to check this out.

What 3d scanning does is letting you collect data a little more accurately, and apparently what 3D Scanning does is, it lets you collect the data a little more accurately than just general scanning.

And after reading this, it would take a mild guess to be true about 3D human scanners i.e. devices that scan humans and their body parts. And this scanning sees its application in all sorts of industries, which we’ll talk about in the article.

But above all, our primary focus in this article is going to be about the products that are specifically claiming to be 3D human scanners and the companies which have manufactured them.

They are sort of weird companies from which Amazon and all sorts of famous e-marketplaces which claim to reach out to you the most, make you such devices available.

Also, their uses are very specific so, you do get to know or see them as often as a toothbrush. And for the same reason, you do not see companies advertising about them as much as hair oil or a toothbrush.

But, with the advancement in technology, hopefully, we will have a time when these devices would be advertised in a similar way.

And the reason why we are saying this would also be made known to you as we talk about their applications and the fields in which they are probably also applicable to.

But first things first, let’s talk about the list of 3D human scanners and a little bit about the companies that manufacture it.

List of 3D human scanners

These 3D body scanners can capture a human, or at particular wish, only specific parts. This they can do for generating a very detailed 3D model of the scanned parts of the body within a few seconds.

And as a result, this 3D model can be viewed on a computer. Then depending on the desired application and on the 3D body scanner which was used for scanning, the 3D model which was made after having captured can have colors and textures.

This is done in order to perfectly match the original, or simply be a mesh i.e. a sort of cloud of dots forming the shape of the body. Remember all the measurements and 3D capturing are made by the full-body scanner for optimal accuracy.

Here’s a list of few scanners that have been doing this since the time of their invention for all sorts of applications.

TC2 21B

TC square 21B

You have a five slider picture presentation that is beneath the central text as soon as you land on the company’s website and there are six tabs on the website. You get to know a lot about the company, so first a little bit about the makers.

About the company

Claiming themselves to be the world’s first and the largest 3D body manufacturer in the “No Touch Measurement” domain, the company also states to serve the Fashion, Fitness, and Medical Industries. TC2 currently alleges on its website to have an install base of more than 1000 scanners.

To all those installed bases the company offers complete solutions i.e. 3D body scanners, Consultancy, Training, Installation services, Maintenance & support, Sizing information, specialized software when needed.

Software offered by the company enables 3D body analysis, scanning, measurement & visualization.

Examples of the company’s solutions are Automated pattern creation for MTM / bespoke market, Follow-up of shape progress during training for the weight-loss market.

The company also is into size matching and virtual fitting for the fashion retail market.

About their device

The TC2-21B is a 3D human scanner that was released at the beginning of this year. The scanner is destined for the medical, fashion, and fitness industries, all the three domains that the company serves.

Claims about this scanner are that scans on it are done in 1 second, and data is processed in under 9 seconds which is really fast. This scan includes avatar creation and measurement extraction.

The first look of this 3D body scanner would be like a changing room the one that you have been into during your journey at a mall for buying clothes. There is an optional touchscreen that is available inside this device for self-operation.

3dMDbody™ System Series

3DMD Body

When you enter the homepage of its website, what you get to see on the center of the screen is a video. The picture look of this video features various colored gowns and faceless animated or 3D scanned women. And this view is enough to make you guess the company has got something to do with the fashion industry at least, if not with any other.

The video is very aggressive and there are machines shown in the first seconds of it and there is a guy who is with his stylish skates on, who is jumping. And then you can see it yourself.

About the company

3dMD is very advanced in terms of the technology that the website uses. 4D anatomical shape information of any entity’s natural physical movements i.e. one to hundred and twenty frames per second.

Products of the company can be used in applications that demand textured 3D dense-surface image precision.

Fields of application include healthcare, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, robotic training sets, wearable-tech, human factors, apparel, anthropometric, AR/VR/XR content and perception training, biometric security, etc.

Generating progressive sequences of near ground-truth, 3dMD systems capture 3D images of the region of interest. Be it a full body, face, head, hand, foot, etc., 3dMD can do it with high precision and fidelity.

This 3D human scanner has an efficient workflow which is as high as one subject per minute. The 3dMD systems support high-volume throughput objectives, not compromising on the social distancing guidelines.

The ability to scale, by devices developed by this company has the potential to meaningfully increase not only the statistical size but also the diversity of the anatomical-3D subject database.

What this essentially leads to is the training of models driving Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics innovations.

About their device

This 3D human scanner is developed by a company that has its own 3D capture technology which is based on the integration of several camera viewpoints.

And a result of that is amazingly fast and accurate 3D capturing. Not only is 3dMD’s approach used for delivering high precision 3D surfaces, but also it is often used to scan in three dimensions body parts such as the face, head, torso, limb, thorax, or even the full body.

The primary target of the company in terms of customers are hospitals, clinics, and research institutions. Their products related to 3D body scanners, they offer on-site installation, training options, and ongoing customer support.

Particularly this body scanner uses 9 to 22-plus modular units of 27 to 66-plus machine vision cameras. The complete system is an industrial-grade flash system which is synchronized in a single capture.

BotScan NEO

BotScan NEO

While landing on the company’s website you’d have to turn on the language tab to English from German. And that happens with all the websites that are of the company based in Germany.

On the center screen, you have lots of cameras to the right of the text,” Botspot’s photogrammetric 3D Scanning technology,” with an option beneath it to discover 3D Scanners.

About this company

Since 2013, the company has been developing and building 3D scanners. What drives the company’s intensive research and development work is the manufacturer’s claim to the quality of their products.

A sweet line trying to be impressive is the claim of how the manufacturer does not know problems, but they love challenges!

The company claims to be fascinated by the possibilities of 3D technology. They discovered the potential of fast and precise 3D photogrammetry in the year 2009. Since the company was founded, they claim to have put all their energies into developing their products.

Today the company’s customers are free to experience the perfect interaction of hardware and software in their 3D scanners.

About their device

As seen from the above section, the bots can NEO is a 3D human scanner which is produced by Hotspot. This device features a modular design and is customizable.

The system that covers this device uses a combination of structured light and photogrammetry for providing accurate and colored meshes.

For easy user experience, the Bots can NEO come with an intuitive mobile application that will guide you when you lack the confidence of converting your thoughts into action.

You will be also able to operate the device from this application. The devices’ maximum scanning volume capacity is 1000 x 1000 x 2000mm.

Canfield Vectra XT

Canfield Vectra

Landing on their website’s homepage’s first interactive images and texts with your eyes claim to be many things. Including the worldwide leader in medical imaging software and the other claims are made by the company’s products.

About the company

On their About Us page, the website features on the left, the company’s vision and mission. Whereas on the right, you have, vision and mission.

How can they have the same things divided is because on the left they are talking about the vision and mission of their Imaging systems, while on the right they are talking about the website’s Clinical Services.

As a technology company, Canfield creates leading-edge technology assets, provided, on their own and sometimes in partnership with industry, academia, and research centers.

All this is done by Canfield to solve complex problems. The company believes in a seamless client partnership that connects them as a unified team for collaborating on innovative solutions that help them grow their business and differentiate them from their competition.

For doing all of these, Canfield has a small team, which has a hands-on approach to rapidly plan, prototype, iterate, and achieve breakthrough results.

About their device

Mainly used in plastic surgery to help assess the risks and simulate the outcomes of plastic surgery interventions, The Vectra XT 3D human scanner can capture in three dimensions the face, breast, and body images.

All this is done in ultra-high-resolution within a 3.5 milliseconds capture time. Meaning that the time that you took to read the above sentence, even lesser than that is taken for the machine to work.

Canfield Vectra XT features several components like a floor stand with a motorized lift for adjusting the patient height, there is a Dell computer and flat panel display on-board modular, and also there is an intelligent flash unit for allowing the manipulation of the 3D scans.

The device is delivered with several options of proprietary software, depending on the intended use.

The Conclusion

Now that you are familiar with the device and the companies that make 3D human scanners, and we have also shown you in instances where these devices are useful, it’s time to end the article.

And we want to do that by discussing its application primarily. So, as you can see the main application leads to fashion, medical, and education. The areas where these 3D human scanners are also useful is industrial design and manufacturing.

Herein they are used while developing the new products. And testing how people are going to feel about them, how comfortable they will be in using the product.

The other most famous application is reverse engineering wherein 3D human scanners are used for fast prototyping. This allows you both, the new ones as well as the experienced ones to effortlessly capture the data in almost negligible time.

As you could see in the list of 3D human scanners above, they are very fast in recording data. And even in processing them, in order to utilize that data for study-related purposes.

These 3D human scanners guarantee to improve your workflow and provide accurate results every time. So, they save you the money and save you the time.

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Editorial Team

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