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June 9, 2021

Let’s be honest about this adjective “best” that we are trying to search not just while buying a printer and searching for 3D printing machine price, but even for assets as small as a hairpin. The problem with the adjective “best” is that it is subjective.

Meaning that best for you is not the best for somebody else! So “best” can be in many senses. For someone “best” means cheap. For somebody other than that someone “best” might mean the printer that offers the best quality parts and functional prototypes.

So when you read articles that have the kind of title that this article does, it is important to ask yourself, what does best mean to you, and does that definition of best mean the same best which the author of that article is offering you? Otherwise reading such an article might turn to be a waste of time.

And if in case any article does not define what is their best indeed you are signing yourself up for a tedious task that has equal probabilities of turning out to be good as much as it could turn out bad.


In this article, we bring to you in limelight four 3D printing machine prices with their description in four different categories each of which we define as best.

So we will start in this article by terming the best 3D printing machine price according to the budget, followed by the best 3D printing machine price according to the editor, joined with best 3D printing machine price according to the specialists, and then the best 3D printing machine price according to the market survey.

So, at the end of the article not only do you have four 3D printers which are termed best vaguely out of some heavenly idea, but some tangible categories like Editor’s pick, specialists pick, a low budget pick, and the best printer according to a market survey. Let’s get started.

Best 3D Printing Machine Price According to The Budget

The Monoprice MP Voxel printer has looked like that of a premium 3D printer designed to do what other printers of even higher price range do, at a lower budget price point.

Containing a long list of handy features for improving everyday use, summed up with the fully enclosed, and tidy design, this 3D printer machine could be a lucrative option for those who just want to start printing.


Monoprice MP Voxel

Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer

Typically, when you will look at the list of desktop 3D printers priced under $400, your expectation would be that some features will be missing from the full package because you are getting a 3D printer at a price much lower than many others are. Monoprice MP Voxel will however surprise you.

All credit to the manufacturer for packing some impressive attributes inside this compact and low-cost machine.

Priced at $349, the Monoprice MP Voxel is an entry-level 3D printer that offers an easy and feature-filled experience to anyone who buys it.

Offering a print volume of 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm, this machine is placed somewhere in between the Monoprice Select Mini and Monoprice Maker Select which are other printers from the same manufacturer.


Below mentioned are the unique features of this printer.

Enclosed build chamber: Unlike its predecessors, Monoprice MP Voxel has a full enclosure which is eccentric to most other FDM 3D printers. The clear panels of this small 3D printing machine help keep the print progress in a clear view of the user. Also, it’s fully assembled right out of the box, so you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes. The enclosed build chamber will let you generate the temperature easily.


Flexible build plate: A heated build plate that is both removable and flexible, accommodated in the printer makes it easy to pop off finished 3D printed parts and functional prototypes. Also, there is an additional build plate that comes with the printer, so users can start a new print job as soon as the previous project is completed, in case they are batch printing.


  • 2.8-inch color touch screen
  • A layer resolution of 0.05 to 0.04 mm.
  • Printing with different filaments.


  • Cooling of a part and post-processing is difficult.

Best 3D Printing Machine Price According to The Editor

Artillery Sidewinder X1 was released in 2018 but after that, it was rowed back and since then has undergone many iterations. Sidewinder X1 V4 is a rock-solid printer worth a look in 2020.

Artillery Sidewinder X1

artillery sidewinder x1

The Artillery Sidewinder X1 boasts a lot of features that printers would get only after upgrading themselves. Be it the X1’s direct drive system, or its AC heated bed.

Take the printer’s super silent motherboard and fans, each one of these features speaks of the ways in which the Sidewinder stands out amongst its budget competitors.


The best highlight of this printer is its build volume i.e. 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm and sleek appearance.


The Artillery Sidewinder X1 is a large desktop 3D printer that has features that you do not get to see in the printers of a similar price range such as a sturdy chassis, direct drive extruder system, and a big, fast-heating print bed.

Sleek Design: The Artillery Sidewinder X1 is one more in the list of countless other 3D printers based on the Creality CR-10-style printers that surfaced after the immense success of that model. The only difference being that the Sidewinder X1 is not a mere clone, neither from the installed tech nor from the overall appearance. Not copying its source of inspiration completely, the Artillery Sidewinder X1 has the power supply, joined with the mainboard, and accompanied by the in-trend touchscreen neatly stored in the base unit. All of these give the 3D printer a sleek and professional appearance, which is quite unlike similarly priced printers.

The print bed: Print volume-wise, this 3D printer comes out to be slightly above average than all others. However, where the Sidewinder pretty much does not have any competitors at all, is in its ability to get from naught to printing. To account for, even more, the Sidewinder’s heated bed leaves others way behind than itself, by providing heating from room temperature to 60°C in approximately 45 seconds which is unmatched. And, for the sake of completeness, the printer nozzle is in no way inferior.



  • The printer has a design that will make you fall for itself at the very first glance.
  • Sidewinder is known for getting heated very fast which means it will ensure the first part of the printing process saves you some time compared to the other printers.
  • When placed in a room, the Sidewinder will not make any noise as such as other printers in the same price range.


  • The Artillery Sidewinder has seen some complaints from its users regarding the awfulness of the filament holder.
  • The wiring of this best 3D printer machine price is very delicate. So if they are not maintained in order, they might break leaving you with an unfinished print.
  • Heat dissipation should be even after the post-processing is reported to be uneven while using this 3D printer.

Best 3D Printing Machine Price According to The Specialists

Ultimaker S5 was made by a company founded in 2011 which is based in Dutch. After spending nine years in the 3D printing industry, Ultimaker has solidified itself as a pioneer in manufacturing open-source 3D printers.

With its highly praised range of professional-grade 3D printers, along with its most popular 3D printing slicers in Cura, hardly anybody will doubt that Ultimaker is one of the most influential players not only in the desktop 3D printing market but in the entire 3D printing market.


Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker S5

You will find this 3D printer on the more expensive side of the desktop 3D printing spectrum. But this does not mean that the company is charging you for giving nothing at all in return.

Ultimaker S5 applies to anyone who is a designer, an engineer, a small business owner, or even a prosumer who is ready to pay some extra money for getting an excellent piece of hardware.

S5’s incredible print quality, intuitive guidance from print setup to the printed part or functional prototype removal, and the larger-than-expected build volume make it a worthy replacement for the highly coveted Ultimaker 3, just what people were waiting to receive.


The most compelling feature of the Ultimaker S5 arguably is the print volume offered by the manufacturer i.e. 330 mm x 240 mm x 300 mm compared to the 215 mm x 215 mm x 200 mm of the Ultimaker 3.

This new 3D printer also includes dual extrusion capabilities, combined with an improved feeder system joined with a filament flow sensor that will make sure that the printer automatically pauses prints when filament runs out.

Bowden extrusion System:  The print head of this 3D printer is ultra-light, because of which the printing process becomes exceptionally fast. Designed with a tight filament path, the extruder makes it easier to print with flexible materials like TPU. The printer manufacturer has also redesigned the silicone nozzle cover which will ensure more consistent airflow and efficient material throughput.


Ultra-flat anodized aluminum bed: The new ultra-flat anodized aluminum released in Fall 2018 will charm the complete 3D printer’s beauty alongside its integrated full-color touchscreen display onto the front of the printer. This will allow everyone to seamlessly swipe through and adjust various settings.

Best 3D Printing Machine Price According to The Market Survey

The Original Prusa i3 MK3S offers extraordinary value for money because its print quality is completely out-of-the-box.

So, you are already granted many cases that outperform printers multiple times their price. Combined with the printer’s inbuilt calibration routines and error detection and mitigation systems that make this one of the most intelligent printers.

Original Prusa i3 MK3S

3D printer Prusa Research Original Prusa i3 MK3S

This new and improved 3D printer has a completely redesigned extruder system than its predecessor that includes all of the cumulative upgrades which were recommended to this model over the passage of time.


The Prusa MK3S, overall, looks and feels exactly like its predecessor. As it offers the same 250 mm x 210 mm x 200 mm build volume.

Alongside it has a sturdy frame with iconic orange-colored 3D print parts and many more such features. However, there are some new features also.


Extruder: Due to a suggestion from a number of users suggested that the extruder should be easier to access, the manufacturer modified the design enabling users to change the nozzle of PTFE tubing without having to take apart the entire assembly.

Filament Sensor: After experimenting with a mechanical switch mechanism for its new sensor, the printer manufacturer found the initial results highly unreliable. So, Prusa Research opted to go for a combination of new ideas with old ones and created an optical sensor that is triggered by a simple mechanical lever. Thanks to this hybrid approach, the new sensor isn’t affected by the optical properties of the filament.


  • The prints of parts and functional prototypes printed by this printer are exceptional.
  • The design of this printer is sturdy.
  • It has an autocalibration feature.
  • It can pause and restart after saving your work, let you resume easily.


  • Dense supports are required to print parts and functional prototypes.
  • Some users complain that this 3D printer does not have many upgrades compared to its older version.

The Conclusion

Hope this best 3D printer machine price article has served its purpose with which it started at first. And when you go out there to buy a 3D printer, these suggestions are helpful to find which one is best for you among the categories mentioned in the article. Good luck with your search and do look for the website of the printer manufacturer of the printers mentioned in this article.


Stay updated on the recent happenings in 3D Printing and be the first to know when an awesome product hits the market.

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