2024 Top Service Providers Of 3D Printing In San Diego

3D Printing is a service that can be offered and served to any part of the world you are in.

But to search for a 3D printing service provider in your own locality has got its own fun.

With the fun, there are also certain benefits you get from the service provider being in your locality.

You can get to personally visit them, have a conversation about the ideas, and see your scale of knowledge within the 3D printing field, and a lot more.

So, here is an article full of information, primarily for people who are in San Diego and looking for service providers of 3D printing San Diego.

As well as people who are outside San Diego but yet looking for a sensible 3D printing service provider.

We are going to write our observations about what we felt like after visiting them virtually, through their websites.

What are the prerequisites, how can you work with them for 3D printing your part or a functional prototype?

And what you will get in the end is also one more factor that we do not necessarily intend to make you know i.e. comparison of one website to the other.

This would serve to you as a basic introduction about them and sort of which one is doing what in the field of 3D printing.

So here is a list of service providers of 3D printing in San Diego.



About Us of this company’s website already claims to be your manufacturing partner from prototype through production.

Which is the case not just with this service provider of 3D printing in San Diego, but also with many other service providers of 3D printing worldwide.

Moving on, to the claims that the company makes in the next paragraph that is present just beneath the video of the manufacturing unit of Sd3D: data accumulation over the years in the field of 3D Scanning and 3D industry experience has been done by the company.

Which the company is now utilizing for providing the highest quality commercial 3D printing production and technology solutions.

They are not just located in San Diego, so they can also be mentioned as service providers of 3D printing in Los Angeles, California as well as Dallas, provided if we write about 3D printing service providers in those regions as well.

The delivery claims of Sd3D for most of the 3D print orders are given three to five days. In a stanza where the company is audacious enough to give you reasons out for choosing them, it already claims itself an expert as a 3D printing service provider.

And that they aren’t just a service provider of 3D printing in San Diego, they are instead of your manufacturing or production partner from concept to mass production.

If you are a 3D printer owner or an original equipment manufacturer, they would like to hear from you about integrating their 3D print process automation technology into your product line or 3D printing service.

Homepage and other tabs

There are stacks and machines visible in the blurred background of the text “Automated Additive Manufacturing Solutions.

Commercial and industrial grade solutions for 3D printing parts in volume.” With two options, one: meet with a designer and two: instant print quote.

So, now you know that unlike most websites for 3D printing services, Sd3D lets you hire a 3D designer which can help you out in making the 3D design of the idea that you have.

But when you click on this option, the webpage that opens up is a little technical to understand.

However, with the texts and notifications we now know that the first fifteen minutes with the designer is free, you need to choose a design. The design options to choose from are, mechanical and organic.

The former one would be charged at $80 per hour after the fifteen-minute free consultation and the latter one would be also charged at the same rate.

Once you choose one amongst the two, you will be given the options of the designers that are with the company and their business hours.

Choosing that you will be asked the date and then your information and confirmation.

The other option which was to get an instant quote opens up a new webpage wherein you one option i.e. to upload your design file.

The company is smart enough to understand that you will opt for either of the two.

Scrolling down on the home page you have a four-step work process in the manner in which they work.

There is also a list of companies with whom Sd3D has worked in the past, serving you as a reference.

The ending of the home page has four columns and options under it.

There are seven tabs on the home page, one of them being Home itself.

Options under Services Tab of the website

There is product design, 3D printing, casting, and information in four columns under the Services tab of the website.

Under 3D printing, you have volume orders, prototypes, and membership.

There are three memberships offered by the company i.e. Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. Costing $199, 499, and 999 respectively.

incept 3D

incept 3D

They have put a video of three machines in which some of the other workings are going on, you can realize by the movement that is happening, in the background of the text that claims incept as ‘California’s 3D printing hub.”

Below three short lines, you have the option to submit files.

So if you are a user who has got their design file and is looking for a good service provider of 3D printing SanDiego, visits them, click on it and all you have to enter is your name, email, and phone that’s it. Files accepted here in STL extension only.

Tabs on this website

The website of incepting 3D has three tabs i.e. 3DP technologies, 3DP materials, and buy filament.

So, if you are a 3D printer owner looking to buy in some filaments because you have an FDM 3D printer, you can go to the website.

But there is a catch over here, which you will get to know once the webpage opens up. There are four options for buying PETG.

That means you have only one type of filament that the website offers and there are four different colors of it i.e. White, Grey, Black, and Blue. You get a 2kg roll 1.75mm thick.

Interesting is the second tab where you have options for different 3DP materials.

Here you have PLA, PETG, Standard resin, Durable resin, GreyPro resin, and Rigid resin. Another reason for the fact that there is more than one option here is, when you click on buying, the company only has filaments to sell that too made of PETG.

But when you talk about printing materials and selecting them, not only you have filaments, but also resins.

Now that we have mentioned the options which are available when you move your mouse onto the second option of the website, if you know a little bit about 3D printing, you would be able to tell what would be the options for the first tab.

You are right if you guess FDM and SLA printing. For those who couldn’t, we would like to inform you that it is because, FDM printers use filaments in terms of raw materials, whereas SLA printers use resin.


There is no information about how you are going to be charged.

Also, there is no information about the 3D printers that the website uses for 3D printing your part or a functional prototype.

For all this information you’d have to either contact the company or submit your file.

So, you either ways, need to have a file of the idea that you have for taking the communication further with the company.

And provided the object that you want to make can only be made from an FDM and SLA 3D printer.

Else you can visit the website to buy PETG filament in the mentioned colors.

3D Printing Pro

3D Printing Pro

Instead of fancy photographs of machines or videos of the same, you have texts informing you about the company and the way in which they work.

There are seven tabs that are present on the homepage of the website 3D printing Pro.

Claims are on the company’s website about the company being the largest service provider of 3D printing in San Diego and the West Coast.

This website has the second tab listed on it as 3D Printers, bringing your mouse’s cursor over it will tell you that the company offers to purchase some of the Makerbot, 3D Systems, Flashforge, Solidoodle, and 3D printing pen for 3D printing your parts or functional prototypes.

There are also 3D Handheld and Portable Scanners which is the tab just next to 3D printers.

Besides it, you have 3D printer filament, wherein there are options of PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PVA, and Conductive materials.

In a separate tab (the last one), the company has actually listed down three reasons for Why Them?

Therein things start to get a little interesting because the first option that you can click on is,” Our Guarantee,” the second one is,” No hassle return policy,” and the third one,” exclusive access to Pros.”

Clicking on Tabs

Under 3D printing services of this service provider of 3D printing San Diego, you have the option of uploading a file, wherein the webpage that opens up asks for your details and the file, after filling which, the company will get back to you with a quote.

Yes. You do not have any details about the pricing, we guess this is because there is no standardization in terms of product volume that you are going to require.

The 3D printers options has a list of all the companies mentioned above, but they are not the ones that the company uses for 3D printing of your part or functional prototypes, they are something that you can buy from the company.

The same goes for scanners, wherein you only have one in the option while we are writing this article i.e. Sense 3D Scanner available for the price of $399.

In terms of filaments, you have plenty of options in plenty of colors.

PLA filament is available in 16 different color shades. So, you have 16 different color options if you wish to print with this material.

The Conclusion

So, here you had reviews of three different websites that are service providers of 3D printing in San Diego.

All of them are different in the ways they offer their 3D printing services.

One thing to be noted in general and that goes for every website that you will be for 3D printing your part or functional prototype is the uploading of file for getting a quote.

And our best guess why that remains the most common things not only on service providers of 3D printing San Diego but also everywhere over the world is the fact that the determination of price is going to be on the basis of the volume of the object that you are willing to 3D printing.

If you are leading towards questions like,” How do they calculate the cost?”

Well, a rough try to sum up the answer is, they calculate the cost of the material with which you are looking to 3D print, add on the electricity cost which is the consumption of the 3D printer that you are looking to 3D print your object with.

And then they lookout for the most important thing i.e. whether you have a batch production of parts and prototypes or it’s a small production.

And then they communicate the cost to you accordingly.

So, if you are a local based in San Diego, we hope that this list of the service provider of 3D printing in San Diego has helped you decide on which one is suited to you in terms of the website offering that these companies have.

And if you wish to visit them, you have their names from which you can get access to their addresses and contact them or maybe write to them.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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