17 Products Ideas You Can 3D Print to Make Money in 2023

3D printing isn’t new. It has been around for long. However, the utilization of this technology into product printing is something that has sparked recently.

The ongoing advancements and researches around 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing had led to many innovations. The technology is no more restricted for industrial applications, however, it has been available for home users too.

The commercial 3D printers come for different budgets, hence affordable. While the accessibility is surging, the industries, hobbyists, and professionals are trying their best to make the most of it.

With 3D printing, the production of products becomes easier. One can print the objects in one go. If the object is larger than the print space, one can print in parts and then connect those together to create the final product.

There are many companies as well as individuals who have already made 3D printing a part of their overall manufacturing process. And, there are many who seek to do so.

Hence, it is important to check the ideas which can help one earn money with the help of 3D printing technology.

17 3D Printing Ideas for Making Money

The number of 3D printing business is rising exponentially. It is inevitable to ignore the benefits that these machines add to the overall profit of a business.

This is the reason why people keep looking for unique and better ideas for the best 3D printing service. Hence, here is a list of those options that can help you earn handsome profit by selling products printed with 3D printers.

3D Printed Animals

3d printed animalsCredit: cults3d.com

Do you know kids love owning animal figures? Either its an elephant or a lion, animals are favorite toys for every growing child.

And, if these toys are printed to give them some weird looks and shapes, even young children would also admire these. How can we forget about the Jurassic Park sequels?

Time flies by, however, some movies remain forever in our hearts. Printing dinosaurs and letting your imaginations play around with the material or finishing, could get you great popularity.

Hence, you can make a decent profit when selling 3D printed animals. You can also accept orders for customized designs when printing these animal figures.

3D Printed Props

3d printed harry potter wandCredit: iamsambigman

A lot of fantasy movies use pros which become popular among kids sooner. The craze of props shoots up faster. One such example is Harry Potter’s Wand. Harry Potter has become a trend among kids and many youngsters as well.

The different wands and stylish designs are being fascinated by kids from around the world. It is definitely possible to create wands through traditional methods. However, the efforts would be too high.

With 3D printing, these wands could be created in less time without much money and effort needed. And, these make for fantastic gifts for those who love Harry Potter.

You will also find a lot of designs online for different looking wands. By using these designs, you can easily print these or any other wand with ease.

You can also color and finish the product as desired. Making it even closer to the actual prop. 3D printing is a cost-effective method for taking care of such tasks. However, the demand is something one must asses before investing in the 3D printer supplies.

Architectural Models

3D Printed Architectural Models

3D printing has made things easier for every niche. From artists to engineers, every profession is thanking the ease that the technology has brought with itself.

One example is the utilization of 3D printers for making architectural models. These models are very important for every construction project.

Before 3D printing came into play, these were manually created which took a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the finishing achieved wasn’t much satisfactory.

With 3D printing, the job has become easier. These models can now be created in less than half of the total time taken by traditional methods. Also, these can be made with durable material. The ones prepared earlier were created with foam and cardboards which broke easily.

You do not have to print on your own. However, you can create some samples for showcases. To complete the order, print on demand. By adding more diversity to the construction and architectural projects, you can earn a handsome profit.

The best part is that the idea is lucrative and has great future prospects. However, knowledge is key here. You must know how to design models. Or else, you can hire someone to get the job done.

Designer Flower Vases

3D Printed Designer Flower VasesCredit: designboom.com

Although you may find a huge number of vases created with the help of traditional methods lying on the shelves of the store, they all demonstrate a few common challenges.

These are difficult to carve, usually heavy and highly brittle. With 3D printing, you can leave all these challenges behind and create masterpieces and unique designs that are not possible otherwise.

One can even create customized designs in hours. These vases serve as an important part of home décor. Almost every house has one resembling its style.

As the priorities are becoming more crucial, the demand for customized products is surging too. Even the smallest item of the house is selected taking care of the tiniest details. In such a scenario, one can foresee the growth of this technology clearly.

By creating vases that do not break and are easy to handle, companies can make a huge profit. There are so many awesome designs available online. One can also choose to create one’s own design. And, can print these beautiful vases with different materials and finish.

3D Printed Mobile Cases

3d printed mobile casesCredit: techrepublic.com

Mobile phones are everywhere. Users go to any length for ensuring that their mobile phones are safe. Hence, the use of mobile covers and cases has increased too.

However, these cases aren’t always attractive and usually hide the beauty of the phones too. But with 3D printing, one can create customized mobile cases with unlimited designs.

For years, the market for mobile cases has stayed on top of various other fashionable accessories. Apart from the savior of the most loved possession, these are a depiction of personal style.

The demand varies in terms of style and durability. Some like to own cases that are very stylish or stronger enough for rough handling of phones. And, some prefer lighter as well as flexible cases that are scratch-free.

The cases are always going to be in high demand. Every time a new phone is purchased, a new case is required. So, one can build amazing profits through this 3D printing business.

The level of customization possible through 3D printing can give an edge to your business over those making cases with old and conventional methods.

3D Printed Eyeglass Frames

3D Printed Eyeglass FramesCredit: sculpteo.com

Eyeglasses frames aren’t cheap. These are expensive and do not guarantee comfort. Because they are made in bulk, often users have problems getting used to these frames. However, looking for a customized eyeglass only adds to the expense.

Eyeglasses are important accessories. These must suit our face structure to complete our look. One can look completely out of place if the choice for eyeglasses goes wrong. Hence, one must not compromise with style and comfort when buying an eyeglass.

With the help of 3D printing, the cost can be brought down. Because this industry is huge, one can easily make a profit by entertaining only 1 to 2 percent of the market. Moreover, by earning loyalty, you can count on returning customers.

3D Printed Earbuds

3D Printed EarbudsCredit: theverge.com

We all like listening to music using high sound quality earbuds. However, the manufacturers often forget to include comfort with these earbuds.

The earbuds with unrivaled sound quality can get to the back seat in popularity if they aren’t comfortable with the user’s ears. This problem is well tackled by 3D printers. There are companies that are already offering such services.

Formlabs have been working on the same. The company can create 3D printed earbuds that take the size of the user’s ear and provide the highest comfort. These also come with high noise cancellation features. However, one must own a 3D scanner for perfection and accuracy.

3D Printed Earrings

3D Printed EarringsCredit: shapeways.com

It is very true that 3D printing provides freedom of expression through designs. And, this expression could be easily replicated through fashion accessories.

The most common among these accessories are earrings. There is no woman known who does not wear earrings. And, you can easily find a collection of earrings in every woman dressing kit.

These are also perfect gifts and can make a huge impression. Women like to have a different pair for every dress and occasion. This is why customized earrings could be your thing to go.

With 3D printing, you not only get the provision to print any style you want, but you can also brand yourself as the most reliable company being able to sell nickel free earrings.

Nickel causes allergy to some skin. And, with 3D printing, you can get rid of nickel completely. Moreover, the earrings printed with these machines are lighter and durable.

The competition is already rising though and you must decide sooner to reap the maximum benefits.

3D Printed Jewelry

3d printed jewelryCredit: designboom.com

Customized pieces of jewelry are popular since forever. Individuals like to own pieces of jewelry that accentuate their style and beauty. Also, jewelry is one of the popular gifting options.

Finding a wedding ring eats months. And, it is all because these fashion accessories remain with us forever as footprints of special occasions.

However, customized jewelry takes time for creation. Also, not all complex designs are possible to realize with conventional methods. But with 3D printing, this can be made easy and simple.

The market is huge. You can tap into the same by offering an edge to your customers. With customized jewelry, you can offer styles that are very complex, hence, highly gorgeous. And, the orders can be completed in hours. Without making users wait for days and weeks.

However, you must have prior knowledge and experience with the jewelry industry and must excel at 3D designing.

3D Printed Flip Flops

With 3D printing, nothing seems impossible. And, some ideas seem too funky to be given a serious thought. The same goes for the 3D printed slippers or flip flops. However, there are lots of opportunities for companies offering customized flip flops.

The number of users having trouble getting into the standard sizes is high. You would be surprised to see the numbers.

Start your research from shoe shops and make a note of customers who are unhappy because of their feet sizes and shapes, being unable to find the perfect match. For those customers, even paying a high price won’t be a problem.

This is where you can get inside the market with the help of 3D Printers. By offering such customers the customized flip flops that are made only for their feet would earn you a higher return.

Who likes to fight foot pain only because their feet aren’t among the standard sizes offered by the companies?

3D Printed Material for Bone Replacement

3d printed medical bonesCredit: 3dnatives.com

3D printing has been welcomed with an open heart by medical experts. There are many developments that are being carried around the medical niche with 3D printing as the backbone of the invention. One such example is the project that tested the printing of 3D materials for bone transplants.

This idea is still fresh and would require some more time for getting to the operational stage. However, if you are looking for a big bait, this could be your thing. The projects include the creation of Hyperelastic Bones via the 3D printing process.

Customized Shoes

3d printed Customized ShoesCredit: thefabricator.com

Similar to flip flops, the shoe manufacturing industry with 3D printing is also a great choice for those looking for a 3D printing business idea. Adidas is already into the niche and is offering athletes the provision to own customized shoes for comfort and durability.

Individuals can take pictures of the foot for the preparation of the model. Later, the company prepares the shoes according to the size and shape of the individual, offering the highest comfort. These shoes are very durable and can be used for long without any problem.

These can even be prepared according to the specifications required for each sport. Hence, providing more room for improvement.

3D Printed Miniatures

captain-america-3d-printed-superheroesCredit: gambody.com

Long gone the days when kids used to accept whatever their parents bought for them. Nowadays, even a 3 years old child has a preference in clothing or toys. And, there is no way a kid won’t love Marvel movies.

Printing miniatures of the superheroes can bring a lot of business in no time. Even the adults are fans of these miniatures and would pay hefty amount for a customized version.

So, why not take a step back, think of all the basic setup you have. And, if you feel you cannot afford the budget for a bone replacement material or customized pieces of jewelry, you can anytime think of printing miniatures. These require less setup costs and can be printed with some of the best budget printers.

The build space is also not of much consideration. Owning a decent build volume 3D printer could help you get started. However, you must have expertise in printing complex geometries as faces and other details must come clean and perfect when making with 3D printers.

3D Printed Customized Prosthetics

3D Printed Customized ProstheticsCredit: inhabitat.com

Prosthetics are built taking care of specific sizes and requirements of individuals. And, getting a prosthetics hand or limb isn’t cheap, especially, if one wants a comfortable one.

These can cost thousands of dollars, keeping many individuals away from the benefits of an independent life that these can add to their usual routine.

Hence, 3D printed prosthetics can make a huge difference in bringing that number down. These are cheap and can be customized according to their specific needs. One can even choose the design one wants to wear. These are also lighter and easy to carry.

One can choose from the many designs you come up with. You can also print the designs selected or prepared by the users. And, can earn a huge profits.

3D Printing in Robotics Learning

3D Printing in Robotics LearningCredit: weareprintlab.com

Robotics and automation go hand in hand. With robotics, one can achieve automation. And, automation has made many things easier and simpler for humans.

Either it’s the robotic sweeper of the robot delivery boy, the technology is getting inside many niches. With 3D printing, learning robotics can be made easy.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who use kits like Raspberry Pi, 3D printing would help realize things that are just your imagination by now.

Wouldn’t that be exciting to create things all by yourself when learning the most captivating field? Your practical can go hand in hand with the theory you learn.

3D Printing Homes

3D Printing HousesCredit: kut.org

Do you think building a home would cost millions of dollars? What if someone offers you a cheaper option? It is completely possible with 3D printing. A 3D printer can print an entire house and can be done in very little time.

Icon, a 3D printing company built a structure spanning around 2,000 sq ft with 3D printing. And, the project was completed in only 24 hours. The entire project cost around $4,000.

You can also cover markets where it is difficult to construct houses such as hard terrains. But one must consider building small houses. As these are more convenient and cost-effective when building with 3D printing.

3D Printed Fake Nails

3D Printed Fake NailsCredit: pinterest.com

Fake nails are used by women worldwide. These nails are reusable and can be glued to the original nails for desired looks of hands. Not every woman possesses beautiful nails, but every woman desires too. Hence, fake nails have been in the market for long and would continue to stay forever.

With 3D printing, one can create fake nails with more designs that are unique and stylish. Moreover, one can eliminate the challenge that affects the fake nail industry. A best fit fake nail is difficult to find.

These come off and aren’t very durable. However, with 3D printing, one can create customized nails that can be printed as per the sizes of the individual’s nails.

This is not only cheap but can be done quickly. One can order and receive the fake nails on the same day. Moreover, you can even create fake nails with nail arts without a need to do that later. Above all, by keeping all the details precise and accurate.

The Conclusion

3D printing is a progressive technology. Every now and then, we hear about new inventions being carried around 3D printing. This is because of the fact that there are so many things that are possible because of it.

The things that we were not able to accomplish before have been made possible with the help of 3D printing. And, the search is on. Researches and studies are carried further by different institutions for finding a better solution every time.

Looking at the prospects, one can easily calculate the profit associated with the business. However, capital investment and skills required to deliver what customers expect is very high at the same time.

The better the 3D printer you choose, the better the results you can deliver. A 3D printer cost starts around $200. However, for a decent print, one must choose the one that ranges around $1000 or even more. Depending on the task, the budget would vary. Be sure to check our ultimate buyer’s guide of the best affordable 3D printers.

Moreover, one has to think of different materials that are used for 3D printing. The FDM printers work on filaments. PLA is a cheaper option, but won’t be enough for every application.

One may have to choose the advanced materials that are expensive. This may further increase the cost of the end product. So, finding a reasonable balance between quality and price is a must.

In addition, one must consider the variable cost associated with the business. You may be hiring people and if nothing else, then, counting electricity cost is anyway the basic expense than you would be making.

Taking into consideration every smaller detail and, then finding a detailed plan would help you place the first foot in the right direction.

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