Zortrax Inventure 3D printer In-Depth Review

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Zortrax Inventure 3D printer

Unlike other printers in the same price range, the Zortrax Inventure works with a range of external as well as dedicated materials. These 3D printing materials are available either in smart cartridges or standard spools.

User Expectations
  • Automatic bed leveling.
  • Filament run-out sensor.
  • Closed print chamber.
  • Compatible with external filaments.
  • HEPA air filter.
  • Able to print in two modes.
  • Post-processing of parts and functional prototypes would be difficult.
  • Shorter print volume.

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Supporting single as well as dual extrusion, using Inventure you can print supports and models with the same filament, as well as a print model and ...
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Price Range

$ 3772






Extrusion (FFF- FDM…)


ABS, Other plastics, PLA

Filament diameter

1.75 mm 0.07 in

OS compatibility

Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

XY accuracy

0.002 mm 0 in

Max. build size

140 × 140 × 140 mm 5.51 × 5.51 × 5.51 in

Max. build volume

2.74 L

Min. layer thickness

0.09 mm 0.004 in


350 × 350 × 400 mm 13.78 × 13.78 × 15.75 in

Nozzle diameter(s)

0.4 mm 0.02 in

Power input

110/240V ~ 2 A 50/60 Hz

Heated print bed


Heated build chamber


Automatic calibration


Closed frame


Dual extruder


Independent Dual Extruder


Full color


LCD screen




On-board camera


Mobile app


3D scanners


CNC mill


Electronics 3D printing


Laser engraving


Conveyor belt


Air filter


Pellet extruder








SD card




Apart from Inventure, there is Zortrax M300 Dual, Zortrax M300 Plus, Zortrax M200 Plus as well as Zortrax Inkspire and Endureal, which you can also check out.


Here we go, the printer has the following points that stand out from others in the same price range.

Read about it and compare and make sure you get the set of these features in any printer that you decide to buy in the same price range, otherwise, buy the Zortrax Inventure.

Supports Single/Dual extruder

Running of the printer is possible in two different modes. According to the user’s choice, one can run the printer in single as well as dual modes.

The single-mode means running the printer with a single extruder would allow the user to print supports as well as the models using the same filament.

Whereas running the printer in dual-mode would mean the printer would run with dual extruders where the model of the printer and its water-soluble supports can be printed with two separate materials.

This is a very comfortable option to run any printer and has to deal with the flexibility offered to its user.

Allows printing with external and dedicated materials

Unlike other printers in the same price range, the Zortrax Inventure works with a range of external as well as dedicated materials.

These 3D printing materials are available either in smart cartridges or standard spools.

An important thing to note here is, the printer can run with external as well as dedicated materials, in single as well as a dual-mode of 3D printing.

This means that it does not matter to the printer if you use the external as well as dedicated material while printing using a single extruder or a mix of all using dual extruders.

Enclosed printing chamber

One of the most important features to have in any FDM 3D printer is the enclosed printing chamber.

This ensures that the generation of temperature happens relatively fast than it happens when the print chamber is open.

Not only does this decreases the overall print speed, but also it seals the build platform from the ambient environment in which the printer is kept.

This ensures that the printing happens under controlled conditions which increases the overall quality of parts and functional prototypes that are printed using the Zortrax Inventure.

Built-in HEPA filter and external materials support

The Zortrax Inventure comes with a HEPA filter that intercepts over 99 percent of the 3D printing emissions.

This deals with a very prominent issue when 3D printing any part or functional prototypes i.e. the issue of smelling plastic.

Since most of the materials that you can use for FDM 3D printing are thermoplastic and knowing the fact that FDM 3D printing works by melting them, the person who is nearby the 3D printer has to deal with the smell of the plastic.

Also, the heat that is generated needs to be given out open in the atmosphere.

For dealing with both of these issues the manufacturer of this printer has equipped it with a HEPA filter that helps in dealing with this emission.

All the 3rd party filaments that are available in spools are supported by the printer both, in single, as well as in dual extrusion modes.


zortrax inventure specsCredit: etape3d.com

The build volume of Zortrax Inventure is 135 mm * 135 mm * 130 mm and its nozzle diameter is 0.4mm.

When you wish to print with model and support structure you can use the printer on its dual extrusion mode.

The printer is equipped with a material detection sensor for detecting when the filament cartridge gets over.

There is a chip that the printer comes with, which has information about the material type, color, and consumption.

In addition to all this, the printer comes with a HEPA filter that takes in all the emissions given out by this printer.

For connecting to this printer, you can use the SD card provided by the manufacturing company.

The manufacturer of this printer claims that the printer is based on LPD plus i.e. Layer Plastic Deposition technology which is used for deposition of advanced thermoplastic using water-soluble material.

However, how this technology differs from FFF or FDM 3D printing technology should be looked into. It may be possible this is another name given to the same 3D printing technology.

The parts and functional prototypes printed using this printer have a layer resolution range of 150 to 200 microns. Wherein the minimal wall thickness is 450 microns.

The printer is equipped with sensors that automatically measures platform points and height. As mentioned above, the printer has a closed heated chamber.

The recommended operating temperature range of Zortrax Inventure is 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Whereas the storage temperature range of the printer starts from zero degrees Celsius and ends at 35 degrees Celsius.

Some of the filaments that the company dedicates to single extrusion are Z-NYLON, Z-ULTRAT, Z-PETG, Z-GLASS, and Z-PLA.

Whereas those for dual extrusion are Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-ULTRAT Plus, and Z-SUPPORT Premium. All of these filaments can be bought from the company’s website.

The support structures used for manufacturing complicated parts or functional prototypes can be mechanically removed are printed with the same material as the model Water-soluble or can be printed with a different material than the model, as the printer runs on two modes.

The filament container of the printer can be a cartridge or spool. And the diameter of the filament used in the printer is 1.75mm.


The manufacturer of this printer contains an online store wherein the price of this printer is mentioned as $2043.

First Impression

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer

There is a video of the printer running behind the text which you first encounter after landing on the webpage specially dedicated to this printer. This video takes you pretty much to every section of the printer.

The printer has a black color which makes you identify it even from afar end.

The video starts by introducing you to the power button which is present on the bottom left of the body of this printer.

Inside the door is the print chamber, which can be opened and closed for collecting parts, functional prototypes, or post-processing.

There are three steps that the company claims you should go through for printing a part or functional prototype using water-soluble support, they are, you need to take the model off the build tray and submerge it in water which is present inside the Zortrax DSS Station.

The second step is to take the model out of the Zortrax DSS Station.

Here the company is honest enough to admit, how sometimes it’s necessary to remove remnants of support with a brush included in the kit.

And finally, the third step involves careful drying once the support has dissolved.


The box of the printer comes with a 3D printer, Z-PETG, Z-SUPPORT Premium, 5 build trays, Starter Kit, and 2x Spool holders, for alternating use of single and dual extruders.

Being a desktop 3D printer, it must come completely assembled and all you would be needed to do is, the bed leveling which you are required to check before starting to print your first part on the printer.

Also suggested is the reading of the instruction manual and going through documents that are available on the printer’s website for knowing the functionality of parts of the printer.

There are videos available on the same webpage which is dedicated to the printer, which if you watch, would help you know the printer more.

You can also download the product catalog and contact the company if your doubts are not solved by the content available online.

Printing Type/Cost

The company claims its printer to work on a technology named LPD Plus, the full form of which is Layer Plastic Deposition Plus.

Arguably this is another name given to FFF or FDM 3D printing technology.

Because the mechanism of this printer suggests it work similarly to FFF or FDM 3D printing.

The nozzle system is attached to the extruders on one end and the rails on the other.

Rails are supported by the pillars which make sure the nozzle system is able to move up and down i.e. closer and away from the print bed after a layer of filament is printed on it.

Because the complete system looks like FDM 3D printing technology we are assuming that the cost of printing a part or functional prototype using this printer would be lower than other technologies.

However, as the printer can be operated in dual modes, the cost of the printer might be higher than a printer based on FDM 3D printing technology but can be operated only on a single extruder model.

Although when talking about the printing cost, a lot depends on the infill of the part that you are printing as well as the electricity consumption of the printer, etc.

Print Quality

Zortrax Inventure printCredit: zortrax.com

There are pictures of:

  1. Accurate human heart model based on the CT scan. Before dissolving support structures, and of the model after the support structures are dissolved.
  2. Advanced piping connector. Before and after dissolving support structures.
  3. Casings for photography lighting equipment printed in single extrusion mode on Zortrax Inventure.
  4. A two-part casing of an electric motor. The stand is printed in single extrusion and the gears with a cover printed in dual-extrusion.
  5. A prototype artificial heart made with components 3D printed on Zortrax Inventure.

All of them look to possess more than average level of print quality than parts that are generally printed with FDM 3D printing technology have.


Z Suite software for zortaxCredit: itworks3d.com

Z-Suite is the name of the software that comes with the printer.

It supports file inputs with an extension .STL, .OBJ, . DXF, and .3MF. Mac operating system up to the Mojave extension and Windows 7 and more advanced versions are supported with the software.

Parameters Influencing Buying Decision

The points that we want you to not miss out on are mentioned in the brief below. So catch some time to have a glance at, before making your buying decision.

3D Printer cost: To judge whether this printer is affordable or not all you have to do is compare the list of features mentioned in this printer’s in-depth review with another printer in the same price range.

3D Print quality: Seeing the pictures of parts or functional prototypes that are printed using this printer, the print quality is extraordinary.

3D Print speed: Average.

3D Printer capability: Not only can you print with external 3D printing materials or third-party filaments, but also the company offers you some dedicated filaments which they feel are capable of getting printed on the single as well as dual extrusion modes.

3D Printer Practicality: The parts that are shown printed by the printer on its webpage range from the automotive industry to medicare, so you can judge the practicality of the printer based on that.

3D Printer User expectations: This printer does not have a specific set of user expectations that it will fulfill. Instead, it has a little for everyone. For the beginners, it is affordable, for the experienced users it gives the quality of the print, for the teachers, it has small build volume which they can teach their students easily by keeping the printer on their desk.

Zortrax Inventure was featured in our article: 10 Top Best Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The Verdict

So, if there is a printer, which you wish to buy, look whether the Zortrax Inventure falls into the price range which you are aiming for.

Apart from that look at the print quality and see whether you can compromise a little budget for the quality.

But most importantly look at the build volume see whether you are fine with it.

Because you can get more by spending the same. So, it’s just the give and takes!

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