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Yes, this is no more just a thought, but people are already 3D printing food in their kitchen. While you sit there fantasizing what it would be like to have a 3D printed food, there are others who are already working to bring the technology to their kitchen counter.

Hence, without much wait, let’s find out how can you too print food from these astonishing machines. If you are already a maker and have been working with 3D printers, you may have most of the things available to start 3D printing food.

Steps to Prepare 3D Printed Food

Like always, 3D printing has huge potential, however, it does have few limitations too. In terms of speed, you may like the idea a bit restrictive.

So, if you wish to use 3D printers for mass production, you may have to deal with the challenges of speed. However, if it’s not about serving the orders right away, a 3D printer could be a huge deal.

So, let’s find out what all things you would need to prepare 3D printed food. Above all, how to start with the entire process.

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Think of a Recipe You Want to 3D Print

As you must have expected, you would need to think of a recipe you would like to create using 3D printers. Let me explain this clearly, not every extruder will be able to print different kinds of food.

And, the food 3D printers that are available out there are engineered to perfect one or a few items. So, deciding what to print using a 3D printer must be your first goal.

A lot of people do think of chocolates, because, they are everyone’s favorite. And, you can actually sell them when printed in attractive shapes and flavors.

However, these are the messiest when it comes to printing. This is because of the precise temperature requirement and a lot of other constraints.

Although if you are someone who likes challenges, you can go for it, do not forget there are other options too. As a starter, you can go with easy choices that offer consistency of the material you use. For instance, puree, doughs, and even mashed potatoes.

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Get a 3D Printer for Creating 3D Printed Food

Choosing a 3D printer is a huge task. We have mentioned a few recommendations below. You can pick from those. Or else, if you have an open-source 3D printer, you can make enhancements to the same.

And, if you at all decide to go for upgrading an existing 3D printer, you must look for the right extruder.

The usual 3D printer would allow you to achieve a three-dimensional motion, however, you still need to work on the right extruder. Here is when the choice of recipe would help decide which extruder mechanism you must choose.

Here as well, you can create your own extruder. The syringe mechanism extruder is the most popular one.

This is because of its simple workflow and use. There are other designs though from the open-source community.

The thickness of the material would help you choose the right fit. For instance, if your material solution has a thinner consistency, you can use a small syringe extruder. However, in the case of thicker solutions, you must go for powerful extruders such as beefier.

Also, there is a certain pre-existing extruder that could go well with your 3D printer, requiring a few modifications. You have got a lot of choices to buy.

For instance, Discov3ry, 3D drag extruder, and others. In case, the mixture is as touch as cookie dough, you can look for air compressed extruders. You can control these manually in between the prints to adjust against the material consistency.

After you have chosen the extruder, install it on the machine.

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Prepare the 3D Design File

The food 3D printer also works similarly to its standard mechanism. Hence, you will require a 3D file. If you are not good enough with the 3D art, you may have to face challenges looking for the designs online.

Also, if you design and good at it, there are problems such as compatibility issues. For instance, you may find a design app, however, it may not be compatible with the printer you are using. Hence, it is better to go with the application that you are already using with your 3D printer.

While designing, you must not forget to adjust settings depending on the material you are printing with. Some solutions would allow you to hold higher builds.

However, others may fall off in between. Also, there are chances for deformation. The best way to sort these problems is to experiment with your settings and find what sails you through.

Try to learn about the limitations that each material brings with itself. Food 3D printing is still growing and we may not have the obvious answer for everything.

But sooner or later, with experiments and conclusions, we will reach a satisfactory stage. Until then, you keep trying to make wonderful dishes from your 3D printers.

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Last Step to Printing – Adjusting Slicer Settings

Once again, the steps remain the same as it is with the usual 3D printing process. You must adjust the slicer settings to accommodate to the needs of the material chosen to print.

To be on a safer side, you must not choose a very high speed. On the contrary, go with slow printing speeds.

Allow for multiplier settings to give way to the right flow of the mixture. Also, do not forget to use the retraction settings for avoiding dripping of material in between.

The settings will mostly depend on the food you want to create. And, the material you choose to print with. Hence, you must go through the settings a few times to understand what slicer settings fit the best results.

The mantra here is to not give up. Trust this, when finally, you would start printing, there will be a huge amount of frustration handling different consistency of solutions. But you need to play around with the settings to ensure you have tried all the possible ways.

Because if you do that, there is certainly a chance that you would find the right settings for your desired material.

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Tips for 3D Printed Food

Now that you know how the 3D printed food is prepared, it is time to learn about some dos and don’ts. Although it is a fun experiment to 3D print food, you must not forget that you are going to eat it. So, it is important to take some safety measures.

To start with, you must keep things clean. Any direct contact surface with the material must be washed perfectly. This would help you keep your food items edible.

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Recommendations for Food 3D Printers

You must have geared for counting on the popular Food 3D printers available in the market. So, here is a list of a few of the most adored options out there for consumers.

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Did you know that the PancakeBot first surfaced after being made out of LEGO? Yes, it did. However, it did hint the inventor of its huge potential.

With flaunting a huge success with the Kickstarter campaign, the 3D printer became available for purchase.

There are various new features included with the PancakeBot 2.0. It features better and faster speed control coupled with a user-friendly interface. It would cost around $299.

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Byflow Focus

byFlow Focus

This again is a nice option for those with serious love with 3D printing. It costs around $3700 and is one of the most unique offerings by far. The fact that the machine can be folded into a suitcase weighing just 7 kgs, make it a perfect fit for those who love traveling.

You can carry your 3D printer with you, wherever you go. And, have food prepared on your own. Sounds interesting? You must try it to find what’s more astonishing about the choice.

Setting up the 3D printer takes no more than a few seconds. And, it can start printing right after 2 minutes of setup. It comes with interchangeable print heads.

The best part is that the print heads can be shuffled with the choice of your material, either provided by the company or made yourself.

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Bocusini is one of the most popular selections with offering various latest features common among the machines available today.

The 3D printer is a hard work of Print2Taste, a Munich-based company that launched the idea back in 2015.

With huge progress and advancements, the company has already released its 3.0 Pro version in a short span of time. Apart from the food 3D printers, the company also engages in offering customers with a variety of 3D printed food materials.

What makes this company unique is its disposable cartridge system. Using which, the food material never comes in contact with any part of the 3D Printer, keeping it safe.

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Pros and Cons of 3D Printed Food

The technology has not been acclaimed commercially, and there is a reason for it. Hence, let us find out the various pros and cons of 3D printed food and know where we have reached and what entails beyond.

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One can create huge differences in the way we expect our food to be. It can provide varieties for the textures, artistic designs, food shape, and many features of the existing food. It can immensely help in bringing impossible varieties to the table.

The food can now be easily transportable using 3D printing solutions. Even in space, the availability of meat and other variants can become accessible. It could add sustainability.

3D Printers, with the right settings, could even surpass the traditional method of cooking in terms of the consistent temperature availability and various other parameters.

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As you know that the technology is still growing and there is a lot to learn while we progress to the future, the need for a reliable solution is still far-fetched.

For instance, you may be able to achieve the perfect texture every time you 3D print, however, there are still limitations when printing fragile structures.

Again, speed is also a huge issue. The food 3D printers take a lot of time. And, in a commercial setup where orders need to be processed in the minimum time possible, depending on a slow device would ruin the entire restaurant’s workflow.

Mass production becomes a huge problem too. Serving a huge bunch of people may get you into trouble if you plan to use the 3D printer inside a restaurant’s kitchen.

There are ways to reduce the overwhelming costs of specialized food 3D printers. You can set up a food extruder on your regular 3D printer.

However, the results won’t be satisfactory. While this could work for home use, it won’t help commercially. So, you must expect a huge investment when considering to buy a professional food 3D printer.

Last but not the least, the safety of food must be the priority for every maker. And, it becomes an extra load with working with food 3D printers.

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The Conclusion

There has been huge progress in the 3D printing arena since the time it first surfaced in the 1980s. We have traveled a long way.

Undeniably, we do have surpassed our expectations. However, there are few niches, where the application of 3D printing is still new. And, the food industry is one of them.

The 3D printers which have been designed so far, do offer huge potential. But currently, they lack the edge to suit the commercial setup.

You can definitely buy your own 3D printer and experience the perks of the technology. But there are almost slim chances that you would find a restaurant nearby serving you 3D printed food.

That brings us down to the same question: Is this technology sustainable enough? We are hopeful that in the near future there would be considerable changes.

The developments are already in action. And, anytime, we may hear the announcements that would amaze us, as the release of first desktop 3D printers did.

Best Chocolate 3D Printer – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide in 2020 Sun, 12 Jul 2020 15:02:32 +0000 Table of Contents

Can we ever get bored of eating chocolates? Either it’s the shakes or the sweet treats, we crave for chocolates all the time. Popular from centuries, we have been consuming chocolates in various different forms.

While the delicacy has already at its peak, there is no doubt of more room for advancements. And, the chocolate 3D printer has proved the same. The 3D printing technology has provided us with better prospects for flexibility in design with added fun quotient.

However, there is still a lot that we need to achieve through consistent upgrades and development around chocolate 3D printing.

Hence, let us discuss the various nuances of additive manufacturing technology in bringing the chocolate industry to an altogether newer height of success.

Alongside this, let’s try to find out the limitations that we could improve on for making 3D printing a stronger fit for chocolate fabrication.

How Does a Chocolate 3D Printer Works?

Definitely, you must be wanting to find out the working of chocolate 3D Printers. And, why not, after all, the most revolutionary technology when connected with the most famous treat does entice everyone to look deeper.

The good news is that these 3D Printers aren’t very different from the usual FDM printers. Most of these machines even work with similar CAD files.

However, instead of the regular filament, these 3D printers work on a syringe filled with chocolate. This keeps the chocolate melted at the desired temperature.

The syringe is loaded with chocolate and when the print starts, the 3D printer chocolate extruder moves around the X and Y axis to create the desired shape. After each layer turns out fine, the build plate lowers down. As it happens with the standard FDM 3D printers.

This process keeps going until the 3D chocolate takes the complete shape. During the entire operation, the chocolate 3D printer takes care of almost every part of the job.

The manufacturers ensure that the syringe is food safe and capable enough to maintain the freshness of the chocolates.

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3D Printing with Chocolates

If you have already worked with an FDM printer and plastic filaments, you must know how the entire system operates. However, that does not mean that printing with chocolate would be a lot easier for experienced individuals.

You must know that Chocolates melt easily as well as taken time for hardening at room temperature.

Thus, when trying to cool the melted chocolate, one has to go through many challenges. Along with temperature, gravity and many other factors also contribute to deformation, making the entire experience even more terrifying for many.

There is more to the mess you may expect. We do know that there are different types of chocolate available, milk chocolate, dark ones, and even the white chocolates. When looking at the properties of these chocolates, you will find huge differences in their viscosities.

Hence, you must choose the best quality chocolate, Belgian chocolate is recommended by most of the experts. It is easier to tame when compared with the other types. Because of its higher cocoa levels, it provides better results than other counterparts.

Some people also experiment with tempered chocolate for printing with their existing chocolate 3D printer. For instance, adding a significant percentage of pectin does make the task easier.

Almost for all the 3D printers, the chocolates are available with cartridges itself. This is because these treats cannot be molded as a spool of filaments.

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Pros and Cons of Chocolate 3D Printer

You must have got an idea that 3D printing with chocolate isn’t easy. So, let’s find out what are the advantages as well as limitations when using a chocolate 3D printer.

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We are talking about chocolate 3D printing because it does bring some of the most exciting perks for the entire chocolate industry.

Although there are many developments yet to happen and the industry is still at its initial phase, there are many advantages of using a 3D printer over traditional methods.

  • Provides room for complex shape creation
  • Individuals can print their own delicacies for events and parties
  • One can customize the chocolate shapes as per one’s need
  • The easy to use 3D printers could help anyone learn the art of chocolate creation, definitely when one is ready to employ required efforts
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There are many reasons why we still cannot say that 3D printing has got the best of the chocolate industry. Among all the obvious reasons, the commercialization of the chocolate 3D printers is still far-fetched.

One must work on various constraints before bringing the machines to restaurants and other outlets for mass production.

  • The time these machines take to carve the chocolates isn’t very impressive yet.
  • Mass production is still a question
  • Working with chocolates to harden these on time and faster is not that easy, hence, difficult for many to work with these machines
  • The shape is prone to deformation because of the gravitational force.

Among all the ups and downs, the printers have made a huge mark among the consumers. This is because of the fact that the chocolate industry is not driven only through its sweetness.

However, the designs of the chocolates matter a lot too. That is why, even with all the limitations, users aren’t pushed back from using these machines for creating edible arts.

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Recommendations for Chocolate 3D Printers

So, here we are, exploring the various 3D printers that can print with chocolates.

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ZMorph VX


ZMorph is an already popular brand. Apart from being a 3D printer, it also works as a CNC mill, as well as a laser cutter. There are reasons why it is called the all in one 3D printer.

But there is more to the list of surprises. The ZMorph VX is equipped with five different extruders. It offers single, dual, laser cutting, CNC as well as printing with paste.

This means that you can not only print chocolates but different pastes with similar consistencies. Such as cookie dough, icing, and whatnot.

This chocolate 3D printer price including the complete set of extruders is $4,399. Although there are few things that still need some upgradation, especially with the paste printing, doesn’t that remain alike for all the printers available?

So, you can consider this option as a viable choice, given that the price is much justified for the perks the printer offers.

You get to work with a 3D printer along with other technologies such as CNC as well as laser cutting. Just remember, when printing chocolates, do not create a design that is too tall.

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byFlow Focus

byFlow Focus

This could get a little too expensive for some. However, the printer nails it all the time when printing with chocolates.

The 3D printer comes packed inside a portable and easy to carry case. You would be surprised to know that the printer not only prints chocolates, however, recipes with meat too.

You can put any food in its paste form inside the syringe. And, the printer will let you print with it. The manufacturer has already provided their word for the many different recipes that they have printed with this machine. For instance, chocolate ganache, meat, and much more.

Some may be disappointed to check the price though as it comes for $4,599. However, every penny is worth the value. If you are looking for some serious investment, this could be your deal.

When buying the printer, you would receive 10 extra cartridges along with four nozzles. The company also shares its tested and pre-loaded 3D designs. Hence, you can begin printing with the machine after unboxing.

Moreover, the good news is that the printer can print with considerably high speed when compared to the other counterparts. Some of the designs won’t take more than 15 minutes. And, there are those that can be printed in just 2 minutes.

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Procusini 3.0

Procusini 3.0

Procusini is a company based out of Germany. And, it has come up with a multipurpose 3D printer that could print a variety of dishes.

The best part is that the chocolate 3D printer is much affordable than the above choices. It costs just $2,250. It calls itself the universal plug and play printing solution. And, there are reasons for the same.

You can play around with recipes like pasta, fondant, and not to forget delicious chocolate.

Moreover, you can even create your own paste. Just remember to maintain the required consistency. Once you have the right mixture with needed consistency, you can print anything possible out of the 3D printer.

In addition, you receive a dual extrusion system with this machine. This means that the printer will work faster for the completion of the dishes. And, it can print in two different mixtures and colors.

Also, the company has created a lot of videos and tutorials for those who are beginners and still wish to use this 3D printer for creating amazing dishes.

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Print2Taste Mycusini

Print2Taste Mycusini

Launched in 2019, the 3D printer has already raised the bar for many others to come. An offering from the German-based start-up, Print2Taste, the 3D Printer is equipped with many great perks.

The 3D printer is very compact and can easily fit into your kitchen space. Either keep it on the countertop or stuff it inside the cupboard when not in use.

Being one of the cheapest of all, the 3D printer has already gained a lot of attention from the community. It has a cartridge made of stainless steel. This can be refilled with chocolate.

It has a print space of 105 x 105 x 70 mm. Plus, it embodies an internal battery. This is for supporting the print operation when off-grid.

You can print till two hours without any hassle. In addition, the already installed 200 models are great to help beginners. It costs $440.

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MMuse Touchscreen 3D Printer

MMuse Touchscreen 3D Printer

With a sturdy aluminum frame, this 3D printer is among the strongest variant on the list. The MMuse Touchscreen comes with a hopper system installed for its feedstock.

Hence, it works with chocolate chips ranging from 2 to 4 mm in diameter. It melts these chocolate chips before extruding for printing.

The most astonishing part of the machine is its considerably large touch screen. The interface eases the control of the users over the print process.

It offers users various connectivity options ranging from WiFi, SD cards to USB. It offers a print volume of 160 x 120 x 150 mm.

The cost of the 3D printer is $5700.

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This again has a metal frame which makes the entire design much studier and reliable. It is not just about printing chocolates, however, offers printing with multiple recipe and pastes.

You can print cookie batter, mashed potatoes, and yes, chocolate. It does carry other pastes really well.

The users can adjust the print head temperature according to the paste used for printing. Offering WIFI connectivity, one can operate with the 3D printer with various devices including tablets, computers, and even mobile phones.

You also get different color options when buying this 3D printer. Offering a print volume of 150 x 150 x 100 mm, the printer does make room for plenty of recipes. It costs $2115 which is again not that expensive looking at the other options available for the users.

As long as it can print with multiple materials, there will always be more space for creativity. And, it does provide that flexibility to the users.

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The Conclusion

If you are interested in trying out the food 3D printers, you must not shy away from trying the ones that also include the possibility of chocolate processing.

After all, the desert may be the last one on the menu, but it is much needed for completing the meal. And, it is too fun to work with chocolate 3D printing.

The above listed chocolate 3D printers have been very popular for the results they provide to the users. Hence, you can also pick the one that fits your budget.

Check the chocolate 3d printer price and decide what could you possibly purchase. Definitely, not forgetting to weigh your needs with your budget.

25 Things to Make With a 3D Printer in Jul, 2020 Sat, 11 Jul 2020 19:07:21 +0000

What can you print with a 3D printer? This is one of the questions that often arises in the mind, isn’t it? So, if you are wondering about this question and looking for cool 3D printing ideas that you haven’t yet encountered.

You have come to the correct place. Below is the list of all such cool ideas which were ideas once but are currently things to make with a 3d printer. So, check it out.

25 Things to Make with a 3D Printer

Below is the list of things to make with a 3D printer that you’d wish to make back then if you had a 3D printer.

A Sliding Name Plate

sliding name plate

I really don’t know about you, but we have never come across a nameplate that slides.

Due to the general use of nameplates i.e. on the door of someone’s house, we have forgotten that a nameplate is also used as a sign for restaurants to indicate whether they are open or not.

They can also be used anywhere to indicate people about someone’s presence or absence. A Sliding nameplate is one of the most stylish things to make with a 3D printer.

Thingiverse has the 3D file which can help you 3D print this and if you are looking for the complete part, you can get it on Middlefingerboss.

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Measuring Cube

3d printed measuring cube

Often in cooking, there are different things that are used to make sure the measurement of the ingredients is correct.

Spoon or bowls are used since old age to measure, how about a cube made up of 3D printer that can do the same work, or even better?

Specially used for kitchen one can get the measurements imprinted on it (i.e. a quarter, or a half or a full). So, if you want to use this in your kitchen, go get it from Iomaa.

And for downloading a 3D print of the same, go to Thingiverse. Measuring Cube is one of the most essential things to make with a 3D printer.

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Sound Amplifier

3d printed Sound Amplifier

Who doesn’t want to attach his/her phone to an amplifier for hearing music aloud? An amplifier can be used on multiple occasions. It could be a party, a get-together, for a special work out at home and whatnot.

These sound amplifiers enable are low cost than speakers and they can be 3D made. If you want to check out the different designs, you can go to 3D shook and also download a 3D file from Cults3D.

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Pen-Pencil Holder

3d printed pen holder

Remember those days when the pen-pencil holder was actually invented for the first time? Everyone wanted to make a customized pen-pencil holder.

But in those days it wasn’t possible, and if it was possible, it wasn’t practical. So here is a solution to revive your old days.

Check out the latest pen-pencil holder available at BeeVeryCreative and 3D print available at Cults.

Revive the thoughts that you couldn’t fulfill and get a customized pen-pencil holder that has a structure of an iceberg.

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USB Wire Organizer

usb cable organizer

Working with USB wires is simply going to grow. Our phones, our hard-disks everything operates on USB. So if you are someone who is constantly working with his/her computer, you have got to check out this USB wire organizer.

The best thing about it is that it won’t let you fed up when you take out or plug in your USB because it keeps every wire differently and has different slots for each.

You can also use this when your USB wires are not at work. In choosing one USB from the other, this is a time saver. You can get this at Kanata and download the 3D file from Thingiverse.

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Refrigerator Storage Box

Refrigerator Storage Box

Although refrigerator makers are aware of how unorganized we are and they have tried to supply us with what they think are enough number of storage boxes, we always need more.

This refrigerator box made by Cerega can help you organize your refrigerator very easily. The need for one or two boxes in your current refrigerator can be brought into place by these boxes.

One can download the 3D print file from Cults. Refrigerator Box is one of the most fascinating things to make with a 3D printer.

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Headset Holder

Headset Holder

Made by Heliox, this is probably the coolest thing on the list. A headset holder is something that’s not offered by every brand that offers a headset.

Mostly what we do is we wound the huge wire that we have with our headset, to the headset, and keep it somewhere safe.

But this cool headset holder would let you keep your left and a right apart from each other and the wire. One can download a 3D print file of the same from Cults.

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Mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboard 3d print

Notice one thing, all the keys on the keyboard are always of the same color. Can’t they be different?

Following this idea, FedorSosnin has taken into consideration making the keyboard more attractive than what it currently is! You can also get the 3D file of this keyboard on Thingiverse.

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Egg tray

3d printed Egg tray

Foodies out there, give me a yes! This product will let you keep your eggs arranged. The egg tray is made up of Jakwit and the 3D print file of this product is available for download on Cults.

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Pinhole Camera

pinhole camera

Nowadays an excellent camera is just available on one’s smartphone but an unusual and more artistic approach can be taken for photography. Yes?

Have a look at the pinhole camera that is available on Simi-boy. The 3D print of this file is available on Cults. This proto-camera doesn’t need a lens, but it lets the light through a tiny aperture enter in.

The so-called pinhole then exposes to an analog film. There are several 3D printable models to be found of these parts, but none is like the one that’s available on Simi-boy.

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Glass with a Straw

glass straw

For all those who forget to get a straw whenever they get a glass, here is the solution. This unique 3D part has a straw attached to the glass. Available on SeeMeCNC, the file can be downloaded on Thingiverse.

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3d printed lantern

Haven’t seen the light providing lanterns for long? Here is one to deceive you to the extent that you’d put kerosene in it.

But don’t you dare because this one does not run on Kerosene and uses a LED. This 3D part is available on iSolid and can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

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Toilet paper with a phone holder

Toilet paper with a phone holder

Nowadays almost everyone gets into a toilet with their phone in their hand. While in the toilet, often you search for the correct place to place your phone.

The maker of this part has very well realized this and therefore tried to come up with this solution.

This simple toilet paper integrated phone holder can solve your problem and enable you to handsfree yourself. This part is available on Myminifactory and the 3D print file can also be downloaded from the same website.

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A planter that self-waters

A planter that self-waters

Having a plant at your home and forgetting to water it, is a common mistake. This self-watering plant is made up of two parts: 1) inner pot that takes care of holding the plant and 2) the outer part that has water in it.

The perforations permit for continuous water intake. It is to be noted that continuous flow is not in the amount that can be damaging to your plant.

The outer pot also has a spout that can be used to check if the reservoir needs any water intake for further flow. Isn’t this one of the most amazing things to make with a 3D printer?

Cults3D has the 3D file by which you can print this part, whilst Yeggi has the part for sale.

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Earbud Holder

earbud holder

Not just our headphones are badly placed, but our earbuds also. Sometimes they are in our bags, the other time in a drawer that you don’t remember.

Why don’t you get a permanent place from them? Like books are always on the bookshelf? There are plenty of options that are available when it comes to earbud holder that is 3D printed.

Find out the most effective model for yourself. The design of this part can be downloaded from many websites such as Makexyz, Thingiverse, and the part that can be bought from

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Soldering iron stand

Soldering iron stand

If you have ever played with electronics before, you are probably known with the problem of having nowhere to keep up your soldering iron.

This 3D printed soldering iron stand will let you place even hot soldering iron. This part is as simple as it looks, one needs to make sure that he/she rescales the model depending on the size of your own soldering iron.

The 3D file of this object is available at and the part is up for sale at Yeggi.

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Meander Lamp

Meander lamp

There are thousands of 3D printer lamp designs that are available online, having to look through every one of those is very tiring.

Though, when a design with such intricacy and precision comes around, it has to catch our eyes. A Greek meander lamp is a multi-piece design that has amazing Greek-inspired patterns.

Every face of this lamp is printed flat and you shouldn’t run into any problems after getting it from and the 3D print file from Thingiverse.

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3D Printed T-Rex Dinosaur Shower Head 

Bathing experience has always been so limited! You realize this when you come across some of the most amazing shower heads that are made by 3D printers.

If your kid shows too many tantrums for going to bath, this is an amazing way to get an attractive shower head for him.

So check out some attractive options that are available for showerheads and choose the best one for your home.

For getting a stylish showerhead goes to, whereas for downloading a 3D file of the same go to

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Guitar wall mounts

guitar wall mount

Your guitar wall mount can feature an amazing design that will let you stare at it from a distance.

Not only will it attract your eyes but also everyone and anyone who looks at it. Get stylish 3D printed wall mounts for your guitar from Thingiverse. And an STL file for download is available at

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3D printing has found its application in the dressmaking, fashion clothing industry too. Several complicated designs that are not possible by handwork are made by 3D printing.

There’s a 3D swimsuit that’s available, which is 3D printed. There is a 3D printed helmet, almost any outfit can be made by a 3D printer.

These 3D printed costumes are quicker and cheaper in price than otherwise. i.materialise can help you get your first 3D dress, whereas if you only wish to download a 3D file of this, you can do that from

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Make your child play with designs of choice that you wished to play with. Or to impress your kid, just ask a design that he wishes to play with, something that his/her friend does not have. And get it 3D printed for your child and win his/her heart.

There is an application called ThingMaker that allows you to do this. This device works in collaboration with a 3D printing app that is developed in connection with AutoDesk.

This comes with a variety of templates that has easy tutorials for even a layman to benefit from this application. Go check the toys out on and if you wish to download the 3D file, go to Thingiverse.

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Bag clip


Let me guess… You eat chips and then you wish to keep it in the same bag that it came, but you cannot do so because you have opened it in such a way that you cannot use it.

Here is a bag clip that is a solution to your habits. It can help you seal what’s non-sealable.

Surely this bag clip can also be used in other places at other applications in the kitchen, but for starters getting rid of your old clip can help. You can download the 3D file of it from Thingiverse and get the part in real from

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If you are a foodie, you have to see this 3D printer which can create a pizza, ice cream, or candies. 3D printed food does not contribute to global warming and that’s why it’s more sustainable.

Designed by a Dutch student, this printer was developed as her project. If this comes out to be true, you’d be having food as one of the things to make with a 3D printer. Fingers-crossed.

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Memory Card Case

memory card holder

If you have lots of memory cards, you have to keep them collectively. A 3D printer enthusiast has come up with a card case that can let you keep all your memory cards in one. Get a stylish card case on and a 3D print file of the same on Cults.

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Egg Separator

egg separator

Very often separating the egg from the yolk is difficult. To ease your difficulty, this 3D printed part lets you separate the egg from its yolk. You can download the file of this part from the Thingiverse. And if you wish to get the part, it is available on Yeggi.

The Conclusion

There are innumerable things to make with a 3D printer. This technology of additive manufacturing is still growing and has huge probabilities.

So, experiment with new ideas, always look for something different and grow your knowledge by learning about what can you print with a 3D print.

Best Online 3D Printer Stores – Price, Quality and Deal (2020 Update) Fri, 10 Jul 2020 19:36:25 +0000 Table of Contents

3D printers have surely become accessible to a huge population worldwide. We now can buy a 3D printer from the various online 3D printer stores. However, can we just trust any of these choices and pay such a hefty amount in advance?

The question does ring some bells, doesn’t it? There are many things that we must look for when buying a 3D printer online. The after service, the quality of products, etc. And, above all, comparing prices and offer isn’t something we can stay clear from.

That is why, when it’s about purchasing a 3D printer online, there are so many concerns that cross our mind. However, before that, did you think about the 3D printer you wish to purchase:

FDM or the resin-based printer? Also, do you even need to buy a printer? Yes, you must not decide in the flick of excitement and must take an informed decision. These machines could cost you months or savings. So, why to rush and repent later.

You must be aware of certain pre-requisites comes along with 3D printing. For instance, a basic skill to operate these machines is much less to say.

Some do believe that learning could be a part of the process. Which is not incorrect. However, are you patient enough to invest efforts and drink the frustration to find out what the technology entails?

If yes, you can go ahead and spend those bucks you saved for the 3D printer.

But let us go through some important points before jumping to the list of 3D printer stores you must visit to make the purchase.

Do You Really Need to Look for a 3D Printer Store?

The question stays the same. Do you need a 3D printer? There are times when we cannot move on after learning about new technology, without understanding if that interests us or not.

For instance, what if, after buying the 3D printer, you feel that the technology is not meant for you. You have already made such a huge investment. Isn’t that just an extra expense that you would have saved if you knew what you felt before.

So, if you have just heard about 3D printing, and what to try printing, why not look for local workshops near you and experience working with the technology. If things feel right, you can go ahead and buy a 3D printer.

Similarly, if you just need one print or may require one or two prints every month, why not look for 3D print service centers. This could save a lot of money.

You can compare the rates for printing the parts using a 3D printing online service with the prices of 3D printers. You would know the difference right away.

Apart from that, if you are really looking forward to learning about 3D printing or have huge requirements every month for 3D printed parts, there is no better alternative than to buy a 3D printer.

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What to Buy: FDM or Resin-Based 3D Printer?

You must like to know what 3D printer would suit your needs before spending your money on one.

Although there are over 10 3D printing processes, it is likely that you won’t be planning to spend on a $5000 metal 3D printer for learning. So, we are left with two choices: FDM and resin 3D printers.

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FDM 3D Printer

fdm 3d printing processCredit:

FDM is especially the best technology for beginners. This is so because it is easiest to work with. And, the 3D printers start from $150.

Hence, the printers are very popular among educational institutions, makers, enthusiasts as well as small businesses. And, it is also the most common one among all the available 3D printing processes.

With the help of the FDM 3D Printer, the filament is heated above the melting point and deposited on a build plate after extruding it from the print head.

The molten plastic inlaid down along the X and Y coordinates. Once each layer sets, the print bed moves down, providing the third axes to the three-dimensional object.

Depending on the choice, FDM printers can be really useful in plenty of applications. From prototyping to product development, the machines are well equipped to handle robust fabrication quickly.

Also, you have got nuances of choices for filaments. Not just the colors, but the types of different thermoplastic including composites. So, you would never feel short of choices.

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SLA or Resin 3D Printer

sla 3d printing process animated

Resin 3D printers are based on stereolithography technology. Stereolithography is known as SLA. With this technology, the 3D Printer treats the photosensitive liquid resin with the light source.

In this case, it is mostly, the UV based laser. This turns the liquid material into the solid form.

The laser is directed to the desired cross-section to ensure that each layer or the 3D part is fabricated as desired.

Once the layer completes, the build platform goes down. This makes way for the next layer. The process keeps repeating unless the complete object is formed using the SLA 3D Printer.

Once the parts are created, these are submerged in a solvent and later baked inside an oven. This further enhances the properties of the 3D printed parts.

Resin 3D printers can produce parts with high precision and smoother surface. That is why the application is mainly focused on specialized uses for orthodontists and jewelry designers.

However, that does not mean that the makers cannot enjoy printing with the SLA 3D printers. It is just that the printers cost more than FDM printers and are expensive to manage.

Plus, the working of SLA 3D printers is a bit complex when compared to the FDM 3D printers.

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Which One to Choose?

It is entirely up to you. As a beginner, you can also look for options in SLA 3D printers. However, if you need a wise suggestion, you must go with the FDM printer. Given that, you need the machine for learning purposes. If not, you can use SLA 3D Printers as well.

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List of Some of the Most Popular 3D Printer Stores

As mentioned before, there are various stores for purchasing a 3D Printer. But you must look for the one providing the best deals and offers.

It is a never bad idea to save some few extra bucks if you can. So, here is the list of few renowned 3d printer online stores you can trust.

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Who does not know about Amazon? The company is known for its fastest delivery. You get products delivered the same day in many instances. And, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce giant. From long years of existence, the company has brought a huge list of items to its database. From a small pen to a complete 3D printer, you can order almost everything.

The best part is that the platform is very familiar. Most of us already know how to work around the selection process. You can recommendations and can compare prices from different vendors. From search to checkout, we have used Amazon like a thousand times already. So, there is no way one can get lost in between the order placement.

Also, customer service is quick. You can call for any problem you face. The return policies and every other instruction are clearly mentioned.

So, if there is an issue, you can directly contact the team for a quick resolution. Not to mention, Amazon flaunts its unmatched return policy with huge perks for the customers. You get 30 days return policy for almost every item including 3D printers.

Price: In terms of price, Amazon sits in the middle. It does not offer the cheapest rates, neither it has expensive price tags for 3D printers. Plus, it usually offers great deals and discounts during festival seasons. Moreover, you do not be worried about any hidden costs. Every fee is as it’s reflected on the website.

Quality: The different stores listed on the Amazon website are ranked by the user for their quality. So, you can choose to buy from the ones that are offering the best quality products. Plus, you anyway have the return policy of Amazon to depend on.

Deal: As mentioned already, the website comes up with a variety of deals and offers, especially during festival seasons.

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3D Printers Online Store

3D Printers Online Store

Now, this is a website that only specializes in selling 3D printers and related items. The good news is that the website is easy to navigate through. You have the categories for selecting the desired 3D printer.

3D printers online store has a lot to offer to its customers. You can choose as per the brands, the type of 3D printer, expertise level, and lot more. It also sells consumables.

The website has great aesthetics. You can simply check the quick view to find out the different images of the items.

Rather than clicking and leaving the choice page, you can scroll through the pictures using the quick view. This is not a reseller store. And, the 3D Printers are sold through the actual manufacturers.

Plus, the website offers to ship to almost every part of the world. And, the orders are processed directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, making the shipment as fast as possible.

Moreover, the shipping is free for orders from lower US states. The website also has suggestions and guides for the customers.

Price: The prices are neither expensive not too cheap. However, they have discounts and offers for their products around the clock.

Quality: The product quality is amazing because the team processes the order from the manufacturer’s warehouse, eliminating the involvement of any middleman. Also, customer support is proactive and very quick while responding.

Deals: You can find various deals hosted on the website from time to time. You would also find clock ticking to indicate the time left for availing the deals. And, you can earn pretty considerate discounts through these deals.

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AliExpress is an online marketplace with many sellers showcasing their products. It has many other items on the list including 3D printers and related products.

The fact that you get to deal with various sellers, you must keep your eyes open. The reviews are the best way to choose among these sellers.

Read the product reviews before you pick the option from where you wish to buy your machine. It does have varying reputations among customers, but you can get nice deals on this website. All you need to do is find the right seller.

Price: The good news is that the website hosts lower prices compared to almost every other marketplace including Amazon. However, these prices are highly fluctuating. And, shipping would also depend on the seller’s choice. If they offer free shipping, you will not have to pay for that.

Quality: As mentioned above, you must depend on your scrutiny of sellers based on the reviews. This is to ensure you receive the best quality products.

Deals: Yes, the website does host great deals. You just have to be cautious to pick the ones that are legit.

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This is a company based out of the USA. And, it specializes in selling products related to 3D printing. You can buy 3D printers, filaments, materials, apps, accessories, and whatnot.

Prices: Prices are decent but at least not fluctuating. They do have offers from time to time which you can take great advantage of.

Quality: The quality is great. You can expect them to offer the best products as promised.

Deals: As mentioned, the website has deals, and the biggest offers are posted during the eve of Black Friday.

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The Conclusion

It is not surprising that there are so many relevant 3D printer stores out there. The demand is growing and more consumers are considering having an in-house 3D printer rather depending on the service centers.

If you are also planning to give this thought serious attention, why not check out the above 3D printing stores and choose the one that suits your needs. Create what you wish to instead of buying what’s available. Buy 3D printers for delving into the future technology

12 Coolest 3D Printed Gifts Ideas for all Celebration in 2020 Tue, 07 Jul 2020 20:39:46 +0000

With the right models and materials, by using 3D printing you can create personalized 3D printed gifts that a person may have been looking to buy for ages.

In this article, we are going to take a look at various coolest gifts ideas perfect for different celebrations. Also note, if you do not possess the skills for designing a 3D model, you can still print one.

There are plenty of 3D designs scattered on the internet and online repositories. After all, that is what 3D printing’s basic idea is!

This technology of additive manufacturing has grown enough to give the layman an option to choose the material that he/she wishes to have in the final product, the finish that the product should possess and get going.

Whether your budget is high or low, whether you possess the skills to develop a model or not, you’ll get a 3D printed gifts for sure in every section i.e. fashion, retail, toys, home décor, accessories, luxury, electronics, personal care, beauty products, and whatnot. So let’s start with the list.

List of Coolest 3D Printed Gifts Ideas

As you would expect, we have curated a list of different gift items. You can choose anyone that you feel resonates with your ideas.

Superheroes as Toys

3d printed captain america

Fans of superheroes/heroines exist since the stories of superheroes came into existence. Because of 3D printers, one can have the benefit of getting a model of his/her favorite superhero/heroine on his table, for his kid.

One can extend or start his/her collection of favorite superhero/heroine. This is a cool gift to give because it can be customized using a 3D printer.

And the fact that one’s favorite superhero/heroine differs from the other, this gift will be special. Star Wars’ Jedi, Captain America with broken shield, Thor’s hammer, or the iron throne of Game of Thrones, you can get it all on GrabCad, and Cults 3D and Thingiverse respectively.

So, for all of you out there, who has a partner, kid, or relative who is a fan of superheroes/heroines as such as no other, this would be the coolest gift for any special occasion.

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3d printed ishara jewelry

3D printed jewelry is one of the most fascinating gifts to give to your partner. Because of the advances in the technology, it is possible, if you have a 3D resin printer at your place, to self-manufactured the kind of jewelry that you wish to gift someone.

Of course, the material that you get at the end is different than what you have seen. And this is because of the finishing processes that every 3D printing process possesses.

But resin-based 3D printers have enabled one to get fine detailing, because of which they are also known as 3D printers specially made for jewelry items.

Here are the links that would let you finest 3D printed jewelry, four best places to buy 3D printed jewelry, and the best 3D printers for jewelry.

And who doesn’t love jewelry? The fact that this jewelry is made by a technology that is so rapidly advancing, makes jewelry the coolest thing to gift to your partner.

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This device is a 3D printer speaker. But a special speaker because unlike other speakers that amplify the sound with electricity, this one does it naturally without any involvement of electricity.

Its design and name already suggest the name of the device from which it is inspired i.e. Gramophone. Sound can last longer and the volume of the phone can also be increased using this device.

You can get more information about this device from the Gramohorn’s website.

For all the music lovers out there, this gift is a gem. Thanks to 3D printing technology that one can taste the fun of enjoying vintage gramophone from the latest smartphone.

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3D Bag Cover

3d printed bag cover

Like to flaunt the latest bag that you purchased? Get it noticed by using a 3D Bag Cover. Write what you want to say to anyone who looks at it, talk to people’s eyes and make them laugh, angry, sad, or just jealous.

This 3D cover can be printed in matt and gloss finish in any colors depending on the material you choose to make it with.

For a partner who loves being stylish and flaunts her accessories because she has a large collection of those, 3D printed Bag Cover is a perfect gift. This is available at the XYZ bag’s website.

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3d printed mug

Crushed coffee mug, giant lego mug, standard coffee mug, second life mug, and devious Pythagorean mug are five of the most trending 3D Printed mugs.

If coffee is what you start your day with and you love legos… If you love to collect coffee mugs or are a geek who loves to read… 3D Print your coffee mug with these amazing designs that are available and make your coffee mug look exactly like your personality is.

Let your mug speak what you wish to. So check out the devious Pythagorean mugthe second life mug, the standard coffee mug, the giant lego cup, and lastly the crushed coffee mug to choose the best for yourself.

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Personalized Key Ring

3d printed Personalized Key Ring

Name, emojis, photographs, this keyring can accommodate them all. Want to tell your partner to not forget their car keys everywhere and anywhere?

Give them the personalized 3D printed keys which contain their name, an emoji that suits them, or a photograph. And ensure that they do not forget the keys anymore. Get this gift for your partner from artpix 3D’s website.

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A Canvas With Wedding Vows

3d printed wedding canvas

A wedding anniversary is about to come? How about getting yours and your partner’s photo up the bedroom wall? That’s normal, what’s an anomaly in it?

3D Printing technology enables you to have the vows that you took while getting wedded with each other, besides your photo.

So all you have got to do is choose the best photograph from the wedding album and then list down the vows. Here’s where you can get this amazing gift for your partner from Etsy’s website.

So what are you waiting for? Your wedding anniversary is near, go get this canvas done.

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Romantic Emoji Chocolates

3d printed Romantic Emoji Chocolates 

French company Babines has created chocolates using a 3D printer from their unique molds. If you and your partner talk all day long on WhatsApp by sending each other emojis, romantic emoji chocolates are the best gift that you can gift to him/her for the coming Valentines.

This can be an amazing way to convey your love to your partner. Not only can you specialize this chocolate and making him/her feel special, but also boast about this eccentric gift of yours till eternity.

And because chocolates are something that is loved by everyone, there is a less negligible chance that your partner won’t like it. So if you are confused about what to gift your Valentine’s, here’s your solution. Buy this chocolate here.

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3d printed purse

Taking into consideration design methods and additive manufacturing technologies, Italy based brand XYZBAG produces unique bags.

So, for all those husbands, boyfriends, guys, fathers, grandfathers, and if I am missing one, whose wives, girlfriends, girls, mothers, grandmothers, and if I am missing someone love to keep a collection of uniquely designed purses, here’s your go-to.

Annalisa Nicola, the co-founder of XYZBAG knows it correctly how to create custom made purses that women love. XYZBAG creates purses at low cost and delivers it to you quickly. This is a perfect gift for fashion-loving women. Want to buy one?

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3d printed wallet

Smart Wallet, chainmail wallet, IOT wallet for cryptocurrency, slim wallet, money-box, flex wallet, wooden wallet, and whatnot. If one can accommodate coins, cards, paper, money, and receipt in a very small space, the other has a magnet enclosure.

If one comes with an inbuilt programmable electronics, the other is known for being slim. Box-shaped, rectangular, made up of flexible material, tiny in size and shape for anyone to notice.

One also has the option to select a wallet, just like any other, but customize the design that he wishes to see.

Gifting this wallet with the person’s favorite design can make him/her feel special. 3D printed wallets can be found at websites such as Youmagine, Thingiverse, Cults, and Instructables.

A 3D printed wallet can be the most suitable gift for anyone and everyone.

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3d printed watch

Watch is another example of standard gifts like purse and wallets. Now while gifting a 3D watch, the benefit is, some people buy watches for stylish dials, intricate designs on these dials seem too lucrative for their eyes.

For all those people 3D printing has come out as a boon. This technology in additive manufacturing has got all that it takes to create intricate designs with accuracy.

Because of this some of the most high-quality watches with complex mechanisms are developed by this technology. ALB watches and Holthinrichs Watches are two examples of brands that sell 3D printed watches like no other.

back to menu ↑

Door Opener

If you are surprised to find this in our offering, well let me just remind you about the virus that’s spreading out there. i.materialise has made a unique door opener that can be opened with legs.

Imagine a door opener that does not need hands for its opening! Now that’s something that we call technology.

Apart from the custom-designed door openers that have amazing designs one wouldn’t have ever imagined on his/her door opener, this one gives you a real taste of technology.

Gifts Versus 3D Printed Gifts

The gift is something given to one without payment. One gets a lot of gifts during his/her journey of life. Acknowledging this fact, it is necessary to gift someone a gift that he/she remembers for his/her lifetime.

Now get a check on yourself and the gifts that you’ve got. Which one of those do you remember closing your eyes and which ones do not come to your mind even after trying hard to remember?

There might also be some gifts which you wish you wouldn’t have got because you don’t like them and the reason why you do not like them is that everyone possesses that sort of gift.

There is nothing special in it. 3D printed gifts can be customized. Meaning that you can have a shoe that no one else in the world has.

You can be the first one to possess the watch with such a unique dial. Get a handbag cover that exactly suits your personality.

Some materials that are not available in stores or on common e-marketplaces. This is exactly why 3D printed gifts are getting more and more popular.

Imagine gifting your kid a superman toy that no one else in the world possesses! How confident will he/she feel while boasting about that toy in front of his/her friends? It is because gifts are meant to be special, that 3D printing’s customization characteristic matches with it and they both are in perfect harmony with each other.

So avoid the normal shoe, dress, watch, wallet, toy purchasing from a normal shop, online marketplace and instead look out for customized, special gifts on stores, e-marketplaces that offer 3D printed gifts.

The Conclusion

If you cannot afford the product from websites that are mentioned above in the URLs, you also have options of going to websites which offer your 3D printing services.

Most of the 3D printed products are more affordable because of their cheaper rates than ordinary products. As this technology of additive manufacturing is still developing, this curve is going to stay like this for a while.

Till then you can take benefit of it and gift your loved ones some special gifts for lovely occasions in your life.

Be it for a younger one, middle-aged or an older person, 3D printed gifts are available for every age group and every sex. And not just that, there are 3D printed gifts for every occasion as well.

Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentines, Christmas Eve, Anniversary, Birthday, etc, whatever is the celebration, you still can customize the gift as desired. So, look out for the next occasion that’s coming nearby and check out a relevant 3D printed gifts for the same.

11 Innovative 3D Printed Building Projects in the World Mon, 06 Jul 2020 22:13:03 +0000

Nowadays, 3D printed buildings are getting popular and more common. 3D printing has made the building of complex structures simple and easy.

And, it does not take much time to complete the construction. An entire house can be printed in a few hours. This is not just an estimation, however, there are examples that prove the same.

Here in the article, we list 11 different 3D printed houses and buildings that have amazed everyone around the world.

List of 3D Printed Buildings

As stated before, technology has made a lot of things possible that we never imagined before. One can now think of creating a house for oneself in a day’s time.

On top of that, at a much lower budget. Isn’t that something you will count as a huge development? 3D printers are not only limited to creating 3D floor plans. However, it can build an entire house.

So, let’s find out what the world is up to. Assess these examples below of the 3D printed buildings and gaze what the technology is capable of uncovering.

The Chinese 3D Printed Home

ZhuoDa Group 3d printed house

The example was set by the ZhuoDa Group, a construction company based out of China. The company was able to build a two-story villa in not more than 3 hours.

With the help of a huge 3D printer, the ZhuoDa Group was able to construct six different 3D printed modules. These modules can withstand an earthquake of up to 9 magnitudes.

As well as, these modules are also fireproof. The material was devised using industrial and agricultural waste. Hence, also contributing to the greener planet.

To build the complete house, the modules were fixed together. To complete the entire project, the company accomplished 90% of the job away from the site.

Later, they just shipped the modules to the installation site and plugged them together. Hence, being able to reduce the cost of construction considerably.

The entire project including installation took around 10 days to complete.

back to menu ↑

Dubai Office

dubai 3d printed office

Another exquisite example that astonished almost everyone from the 3D printing community. The office in Dubai that started as a campaign to support 3D printing did end up with huge accomplishments.

The 3D printed building stands beautiful and has all the amenities that an office must-have.

The design flaunts an arc-shaped building for providing structural stability and safety. It also embodies the latest inclusions. For instance, designs to reduce energy consumption, along with sustainable management for information systems.

The building occupies a space of 2,700 Square feet costing the project $140,000. To create the building, various mobile 3D printers were used.

And, the construction material was a mixture of cement along with other construction material. The parts took 17 days for printing. And, the installation was done in 2 days.

back to menu ↑

Spain Bridge

Acciona 3d printed spain bridge

The bridge was constructed in the Castilla la Mancha park. Acciona is the name of the company that completed the work of the bridge in very little time making use of 3D printers. The bridge is 40 ft long and 7 ft wide.

To blend the look and feel of the bridge to that of the surrounding park, the company has made use of concrete to build the bridge. The work was completed in less time as well as costed much less than what it would have costed otherwise.

Looking at creativity, one can understand how amazing 3D printing technology is. And, what all it is capable of accomplishing.

back to menu ↑

3D Printed Building in the Netherlands

3D Printed Building in the Netherlands

We have witnessed the European Union making unusual and stronger decisions many times already.

Hence, when the news about constructing a 3D printed building for gatherings during the presidency of the European Council came out, it did not shock us at all. The country is popular for taking innovative ideas to the next step. And, this wasn’t different at all.

The building design was the work of DUS Architects. The construction seems thoughtfully decorated. It has the shape of a sailing boat. You can feel the draping of the sail right on top of the 3D printed building. And, it does look mesmerizing.

Different companies contributed to the management and construction of the work including Actual, Neptunes, Henkel, and TenTech.

The building was created with the help of very large 3D printers based on FDM technology. The material was specially designed for this task using the bio-plastic.

The building, however, was dismantled in 2016. But those who were able to experience the architecture, do have sweet memories of walking through the marvelous design.

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Pavilion in France

3D printed Pavilion in France

It feels so amusing to watch buildings with unique architecture. And, this one is no different. The pavilion built in Vélizy-Villacoublay is a real work of passion and art.

The design is very fresh and resembles the coffee beans. However, the interior of the pavilion gives one a feel of walking alongside trees.

The project was a joint work of the Dassault Systems with XTreeE, a startup in France. The 3D printed building was constructed using material developed by LafargeHolcim.

This is like cement, however, is 8 times stronger. To build the structure, the company took help from the Swiss brand ABB’s robots. This helped them in controlling the overall process by optimizing the material used for the exact amount.

It did not take much time to complete the project. And, in just one go, XTreeE was able to complete the roof, walls along the attached benches.

back to menu ↑

DFAB House in Switzerland

In February 2019, 3D printing technology once again instilled its faith among the believers of the community. By referring to the DFAB HOUSE, you would know what we are pointing to.

This is the world’s first house to be built and designed digitally and being inhabited by humans.

This project was a call of professors at ETH Zurich. The professors collaborated with the industrial partners for making their plan stand out in real. Using robots alongside 3D printers, the 3D printed building was given the shape that they desired for.

This is not a small house but a complete three-story structure. And, it stands tall on the NEST platform. The building aims at exploring the greater possibilities covering 3D printed constructions and its energy-saving technologies in real-time.

Hence, giving more reasons to the builders for including 3D printers and the latest technologies as a part of their projects. The building occupies 200 square meters of space.

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Netherlands Bicycle Bridge

Netherlands Bicycle Bridge

A 3.5 meters wide and 8 meters long bicycle bridge is one of the most fascinating architectural work you will witness. It is a joint work of the Technical University in Eindhoven and BAM, the UK construction company.

The bridge is constructed with the help of reinforced as well as pre-stressed concrete. The project took extra care for the safety of the riders.

Ensuring the bridge accommodates bikers with safety, the design is very well planned. The bridge is a combination of eight different parts. These were printed and stuck together using a concrete mortar.

The 3D printing was done offsite. And, the connection of the different parts was carried at the installation site. The bridge connects different towns of Gemert.

Talking about the material used, there are many benefits of the customized concrete mixture over the traditional ones. It embodies unique properties and enabling the construction with less waste.

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Castle in Minnesota

3D printed buildings could solve a lot of issues such as excess waste creation, energy-inefficient solutions, and various others. Plus, these could be awesomely attractive too.

The stunning small castle is just the right example to prove the same. It sits in Minnesota is a work of Andrey Rudenko who is also the developer of the 3D Concrete House Printer.

Using the printer, Andrey created this amazing architectural building that takes us back to the fairy tales.

This became a huge hit right after coming in the news. It had curves and defined edges that surely proved that the 3D printer was capable of a lot of things. The design revealed the challenge and the technology did beat it with flying colors.

The 3D printer designed is able to create layers of concrete with a 10 mm height and 30 mm width. Hence, making it possible to print with finer details visible along with the layers of the building.

And, the work is applaudable considering the precision achieved for concrete construction. The project completed in 2014. Since then, it has been a motivational factor for many enthusiasts and makers who wish to delve into the wider space of architecture.

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Pavilion in Miami

Talk about the exceptional result and this is what you should turn to. The initiate was taken by the architectural firm, SHoP.

The project aimed at creating the largest architectural example for the world using 3D printing technology. And, it was focused on putting the best possible design at work. The pavilion is constructed in Miami, Florida.

To make this project a success, SHoP together with ‘Drawn’, a French Company, contributed their best efforts together.

Those who do not know, Drawn has worked with Kuka in the past. Kuka is a robotic arm. It has an extrusion print head that is capable of accomplishing complex designs seamlessly.

The design proposed used bamboo-based material for creating sustainable pavilion. Plus, it showcased a 1,765 square feet design. This seems like a very promising project and it sure is.

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Rise Pavilion

Rise Pavilion

The project surfaced in 2016. Defacto thought about the plan and constructed the pavilion in Beijing, China. The pavilion was assembled using 5,370 pieces. These were called poly-blocks. The entire work was very astonishing and the results did confirm the same.

Using 70 different 3D printers, the company tool around 45 days for creating these pieces. With the use of biodegradable PolyPlus filament, and without any support, the design is highly sustainable, being able to minimize the waste.

The total weight of the pavilion is 1.87 tons. And, it is 11 feet high. In addition, it occupies a total area of 1180-square feet.

However, the pavilion was soon dismantled after the end of the exhibition. However, the poly block design is still popular and people wish to use the same for creating vases and other products.

The 3D files are also available online. You can download the complete media kit from online repositories. So, if that interests you, you can certainly do that.

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Russia’s 3D Printed Home

Russia’s 3D Printed Home

The house built by Apis cor in Russia occupies 400 square feet of space and is very well designed. You can locate the house sitting to the south of Moscow. This project was completed in 2017 and has been one of the most popular additions to the 3D printed building.

There is something different about this project that isn’t found usually. The entire project was completed onsite. The construction was done using concrete material. Because there was no involvement in transportation and installation, the project cost much less than expected.

Not just that, the complete house was printed in about 24 hours. In addition, mixing some solid elements with the liquid polyurethane, the company constructed heating insulation. And, this was also accomplished on-site.

The house was designed from the exterior and interior to provide it the finishing touch. Painted yellow from outside and flaunting the contemporary style design inside, the house did make us all go crazy.

It has wooden flooring. And, as stated by the company, the total cost for building the house was not more than $10,134.

The Conclusion

We invest a lot in buying houses. And, it is not very often that we are able to customize the design of the house as per our will. But 3D printing provides us with more flexibility, not only with the style of house you would prefer but the budget as well.

There is already so much going around construction using 3D printers, it will be soon when we would be staying in 3D printed buildings. Although that still would take some time, we do know it is possible.

The Best Metal 3D Printing Services – Buying Guide of 2020 Sun, 05 Jul 2020 21:51:37 +0000

If calculated precisely, the global value of industries that rely on metal processing easily exceeds trillions of dollars.

So when 3D printing was invented, it wasn’t difficult to guess that 3D metal printing would one day become so widespread. The advance in technologies in every area has been cherry over the cake.

Companies that have been huge names in metal processing have found a new area of interest for them in additive manufacturing.

As additive manufacturing is a growing sector, those companies are yet to achieve the height that they have achieved in conventional metal processing, in this sector.

The technologies used by these companies depend on the type of material they used. It can be either fused or sintered.

Bound together or raw, but in general, the starting material is always a metal powder. Without making you wait longer, let’s take a look at the recommendations.

7 Best Metal 3D Printing Services

Providing additive Metal 3D printing services is a segment that is growing worldwide. As mentioned above, this list is based on a sum up of certain criteria and so there might be exceptions.



This platform understands that metal 3D printing service needs differ from customer to customer. One might need a new prototype and the other might need to test a particular prototype.

A manufacturer might need to evaluate the mechanical properties of different materials, while a small business owner operating in additive manufacturing might have a requirement for a unique part.

After visiting Craftcould’s website, you get proof of the claim made in the first sentence. Craftcloud is one such website that helps every kind of customer in getting guiding light for the accomplishment of his/her task.

After working all these years, Craftcloud has partnered with the best customers as well as standard metal 3D printing service providers in the world.

It is because of this reason that Craftcloud is able to differentiate which one is best at which time for which customers.

Metal 3D printing service providers worldwide, differ in terms of their pricing, lead time, and additional fees. Craftcloud helps you generate a quote based on your model and location.

Using Craftcloud one can start simply by selecting the metal, followed by selecting the finish in which he/she wants the prototype or part. The selection can also start with the sequence reversed.

Craftcloud stands out in its competition because of its huge professional network and support staff. Craftcloud has partnered with designers and engineers all over the world that can help you to get a design or modify one if you wish to.

It is because of providing users with such features that, Craftcloud have found the number one place in our list of top 5 metal 3D printing services.

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Shapeways 3d printing service

Originated from the Netherlands, currently based in the USA, Shapeways offers high-class metal 3D printing services online.

From its inception, Shapeways hasn’t focused on a single industry like other providers or manufacturers in the field of additive manufacturing generally do. Shapeways’ perspective is always been project-wise.

They offer their service without seeing whether the concerned client needs the part for automotive, dentistry, jewelry, aerospace, or any other.

Shapeways’ only focus is to deliver high-class metal 3D printing services to their clients. Zverse is the name of the partner of Shapeways.

Their partner enables a person without any experience in 3D metal printing, to start making their own designs. Especially for 3D metal printing, Shapeways has collaborated with ExOne and so it uses their 3D printers.

The online ordering system of Shapeways is extremely user-friendly as well as technical. Often companies either get too user-friendly or too technical, Shapeways has maintained neutrality.

The technical information related to the metals which they use for 3D metal printing is nicely mentioned alongside models that are to be printed.

One can easily upload a model that is analyzed in real-time before the presentation that contains options of materials and finishing is made to him/her.

The price for service is calculated based on the selections that are made by the user and quantity. Shapeways claims to offer service worldwide and has different metals available as options.

Steel, aluminum, and other precious metals can be used as materials available for 3D metal printing. The technologies for by which Shapeways offer 3D metal printing are Metal binder jetting, direct metal printing, and SLM.

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3D Hubs

3D Hubs - On-demand Manufacturing_ Quotes in Seconds, Parts in Days_ -

This Dutch company has amazed everyone by covering large geography. 3D Hubs’ model is a tad bit different than other 3D metal printing services.

The company is an important platform that connects manufacturers of 3D parts with each other. Because 3D Hubs has a strong presence over a wide geography, it gives them the power to given selection criteria only to professional companies.

They have formed a network of all these professional companies. This business model is highly beneficial for metal 3D printing service providers because professional companies with similar requirements can supply each other with functional prototypes and parts.

However, there is also a downside to this model. No small scale companies are allowed to enter the market which makes this a little less customized.

So whenever there is a need for customized 3D metal printing, one might have to wait a little bit longer than one needs to in an open business model.

Apart from 3D metal printing, 3D Hubs offers metal 3D printing online services in all the major techniques such as CNC machining, injection molding, and sheet metal fabrication.

The specific metal 3D printing technique that they specialize in is Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Materials offered by 3D Hubs are aluminum and stainless steel metal powders.

There is one more anomaly offered by 3D Hubs and i.e. their quote platform is less negotiable than other service providers. But they offer a quick process and delivery time.

So if you upload the design and the analysis is done on the spot. In the next step, you can select the desired material, and a price too would be displayed on-screen within a few seconds after which you can also select the delivery time.

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3D Systems

3D Printers, 3D Scanning, Software, Manufacturing and Healthcare Serv_ -

This company is credited with inventing widely applied SLA technology in additive manufacturing. Though based in the USA, they have a vast coverage network worldwide which covers all the major global networks.

Apart from 3D metal printing, the company also offers services in other spectra such as hardware and software support.

Going onto their website can tell you that the industries that they serve are several. However, special attention is provided to those who demand more prototyping and molding.

They reflect a good example of how 3D metal printing online can be incorporated with multiple prototypes. To do so, they illustrate this by showing metal printing in the rapid prototyping service as well as low production service.

3D Systems’ ordering system is heterogeneous. The website is not open to all and requires login. You are only able to request a quote if you have a login and not otherwise.

The available metals with which you can design on 3D systems are Steel, aluminum, nickel, and cobalt-chrome. Whereas the technologies that are offered for 3D metal printing online using these websites are metal binder jetting and direct metal printing.

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Star Rapid


This company is based in Zhongshan, China. Along with 3D metal printing, they offer CNC machining, injection molding and pressure die casting.

Specific industries that Star Rapid focuses on are agriculture, medicine, electronics, and consumer products. Although having their presence all over the USA, Europe, Asia, and China (of course), they haven’t yet set up a production plan anywhere else except China.

Access to their 3D metal printing service is access to metal materials like aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and maraging steel.

They print majorly using Direct Metal Laser Sintering on Reinshaw printers. The unique nature of the site lies when you get to see that in post-processing, they allow users to combine 3D printing with CNC milling.

Star Rapid also provides basic information about 3D metal printing online such as design tips for designers, material information, and printing information.

There is a specific complaint about the company’s quoting system. Users have come up with a prediction that this is not an automatic quoting system, but a manual quoting system.

This is because they take too much time once you’ve asked for a quote. Also, they reach out to you only when they have a specific proposal in hand.

The available metals for 3D metal printing using this website are Steel, aluminum, and titanium. The technology that they use for this is Direct Metal laser sintering.

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Digital Metal

digital metal 3d printing

This is a company that’s based in Sweden. Part of the huge Hoganas Group that manufactures metal powders, Digital Metal use their own binder jetting technology that they distribute their own 3D metal printing machines.

Digital Metal offers on-demand and custom 3D metal printing services as well. Aerospace, dental and Luxury goods are three industries that the company primarily serves to.

It is worth noting, how, with a single production site based in Sweden, they primarily serve Europe, the USA, Brazil, and Japan.

The core strength of Digital Metal lies in manufacturing small and complex parts that are unconventional. Another eccentricity of this company is the material offering in 3D metal printing. Steel, Iron, titanium, and their alloys are what the users can choose from. ‘

When it comes to ordering the company has relied on the conventional ordering that is done via a salesperson.

Clients can send their files that will be accessed by the company’s engineers who will provide the feasibility and cost information.

If you are someone who is regularly used to standard website holding companies that let you order freely, you will find this company a little odd. But the company makes it even by offering high-quality 3D metal printed parts and prototypes.

The technology used by Digital Metal is Metal binder jetting. Although you might sense that the company would take a longer time than other standard companies that offer to order online.

But the overall time is almost the same. This company offers a fair amount of response time when seen that they offer to order only via salesperson.

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GE additive

GE additive

This company specializes in offering its own 3D metal printing technologies. Owned by General Electric, GE additive has grown its merger and acquisition with Arcam and Concept Laser.

The company’s material consultancy and training service is their bonus point. The primary industries in which the company targets their 3D metal printing customers are medical, automotive, aerospace, military, and dental.

GE additive too, like Digital Metal, isn’t available online. Globally they operate through offices and in the USA, Europe they have some production centers.

The metals which are offered by GE additive to its 3D metal printing consumer are Steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel, and their alloys. The technologies used by this company for providing metal 3D printing service are, EBM and DMLS.

The Conclusion

In this article, the list of best 7 companies that offer 3D metal printing services is determined based upon various factors.

Geographic coverage of the company, the types of metals that the company offers, the technology by which it does 3D metal printing, the company’s service portfolio, its speed of response, and finally pricing.

You might have seen that we have not kept this article limited by keeping on a list of those companies that offer services online.

This is because we want designers and engineers and even newbies to judge a company based on the quality of service and product that it offers and not based on whether it offers an online service or not.

The main part of 3D metal printing services is the quoting part where even big names in the market fail to offer a satisfactory solution. This is where the list can be fruitful to you.

All of these companies are known for sticking to their quotes. They take time, sometimes more than their competitors, but once they have known the requirement, they work hard to deliver

Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing – Simply Explained Sat, 04 Jul 2020 21:18:45 +0000 Table of Contents

DLP is an abbreviation for Digital Light Processing. Amongst the very many types of categories in which additive manufacturing is classified, DLP 3D printing falls under Vat polymerization.

In this category, a liquid photopolymer resin is used to solidify under a light source. The other type of technology that also falls under the family of VAT polymerization is known as SLA.

SLA is an abbreviation for Stereolithography. In SLA 3D printing a build platform, an elevator platform, a tank filled with resin, and a light source are used with galvanometers to produce parts.

Printers based on the SLA technique start by lowering the build platform into the resin tank. Here the galvanometers are used to monitor the laser beam.

If the laser beam does not reach the bottom of the tank, the print is not accurate. Galvanometers operate with G codes, ensuring the laser beam reaches the bottom of the tank.

The laser solidifies the layer which is printed using the resin. As soon as one layer is solidified, the build platform moves one layer about that. This process is repeated until all the layers of the part are completely solidified.

Now that you have known how SLA 3D printing works in general, you’d be able to learn by comparing it with working with DLP printing. But before that let’s have a little brief about how DLP 3D printing was invented.

How was DLP 3D printing invented?

The man credited for the technology’s invention is Larry Hornbeck. He is the creator of Texas instruments and is said to have created DLP 3D printing in 1987.

In DLP, digital micromirrors are used. Each mirror that is used actually represents a pixel in the image that allows display.

Now, let’s see how the technology actually works.

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Working of a Printer Based on Digital Light Processing

As you have already read that a laser is used in SLA 3D printing, to solidify the resin. Here in DLP 3D printing, a light source does the same work.

This is the primary difference between both technologies. However, an in-depth working style would help you if you are a designer who is using other technologies for 3D printing, or a newbie in additive manufacturing.

So, let’s look at the working step by step:

  1. The build platform of a 3D printer is positioned inside the tank that is filled with liquid photopolymer. The height between the build platform and the tank is approximately one layer long.
  2. After having the build platform correctly positioned, a ray of light from the light source is allowed to pass. This ray of light creates the next layer by selectively curing and solidifying the photopolymer resin. The light ray has a predetermined path on which it travels. Here is where galvanometers play a huge part. Since the path is predetermined galvanometers are placed at intervals to monitor this path. After solidifying one layer, the same process is repeated for the other layer.
  3. The build platform moves at a safer distance as soon as the solidifying of one layer is finished. Alongside the movement of the build platform, the sweeper blade is constantly re-coating the surface.
  4. For parts that demand very high thermal and mechanical properties, post-processing under light rays is required. That is done in the fourth step which is optional sometimes.

The basic diagram of a DLP 3D printer would let you know better about this process. So here you go:

DLP 3d printing technologyCredit:

The solidifying of liquid resin is a process that is called photopolymerization. During this solidification, the monomer carbon chains that compose the liquid resin are activated by a ray of light.

This activation creates solidification and unbreakable bonds between each other.

Because this process is irreversible, it is not possible to convert parts that are manufactured by DLP 3D printing, back to the liquid phase. DLP 3D printing using thermoset polymers and not the usual thermoplastic polymers.

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General characteristics of DLP 3D printing:

Like other techniques, DLP 3D printing has some characteristics that should be known before printing is done using this technique. Here is our attempt to list some of them:

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Parameters that are related to Printer

Most parameters cannot be changed as they are already fixed in DLP printers. The only inputs that are to be given by the user are the layer height and orientation.

The typical layer height in DLP ranges between 25 and 100 microns. The lower heights capture curved geometries more accurately than the upper ones. DLP printers come with two orientations namely: bottom-up and top-down.

The top-down DLP printers have the light source placed above the resin tank. The build platform begins its journey from the very top of the resin vat and moves downwards layer by layer.

While in the bottom-up DLP printers, the light source is placed under the resin tank. After every layer, the solidified resin is detached from the bottom of the tank and the build platform starts to move upwards.

One should know about these orientations of printers before putting his/her step in DLP printing.

Support Structure

3d printing support structure

The orientation of the DLP 3D printer would determine the amount and location of support. These structures are printed in the same material and should be taken out manually after the printing is completed.

In top-down DLP printers, the support part can be printed in any position. However, they are generally printed flat to minimize the amount of support and a total number of layers.

While in bottom-up printers support structures are more complicated. The forces that are attached after the resin is solidified can cause these structures to detach themselves from the build platform.

So extra care needs to be taken. For this reason, the support structures are oriented in angle in which reduction of support is not a primary concern.

After reading about printer parameters and support structures, one must know as a DLM designer about a problem called curling.



As in FDM, there is a problem of warping, in Digital Light Processing there is curling. This problem occurs during the solidifying of resins.

The shrinkage in resin, while they are exposed to light, causes internal stresses inside the material. Whenever there is a new layer developed above the already solidified layer, this shrinkage takes place.

This is a natural problem that occurs in the material due to the inherent nature of technology so it cannot be avoided. Let’s take a look at a problem that occurs in every technology i.e. Layer Adhesion.

Layer Adhesion

Parts that are printed with DLP printers have isotropic mechanical properties. The nature of this DLP printed parts is given to the ray of light which passes through the liquid resin.

Later this ray of light is used to solidify layers and fuse them together to a very high degree. In DLP printing, solidifying continues even after the completion of the printing process.

This improves the hardness and temperature resistance of the material that is produced by DLP printing and it also makes it brittle.

With Layer Adhesion, we complete the list of characteristics that are seen and needed to be taken care of in DLP printing. Now it is time to take a look at a comparison between DLP and SLA.

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Comparison Between DLP and SLA

SLA & DLP (Stereolithography & Digital Light Processing)

There is a benefit when you are using the DLP 3D printer over the SLA printer. The difference between them is speed. DLP printers are speedier to operate and produce a print faster than SLA 3D printers.

However one should such an idea after reading this that DLP printing does not have a limitation.

A DLP 3D printer uses a digital projection screen so the resolution of your print directly depends on the resolution of your projector.

The greater resolution your ray of light has, the greater resolution your product will have. While in the SLA technique, this is not the case. Even cheaper devices can produce higher resolutions.

The reason behind the expensive range of DLP printers is this only. SLA printers are available in every range, whereas DLP printers are not that widely available, especially to small businesses because they are expensive.

DLP 3D printers produce the boxy surface finish. The voxels of these printers are rectangular, so curved sections of a print does not tend to have a very smooth finish compared to SLA printers. But this problem can be solved by sanding after the part is printed.

A similarity between DLP and SLA printers is that both use resins. So mostly they can be used interchangeably. However, one needs to decide whether he/she wants to manufacture parts with a light source or a laser beam.

After seeing the comparison between DLP and SLA printing, let’s take a look at a few DLP printers which are the most recommended.

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Recommendations of DLP printers:

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Phrozen Sonic Mini

Phrozen Sonic Mini

This is one of the best budget resin 3D printers. This DLP 3D printer uses a mono- LCD masking screen to achieve layers solidifying.

It’s easy to set up a DLP 3D printer which is available at $200. This DLP 3D printer is made by a company that’s based in Taiwan. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • This printer is affordable to use.
  • It’s easy to assemble a printer.
  • Amongst the competitors in the same price range, it’s faster.

  • It produces products with small build volume.
  • This printer offers a very low layer resolution.

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Anycubic Photon

Anycubic Photon 3d printer

It’s a low budget desktop printer that is very appealing. Though being a small budget printer, it is able to produce commendable products with a high level of accuracy.

  • It is easy to use and setup.
  • It produces high-quality prints with a resolution of 25 to 100 microns.
  • It is compact and efficient in size.

  • It produces parts of small build volume.
  • With resin 3D printing it can get messy.
  • Safety gear is necessary while using this 3D printer.

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Flashforge Hunter DLP

FlashForge Hunter DLP

This is a desktop printer that is specially designed for small businesses and newbies into additive manufacturing. This printer specifically suits jewelry products because it comes with a separate mode for its production.

  • This DLP 3D printer allows wi-fi connectivity.
  • The 3D printer comes with an option of auto-calibration which saves time.
  • Flashforge has a touchscreen with which it can be operated.

  • There are complaints about its software being difficult to use.
  • The stability of the printer is questionable when it comes to vibrating less during the printing process.

Before concluding the article we would like to talk about the limitations of DLP printing.

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Limitations of DLP 3D printing

  • Because the parts produced by DLP 3D printing are brittle, they are less suitable for functional prototypes.
  • The mechanical properties of the parts that are produced with the printing often degrade with time when exposed to sunlight.
  • Support structures are always required in this process and on post-processing while they are removed, they leave a mark on the product.
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The Conclusion:

DLP printing can produce parts with high dimensional accuracy and intricate detailing. The parts that are produced using this 3D printing have a smooth surface finish and are ideal for visual prototypes.

Industrial DLP printing can produce parts of bigger build volume such as 1500 mm * 700 mm * 500 mm.

Because of these characteristics, DLP printing has always been a top choice of designers and engineers who require higher accuracy and intricate detailing in their objects.

Above all the advantages it offers, this 3D printing technique is also faster than SLA and other 3D printing techniques. So, if one wishes to produce parts, wherein the print time is quick, he/she can go for DLP.

However, apart from speed, one must take into consideration the different limitations of the technology.

For example, if you wish to produce a functional prototype that needs to go through some amount of stress, this technology may not be a suitable one. This is because it produces brittle parts.

Moreover, you must be ready to invest time in post-processing when working with DLP 3D printing. Apart from that, the technology is still growing and we hope to see better prospects in the future.

3D Print Online – The Fast, Cheapest and Easiest (Ultimate List) Fri, 03 Jul 2020 19:38:23 +0000 Table of Contents

There are a plethora of factors to consider when weighing up the 3D print online services and bureaus out there. Hence, you must select the one that complies with your needs. Here are a few criteria that may help you decide better along with a few popular recommendations.

Criteria for Choosing the Right 3D Print Online Service

Here are the things that matter when choosing the need to create an online 3d print design.

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You needed your part yesterday, and the closest thing to a time machine is an additively manufactured piece on the express train to tomorrow. Fortunately, some 3D printing service providers offer rushes on jobs should you not be too picky about the material it prints in.

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It’s a natural assumption that most 3D printing services operate with the intent to foster trust with their users — who are uploading potentially sensitive models. Most of these are quick to declare that in uploading your file for manufacture, you are granting a non-exclusive license giving the company the provision to fabricate your model. However, there are occasions where you, as the user, need airtight confidentiality regarding the files you are uploading.

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Material Choice

There is a surprisingly diverse array of materials available to 3D printing technologies, making even the most discerningly specific of jobs a possibility. From difficult gold parts created using 3D printed molds for investment wax casting to flame-retardant casings printed in impossible shapes — the limitations become less by the day.

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The factors affecting the final cost of a 3D printed part are myriad. You have some little power to influence the cost of the parts you order, be it through using a 3D print service that is local to where you need the printed piece to be and being flexible with the materials you use.

Let’s look at the recommendations and then at the other two criteria in the conclusion of the article.

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3D Print online – The Fast, cheapest and easiest

Below are the few companies you can rely on when wanting to print your 3D design for real.

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Sculpteo - Online 3D Printing Service for your 3D designs -

This 3D print online service offering company started in France in the year 2009. After gathering years of experience in additive manufacturing, the company currently has a manufacturing plant in San Francisco, USA.

Sculpteo also operates by its offices all over Europe. Apart from 3D print online, Sculpteo also offers services of laser engraving. It has its in-house software platform called Fabpilot where one can do subscription-based modeling.

They have an online quoting system that can analyze your design and come up with a price within some time depending on your design.

The choice of materials offered by this website is huge. PA 11, PA 12, and its varieties, resins, aluminum, steel, bronze, silver, brass, and many more materials are what one can choose from.

One of the reasons why working on this website is fast is because of the availability of correct information at the correct place. With the list of materials, one can view the information about the material.

This enables him/her to decide upon the material immediately because he can compare the same materials on a single screen.

Often you come across a website that does not have such an option and because of that you have all the information in front of you, but not on a single screen.

This is what takes time. Sculpteo lets its viewers read the technical limitations of the material. An interesting option on Sculpteo is that it lets you view the weak and hollow spots in the design.

Viewing this enables you to make relevant changes, check and analyze your design before printing it.

Another information that makes the processing faster is, as soon as you enter the choices of material and technology Sculpteo, it tells you the maximum size of your 3D product.

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Voodoo Manufacturing

voodoo manufacturing

Based in Brooklyn, Voodoo manufacturing lets its user 3D print online, both, for individual prints as well as for large-scale production.

Till now their portfolio has included projects such as printing off collectibles for popular TV shows and gears for high-fashion shows. All the prints made on Voodoo are made using a huge fleet of Makerbot 3D printers.

Since February 2018, Voodoo has also started offering a large format printing service this is by using an array of Rais3D N2 Plus 3D printers.

The benefit of using these printers is that they offer print jobs of up to 60 cm tall. This company is based in the USA and offers 3D print online using FDM technology.

Because it uses FDM technology, Voodoo can offer cheaper 3D print online faster than its competitors. FDM is a technology that is the easiest one to operate with.

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The company claims itself to be the largest 3D print services offering company online that offers full-color printing. White clouds is highly focused on B2B.

The company cooperates with retailers and brands to create personalized action figures, models, and topological and architectural structures. The high-quality prints that are produced by this portal is a result of Stratasys and 3D printers.

The company also has its setup 3Dpedia that has information on terms related to 3D printing. At Whiteclouds one can place orders for their 3D prints which then reaches out to you using its retail networks like Sandboxr.

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3diligent 3d printing service

This is a professional business network that needs a sign up to post jobs and requirements 3Diligent then leverages its wide network of partners (spanning manufacturing techniques and technologies beyond 3D printing) to bid and complete the job.

When requesting a quote, you state your budget, select the material, the process, and other requirements of your project. If you are unsure which material or process is suitable for your design, the vendors can decide for you.

3Diligent also offers a knowledge center that provides concise information on printing methods and materials, as well as a series of videos that explain the order process.

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fathom 3d printing service

Oakland-based online 3D printing service Fathom offers a wide array of 3D printing technologies and services dedicated to rapid prototyping, product realization, and batch production.

Initially, a reseller of PolyJet machines (later Stratasys PolyJet), Fathom expanded to offer industrial-grade machines from other providers, scaling the service side accordingly.

Today Fathom leverages a number of fabrication tools, including 3D printing, alongside design and engineering services, training programs, and providing staff for running in-house operations.

Though it’s possible to upload STEP, IGES and STL files to request a quote, Fathom’s On-Demand Digital Manufacturing platform is the fully-featured aspect to the website, allowing for the upload of a wide number of file types and giving an easy overview of quotes and orders.

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Prototyping & Manufacturing Service - 3D Printing Service China - Fac_ -

Offering a wide variety of manufacturing services, FacFox is one of China’s leading on-demand print services. The company tailors its services to several industries, including architecture, medical, retail, and design.

A simple online interface lets you quickly upload models, which will then be checked for printability (and automatically repaired if not) before payment.

Live tracking of the print’s progress is a nice touch, and competitive international delivery often makes it a cost-effective alternative to some of the perhaps better-known services on this list. FacFox’s 3D printing service can be accessed via Craftcloud.

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For those in need of 3D printed parts, pure and simple, online 3D printing service SD3D provides a convenient instant quoting tool.

Parts can be ordered in four levels of quality to meet the needs of every stage in the design process — from rough, low-resolution drafts to ultra-fine pieces with barely perceptible layer lines.

The prints can also be used for casting parts; this can come in handy when you want to produce prototypes on a small scale.

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3D Print AU

3D Print AU

Australia-based online 3D printing service 3D Print-Au places its 3D printers at the disposal of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Because of its pricing structure (charging for the bounding box rather than the material used), it claims it will beat the competition’s quotes.

This 3D printing service also promises to provide superior quality as every uploaded model is inspected before sending it off to the 3D printer. Also, 3D Print-Au accepts low volume production orders.

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jawstec 3d printing

Specializing in the 3D printing of nylon, and CNC-machining of steel and aluminum, Jawstec offers a tightly focused and professional service.

HP certified using said company’s Multi-Jet Fusion additive manufacturing system, Jawstec claims to offer superior post-processing of MJF parts.

Similarly, caring for quality is offered across this company’s other wares. This caring is offered along with post-processing to order a differentiator between Jawstec and other services. The company’s 3D printing service can be accessed via Craftcloud.

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Beta Layout


It’s possible to generate a quote for SLS 3D prints online using Beta Layout’s price calculator, but the company’s specialty comes in complementary technologies for functional prototypes using PCBs and enclosures.

Perhaps most tantalizing of the company’s offerings are 3D mechatronic integrated devices — printed objects with integrated circuitry. Based in Germany, with several offices around the world, some services of Beta Layout’s have yet to make it to the US.

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We Next

WeNext 3d printing

WeNext is a Shenzen, China, based company specialized in high-demanding resin and nylon prints. Founded in 2014, the company soon became the largest internet manufacturing service platform in the Asia-Pacific region with over 130.000 customers.

With their competitive international delivery – expedited within 24h – the company is now targeting the worldwide market.

It poses as a cost-effective alternative to some of the perhaps better-known services on this list. WeNext’s printing service can be accessed via Craftcloud.

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3D Print Ally


Hailing from Eden Prairie, 3D Printing Ally prides itself on operating at the place where additive manufacturing was born in the 1980s.

Its founder is an aerospace manufacturing professional, and as a result, the company has a firm grasp of the art.

Although with a wide variety of additive manufacturing machines spanning numerous technologies and materials at its disposal, 3D printing Ally is well placed to serve a number of different industries’ requirements.

The 3D printing service website boasts a very convenient instant quoting system and useful information on the available printing technologies and materials.

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This is a Hong Kong-based online 3D printing service. HK3DPrint often produces prototyping architectural models and ships them worldwide. This 3D print online service also offers cost-effective, low volume production.

The website also sports a quick instant quote system and helpful documentation on 3D printing technology in general. Unique colors and finishing are available on request.

Look out for the regular price specials on materials. Especially relevant for customers in the Hong Kong area, HK3DPrint offers a next day service.

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In addition to being a 3D printing service, Trinckle offers a marketplace to buy 3D printed goods, tools to check the structural integrity of your model (thereby saving time and money), plus detailed guides on the pros and cons of each material.

In recent years the company has developed a professional web-based automation system for the parametric design (and printing) of custom parts.

Dubbed Paramate, the platform gives infinite flexibility for businesses to offer customers a bespoke part service, and industrial clients the ability to design and produce on the fly.

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AutotivMFG has been the 3D printing source for more than 1,000 companies, also offering multiple services besides 3D printing. Such as additive manufacturing, injection molding, or urethane casting.

They utilize excess manufacturing capacity from qualified suppliers around the world as well as automated in-house manufacturing workflows, allowing them to make custom parts more efficiently.

With Autotiv’s instant online quoting platform, you can choose from 5 different 3D printing technologies. Plastics, elastomers, and metals in SLA, FDM, SLS, DLS, and Polyjet are available.

They also provide file repair and preparation, materials consulting, and project management.

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The Conclusion

The list will help you plan your next 3D print online service without any confusion. All these companies are reliable and offer varying perks to the customers. You just have to pick considering the constraints mentioned above.

Best FDM 3D Printer – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide in 2020 Thu, 02 Jul 2020 20:15:55 +0000

FDM is a technology that was created by Stratasys. The technology was founded in 1988 and to date remains the most applied technology in 3D printing.

There are plenty of options out there, only one Google search for best FDM 3D printer would land you a plethora of choices. However, not everyone could help you meet your requirements.

There are budget constraints as well as varied feature sets that are chosen and embodied in the FDM 3D printer for serving different levels of users.

Hence, companies that are into additive manufacturing offer 3D printers of varied price ranges. The lowest ones amongst those price ranges are also termed as domestic 3D printers because they have found the application in that area.

Very often, because they are lower in cost than others in comparison, they are also considered safer options for beginners. On the contrary, the high-priced machines are termed as industrial printers because of their application in that area.

Whilst the ones that fall in the middle range are recommended to intermediates and experts who cannot afford to buy industrial printers.

The mid-range ones are professional 3D printers aimed at providing makers, enthusiasts, and small businesses the 3D printing solution.

FDM 3D printer under $500

FDM is the most popular technology, has a huge variety of offerings in every price range. Here are the top three of the most recommended FDM 3D printers under $500.

Monoprice Maker Select V2

Monoprice Maker Select V2 3d printer

This 3D printer is priced at $219. Being manufactured by a company based in the USA, Monoprice Maker Select V2 has a long list of amazing features.

To start with its list of features, the printer comes with dual extruders and can offer a minimum layer thickness of 100mm. The list of printing materials includes ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, VPA, and more.

In addition, to this, the printer weighs only 20 pounds and is portable too. The credit for too many features in this printer should be given to the 18-year-old manufacturer of this printer.

  • Has a good support team.
  • The printer is simple to operate.
  • You can use any software to generate the printer’s G code.
  • Monoprice Maker Select V2 comes with a huge heating bed that is rare to be seen in a printer that is available at such a low price.

  • The printer’s electronics does not come included inside its body. Unlike every other printer, Monoprice Select V2 has an external unit for its controls and electronic systems.
  • Because of its overall structure, the printer is often claimed as a “difficult-to-use-for beginner,” printer.

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Creality Ender 5

Creality Ender 5 3d printer

Cubic in design, this 3D printer is well-known in the market for being stable during the printing process. It is rare for an FDM 3D printer priced at $349 to offer negligible vibrations.

Creality Ender 5 possesses this quality, because of which, it is able to produce parts with greater surface finish than its competitors. Ender 3, a version prior to Ender 5 is also much known in the market.

But Ender 5 produces taller prints that Ender 3. The resolution offered by Ender 5 is 50 microns. This 3D printer can print faster without compromising the quality of prints.

  • The printer is manufactured by a reliable company.
  • It has power and micro USB slots which are rare for a printer in the same price range to offer.
  • The print quality of Ender 5 is commendable.
  • Unlike other printers, it produces a negligible amount of noise while printing.

  • The magnetic bed of this printer is flimsy.
  • Wires that need to be connected with the printer are to be dragged on the build plate.
  • There isn’t any sensor inside the printer that can trace the absence of filament.
  • The leveling of the bed offered by Creality is tricky.

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Tronxy X5SA Pro

Tronxy X5SA Pro

Producing print volumes up to 330 mm * 330 mm * 400 mm, X5SA Pro produces good print quality with accurate resolution up to 125 microns.

The manufacturer of this printer is often claimed to be the king of producing FDM 3D printers under $500. This printer is priced at $479.

It is to be noted that this is the Pro version of the previously available Tronxy X5SA. Because of this, the printer comes with modifications that eliminate the limitations of the former 3D printer.

This is a heavy printer, and that’s why it is also more stable than most of the printers available in a similar price range.

  • Compared to its competitors in the same price range, it is large and is able to produce parts of larger volume.
  • There is an ease in assembling this 3D printer.
  • The printer’s print quality is exceptional considering its price.

  • It is quite heavy
  • The printer offers lesser variability in printing materials.

FDM 3D printers under 5000$

This price range is such that is preferred the most by buyers of 3D printers. If chosen wisely, an FDM 3D printer from this range can even produce the output of industrial printers. So, here are our recommended top 3.

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Raise 3D Pro 2

Raise3D Pro2 3d printer

Voodoo manufacturing uses this 3D printer to offer custom online 3D printing services. Raise 3D Pro 2 is a printer that falls in a price range that is in between domestic and industrial printers.

Priced at $3,999, the Pro 2 has dual extruders to attract customers who wish to print in multiple materials and colors. The printer has an inbuilt touchscreen to operate itself.

Although not being completely an industrial printer, it is used by those customers who cannot afford industrial printers, worldwide. Pro 2 is also chosen over its competitors because of being small-sized.

  • The printer can print heat-sensitive materials such as ABS and HIPS.
  • Pro 2 is robust and strong frame.
  • Even with a 0.2mm nozzle, the printer can handle 10-micron layer resolution.
  • This 3D printer comes pre-calibrated and has two print heads.
  • The touchscreen control interface is an anomaly for FDM 3D printers in the same price range.

  • The software which is used to operate this printer has a few complicated settings.
  • Printing using Pro 2 is more time consuming than its competitors.
  • There are complaints about Pro 2’s difficult-to-operate software. Especially about the temperature settings.

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Lulzbot Taz Workhorse

LulzBot TAZ Workhorse

Lulzbot, the company that has manufactured this printer is known for creating only open-sourced 3D printers.

The reason behind it is that often when 3D printers are not open-sourced, their software has to be operated using too many specifications which becomes difficult.

For this reason, many beginner and intermediate level users prefer this 3D printer. However, the most notable upgrades in this printer are the XYZ backlash compensation system that is inspired by innovative CNC machines.

This upgrade enables one to send electric currents through a calibrated cube to the print head for measuring backlash. Priced at $ 2,950, the 3D printer stands out because of being an open-sourced printer and its upgrade.

  • This 3D printer has a very high speed of printing.
  • It has a feature of automatic bed leveling and nozzle cleaning.
  • The surface of this 3D printer is PEI coated.
  • It comes with swappable tool heads.
  • Despite being a speedy printer, it is able to take care and offer a considerable amount of accuracy.

  • Unlike competitors, this printer does not offer Wifi connectivity. Hence, users cannot connect to it remotely and need to be physically present for printing.

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Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker 3 3d printer

Manufactured by a company based in Holland, Ultimaker 3 has a build volume of 197 mm * 215 mm * 200 mm.

Being in the price range of under $5000, it is an anomaly that this printer comes with a dual extruder. Ultimaker 3 costs $3,500 and is able to generate incredible accuracy of up to 20 microns.

Ultimaker 3 was designed by the manufacturer keeping in mind prototyping, small business doers in the area of additive manufacturing. Ultimaker 3 comes with a camera which is eccentric for printers in this price range.

  • The printer offers high print quality.
  • Ultimaker 3 is very easy to operate.
  • The noise level that the printer generates because of its print procedures is 50dB.
  • The printer comes with Wi-Fi, LAN, and USB options for connectivity.

  • There are complaints about the time that the printer takes in producing prints.

FDM 3D printers under 50000$

Below mentioned are the top 3 recommendations for industrial printers.

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T3500 from Tractus 3D

T3500 from Tractus 3D

Offering a print volume of 1000 mm * 1000 mm * 1000 mm and a speed of 300mm per second, T3500 is very efficient while talking about industrial printers.

Manufactured by a Dutch company, this printer has a heating bed that can produce temperature up to 100-degree centigrade.

A higher range of temperature production is to ensure its customers that they can produce using materials like PLA, ABS, and other thermoplastics.

T3500 has an internal storage space of 4GB and to control itself, it comes with a 7 inch colored touch screen. The manufacturer of this printer has priced it at $40,500. This printer also has an option to use dual extruder in its printing process.

  • The printer is capable of manufacturing parts up to 3.5 meters high.
  • It can print at a speed of 300mm per second.
  • The nozzle of this 3D printer can generate a temperature of about 300-degree centigrade.
  • One can produce parts at a good speed and high accuracy using this printer.

  • The printer has a very large size because of which transporting it from one place to the other is always difficult.
  • It is an industrial printer and so, like its competitors, it’s very noisy.

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Delta WASP 3MT Industrial by WASP

Delta WASP 3MT Industrial by WASP

This 3D printer comes with an enclosed camera that is given the responsibility to report vibrations and errors while printing. Having a print volume of 1000 mm * 1000 mm * 1200 mm Delta WASP 3MT is priced at $ 25,200. Two of the most amazing features of this 3D printer are a) it has an auto feeder pellet tank and b) It comes with an end pellet sensor. These features instill a sense of satisfaction in its costumers to find their prints even more reliable.

  • One can produce parts of greater volume using this printer.
  • Products of higher accuracy level can be manufactured by Deltas WASP 3MT.
  • Because of the capability of the printer to generate a higher temperature range, it can be used easily with materials such as PLA, ABS, and PETG.

  • The printer comes with a complicated construction that is not very easy to use and assemble if you are a beginner in the field of additive manufacturing.
  • Compared to others in a similar price range, it vibrates more and sometimes leads to unstable printing.

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Extreme 2000 by Builder

Extreme 2000 by Builder

Delivering a layer resolution of 0.05 to 0.06mm, Extreme 2000 has a print volume of 700 mm * 700 mm * 1820 mm.

This printer is capable of withstanding a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade at its heating platform. An integrated camera allows its user to monitor the printing process and report for errors.

Extreme 2000 comes with two extruders that help itself to achieve the layer resolution and print with materials such as PLA, PET, and other materials that come in a similar temperature range. This printer is priced at $29,000.

  • It is flexible while working with different thermoplastics.
  • The printer requires a negligible amount of post-processing work.
  • Dual extruders in the printer ensure a good amount of print quality.

  • Compared to other printers in the price range, this one offers lesser print volume.
  • The temperature that the bed of this printer can withstand is lower than its competitors.


Irrespective of whether you are new to 3D printing, or an intermediate or an expert, this guide can help you better choose the right FDM 3D printer. Hence, take a look at the various recommendations and find out the one that fits your needs.