3D Printers for Sale: Best Deals and 3D Printers Comparison

Makers and enthusiasts are always in for checking out the best deals for 3D printers. It is not only the cheaper price that matters but the quality as well.


One must find out which machine provides a balance of both affordability and considerate features to get you started this year.

You can find out the 3D printers for sale and decide which one fits your job. The comparison included in the article will assist you to find out the best choice for yourself.

With the surge in demand for desktop 3D printers, the number of different makes has also increased.


Searching for a budget printer would provide you with numerous options. Starting from $200 to a hundred thousand dollars, the 3d printer price comparison could go on and on.

However, not every machine would provide you the results you have been looking for. Some are created just to provide some hands-on experience for beginners and others can produce really precise parts.

It is up to you what you want to pick. If the prices seem too high, you can even look for the used 3D printer for sale. However, do not forget to ensure that you are getting a working machine and not just what’s minimum left of it.

Definitely, it is irresistible to think that you can also own a 3D printer within your budget. And, if you have that feeling, why not explore the various great options that could actually add value.


3D Printers for Sale: Comparison Table

Let us start with a brief comparison table working through various 3D Printers based on their prices and different features.

You would be amazed to see how easy it would become to take the call for purchasing the right option for the various 3D printing machines for sale.

Name Rating Volume Resolution Connection Price
QIDI Tech I 4.9 9″ x 6″ x 6″ 100 microns USB/SD Card $599
Ultimaker 3 Extended 4.8 8″ x 8″ x 12″ 20 microns USB/SD Card $4,295
LulzBot Mini 4.6 6″ x 6″ x 6″ 50 microns USB $1,350
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s 4.3 6.69” × 6.69” × 7.87” 100 microns USB/SD Card $ 368
XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 4.0 7.8″ x 7.8″ x 7.8″ 100 microns USB/SD Card $550

Let’s move on to the details of these listed 3D printers and find out which among the 3D printer for sale is the one you seek. Find out more about the features and the target audience for whom each of these machines is built.

Each of the 3D printer listed comes from a different budget section. Starting from the low priced machine to the one that many professionals use for their manufacturing tasks. Find out how these 3D printers are unique in their own ways.

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QIDI tech 1 3d printer


If you have worked with a more expensive FlashForge Creator Pro and loved the results, you are going to fall for QIDI Tech I for sure.

The 3D printer is cheaper than FlashForge, however, it provides almost equally amazing results. With around $300 to $400 less price, the machine provides results difficult to match for other printers of this price range.

The best part is that the machine offers upgrade choices for its users. If you like to be more creative, you can opt for a better version of the same machine.

From dual extruder to auto bed-leveling, you can expect to find a lot of amazing features. Moreover, it supports multiple filament printing.

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Features of QIDI Tech I

Auto Leveling: The company has tried to make the printer as easy to handle as possible. You know it when you start working with it. The auto bed leveling is one of the most exciting inclusion to make this budget printer best for beginners.

Dual Extruder: Yes, you can print in two colors. As well as, you can also use PVA for support structures. Making the 3D models easy to process later.

Multiple Filament Support: You can print with different filaments: PLA, ABS, and PVA.

Heated Bed: It does have a heated bed to help avoid warping issues and increase adhesion.

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Who Can Use QIDI Tech I?

The good news is that the affordable printer is for beginners as well as experts. This is because of the amazing results it offers.

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Ultimaker 3 Extended

ultimaker 3 extended

Ultimaker 3 Extended is what you should be looking for if you want to amaze your printing expertise. The machine is easy to work with and has got pretty impressive features to keep you occupied all the time.

You can depend on the print quality and the machine’s special print cores. The 3D printer is equipped with redesigned print heads with dual extrusion.

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Features of Ultimaker 3 Extended

Heated Bed: You can very well work with complex materials such as ABS with a heated print bed. It helps in increasing the adhesion of the first layer. Hence, minimizing the chances of warping.

Dual Extruder: As such a high price, you cannot miss having a dual extruder, can you?

Multi-Material Support: The 3D Printer can work with a wide array of filaments, from standard to complex ones.

In-Built Camera: Do you wish to check the print progress when away from your 3D printer? All you need to do is connect through WIFI and use the camera inside the build area to find out the progress of your 3D print jobs.

Auto Material Recognition: The printer is smart and knows the settings to adjust as per the filament in use.

Auto Leveling: You can start working right after taking the machine out of the box. It is easy to manage and work with.

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Who Can Use Ultimaker 3 Extended?

With the price constraint, the machine may not fit for beginners. However, it has all the quality to get you going even with less knowledge about the technology. So, a printer suited for all levels, if you can afford it.

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LulzBot Mini

LulzBot Mini 3d printer

A lot of users cannot see past the small volume and often reject this choice. However, it is more than a mini machine.

LulzBot Mini provides high-quality printing of parts and maintains impressive consistency throughout the printing process. Plus, you can work with a third-party filament. The machine also supports open-source software and hardware.

It is also easier to work with this small machine. The LulzBot Mini ensures to check three crucial checks before it starts a new print every time.

It measures the print height to ensure accuracy, levels the print bed, and clears the nozzle for any leftovers. Hence, offering users a convenient print experience.

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Features of LulzBot Mini

Auto Bed Leveling: You do not have to worry about the bed leveling each time you start printing a new item. If at all necessary, the machine would take care of itself.

Maintenance Checks: As mentioned before, it does the adjustments and maintenance checks before starting every print.

Multi Filament Support: You can print with different materials including PLA, ABS, Nylon, HIPS, and many others.

Heated Bed: For increased first layer adhesion, the machine offers a heated print surface.

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Who Can Use LulzBot Mini?

The printer is for those who need to prepare smaller parts. Although one can try creating different parts and sticking them together to form a huge model, that completely depends on your printing aim. You can create prototypes. So, great for businesses.

As well as, you can build items for home and schools. So, a great choice for all types of users, who can compromise with the size factor.

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Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s

Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s

We had to mention this 3D printer on the list. Although being below $500 budget, the 3D printer has a lot of offer. It is rare to find a 3D printer at this price range featuring a dual extrusion system.

But, Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s has done it. However, this is not a plug and play machine. You would need to assemble it before starting to work with the printer.

Many of the beginner may not feel a need to start with a dual extruder. But, as you progress, you might want to explore more option. And, trust this, you cannot stay away from multicolour printing for too long. Hence, why not right away.

You can buy the 3D printer and keep working with single filament. Later, when you wish to move on to the next level, the same 3D printer would help you achieve the desired results. Isn’t that cool?

Moreover, the Mini G2s is capable of 3D printing in various specialty filaments. The list even includes wood and nylon. Now you know why the machine is in the list, don’t you?

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Features of Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s

Dual Extruder: Lets just remind us all once again. The budget 3D printer has a dual extruder. It can print in two colours as well as two different filaments.

Auto Leveling and Auto Calibration: The more you explore about this 3D Printer, the more you fall in love with this one. You get to enjoy the auto-calibration and leveling with this one. So, a lot easier to work with.

High Precision: With 0.1mm achievable layer thickness, you can understand the precision it must be offering.

Heated Bed: It had to be in the feature list. When working with speciality filament, you need higher bed temperature to ensure considerate adhesion of the first layer. And, this machine provides you with that perk.

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Who Can Use Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s?

Although the 3D Printer is set for those starting with a 3D Printing niche, one must have at least the basic knowledge to work with this machine. It is for beginners on a tight budget.

You can buy it for less than $500. With auto-calibration and auto-leveling, it does suit the need for starters. Also, the dual extrusion is a luxury feature for an affordable machine.

This is a huge perk for beginners. Those who wish to experiment with two colors or material can trust this machine.

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XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

We all know how capable the manufacturer is? With Da Vinci 1.0, XYZprinting did prove its worth in the market.

The machine has won many awards including the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Editor’s Choice Award.

This is because of the value for money that the machine offers to its users. You can expect the machine to provide you with all the necessary features for keeping one ongoing.

Starting with impressive build volume alongside the enclosed print space does ring the bell.

The machine is a plug and plays 3D Printer. However, do not ignore the instructions shipped along with the machine when starting it for the first time.

With an amazing print speed of almost 150 mm/s, you can create beautiful parts in a matter of time. The printer also tells you the amount of material is left before you start the next print. It is a lot easier to handle.

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Features of XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

Heated Bed: The 3D printer has a heated bed. Hence, it is easier to 3D print with flexible and difficult filaments. It provides better adhesion.

Enclosed Frame: Working at home around kids? Or, are you a beginner with less experience of working with heated electrical parts? This would be a lot safer option for you.

Multi-Material Support: You can work with PLA as well as ABS. There are few other flexible filaments supported by the machine. So, you are not constrained to work with a single material type.

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Who Can Use XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0?

What do you expect? A budget 3D printer with plug and play feature is well suited for beginners. However, with its large build volume and great print quality, it also is the perfect choice for makers and enthusiasts. You can start printing with this right out of the box.

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The Conclusion

If you are looking for amazing 3D printers for sale, you must not miss the list. It can help you decide which 3D printer to go with for your specific needs.


Stay updated on the recent happenings in 3D Printing and be the first to know when an awesome product hits the market.

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